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Chapter 207

Chapter 207 – The Strongest King’s Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheels

The laymen and amateurs had already begun to support All-Mouthy King. Those with any inkling of knowledge, however, knew that while Divian had yet to cast her heroic soul, her Dragon Crystal Armour could still easily block any attack at 200 grassos of might and below. Once she closed in on All-Mouthy King, he would become like a rat to the bellows.

Since the start of the match this hadn’t been a fight between people of equal standards.

Ma Dong’s hands were shivering. He was extremely clear about what the Dragon Crystal Armour signified. As a person who could bear the Dragon Crystal Armour, Divian became the equivalent to a princess. Even her future as an empress was set in stone. This was a position people like them didn’t even have the qualifications to gaze upon.

But when he saw Wang Zhong’s gaze and the resolution within them, he asked himself why he felt dejected. Why did he actually feel remorseful?

Everyone dies one day. The most important thing was to fight until one was content!

Wang Zhong was enjoying his journey. Therefore, he too should enjoy the journey!

A change suddenly occurred within All-Mouthy King’s hands. The crosswheels began to revolve crazily until his hands seemed to disappear. All anyone could faintly discern was the formation of two enormous crosses. Not only was All-Mouthy King’s soul power being condensed, but the power of the revolutions brought forth a might that sliced apart everything around it. Fluctuations began to form around those two neglected weapons.

Divian’s gaze became exceptionally grave and cold. It was just 200 grassos at most! Her Dragon Crystal Armour could easily guard against such power! What she wanted to do wasn’t to strike and kill All-Mouthy King. To be frank, his body was far too frail. Her goal was to test which was more formidable; her Dragon Crystal Armour or his Laforgue Crosswheels!



The earth was rent asunder as a fighting intent rose and flared within the Omar Ancient Battlefield. As she were a grand dragon, Divian howled angrily as she attacked. The dragon’s maw parted and a spear shot out, one that could destroy the heavens and split the earth—Dragon’s Terror Shatters Space Spear!

All-Mouthy king suddenly sprang forth. Two crosswheels revolving at high-speeds had… Oh god. It was inconceivable! He had actually fused the two together!?

It was instantaneous. The moment they left All-Mouthy King’s hands, the crosswheels seemed to disappear and reappear before Divian Seer.


That gigantic crosswheel smashed against Dragon’s Terror. Divian, who was on the offensive, reacted instantly. Her reaction speed quickly made her switch to the defensive.

The crosswheels slashed at Dragon’s Terror with breakneck revolutions, a grim reaper’s scythe swung down upon its hapless target.

A second later, that soul power strengthened Dragon’s Terror burst apart, allowing the revolving force of the crosswheels to slash down on Divian without slowing. Divian reacted instantly and raised her arms to ward against the attack, her Dragon Crystal Armour along her arms bolstering her guard.

Blood flowed moments later from Divian’s mouth. Her five viscera and six bowels shook violently, taking heavy damage. Although the attack seemed to have just 200 grassos of strength, it was in fact the output of just 0.1 seconds of its might.


One step, two steps, three steps.

She retreated a mere three steps!

That rotating colossal wheel was akin to a perpetual motion machine, never s

topping once it began. Divian had already lost all feeling in her arms. She furiously clenched her teeth. I am Divian Seer. I am the successor of the Dragon Crystal Armour! I have to endure this. I will definitely endure this!

Nevertheless, the revolving crosswheels revealed the might of ‘infinite’ as it continuously fed upon Divian’s soul power and added it to its revolutions. This was the most fatal, frightening aspect of the weapon. This was precisely those weapons akin to a grim reaper that Laforgue created after losing everything. They would not be diverted, nor shifted due to the will of anyone. No one could block them!


Rays of light erupted as the crosswheels and Divian Seer both disappeared. A terrifying whirlwind arose from the slashes of that revolution! 

Within this battleground, the only one left standing was All-Mouthy King. The only thing he left for his opponent was despair.

Even if his opponent were Divian Seer.

All-Mouthy King, victory!

Time stopped at that moment as everyone looked stupefied and flabbergasted. They were completely unable to regain their clarity of mind after watching the scene that had unfolded before their very eyes. That Dragon Crystal Armor, touted as having possessed the strongest defense, was actually slashed apart?

Could it be that the strongest, limitless divine combat technique, the Laforgue Infinite Revolutions Slash, had been revived!?

“Is he actually an Almighty King?” someone muttered out loud.

Mere moments later, the entire world erupted into a boiling hot pot of voices. They all wanted to welcome the birth of a new legend. The skies continued to shake above the cities with the name of this Almighty King!

Ma Dong completely ignored the boiling passion erupting around him. His mind was still filled with that large, blank space all the way until the training room door opened and Wang Zhong walked out. His soul seemed to have returned to its rightful place at that moment.

Yes, he’d won!

As long as one lives, there will be miracles!

Ma Dong did a flying lunge at Wang Zhong, pouncing straight for him. Student Wang gawked slightly, but his reaction speed was nonetheless lightning quick. Ma Dong ended up crashing straight into a wall.

“From the way you’re jumping and bouncing around, you should be revived, right!?”

Ma Dong’s face showed a wronged expression as he crawled up. “How could you do this to me? You can’t even console my wounded heart.”

Wang Zhong watched Ma Dong ramble in such a manner and felt relieved for his brother. “Looks like you’ve already recovered your fighting spirit.”

“Haha! Even if I become the poorest person out there, I just need to beg! If I’m not dead, then I’ll reach for the skies all the way until the end! Since someone can climb over Divian, what’s a mere Assassin!?” Ma Dong roared with laughter. Even so, the rims of his eyes still turned a bit damp. “I’m becoming a fucking moron recently. Thinking back at it, it’s too damn fucking funny! Let’s go and grab a few cartons of beer and drink till we’re stupid!” “还喝?”

“You still wanna continue drinking?”

“We have to drink today!” Esteemed President Ma had recovered several points of that elegance he usually displayed when he gave orders and called down judgement within the Prodigy Society. “The richest person in the future is going to become really busy. I’m giving you face by drinking with you now. You should properly treasure it!”

With arms hanging around each other’s shoulder, the two brothers went off to get their drinks. As this was happening, the over several hundred-thousand people in the discussion forums and skylink were about to go batshit insane.

Divian Seer, successor to one of the Ten Great Clans in the Federation, a younger generation Goddess of War, wielder of the Seer Clan’s Dragon Crystal Armour, an observational target for the sanctuary division… and a terrifying queen that caused people to dream about her to no avail, had actually lost!?

In the past, All-Mouthy King had defeated Kostan and defeated Laura. This was already enough for people to go chasing after his fame as he was like a poor person who worked hard to reverse his plight and even became a temporary king. He was someone to be worshipped and a person to fantasize about. They could even replace him with themselves in their dreams. But to defeat Divian…

This meant he had completely broken the rules and rebelled against the dynasty!

Everyone roared and howled with excitement. Discussions were raised in high spirits. Combat was an affair between two people, but what happened afterward was enjoyed by the masses.

If this had been the past, then analysis videos from various specialists would have piled up into the skies. Today, however, not a won appeared even until much later.

Currently, he was undeniably an Almighty King!

Currently, in Tianjing Academy, everyone was shouting hysterically. Why did they need to remain silent? Why couldn’t they give orientation to their thoughts? Why did people not dare to believe? He could win, he could create miracles. Even when everyone else had given up, he still chose to fight on!

Miracles would always be born!

In the first place, this involved a person at the level of an observational target for the sanctuary division, Divian. If one wanted to do an analysis video, then even if one ignored their own strength, one’s scope of vision should also be of a high enough level. But in front of Divian, who would have the nerve to say their vision was higher than her’s? When speaking about a person at that level, one would have to take responsibility for their own words.

Naturally, however, the greatest reason was that people were indeed unable to decide on where to start their analysis of the fight.

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