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Chapter 293.1 - A Whole New Respect

"Looks like quite a lot of viewers in the audience don't agree with my point of view. Nevertheless, fret not, everything will be proven by this match," said Ruo Zhi with a calm and unperturbed appearance. He gave off the impression that he was seeing into the distance and showing how short sighted everyone was. If there was someone next to him, they would definitely beat him.

"This fellow Ruo Zhi is really addicted to playing the villain. He really exceeds the standards of being a villain," laughed Laura. She and quite a few of her compatriots came online within the first second that All Mouthy King had appeared. The only people that truly took notice of Ruo Zhi criticising All Mouthy King would be the average audience. Furthermore, the majority of it was just to incite more liveliness in the viewing gallery. Naturally, she knew the underlying reason that made Ruo Zhi speak with such certainty was due to the battlefield of the upcoming match being an environment of flames, which Papada excelled the most in. Not only that, this battle represented the pride and glory of the City of Blazing Angels. There were times when resilient willpower was a critical role in combat. In this battlefield, Papada would be sure to persevere with all his might for the victory.

The randomized weapons have already been decided.

The cross wheels anticipated by the audience did not appear, nor did the prestigious Molok's Giant Axe that had struck awe in everyone. Instead, what emerged was the most ordinary heavy runic armor and greatsword, a standard set for a greatsword soldier.

"Ha ha. Looks like miracles won't descend more than twice. All Mouthy King wasn't able to randomly get his beloved cross wheels, but instead he got a greatsword that we've never seen him use before, as well as a heavy armor that can be said to be of a slight burden for All Mouthy King," commented Ruo Zhi with a smile. "Although All Mouthy King possessed rather good physical strength, he wasn't a true heavy soldier. The heavy armor would deeply hurt his mobility and nimbleness. The Ghostly Steps that he had relied on in his earlier days might be difficult to execute in this situation. Nevertheless, the heavy runic armor had a level of protection against special ability attacks. Therefore, it can be considered as a gain and a loss."

The opponent, Papada, clearly had no intention of being modest and immediately chose the Angel Sword that had brought him to fame.

This was a special runic sword, a specialized weapon that required an extremely strong fire attribute energy in order to display its might, something that was unique to the City of Blazing Angels. At the same time, the battlefield setting was being shown: battle of descent.

This was an extremely unique region of fire that was connected to the legend of the angel in the City of Blazing Angels. The explanation that was accepted to a greater degree by the Federation was that the blazing angel that had appeared then was an fire attribute special ability user who so happened to cause the fiery magma to erupt out from the base of the City of Blazing Angels. These flames had caused severe damage to the beastial horde while leaving behind fire sources and spirits, resulting in the eruption of the special abilities of the people in the city. Of course, the special ability user had also perished in battle. However, this explanation was completely rejected by the City of Blazing Angels.

During the anniversary of the City of the Blazing Angels, the OP had specifically created a replica of the battlefield that had occured hundreds of years ago for the sake of remembering this part of history. This caught the attention and love from the massive amounts of fire attribute special ability users in the OP. Naturally, the scene of this battlefield was even more significant for the people of the City of the Blazing Angels. They would choose this battlefield only when they met with an opponent worthy of respect. Without a doubt, the people born and raised in the City of Blazing Angels who possessed the fire attribute energy would absolutely be able to summon their greatest combat prowess!

Choosing this battlefield and even more, the Angel Sword? It seems to be a fire attribute special ability user, huh.

Wang Zhong was incredibly happy. Speak of the devil! He was still fretting about how to best temper his own fire attribute special ability. If his opponent was indeed a fire attribute special ability expert, he could carefully observe and learn from them.

"He chose the most powerful weapon, and the most compatible battlefield. Looks like Papada isn't going to leave a single straw for All Mouthy King," smiled Ruo Zhi. "Without his invincible cross wheels, I find it extremely hard to imagine exactly what All Mouthy King can still use to deal with Papada. With that runic greatsword, it looks like the legend of the invincible god will end here."

"I also feel like this is an extremely dangerous situation for All Mouthy King." Although Arnold was a die hard fan of All Mouthy King, he did not dare to underestimate brother King in any way. When the levels of two people were still close enough to see with one's eye, one might feel unwillingness or jealousy. However, where the distance became so far that it could not be felt even after forsaking one's life, the only thing left to do was to worship and adore. "If I remember the records correctly, aren't Papada's combat results in the Battle of Descent all victories?"

"Not necessarily. All Mouthy King excels the most in creating miracles. Don't you guys feel like Divian didn't use her full strength in the last match? However, did All Mouthy King use his full strength? His usage of his Soul Power is continuously increasing and growing. Furthermore, the heavy runic armor has a certain level of protection even against an fire attribute special ability user, and even so on the aspect of defence," said Anlor.

"You have to take into consideration whose special ability it is, and what kind of special ability. Besides, even though it definitely adds a level of protection against special abilities, it greatly hampers mobility and nimbleness. In actual fact, the heavy armor would be even more of a hindrance towards All Mouthy King's abilities."

Currently, Laura had turned silent for a while as she read through some information. Suddenly, she understood why Ruo Zhi was so adamant in his proclamation. All Mouthy King had been bumped into a pit, with Papada making some fairly. This was absolutely not the question of him being a fire attribute special ability, rather it was a frightening detail that only a fire attribute special ability user would be able to observe and identify.

At this moment, both parties had already entered the battlefield. The area showed remnants of a shattered city, with every house present here having already completely collapsed, while the ground was completely strewn with various sized cracks and fissures. From time to time, the glow from flames would rush to the skies from these cracks, hiding the ground behind a fire spewing ancient beast. The temperature of the entire battlefield was frighteningly high, being above 55 degrees at the very least.

It was extremely difficult for ordinary people to endure an environment with a temperature of 55 degrees. This could cause a huge loss of fluid from the bodies of new humans. Although Soul Power would be able to provide a certain level of protection against the temperature, engaging in combat would still greatly increase the consumption in one's body. None of these were felt by Papada, as the high temperatures gave him a feeling of intimacy instead, like a fish in water.

He stood quietly and sized up the opponent before him. The flames surrounding him were just like gentle breezes brushing along his face.

Papada had engaged in combat with quite a few genuine experts in this battlefield who did not believe in his strength, even those who were quasi Sanctuary Division. Other than the opponents who were fire attribute special ability users, there were only a scarce few who could completely maintain their cool in such an environment. This was not only a question of one's accomplishment in combat techniques, as the dryness and high temperatures would not cause direct harm. Nevertheless, those factors would cause some level of excitation to one's mind, causing one to go into a slightly uncontrolled state. Despite this, All Mouthy King appeared to be incomparably calm which did not disappoint Papada.

"I see All Mouthy King is still maintaining his usual reserved and aloof state. I wonder if the high temperatures or Papada's flames would be able to melt the icy cold callousness of the iceberg that is All Mouthy King," Ruo Zhi said, continuing his idle commentary. "Neither of them chose to launch an offensive the instant they entered, both remaining rather cautious and guarded. From the looks of it, All Mouthy King has also felt the might and awe of this fiery forbidden region."

The two in the battlefield faced each other, 30 to 40 steps apart.

The City of Blazing Angels have already been silent for too long.

Papada gently licked the corners of his mouth, while slowly unsheathing his Angel Sword. Across from him, All Mouthy King was encased in thick and heavy armor, wielding a greatsword in hand, appearing like a human mountain.

Nitrate fires diffused out of the ground in all directions, with the occasional sight of magma flowing beneath the cracked ground.


Suddenly, a stream of magma erupted furiously in between the two, with the eye dazzling fiery glow causing All Mouthy King to narrow his eyes slightly. In the next instant, not a single trace of Papada could be seen.

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