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Chapter 268 – Pyrogenesis

“That’s right. Over the past few years, the relationship between the federation and the empires could be considered quite good, with the experts from the empires bringing some stuff over to exchange for others from the federation, with each taking what they need. However, if we were to go, we would get shortchanged. However, if you go, you might be able to get a fair price. Nevertheless, you can’t go like that, you need a little disguise at least. If they know that you’re just an ordinary student, with their shitty attitudes, you probably won’t have an easy time. However, if you act slightly mysterious, on top of your body’s complex balance of strength and them being experts of suspiciousness, people of the federation definitely won’t make you feel at home,” replied Aiolos with a smile. Not only was he brave and fierce, he was a person who possessed genuine intellect, it was just that there were some things that he disdained.


After pondering a while, Wang Zhong said, “I can’t seem to think of any ideas.”

Hearing that, Simba started cackling with joy as he said, “Who says so? Everyone always neglects the mightySimba!”

Simba leapt up into the air from Ham Sausage’s head, his nose unceasingly quivering. His right hand raised in the air, Simba spread his arms and legs as he shouted, “Look at my thirty six transformations! Change! Change! Change!”


With an explosion of multi-coloured smoke, Simba disappeared, replaced by a clown mask.

Seeing this, Wang Zhong facepalmed. How could I have forgotten about Simba’s transformative ability! His transformative ability could be used in the dream realm, which also meant that it could be used in the hyperdimension. Although he had lost a great deal of his strength, being able to transform into a disguise was definitely quite good.

Both Aiolos and Mu Zi had a whole new level of respect for Simba. “Interesting. Your clown definitely has an extraordinary background. With this, it would be too easy for you there.”

Touching the clown mask, Wang Zhong could feel the blood-like bond between him and Simba. “He’s my good friend.”

“It’s a pity that the pyramid has disappeared. I’m left with just half of a stone slab to sell.”

“Other than items and skill, the federation hold the adventuring process in extremely high regard. This pyramid is definitely a peak level, restricted region worth its’ weight in value. You can explain this process to them for evaluation and show them the stone slab as evidence. That way, you’ll definitely be able to exchange it for quite a bit of stuff. Some things are conveniently very mysterious,” said Aiolos with a smile.

“How do I find them?” Wang Zhong asked with extreme curiosity. After coming to the hyperdimension, he felt as though he had turned back into an elementary school student.

Mu Zi started to lick his finger, tasting some leftover flavor from the ham sausages. “Very simple. Next time you enter the hyperdimension, use your Soul Power to induce it. The federation’s adventurer bases will give off a very clear signal. They’ve established quite a few of these places in the hyperdimension.”

Hearing this, Wang Zhong nodded. Standing up, Aiolos said, “My harvest is bountiful this time. I have to go back and do a detailed report of it. Let’s meet in a month’s time. Mu Zi, come before then and set up a relay coordinate.”

Mu Zi nodded his head and replied, “Okay. Leave it to me.”

Mu Zi’s way of life was to tour the two worlds, thus, he had a lot of time to travel and discover new things about them. With t

he added aid of his Soul Power, if he wanted to run away, it was extremely difficult for anything to hold him back.

Bringing along Ham Sausage, Mu Zi also started to leave. As they left, Ham Sausage had a reluctant expression on its’ face. Meanwhile, Simba returned to his original form, striking a “cool” pose as he floated in the air.

Wang Zhong could sense that the stone slab he held, particularly the runes on its’ surface, could actually resonate with the Fate Stone, causing one side of it to glow slightly. Finally, no longer did he have to envy the special abilities of other people! He possessed his first special ability! As he thought about this, a flame seedling ignited on Wang Zhong’s left hand.

Not only that, he now possessed his very own soul beast: that white, round dimensional mayfly. Being able to live after the previous storm, that little fellow might not be just any other ordinary dimensional mayfly. For it, Mu Zi had given him a soul beast contract. There weren’t many chances to come by such an opportunity. Regardless of the fact that Wang Zhong couldn’t spot any benefits this apparently non-combat type, round fellow could provide, he still gave it a nice name: “Warm Baby” “.

This was a good start. It had to be said that this was why so many people were infatuated with the “front lines’. Here, there were indeed great rewards for taking great risks.

As he touched the stone slab, Wang Zhong facepalmed. With this stone slab, there was a solution to Ma Dong’s auction. This slab was obtained through the combination of their three man group, with Aiolos even saying that this place was an extremely high level restricted region. Therefore, it’s price would definitely be extremely high. In any case, since he already understood the runic aray on the stone slab, he had no more use for it.

Nevertheless, Wang Zhong decided that it was best for him to rest properly for tomorrow and do some preliminary inspection of the adventurer bases first, which would make things more convenient for him when he went to the hyperdimension in the future.

As his Soul Power gradually dissipated, Wang Zhong’s body turned faint before completely disappearing.

As his spiritual returned back to his original body, Wang Zhong felt extremely exhausted. Clearly, this out of body experience exceeded the burden his body could bear. Upon sleeping, he only woke up in the afternoon the next day. Since he had been called over to assist Old Potter during group trainings, there was absolutely no one that dared to disturb him. The entire class knew that Wang Zhong seemed to have some special ideas on the aspect of runic technology which obtained Old Potter’s recognition. Within Copperfield Academy, Old Potter was a figure whose words held enormous weight, no one dared to provoke him. As such, no one was willing to go find Wang Zhong. Since Wang Zhong was so obedient despite being in this group training, Old Potter allowed him some reasonable alone time for proper training.

Therefore, student Wang Zhong managed to get a long, comfortable sleep.

Since he had gone through so much yesterday, Wang Zhong hadn’t been able to properly understand what had happened to him. Now, Wang Zhong could feel the enormous change to his body. All of a sudden, his Soul Power had already broken past 150 grassos. The baptism at the altar had allowed his Soul Power to undergo a quantitative leap. With his talent and usual hard work, being suppressed at around 50 grassos was very strange. It had to be said that this trip to the hyperdimension had given him a chance to break free from his shackles. In his hands, the stable 150 grassos of Soul Power made him feel as though his strength had already broken through to the next level.

In this moment, Wang Zhong was finally able to clearly understanding how large the disparity between him and his opponents was in the past . Naturally, his opponents could sense this more clearly in the future.

This was why the Freedom Federation placed so much emphasis on the Cast Soul Stage. After setting up a stable foundation, changes were inconceivable with the increase of Soul Power. After casting one’s Heroic Soul and accumulating more experience, one could perform the Soul Domination Skill. A powerful Soul Domination Skill possessed earth shattering power.

Extending his right hand, Wang Zhong’s palm turned deep red before it burst into a faint layer of flames. A warm feeling feedbacked to him, and with a wave of his hand, a scorched layer of burnt wood appeared on the table beside him.

…This killing power!

With just slight force the entire table collapsed… and it even turned into splinters.

That’s why the various great academies loved special ability users so much. Indeed, the added might would brew envy in people. Taking out the golden stone slab into the fourth dimensional world, not only did it radiate with golden light, mysterious fluctuations were present could be seen in it. These were more or less the special traits that hyperdimensional objects possessed when they entered a lower dimension, and it was absolutely unreplicable.

After researching and analysing it the whole day, Wang Zhong couldn’t feel anything else from it. The runic patterns on its surface were dormant and static regardless of how much Soul Power he poured into it.

From the looks of it, the only thing that could be used was that rune. Although he didn’t know whether there were any more stone slabs like this in the hyperdimension, Wang Zhong was extremely curious as to what other powers he would get from the other eleven faces of the Fate Stone.

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