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Chapter 208 – A New Legend

Both Divian's Dragon Crystalline Armor and All Mouthy King's Infinite Slash were complex techniques that only individuals that were in the top rankings were able to perform. As such, it was not surprising that no one was able to analyse both techniques to give an accurate conclusion. Even comparing the techniques simply by its strength or evasiveness was hard to do. The calculated risks and thought processes, the underlying skills and techniques contained within them…there were simply too many factors to be accounted for.

Furthermore, the speed at which the two were unleashing their techniques was astounding. Even experts would have a hard time keeping up with the constant barrage of attacks. Calculating the strength of each technique was not something that can simply be done in a couple of hours. The fight along had already went beyond the level of Elite Division. Not even an expert like Laura would dare to claim that she had completely understood the fight in its entirety.

Even so, many videos of the fight made by people with thicker skin began circulating around. Some were simply singing high praises for All Mouthy King, containing not a single shred of analysis on the skills and techniques used by him and instead was just them fangirling over him. Others tried to stand on the high ground by attempting to analyse the fight from a wider perspective. However, commenting on a fight without fully understanding the intricacies it would simply be regarded as words babbled by a fool. Thus, most of these 'analytical videos' instantly received severe backlash and were relegated as nonsense by the general populace.

Only till midnight did the majority understood the fight. For such a spectacle, There would surely be many experts undertaking the task to break down the fight and explain each and every detail of the fight after much consideration. However, it would be unlikely for there to be a decent analysis done by the night. It was estimated that the fight would be reviewed multiple times by a panel of experts from the Elite Division till the point where it would be permanently etched onto their memories.

Even then, the discussions in the forums were still as lively as ever. A few weaknesses of any technique that the experts were able to spot became the focal points for the discussions in the forums.

"If it was only a contest of strength and strength alone, I'll be more inclined to say that Divian would win. The reason she had lost this match was because All Mouthy King had full control over the rhythm of the fight. She had given All Mouthy King way too much space and leeway for him to display his abilities."

"All Mouthy King won!"

"…All Mouthy King's weak soul power was a facade that resulted in Divian to let down her guard. The fact that All Mouthy King had a lot of information on Divian but but Divian did not on All Mouthy King was the main reason for her loss. If they were to immediately fight a second time, it would be hard for All Mouthy King to use Infinite Revolving Slashes to have a chance to attack."

"All Mouthy King won!"

"Divian had not use her full strength! If she had gone all out from the start, things may have turned out differently…"

"All Mouthy King won!"

Amongst all the heated debates that were currently ongoing, that of the Brother King's Clan was undoubtedly the most prominent and outstanding. Their dissatisfaction about the types of conversations that were going around could be sensed from a mile away. It wasn't to say that the Brother King's clan were a bunch of blind followers who could not see the superior and inferior points of the fight. However, a win was still considered a win. We had only started celebrating All Mouthy King's victory. Why do you have to jump up and ruin the mood by saying that Divian was stronger than Brother King!  Are you courting death!

Even with all the constant arguments here and there, no other statement could shut others up as effectively as "All Mouthy King has won!"!

Therefore, all of you should totally shut your mouths!

Tonight belongs to the Brother King's Clan!

Sharmie was humming a popular song, completely disregarding the hundreds of roaring people in the viewing hall. In the entire Blazing City, Sharmie was the only one who had believed that All Mouthy King would win. None of her squad members approved of her blind belief in such a person, for they had truly believed that All Mouthy King would win and having

a captain that has lost her reason and rationalism was not a good thing. This disapproval also stemmed from the fact that many were a little jealous of All Mouthy King. After all, she was their captain, and not All Mouthy King. However, the scene in which All Mouthy King's astonishing cross wheels destroying Divian left everyone baffled. Mario had made a big fuss out of it. That's the Dragon Crystalline Armor! Screw this! Wasn't it completely impenetrable to Cast Soul Stages! They're fucking joking with me,right!

For some unknown reason, Wang Zhong's face resurfaced yet again in Sharmie's mind. This fellow… did he use some special ability? Why am I always thinking of him recently?

To ordinary students, this fight was just a lively and exciting event. However, to the Elite Division, particularly those belonging to large families, this fight had tremendous impact on them.

Waking up on the morning of the second day, Wang found that he was the only one left in the entire dormitory room.

He still remembered hoisting four cartons of beer back with Ma Dong last night. After drinking to past midnight, he had assumed that Ma Dong would be unable to wake up tomorrow due to his hangover.

Wang Zhong lifted himself out of bed, causing numerous empty beer bottles to lean and tilt in an unstable manner. All of them were strangely arranged neatly by the side of the wall. Even Ma Dong's bed, which had not been tidied up for an entire year, was unexpectedly cleaned.

A piece of paper was placed beneath a beer bottle on the table in plain sight.

Thanks bro! I'm clear headed now, and have some some stuff I need to settle! I'll be gone for approximately ten days or more. Don't worry too much about me or you will make Emily worried too. For this span of time, I have assigned our vice president to help settle any issues in the Prodigy Society in my absence. Don't make the toilets clog up while I'm away.

P.S. our vice president should train up his alcohol tolerance, at least till about half of mine! P.S.S., please refer to me as your richest bro in the future!

Ma Dong Dong!

Wang Zhong smiled and shook his head. This fellow just loves to talk in this manner.

While they were drinking last night, the two of them conversed on many a topic, some of which included his family matters. The more Ma Dong drank, the more light was shed on the current situation. Although he had not delve too deeply into the subject, Wang Zhong was still able to infer that Ma Dong had already made up his mind and got his thinking straight. He should have some ideas to go about this situation.

Wang Zhong had not planned to give advice to Ma Dong about his matters.  Matters regarding business required in-depth knowledge of the circumstances, and he would be like a fool if he tried talking about business with Ma Dong. As for Ma Dong's complicated relationships within the Assassin Family, Wang Zhong felt that that was something he shouldn't get involved in.

Every single person had their own paths to follow and they could only rely on themselves to traverse down the path they had chosen.

However, the reason why the Prodigy Society was in such chaos was…

Wang Zhong thought that the president of the society should have their own way of handling issues at hand. Even if anything truly popped up, it was still better to wait for the esteemed president to return and deal with it personally, for Wang Zhong didn't have any interest in dealing with the problems of the society.

Despite the pain of numerous responsibilities, the society had to be taken cared of at the very least. After all, classes had to be attended, trainings had to continue and life was pass on regardless of any problems.

The current Tianjing Academy was crazy for All Mouthy King. If All Mouthy King had defeated someone like Laura or Sharmie, debates about All Mouthy King may appear but they would not be that much of a deal. Due to their previous big victory over Adolf, there were simply no lack of conversation topics within the Tianjing Academy. Thus, those kinds of  fights wouldn't pique much interest.

However, All Mouthy King had defeated Divian. That was a name many students had not heard before till yesterday. It wasn't because she was not famous enough. Divian was one of the top in the field, and achieving her status is something commoners would not even dare to dream of attaining. If it was not for brother All Mouthy King, the students from various academies might not even have heard the name Divian.

Disregarding the glorious fight that had occurred yesterday, the name 'Divian' filled every single conversation of those students situated at the middle and the bottom of the pyramid. It came to the point in which not mentioning the name 'Divian' is seen as a shameful act.

Naturally, whenever Divian was mentioned, brother King was also mentioned as well. And when brother King was mentioned, the Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels would also be included in the conversation.

"That Dragon's Terror was truly awesome! I've even tried it yesterday in the OP's training grounds! It had really ferocious attacks and a large attacking radius!"

"No matter how ferocious it is, it was still cut apart! One has to learn the cross wheels! La, La…er…phroag Unlimited Cross Wheels! That's the number one divine weapon in the world!"

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