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The second of the ten great experts had appeared. This time, it was still an existence with strength, status, beauty and intellect on a "princess" level.

There wasn't any need to pull a mysterious front, nor was there any need to display any kind of strength. Under the rays of sunlight in the video, a figure stood silently as she faced the incoming breeze with a haughty and proud stance.

Short silvery hair, sapphire-like eyes that appeared deep and abstruse, a high tipped nose, appealing lips, slightly cold expression coupled by the silver dragon crystal armour as well as the 3 metre long Dragon Shocking Spear. This was the definition of the fusion of beauty and strength. The incarnation of the empress and a seductress, Divian!

Seer Academy. Divian. 17 years of age. 176cm in height. 52kg in weight. OP Sanctuary Division.

"Divian being chosen is something that we've expected. Being the representative figure of the quasi Sanctuary Division, with the blood of the ninth rank sovereign being inherited in her bloodline, there was nothing about her that can be picked about, regardless of her status, strength or reputation."

"Big brother Lan's a legend! Only big brother Lan can be elevated to the greater level of awesomeness that All Mouthy King despite losing to him!"

"Scram away, you shit talker!"

"It's a pity that there aren't any especially stronger helpers to be found in the Seer Academy this year. With only big brother Lan to rely on, I'm getting a slight feeling that it'll be hard for them to hold the fort."

"That goes to show that your eyesight's not good, okay? Do you think that Jormungr is dead, or that the Seer Academy's inheritance is made of paper mache, huh!"

"Can those brainless idiot scram away."

The neverending discussions continued on in the video live feed chat. Within the federation, he fame and reputation of Carolyn and Divian was generally located only within the higher realms. It was only due to Divian's match with All Mouthy King that propelled her to global fame within the public. Nevertheless, the loss didn't affect any assessment of Divians' combat strength. Even those with the slightest bit of intelligence and rationale would not question the issue of Divian's qualifications.

Compared to Carolyn, Divian had radiated a different kind of aura and style. If one was to describe Carolyn as the gentle, pretty and resolute type, Divian would be considered to be the carefree and refreshing beauty type. Just like a dragon spear, a person like her would be nigh impossible to resist...

In fact, it would really satisfy Wang Zhong's craving if he would be able to have a true match with Divian again. Before obtaining the stone tablet, his odds of victory were slim. However, at this very moment, he was extremely confident of his chances of victory.

As fervent and passionate discussions and debates went on within the Skylink discussion forums, the third person on the list had started to grace the video. This time, it was an exceedingly handsome male.

Dressed in a broad and wide soldier's uniform, revealing the solid and sturdy muscles present chest, his short purple flattop haircut caused him to appeared exceeding suave under the illumination from the sunlight. Hanging on his plum flower adorned waist belt was a sheathless blade. One of his hands rested on his knee, while the other rested against his body as he half laid down on the ground. A lazy smile was present on his face, alongside with a few degrees of evilness and aura of overbearingness, instantly causing surging emotions to blossom in the hearts of his fans.

"His highness Gui Hao's smile is too devilish! What a sense of fulfilment it is to see that smile!"

"It's so frustrating! Why must his highness Gui Hao be arranged behind Divian and Carolyn?"

"There isn't any merit of order, you idiot!"

Clearly, when one's fame and reputation reaches a certain level, matters about you would pop out regardless of the situation. This was the definition of being a symbol...

Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor Academy. Gui Hao. 18 years of age. 183cm in height. 72kg in weight.

He was the first male to appear within the list of the top ten experts. What's more, he was not one bit inferior when compared to the two blindingly brilliant great goddesses that had appeared before him.

Hailing from one of the five upper families of the federation and the number one successor of the Gui Family, his status was already rather high up in the ladder of aristocracy. Upon his birth, he had already stood on a realm that people who never, ever be able to achieve, regardless of how much they struggled for it. What's more, he was a super genius, being able to awaken his soul force and open his soul sea at the mere age of four. With his super talent coupled by the full nurturing of his family, there was no one within his age that was capable to be his match when he reached 16 years of age and entered the heroic soul academy. The Gui Family had their own style and location of their own unique training. Any successor of their family would have to pass through the "Gate of Hell", and it was in this trial that Gui Hao had managed to set the youngest ever record of accomplishing that.

A string of successive overturning of history had caused a large majority of those so-called geniuses to blush in shame and embarrassment. Naturally, it wasn't his outstanding talents that gained him universal fame in the eyes of the public. Generally speaking, such kinds of people would maintain a low profile before they reached puberty. However, what Gui Hao did was the opposite. With a character craving for public attention and a powerful background that made him completely fearless in any matter he did. Of the acts he had did, the most famous one was the incident where he had covered the training grounds of the Stuart Academy with 9999 roses to profess his love for Carolyn. Although he was on the brink of getting beaten up due to it, he had also managed to gain the adoration and worship of countless female students.

"The lineup of the Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor Academy is extremely ferocious this year. With one of the best assassins and a top ten expert, just the two of them would be able to stand on pair with the Seer Family already."

"They are one of the upper five great families of the Federation for a reason. Gui Hao is already the third year, right? It has been a long time since I see him take action personally. It has already been two years since he had participated in a publicized match in the OP. At that time, he had already obtained an invincible status. God knows what realm has he reached as of now."

"He he! I really can't wait for the showdown between Gui Hao and her highness Carolyn! The golden boy against the jade maiden…"

"What a sinister thought you have!"

Indeed, the outstanding resources their families possessed had allowed for them to obtain some ease and benefits in their strength, while providing some helpful pointers that ordinary people would not be able to obtain. However, those disciples of those aristocratic families with such resources would generally have to foot out much, much more effort than ordinary people. In the current state of the federation, the era of chaos and overnight heroes have long passed by. Any family that had managed to stabilize themselves after enduring the test of time would possess a set of severe qualifications that cause anyone born within them to make sure that family matters were the most important of things! Matters that incur calamity were the great taboo for these families!

While most people would admire their glamorous outer appearances, they would generally overlook the sweat and hard work those members of those aristocratic families had gone through. Even if they were given such good conditions as them, those ordinary people who would always scream about injustice, their low status at birth and anger towards the heavens would never ever be any more than wastes.

As for Gui Hao liking Carolyn,...won't there be people that were unhappy about this? Looks like I've many, many competitors!

The fourth person to grace the video appeared.

The figure that appeared was of a young male that looked exceedingly calm and tranquil. He bared his upper torso, revealing an exquisite set of muscles, though ones that were laden with old scars and wounds. What's even more unique was the black cloth that was wrapped around his eyes, which appeared thick and broad, with even the glow of slivers of faint runes circulating around it completely sealing his eyes shut.

Hands crossed with one another as he sat on the ground, he appeared calm and pious, as though he was undergoing his prayer to some certain god.

Heaven's Fate Academy. Mo Wen. 18years of age. 186cm in height. 79kg in weight.

"I'll always get a deep feeling of weakness every time I look at brother Mo Wen's blindfold…"

"Why the hell do I feel that I'll get goosebumps? I've heard that brother Mo Wen has kept that blindfold up for quite a few years already. During the first time I've seen him, I even assumed that he was blind."

"Closed eyes meditation!"

"The Heart's Eye!"

"I've heard that for the entirety of this year, there's not a single person from the Heaven's Fate Academy that dared to issue a challenge to him."

From the looks of it, this Mo Wen possessed a rather high level of fame and reputation. Very quickly, Wang Zhong was able to spot something from the live feed chat that caused interest within him to grow.

Closed eyes meditation.

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