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chapter 293 Part II

In the blink of an eye, a fiery red sword light appeared, chopping towards All-Mouthy King's head!

A great sword meant to block the light.


The relatively thin Angel Sword unexpectedly burst out immense strength, even slashing All-Mouthy King's great sword to the side. Following that, the Angel Sword twisted in the air, breaking into seven or eight sword shadows in the blink of an eye!

All-Mouthy King's pupils contracted. His feet shook as he retreated. With the momentum of his retreat, the great sword in his hand was like a shield, blocking the Angle Sword.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

A series of explosive sounds rang out, like a long word, making it impossible to tell how many times the two had exchanged blows in the blink of an eye.

Fen Tao's Fast Sword! The first move was last year's famous stunt.

Fast, very fast! Such a fast sword was almost as fast as Brooks' Four Blade Stream, but what was even more terrifying was that such a high-frequency fast sword attack was actually so powerful!

In order to pursue the speed, one had to give up a certain amount of attack power, it is a common sense like physical laws. However, it didn't work for Papada.

Under the effects of the Power of Blaze, the sword strikes that lasted around 150 grassos were able to release an extremely power that was close to the limit of Soul Creator. The speed of this attack was simply too terrifying.

All-Mouthy King seemed to be unable to endure any longer. His footsteps changed, and his body swayed like a leaf. It was obvious that he wanted to avoid the edge of the sharp sword first, but Papada's footsteps were like a dream. Meanwhile, sparks flew around his feet, and his agility seemed to be faster than All-Mouthy King!

There were many ways to use superpowers. To use superpowers violently and and offensively was just a shallow way to begin with. The sublimation of using it would allow one's superpowers to penetrate deep into the various levels of skill, tactics, and maneuvers.

Using the speed of the blaze to increase the speed was only the most common way, but the enhanced speed was enough to dwarf assassin who were good at speed. No wonder so many people were envious of the Adepts.

"It's very hard to get rid of. Papada's understanding of the Power of Blaze has improved. It seemed it was much easier for him to produce an effect of hormone by controlling temperature, increase his body's control to achieve an accelerated effect. Now it looks like he had mastered it." Mario knew Papada very well. They both came from the southern region army, last year they were the champions of the district contest of Flame City and the Angel City. Taking advantage of Sharmie's long distance and Mario's rogue defense, Papada who was grade one impressed everyone in Flame Army.

"Brother King, use Ghost Steps!" Shout roared out in the comment column. Being approached by such a fast sword was too uncomfortable. It was unbearable to look at, trembling with fear as though the sword that was like a spirit snake spitting out a core could pierce through one's throat at any moment.

Ha ha! "RuoZhi laughed lightly." All-Mouthy King still has heavy armor on him. This kind of dodging is already his limit, so I'm afraid he won't be able to use the Ghost Steps. Of course, the heavy armor provides him with better flame resistance, which is also the advantage of heavy armor. It is wise for All Mouthy King to fight with a flame adept in such condition".

Before he could finish his words, All-Mouthy King's body had already flashed across the field like a ghost. His trump card Ghost Steps appeared once again!

The corners of Pappada's mouth curled up in an arc. All Mouthy King could use such a dreamlike gait even when wearing heavy armor. He couldn't be underestimated. To defeat Tivilan, it was not because of luck.

Gale Blaze!

A halo of flame suddenly rose up from his body, while his speed abruptly increased. Unlike All-Mouthy King's Ghost Steps, Papada's silver-white figure was like a streak of lightning, rapidly running through the field. It was so fast that it was impossible to see clearly with the naked eye! It was like a maggot attached to the bone as it pressed against All-Mouthy King's body. The rapid sword beads shot from all directions to form a sword formation. While it attacked, it sealed off almost all of All-Mouthy King's escape routes. At this moment, the heavy armor became the burden.

This was the power of the Flame Emissary. In such circumstances, the enhancement of oneself and suppressing one's opponent would truly make the opponent feel despair

Tat tat tat tat tat tat!

The sound of two swords clashing rang out in the arena. All-Mouthy King's body stiffened, and his swaying body suddenly became unmovable as a mountain, his breath like a mountain. His two legs seemed to be rooted in place. By swaying his sword in his hand, a silver sword screen was formed. The big and wide as well as heavy blade are strong weapons for defense. All Mouthy King used it to its greatness.

"What solid soul power!"

In the VIP arena, several young men were watching the fighting.All of them had golden names on their heads, but their expressions were still unable to conceal their superior pride. They the ones who stood at the peak of the federation, "Heavy equipment does not affect his flexibility, and his defensive ability is also very solid. His abundant soul power is enough to show off his background. "Papada is certainly no match for him if not in such circumstances."

"His skills are very proficient. He must have gone through a systematic training. Papada is a bit shameless."

"Either you have some reservations in your fight with Brother Lan, or you have improved recently. Did you guys inquire about who this guy is? Could it be someone from Stuart?"

"Probably not. With Brother Lan and Carolyn's request, if it was Stuart, they wouldn't have kept it a secret for so long."

Tivilan was also a little bit surprised. She became serious. She didn't think that All-Mouthy King would hold back in his battle against her. The feel in fighting would not fool an expert on her level. The only explanation was that All-Mouthy King was rapidly improving at an astonishing speed!

What kind of person could make his battle skill and soul power rise so quickly in such a short period of time?

"But he still doesn't have any chance of winning," a handsome young man with long silver hair said indifferently. "In such condition, the Papada with blesses from blame was insurmountable. No one could survive. Nevertheless, All-mouthy King is good at defending and he also has enough storage of soul capacity."

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