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Other than the incisive and blade-like special flame attribute ability, there wasn't anything else unique about that that fiery palm, other than proving that it wasn't the assassin's mace of this assassination attempt.

There… isn't even a single piece of evidence available.

On the aspect of motive,... with his current status as a mere captain of the Tianjing squadron, there seemed to be nothing huge attached to his name that was worth doing so.

Pondering over this issue on the little dormitory bed, Wang Zhong was still unable to get the slightest bit of understanding over the assassination attempt. At this moment, his Skylink suddenly started ring. Looking over, he noticed that it was unexpectedly a call from Ma Dong.

"Bro, hurry up and watch the newest top ten expert list just published by the Mo Family! You'll be in for a surprise!"

Ma Dong's voice brimmed with excitement, causing Wang Zhong to laugh out in amusement. During this period of time, the Mo Family had posted the five great assassins, ranged soldiers and heavy soldiers in succession. This had indeed allowed people to get an even deeper understanding towards the overall strength of the CHF participants. As for the so-called top ten experts, they are presented in the final video from the Mo Family, with this list representing the top ten soldiers with all rounded capabilities.

Opening up the video hosting site on his Skylink, Wang Zhong noticed that the video showcasing the top ten experts have already been shoved all the way to first place. Holding that spot without the slightest bit of competition, it appeared like the brilliant pearl gleaming above the rest.

Anticipation brimmed within Wang Zhong as he looked towards the video. Divian should be on that list, right? With her level of strength, Divian could be considered as one of the strongest opponents of his age that he had faced.

Fervent and passionate music filled Wang Zhong's ears as the prologue of the video started. What appeared next was a delicate and graceful long sword with a hazy backdrop. Appearing exceeding clear and distinct, the slender sword that was no less than two fingers in width was covered in silver coloured snowflake shaped engravings, while what seemed like golden tassels brimming with royalty ordained its hilt.

Appearing like a standard runic sword of slender built, unique engravings and adornments were present on its surface, causing it to look exceeding unique and identifiable.

It wasn't the sword that was famous, but the one who wielded it. Before its owner was revealed in the video, the live chat feed had already blown into a frenzy.

"That's the Stuart Family's Holy Snowflake Cross Emblem!"

"That's Princess Carolyn's!"

"Our goddess!"

The Stuart Family's Carolyn?

Perhaps, she could very well be the only person with the qualifications to be in the leading role of the top ten experts. Furthermore, the Stuart Family were one of the main hosts of this year's CHF, while being in charge of the most important part of it, the main competition.

The heaven's gifted daughter, little princess, goddess. There are too many brilliant and glorious titles attached to her name. Being the successor of the first family of the federation, the Stuart Family, Carolyn's status within the hearts of the federation's citizens was even high than that of those speakers and members of the legislative council. After all, there weren't more than a handful of citizens that would know the names of those few elders that sat ruled at the back of the federation.

Truthfully speaking, even Wang Zhong didn't know the names of any of them, as they were too far out of his spectrum of view, to the point of having not common paths at all. In fact, he not care about their statuses at all. On the contrary, what he cared about was the absolute presence of unique traits that the top ten leading figures definitely possessed!

Clutching the sword in her hand, the figure shown in the video quickly started to move, waltzing around in dance-like steps, she appeared graceful and elegant. In a quick and astonishing fashion, the slender sword in her hand appeared to have transformed into a silver flurry of mirages, flashing across the screen. One simply wasn't able to see the traces left by the slender sword as it slashed through the air, just like especially gorgeous dance in the process.

This was the difference between a video and what could be seen with one's own eyes. When the standard of one's target had reached to a certain level, one would not be able to feel anything merely from watching a video. Regardless of how accurate one might be able to adjust and how much focus one can control the recording camera, it was impossible to truly feel the solemness and threat one's future target might be able to extrude merely from a video. A good example would be the sword dance that was just shown in the video. Although it gave people an astonishing feeling of beauty and elegance upon sight, if they were to truly appear before him, Wang Zhong knew that they would definitely cause the entire surrounding atmosphere to turn stuffy with pressure.

That Carolyn, is….

Eh? Wait a minute!

All of a sudden, Wang Zhong gawked out in surprise. He seemed to have seen that figure shown in the video before…With every single action the figure made, it caused a strange heart pounding feeling to surface with Wang Zhong's heart.

Ending her sword dance, the steps she took as she came to a stop caused her figure to gradually turn distinct within the view of the camera.

Present in the video was an astonishingly beautiful girl. With a head filled with glossy, black, long hair, a faint blush brimmed across her fair skin,


Wang Zhong opened his mouth wide.

That's her? She's Carolyn?!

That face was all too familiar to Wang Zhong. Regardless of how unfamiliar and the numerous times it had appeared in his sweet dreams, Wang Zhong would always remember that blurry figure now currently being broadcasted by the video.

Regardless of how she was dripping with perspiration whilst doing her training, the youthfulness, enthusiasm, boldness and the brimming vitality of the girl within his memories would still continue to be swirled and kicked up, causing Wang Zhong to have an incomparably intimate feeling surging within him. To him, the Carolyn being shown in the video was still the girl he had met in the gravity room of Tianjing Academy. However, compared to them, an overbearing aura was now radiating unrestrained out from her eyes. This was the true getup of a soldier. The richer the heroic mannerisms, the more beautiful she appeared, something that seemed to stray away from the memories in his mind.

As the camera image paused, with her right hand holding the sword before her chest and her left being placed elegantly behind her back, the graceful aura extruded by Carolyn in the video was something that caused countless people to pale in comparison to her. At this moment, information about Carolyn started to appear in the video.

Stuart Academy. Carolyn Stuart. 16 years in age. 172cm in height. 50kg in weight. OP Sanctuary Division.

At this moment, the size of his Skylink screen was already maxed out, yet Wang Zhong wasn't even looking at any of the words displayed on it. He didn't know exactly what was the surprise Ma Dong was talking about. He didn't know about the matter of Carolyn. However...this was truly a surprise for him.

It took a good few seconds for Wang Zhong to come to his senses once again. At this moment, a sliver of happiness started to slowly surface at the corner of his mouth, before turning into one of bitterness. He seemed to finally realise why Carolyn had never contacted him since that incident.

Regardless of her status as the successor of an aristocratic family, or as one of the top ten experts, those were things that Wang Zhong didn't care about. However, that doesn't mean that others would be like him. In actual fact, even Carolyn herself didn't care about such stuff. However, although the feelings during that instant were perfect and beautiful, what about after that?

Wang Zhong didn't have an answer for that. He didn't want to humble or downplay himself, though he felt that he himself didn't possess that great of a charm. Nevertheless, though, he was extremely happy to know at the very least who exactly she was. As the blurry figure in his memories grew clear and distinct, Wang Zhong knew that he would not run away, regardless of the result. The CHF right, Very well!

It had to be said that Wang Zhong was brimming with fighting spirit. Under such excitement, even the assassination attempt on his life paled in comparison to it.

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