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Chapter 269 - A-ranked Clearance

Since he knew that he couldn't keep up with Old Potter, Wang Zhong chose to request a leave of absence and have a good meal before seeking him out. He planned on striking the iron while it was still hot and experience the so-called adventurer bases. Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong possessed a genuine, deep longing for the Frontlines as he was a member of the federation, especially where teacher Grace was fighting.

Compared to Aiolos and Mu Zi, his understanding of the hyperdimension was indeed pitifully deficient. He needed to head over to Copperfield library and find Old Potter to learn more of the place.

As of now, Wang Zhong was already considered an experienced veteran of Old Potter's laboratory. Upon stepping into the library, he noticed Old Potter having a conversation with Laura.

"Wang Zhong, what good timing. Come over quickly…." Upon seeing Wang Zhong, Old Potter immediately abandoned his lovable little granddaughter and grabbed Wang Zhong, brimming with enthusiasm.

"Grandpa, what about the thing I've just told you," Laura cried out in discontent. She had an extremely important thing to discuss with her grandfather.

"We can talk about it later, you have time. Come, come, come, Wang Zhong. I've thought of yet another idea. Come over here and help me test it out. Yes, it's about higher dimensional life forms…"

Hearing her grandfather's reply, Laura instantly gawked in response. What does he mean by 'you have time'! Does he mean to say that his time with Wang Zhong is more precious than talking to me!

However, after seeing Wang Zhong being dragged into the laboratory by her grandfather, for some reason she, who should've been very angry at her grandfather, didn't feel angry at all! At the moment, there was only one thought going through her mind, Wang Zhong, I'm not done with you!

Wang Zhong was only able to give an apologetic smile towards Laura before being dragged into the laboratory by Old Potter.

Feeling rather excited, Old Potter started his rant, "After our previous discussion, I updated our description of the existence of higher dimensional life forms to new standards. I've also started conducting new research based on the existence of higher dimensional life forms. Did you know that basically all life on Earth is composed of water? Cells are the most basic unit of life. In short, we're all living constructs of protein.

Pausing a moment to let Wang Zhong lean over and listen, he then proceeded even more zealously. "This whole time, we've begun our research on higher dimensional life forms by theorizing the basics and made little progress. You could say that we strayed off the path. It wasn't until after our discussion that I discovered our definition of life was too narrow. The existence of living runic patterns makes it so that all chemical elements are able to give birth to life. Not just water, but stone, earth, wood. Even the wind, the air, can be imbued with consciousness. Naturally, the prerequisite is that they must be in the hyperdimension or dimensions above that."

The more he spoke the more excited Old Potter was. He had found a treasure that he could research for the rest of his life, but still be unable to fully understand in its' entirety. Plus, it was different from the kinds of research where they couldn't discover its' crucial elements. This time, he knew where the keyhole to the treasure was. What he wanted to do was create a universal key that could open the lock to the treasure!

As he continued to listen to Old Potter speak, Wang Zhong felt very moved. He could vaguely tell from what Old Potter was saying that the Fate Stone, and Simba who had came along with it, had a nine out of ten chance of not belonging to the hyperdimension, but were life forms of an even higher one. From interacting with Simba, Wang Zhong realised that the former's talent in language and learning capabilities far exceeded that of humans. Although he might not have been a superior life form of the higher dimensions, he might have been a regional overlord.

Without any first hand experience to base it on, Old Potter was still able to make such a deduction, and was even rather confident about it. Frankly speaking, a science fanatic was truly quite frightening. It was no wonder they could change the course of mankind's history.

Just like that, an old man and a youth started discussing topics revolving around this new deduction, furiously debating to and fro in the room. This new topic had an extremely high possibility of letting mankind's understanding of living runic patterns reach a higher level once again: from the current, confusing use of mechanical dimensional runes, to dual rune usage, with living runes at its' core.

In Old Potter's imagination, the two would fuse together into a double helical DNA like structure. This would be a brand new domain of life, the true domain of the gods!

In the past, mankind had assumed themselves as gods after mastering flawless cloning technology. However, from the looks of it now, man was still ignorant in many aspects, such a narrow understanding of the world was laughable. Still, this couldn't be said to be a mistake, man's limited circumstances could only produce limited results.

"There's still many areas that this theory can be improved. For example, it's still incapable of telling whether something that has life is a rune or not. Also, for higher dimensional life forms that have been born, was the basis of their souls constructed from runes?"

"What you mean to ask is that if the sequence of man's DNA can be considered as a kind of low grade living runic pattern, right?"

Between the two, there were times where one would ask the questions, and other times where both would shoot out answers. A lot of the time, a question didn't even need to be answered by the other, however it was more than enough to mutually enlighten each other. This was the legendary realm of research. Never in his wildest dreams did Old Potter imagine that he would one day have such banter with a "brat".

"Low grade runic pattern, what an apt phrase! Not bad!"

Old Potter continued to raise his suspicions and doubts with Wang Zhong. It had to be said that Wang Zhong managed to obtain a breakthrough with some of these in ways that were absolutely impossible for Old Potter to imagine. This led to many instances where more questions and doubts would surface. Nevertheless, this was something that the old Potter absolutely loved and kept on praising. For scientists, they would never, ever be afraid of asking "why". It was due to this exact basic question which scientists used to solve problems that he had received "true" restrictions. Clearly, Wang Zhong possessed the mentality to break those restrictions. Old Potter was unable to imagine that there would actually be such a bold and imaginative genius that was born in a place like Tianjing.

"Runes and runic patterns. The essence is in the reversal of these words. Talking with you brat is truly refreshing."

Wang Zhong smiled and replied, "Dean, if you praise me like that, why not give me something substantial."

The Old Potter burst into laughter at Wang Zhong's use of "substantial".

"I knew that you had some goal in mind when you purposefully sought me out. Over the past few days, you've always been searching for information on the hyperdimension. Are you trying to understand the matter of adventurer bases in the Frontlines?"

Old Potter was extremely keen and astute, but was waiting for Wang Zhong to open his mouth and say what he was truly planning on. He didn't wish for Wang Zhong to focus his strength on the front lines or stuff like fighting and killing as it was extremely easy for youths to get attracted by them. It wasn't that the Old Potter didn't respect soldiers, but from a practical and historical standpoint, those that made the most breakthrough achievements for mankind and had the most influence had never been, and would never ever be soldiers bleeding in the Frontlines. Only when soldiers are in a group would they be an incomparable great wall or sharp sword. A single soldier by himself was just like a lone cell. It wasn't that a single soldier wasn't important, it was just that the way of using one's life was essentially different from using one's brains.

As for Wang Zhong, he had the potential to become one of the greatest minds. However, the Old Potter wasn't impatient to force the latter, as using force would bring undesired consequences. Furthermore, after being restricted from the place he had shown passion for, would that Wang Zhong then still be Wang Zhong?

Why not just let the him frolic around. When he was done, he would return to where it was most suitable for him to expend his energy as well as contribute to mankind in general. There were very few people that knew about the dark ages, but this was just like Galen Grassos in the past. He had originally wanted to become a soldier in his early life, yet became a mighty scientist that changed the fate of mankind.

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