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Chapter 224.1 – Delicate to the Finest Detail

"Let's set up a time to meet next." As he looked into the depths of the large hall they were currently situated in, Aioros felt there should be one or two more checkpoints for them to pass. Furthermore, the dimensional energy being radiated out from this place was incomparable thick and dense. The dangers awaiting them was unknown, but it would be extremely interesting. He felt it would be too much of a pity to give up on. "I can carve out a coordinate here. Next time we can simply appear here." 

As he spoke, a hand was lowered and he drew out a rune pattern into the large hall.

"So this coordinate symbol lets us directly descend to this large hall the next time we enter?" Wang Zhong felt it to be extremely inconceivable. After all, this was a dimensional space within the pyramid and not some random area of the hyperdimension. 

Mu Zi simply grinned at him, having long grown numb to Aioros' ability.

"Haha. Just a small trick using life runes. If you're so excited then I'll just teach you some next time." Aioros finished drawing his pattern as he responded. The pattern itself seemed to have a special aura radiating from it, one that included Wang Zhong, Aioros, and Mu Zi's aura within. With a satisfied nod, he continued, "The next time we come, it will respond to our aura. Oh, right!"

As though an extremely interesting idea suddenly popped into his head, Aioros said, "Our preparation this time was insufficient, but the next time we come here we should still have some time left after clearing this secret realm. In that case, why not have a party here? I feel the atmosphere would be pretty good, right? I'll be in charge of bringing in some nice food. The thing our Pampas Empire lacks the least is various kinds of wild game. Naturally, the most important part will be cola and the legendary ham sausage! Frankly speaking, those two are what I'm after. I wanna know how good they taste."

When he heard those words, Mu Zi's eyes lit up. With a gulp, he couldn't help but say, "Wang Zhong, can you really get them? Isn't cola very expensive?"

These two guys were really enthusiastic about cola. With a smile, Wang Zhong replied, "Relax and just leave it to me. Let's set up a date!"

"I will need at least seven to eight days of time," Mu Zi replied after counting his fingers. The main issue for him was recharging the energy within his soul tool.

"Ten days it is." Aioros was drawing out another seemingly simply array formation on Wang Zhong's hand. In fact, it would be more suitable to just call it a symbol. Once the drawing of this thirty-six sided rectangular symbol was completed, it seemed to give off a slightly 3-Dimensional effect. "This is that small dimensional pouch I mentioned earlier. It can last around two to three hours. When you go back, all you need to do is copy it. Draw it on a container and input a bit of soul power and it'll do the rest."

That simple?

Wang Zhong felt slightly flabbergasted as he started at this thirty-six sided rectangular symbol. Compared to the Federation's dimensional space array formations that had been placed within the academy libraries and required tens of thousands of volumes of books before it could be assembled, this simple design seemed to lack the qualifications to stand beside it.

"Again, if you're interested then you can just research it on your own. If you can get even half of what's going on inside it, then it'll be easier for me to teach you next time we meet. After all, my methods are completely different from those used by the Federation," said Aioros. When Wang Zhong had mentioned he had unknowingly entered the hyperdimension world, Aioros came to the conclusion that he lacked knowledge of this place. "I can feel that your soul power isn't very strong, but your soul itself is extremely powerful. You should come here more often and uncover the mysteries of strength."

"Don't forget the cola and ham sausage," Mu Zi reminded with some slight embarrassment.

Having understood their requests, Wang Zhong nodded his head.

"Alright. Then let us meet ten days later!"

When he woke up, Wang Zhong felt extremely refreshed, as though a comfortable feeling was coursing through his body. As he lay upon his dormitory bed, he could hear some coughing sounds coming from the other rooms. In fact, he could even see the fine and intricate foreleg movements of the fly as it perched on the window sill a few meters away.

There was no doubt that his senses had grown more sensitive. This was an obvious indicator of a new human's growth in power. Without the need to test, he knew his strength, speed, and other various physical aspects had definitely grown. He didn't know the exact specifications of what increase had occurred within him, but this feeling of being able to knock out a rabid bull with one punch made him feel fucking awesome.

The sole part of his body that didn't feel so happy was his stomach.


This sound seemed to shake and astonish the heavens. It was loud to the point that his bed actually vibrated a bit from its might.

I'm damn hungry! I feel as though I haven't eaten for three days! Suddenly, Wang Zhong felt a 'tyrannical' soul power circulating within his body. That one experience in the hyperdimension had actually affect his soul power this deeply. It had unexpectedly broke past a hundred grassos! He had never before controlled so much power! It was a rich and full feeling for him. 

This was the feeling of control!

When he looked at his own reflection in the mirror, Wang Zhong suddenly felt he'd gotten more handsome. Fuck… my stomach's about to rebel again. Hastily putting on his clothes, Wang Zhong quickly left his room and rushed to the academy's dining hall.

The change to Wang Zhong's soul power  hadn't been sensed by anyone in the Prodigy Society. The main reason was because soul power breaking past a hundred grassos was all too common an experience. When it was Wang Zhong, however, it became a nightmare to his opponents.

As their trip to Copperfield Academy grew ever closer, everyone within the academy's squadron became more and more excited. The ability to travel across dozens of big cities wasn't something that could be easily done this time of year. Even a person like Scarlet with her social status in Tianjing would find it difficult to hop city to city. The armoured railway was in place to server the military, Federation officials, or Federation resources. It wasn't something that could be settled with just money.

They all handled their own various preparations with excitement. It was said that Hymin had packed over fifty kilograms of cosmetics as well as various sets of clothes. Lily had a large bag of snacks with her, which told the squadron that the most gluttonous one wasn't necessarily their frivolous leader, Ma Dong. Scarlet prepared some gifts from Tianjing as the one representing their cademy. She had quite the sense of responsibility… and opposite her was the most idle group, the Prodigy Society's four members.

Grai was known as a travelling expert and had already arranged everything he needed. As for Wang Zhong and Emily, they both went with the flow during their packing and took whatever came to mind. Lastly, Barran didn't have the simplest clue as to what to take. He had come to Tianjing to study, so there was nothing for him to carry other than a small patch-work bag. They were only going to be there for a month, so what was there to prepare?

Ma Dong was the one who completely acted as the mother. He prepared various things for everyone ranging from food and clothes to daily amenities. When considering how detailed and meticulous one could be, this esteemed President Ma was simply unrivalled under the heavens.

With their impending separation growing ever shorter, Ma Dong, who had been recently bustling around in a hasty manner, found it hard to take much time off to chat with Wang Zhong.

From his interpretation of this event, the Eastern Area's special training time would have a few unique points compared to the past ones.

"It really is just an exchange event. Since everyone is from the Eastern Area and are also elites, there isn't much to say about it. After graduation, regardless of whether one entered the Eastern Area Military or the various large Federation systems, the probably of elites mixing together is very high. Being more familiar with one's future circle is the benefit given to those elites by the various large academies."

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