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"Oh my god! There are three people from the Vasilyevich Academy that were chosen in the Mo Family's list! Now, they absolutely possess the qualifications to seize the championship."

Other than those idiotic fans, there were, in fact, quite a few people present within the Skylink discussion forums that had an accurate grasp of the current situation, with Wang Zhong being one of them. At this moment, all of them could feel a mountain of pressure bearing down on them. Other than the Stuart Academy, the Vasilyevich Academy was the only super academy that had three people within the Mo Family's list. Truthy worthy of being the cradle of the Vasilyevich Family, one of the federation's five upper families and the undisputed overlord of the northern area.

Two of the strongest heavy soldiers coupled with one of the strongest all rounded soldiers...what's more, such a reveal of strength was merely the tip of an iceberg. Nevertheless, they had already reached a realm seemingly out of reach for most people. Any squadron, even the Stuart Academy would feel a headache if they were to bump into such opponents during the CHF.

In contrast to the others, what Wang Zhong saw was Vladimir's understanding towards the attribute of ice, which was somewhat around the same realm he had towards the attribute of fire. To the latter, the chilling cold around him appeared to have turned into the most warmest of flower gardens.

Just as everyone had sunk into a daze under the splendor of the ice prince, a silvery dot of radiance arrived from within the dark screen, before a divine dragon roared out from a spear!

Appearing to smash through this dimension of darkness, the spear stood tall within the heavens!

Unlike the overbearingness present in Divian's Astonishing Dragon Spear, this spear had merely relied on speed. Yes, speed to the utmost limit to achieve such a result. It was so fast to the point of causing people to overlook the body of the spear and only noticing the silvery point that had pierced through the darkness.

Speed is the only invincible factor. Regardless of ancient martial arts or the martial arts of the current era, this was the only truth that has never changed. What's more, at the instant where the silvery point had pierced through the darkness, regardless of it being shown on a screen, Wang Zhong was able to sense some other factors laying behind that spear.

Not only was it fast, it possessed a kind of prestige. Although Wang Zhong was certain as to what it was, it appeared as though anything that was locked under its aim would be completely unable to evade its path.

There's actually such a spear technique! Wang Zhong could not help but gasp out in a chill. From the start of the video till now, it was this unrevealed fellow that had caused the greatest surge of fighting intent within him. This was the true art of returning to the basics!

What an extreme spear technique! If he was to engage in a fight with such an expert, he would definitely be able to instantly experience what it is like to live at the edge of death!

As the darkness within the video scattered apart, the light returned, revealing a cold and callous looking male dressed in white robes.

Although this youth couldn't be considered as handsome, he possessed a heroic air to him. With a squarish, well angular face, thick eyebrows, sharp nose and the approximately 2-metre long silvery spear placed beside him, he appeared exceedingly sturdy and solidly built. An engraving of a coiled up dragon was present on the body of the spear, radiating an ancient aura that demanded the respect of people.

Divine Dragon Academy. Zhao Yilong. 18years of age. 188cm in height. 72kg in weight.

Being one of the five lower great families of the federation, the radiance of the Zhao Family had never once been dim. Being the holy land for ancient martial arts and the gods of martial weapons, they had relied on their own strength to obtain countless honours and glory during the dark era. If not from the growing interest in hot weapons at the end of the dark era as well as the rapid advancement of the various other aristocratic families, the Zhao Family might have been able to advance their status within the federation to be one of the five upper families. Nevertheless, these matters did not harm their reputation nor might.

This Zhao Yilong is the representative figure of the Zhao Family. Although he wasn't the number one successor of his family, he was the universally recognized strongest expert within their younger generations. Under his name, the Zhao Family's Divine Dragon Spear Technique had shaken the heavens since two years ago. Just like Divian and the others on the list, he had long obtained the status of being in the quasi Sanctuary Division. There were even quite a few people that had regarded him and Divian as the two great spear gods of the younger generation. Therefore, him entering the ranks of the Mo Family's top ten experts was something that was close to certain.

After Zhao Yilong, the eighth person to appear in the video had truly caused quite a few people to erupt in astonishment.

It was a gaze that appeared slightly familiar, with a slightly familiar figure, and even a slightly familiar weapon, a pair of dark reddish bronze claws. Present on the figure was a black coloured cloaked, with a dim "影(shadow)" written on it.

The figure appeared to not show any ability at all, merely standing his ground as he stared coldly at the camera. Nevertheless, such a glare had caused countless pressure to mount on the shoulders of many people currently watching the video. The figure was actually able send the invisible killing intent radiating out from the video that was generated merely from his gaze! How fierce a gaze would that require!

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor Academy, Gui Xinying! 16 years in age. 168cm in height. 50kg in weight.

"Yet another trio formation academy!"

"There's also three people from the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor Academy that have been chosen to grace the lists!"

"This is the list of the top ten experts that we're talking about! I feel that this weighs more than the others."

"This Gui Xinying feels more like an assassin type, right? How did she get ranked into the top ten experts? This list should be all about all rounded soldiers, right?"

"Fuck! Are you a pig? The true meaning of the top ten soldiers is the top top experts! This Gui Xinying is a super genius of the Gui Family, possessing a level of talent that made even Gui Hao want to protect her! She's the little princess of the Gui Family!"

"She's the biological younger sister of Gui Hao! We're truly up for a good show! The Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, Vasilyevich and Stuart academies are stacking their all!"

The Skylink video live chat room appeared akin to an erupting volcano. It could be said that the youths of the entire federation, regardless of them being ordinary or awakened humans, were paying attention to her. On the contrary, the only thing Wang Zhong was doing was to stare at the pair of eyes present on the video.

It had to be said that Gui Xinying and Gui Hao do look a little similar. This beloved little princess of the Gui Family possessed a extremely cold and callous gaze, appeared to not give a damn about anything. In her eyes, everything appeared to be off… despair. This what what her eyes had caused Wang Zhong to feel, and should be the most important factor in the killing intent that radiates from true experts.

The person that was next on the had to say that she was a unique existence among women. Regardless of their occupation, be it an assassin, ranged soldier, heavy soldier or summoning master, there were the beautiful types like Laura and Sharmie, or overbearing types like Carolyn or Divian, or even the childish look Wu Li and the cold and callous looking Gui Xinying...any single one of them possessed an appearance that could cause the downfall of a country. All of them were absolutely stunning beauties. From the perspective of inheritance, the awakening of an outstanding person would be indicative of an outstanding foundation and spiritual soul. This would mostly be reflected in how fit and handsome, or beautiful one would appear. However, this lady...

This was a girl that appeared exceedingly sturdy and well built. One can only say sorry for using these words to describe her. From the looks of it, her thick neck appeared to be of an even bigger girth than Wang Zhong's thigh, while the scars of the toughness of life was present on her rectangular shaped face, appearing just like an ancient pattern. If not for the voluptuous peaks on her chest, everyone would have treated her as a male, a strong and sturdy that is!

Crossing her hands in front of her, she stood there, appearing just like an immovable mountain.

Stuart Academy. Yi Luo. 19 years in age. 188cm in height. 86kg in weight!

"Oh my god...that's the fourth person from the Stuart Academy in the lists…how can any squadron contend against them?"

"Fuck! The Stuart's Raynor group has returned to the fray! Coupled with Carolyn and Wu Li, even if they aren't able to obtain victory, won't the Stuart Family be able to scar any other squadrons to death?"

Being the strongest and oldest veteran of the federation, the Stuart Family will not tolerate any loss, even in this year's CHF.

Such a formation was truly too hard to deal with. Even by themselves, either Yi Luo or Raynor already possess the strength to contend for the championship. Added with the freshman queen Wu Li and Carolyn, their lineup would absolutely cause despair in anyone they are up with. Admittedly, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor and the Vasilyevich academies were brimming with ambition, with the Stuart Academy not wanting to be left behind either.

"It's best for me to maintain my silence."

"There's no need to continue fighting and just give them the championship."

"The other squadrons can only contend for the 1st runner up."

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