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Chapter 224.2 – Delicate to the Finest Detail

Wang Zhong understood these matters. This special training, from what Greene had explained to him, wouldn't have much in the way of actual lessons being taught to them academically. Rather, the main reason for this special training was to further the mutual understanding between the various large squadrons; the intent being to use the strengths of others to improve upon one's weakness.

Since they were all going to the CHF this time, their enemies weren't just the other teams within the Eastern Area but those of the entire Federation. When the CHF started there wouldn't be much time for them to communicate and exchange information on the squadrons they would face. As such, this special training would end up being of great use in promoting the Eastern Area's results. 

As for Ma Dong's second point, this was a chance to make some friends. As a part of the elite group within the Eastern Area, there would be a very high chance of them entering the same squadron or department in the future. Getting along now and establishing a firm clique would be extremely helpful to the development of everyone's future.

Ma Dong spoke in a very emotional manner. "This year you will definitely not be able to go far just with fighting. You need to make lots of friends and look at the many alternative paths you can walk on. The more heads the better. Just being by yourself isn't very impressive."

"It sounds like you've already taken the solitary path no one else has," Wang Zhong said with a joking scold. "What's the matter? Was it not that smooth for you?" 

"It's not bad. The situation on my side can still be called passable," Ma Dong replied. Since his return from St. Mongul, he had kept quiet about his clan matters when in front of Wang Zhong. 

One of the main reasons was because of the warm-blooded feelings that had filled him as he left for St. Mongul. He had gone with the intent of being pragmatic and ready to respond to any situation. But because of the 'auction' test given to him by the clan leader, he also began to shape up.

And it wasn't as though him not mentioning anything meant he didn't care for Wang Zhong. The latter knew this. It was just that Ma Dong wasn't completely sure how to go about his test. But since they had stumbled upon the topic anyway, he took the time to conveniently explain it to his brother.

He first explained the situation behind the 'auction' test that will take place at St. Mongul before continuing, "My opponent is a bit tough. While he's my older cousin, Teslan has the backing of his uncle who is one of the current holders of authority in the clan. Right now that uncle should be planning to invite a few powerful figures to grace Teslan's auction and he may also provide him with some precious treasures. On the surface it looks like a competition between Teslan and I, but the reality is that I'll be up against my fifth uncle. Haha. Fifth uncle is a core member of the clan and one of the youngest elders. A casual exchange of words or even a few items from him can easily make me feel heaps of pressure piling over me." 

Just from their conversation, Wang Zhong could feel the enormous stress currently piling down on Ma Dong's head. Before, he had used All-Mouthy King to stimulate his fighting spirit. It was the only method at the time that could give Ma Dong a proper attitude towards life. But now that everything had truly settled into realistic matters which included shady deals, that All-Mouthy King phrase was no longer useful. Well, at least it didn't have much visible use at the moment.

"Sounds like all of them are bad news."

"Ha. That's not completely true. When I entered St. Mongul then, I'd assumed there would be various other reactions from the clan. Instead, they directly arranged for me to fight against Teslan. It was such an unexpected result, but also gave me answers to very important questions." Ma Dong let out a hearty smile. "Looking at these results, it seems that I have no real superiority but this could also be to my advantage.

"The first issue is that the clan leader probably isn't very pleased with Teslan. If not, then he wouldn't have wasted his time on me. Within the clan, it's the words of the clan leader that ultimately counts. Even my fifth uncle who stands behind Teslan doesn't have such genuine authority. At the very least this means the clan leader won't permit fifth uncle to secretly hinder me. If I had any actual capabilities, then the clan leader wouldn't mind pushing me up in order to press Teslan down. If I can at least see this key point, wouldn't that mean others can as well?"

Ma Dong seemed impressed with his conclusions up to there. "After hearing of the competition between Teslan and I, the hearts of quite a few of our people here in Tianjing seemed to change. Recently, a few past partners of my old man took the time to contact me. After so many years of contact between the clans, even if one ignores the personal relationship there are still many points of familiarity between their business habits and distribution of benefits. If a new boss does appear, then they will have to change the way they communicate and build up a new foundation of trust and emotion. They may even have to face the arrival of new competitors, something a few aren't willing to accept.

"In the beginning they will dread the power of the Assassin Clan and wouldn't dare stick their heads into this matter. But since this is a decision that had been settled by the clan, the majority of those here will probably be willing to attach themselves to my branch family. They won't go so far as to show obvious contact with me, but they can provide help and support in the shadows. They could even send over people to help support my side during the auction.

"While I can't match my fifth uncle in his connections with the upper echelons, I have already gathered a sufficient number from the lower end. Furthermore, I intentionally released advertisement to boost my support. Since our clan leader gave me this chance, he might not personally care for the idea of getting 'behind-the-scenes' support, but having a little bit of public opinion as guidance should stir the people's imagination more.

"Lastly, since my uncle possesses such natural superiority, he wouldn't go out of his way to act without mercy against a younger generation like me. When all of these scattered powers slowly gather together behind me, then at the very least I wouldn't appear so inferior in terms of networks and connections as Teslan. Although there will still be some disparity, it should still be within manageable boundaries."

This talk about business showed that Ma Dong truly was knowledgeable about it on all fronts. Even the various connections and networks had already been drawn up by him. Although sufficient homework was required for that to happen, he was still a person who only came into contact with clan business less than two months ago yet still able to control this much of the overall situation and find slivers of hope and victory in this impossibility while also arranging them to their greatest potential. He really could be called a genius.

"The greatest authority will actually be gained from the intricate details of the various aspects of the auction itself. I already went to go find my old man's group and formed a new group of people. They are currently training their coordination with one another.

"Did you know an auctioneer can be counted as a service job? The quality of this service is very important and must be accumulated over long periods of time. It's a position that requires much attention. When faced against different customers, how can one provide different levels of service? This isn't something that can be decided and settled upon within the few hours during the auction. Simply speaking, one had to cater specific services to specific tastes."

Smiling, Ma Dong continued his explanation. "Take, for example, when a great figure from some great aristocratic family arrives. If you send a beautiful lady dressed in a chinese dress with slits down her waist to greet him, then he might not take a liking to her. A person of that caliber has long since met with such ladies before.

"Next is a second generation wealthy. If you send a specialist to accompany him and give him an extremely professional breakdown of the auctioned goods, then he might treat the entire matter as an irritation.

"Other factors include the little gifts being delivered and the like. These factors touch on many aspects and not only that, but the various types of service staff below one's hands must also have ample understandings of the customers. Just another thing that requires more detailed thinking and planning. But if you try your best and do it in the best way possible, then valuable customers will descend from the heavens to meet you. Business doesn't simply rely on one's glibness."

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