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Chapter 98 - Beautiful Sweetheart Arrives

Edited by RED

Cai Wubo’s attention was immediately jolted, asking in pleasant surprise, “Xiaoxiao, tell this father, quickly, who is he?”

Cai Xiaoxiao hesitated for a moment and said plainly, “Last night, the two who ambushed me were obviously trying to abduct me. When I woke up in a daze, although I only saw his face in blurred vision, I had a deep impression of him. He was probably the Uncle Beggar I met twice. I recognize the scent on him.”

“Uncle Beggar? Met twice? You mean it was the beggar you and Huang Xiao were arguing about?” Cai Wubo asked in disbelief.

“Hmm. It was probably him. However, I couldn’t tell what his cultivation level was. The first time I met him was when we went hunting outside the city, Qin Fengshu accidentally shot him with an arrow and I healed him. This time, it was Huang Xiao  taking advantage of his position, getting his underlings to beat him up. If he truly is a cultivation expert, he shouldn’t have quietly endured it. However, I recognize the scent of that person; it should be him,” Cai Xiaoxiao explained with doubt.

“Hmm, Xiaoxiao, this father understands. You mustn’t tell anyone else about this. Rest well,” Cai Wubo said.

Cai Xiaoxiao nodded obediently and closed her eyes. She still felt her head aching. Once she shut her eyes, visions of the events that happened last night came to her mind and she felt afraid. However, she thought of that strange Uncle Beggar as well, and doubts grew in her heart. Was that really him?

Cai Wubo came out of his daughter’s room and gently closed the doors. A grave expression returned to his face. He sighed and muttered, “A mysterious beggar? Interesting. Ai, looks like the capital will lose its peaceful state once more.”


In the Huang Clan mansion of Capital City, Huang Xiao was kneeling before his father, the Patriarch Huang Sihu, being reprimanded.

“You defiant child! Speak, that matter with the Cai Clan’s girl, did you get people to do it?!” Huang Sihu asked furiously.

“Father, I already said that it wasn’t me. If it was, she wouldn’t be safe and sound right now,” Huang Xiao denied, feeling wrong as he touched his red cheeks. He had just been slapped repeatedly by his father.

“It wasn’t you? Didn’t you have a conflict with that Cai Clan’s girl on the streets yesterday? With your temper, there’s no way you wouldn’t take revenge. Now, I’m afraid everyone in the capital is thinking that it was caused by you!” Huang Sihu continued.

“Father, I’m not silly enough to do anything to her right after a conflict rises. This matter is really not my doing,” Huang Xiao continued denying it, feeling wronged.

“Hmm? It truly wasn’t you?” Huang Sihu asked in doubt.

“No!” Huang Xiao exclaimed, placing more emphasis on his tone.

Huang Sihu saw the look on his son and immediately felt more sure about it. Although his son acted arrogantly outside and caused many troubles, he definitely wasn’t someone who would deny what he had done.

“Get up,” Huang Sihu said to the kneeling Huang Xiao.

Huang Xiao mumbled something to himself, his hand pressing on his cheek.

“What, you have something to say about me slapping you?” Huang Sihu asked, staring at Huang Xiao.

Huang Xiao hurriedly shook his head when he saw his father acting like that.

Huang Sihu sighed and said, “Xiao’er, it’s not that I’m afraid of that Cai Wubo, but that the Sire1 is preparing to open up Mt Fengwen to the south of the city. Many first-rate schools have already sent their men secretly into the capital, so it’s better for us to be careful when doing anything. Especially you, keep your temper in check and don’t cause trouble outside.”

“Mt Fengwen? The one said in legends about many treasures sealed within, and where a Saint realm expert’s life ended?” Huang Xiao asked in surprise.

“That’s right. The current ruler has yet to open Mt Fengwen since he took office. Now, word is being spread suddenly about his intention to open the area. There’s no way we will miss this rare opportunity,” Huang Sihu said.

“What about the Undying School?” Huang Xiao asked, checking.

“The sect has already sent people this way, but they don’t plan on cooperating with our Huang Clan this time,” Huang Sihu answered.

“Then, Father, what are the requirements for entering Mt Fengwen?” Huang Xiao inquired.

“There are many strict conditions to enter Mt Fengwen. They must be young and talented, rising above others and distinguish themselves as one of the ten finalists in the Fengwen Examinations conducted by the Sire. Therefore, you must put in some work in your academia in the upcoming days. Otherwise, I won’t be able to help you when the time comes,” Huang Sihu explained sternly.

“Ah, academia? This…” Huang Xiao said, feeling troubled.

“Do your best. Don’t leave the house in the near future. That’ll save you from causing any trouble as well,” Huang Sihu said, looking at Huang Xiao.


On the busy streets of the Capital City, Xu Qi was still in his ugly beggar disguise, sitting by the roadside with his head lowered. He was continuing his life as a beggar, a broken bowl placed in front of him.

Before making his way to the Capital City, Xu Qi had thought of countless disguises, but none felt right to him, except the idea of disguising himself as a dirty beggar. Why was that so? Because Xu Qi felt that only by disguising himself as a beggar could he observe everything in the dark without being restrained, seeing what he wished to.

Clink clink, several mid-grade gemstones fell into Xu Qi’s broken bowl.

Xu Qi subconsciously raised his head slowly and saw a girl dressed in white, her appearance covered with a white veil looking at him, her eyes fogged up in tears.

Xu Qi smiled at the sight of her. He lifted his broken bowl and said, his with hoarse voice, “Miss, please give a little more.”

This white-clothed girl slowly squatted and looked at Xu Qi, his hair messy. She whispered something strange and got up to leave.

“Eastern part of the city, Menxing Tavern.”

Xu Qi held his broken bowl up and looked at the pieces of mid-grade gemstones in it. He slowly picked them up, putting them into the pocket2 by his chest and placed the bowl back down, his head lowered.


At night, in Menxing Tavern in the eastern part of the Capital City, the white-clothed girl who gave alms to Xu Qi during the day sat blankly in her room.

Suddenly, the window opposite her opened abruptly, a silhouette flashed into the room and immediately closed the window.

The silhouette directly pounced toward the white-clothed lady sitting down, while the latter looked at the silhouette, unmoving. Her eyes were in fact showing some anticipation.

“Little Sister, why are you here? You missed me so quickly?” The silhouette didn’t jump onto the white-clothed girl. Instead, he turned and sat down next to her and spoke.

“Little Brother, can you not disguise yourself as such? It really irks me to look at that,” the white-clothed girl looked at the dirty beggar before her, the corner of her lips curved, mumbling.

The dirty beggar sitting next to her was of course our great Young Master Xu, and the one Xu Qi addressed as “Little Sister” can only be Mo Dingtian’s daughter, Mo Ling.

Xu Qi smiled and said, “Why did you come here? Who did you come here with?”

Mo Ling gently took off the veil covering her face, revealing her unparalleled beautiful appearance. She feigned anger and said, “You’re interrogating me the moment we meet? To think I snuck out to look for you. Hmph, I don’t care about you anymore.”

“No, please, Little Sister. I was only curious as to why you would suddenly appear here, enticing a beggar into your room in the middle of the night. Could it be that you want to…” Xu Qi used his killer tactic again. From young, everytime Mo Ling gets angry, Xu Qi would act like a rogue and she’ll be fine again.

As expected, Mo Ling immediately stopped saying anything when she heard what Xu Qi said, only looking at him, her eyes full of affection.

“Be good, come, let this Little Brother hug you. Let’s see if you’ve grown,” Xu Qi grinned, extending his arms to hug her.

Mo Ling naturally wouldn’t let him get his way. She slid away and easily dodged his advance. Then, she said to Xu Qi, who still had his arms out, “Can’t you be a little more serious?”

Xu Qi retracted his arms awkwardly and rubbed his nose in embarrassment, saying, “Say, what did you come to the capital for? I don’t believe your father would let you out secretly.”

Mo Ling slowly came back to Xu Qi’s side and sat down, tilting her head to rest on his dirty clothes, her face happy, and said, “I can’t hide any secrets from you; there was news from the Mo Clan, saying that the ruler of Mirrorlink is about to open Mt Fengwen. Anyone in the younger generation is allowed to enter the examination, and the final ten candidates will be granted permission to enter Mt Fengwen. There are many in our clan that are stronger than me in terms of cultivation, but they aren’t well-versed on the academia side. As such, I was sent here to join in the examination as a representative from our clan.”

“Oh? Mt Fengwen?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled.

“According to the legends, Mt Fengwen is the location where a Saint realm expert’s life ended. There are many treasures in there, but a mysterious seal was put in place after his death, and only the ruler of Mirrorlink can open it. Each generation of the nation’s ruler can only open it once, and now the Sire suddenly spread word that he is intending to open it. It was a great surprise,” Mo Ling explained in detail.

Xu Qi nodded silently. Actually, before he made this trip to Capital City, Qian Yin had told him about the news of the Sire intending to open Mt Fengwen, but it wasn’t confirmed then. That was why he didn’t put it to heart. After all, there were many treasures in his possession. He didn’t really care about those.

Now that Mo Ling had come personally to the capital and told him this news, Xu Qi had confirmed the accuracy of this piece of information.

“Then what amazing treasures are in Mt Fengwen?” Xu Qi asked plainly.

“The specifics of the treasures are unknown. Everyone that enters is qualified to pick one treasure, but whether they are able to bring it out would depend on their own capabilities. It was rumored that after that Saint realm expert died, his three powerful familiars were left on the mountain, guarding his grave,” Mo Ling said.

“Three powerful familiars? Interesting,” Xu Qi mumbled.

“Alright. I know what you’re thinking, but drop that thought. The familiars of a Saint realm expert aren’t something we can tame by ourselves,” Mo Ling discouraged him. She extended her graceful fist, lighting punching Xu Qi.

“How does one get the qualifications to enter Mt Fengwen?” Xu Qi continued asking.

“It’s still unclear. We’ll need to wait for the Sire to give out more information, but it will probably be related to the field of academia,” Mo Ling smiled.

“Academia? That’s right in this Young Master’s alley. Be it poetry, songs, musical instruments or calligraphy, I’m well-versed in all,” Xu Qi said confidently.

“You? Your strong points? I haven’t seen you read a book in the years we’ve been together!” Mo Ling chuckled.

Hearing this, Xu Qi slowly stood up and tidied his hair. He made a pose which, in his own opinion, was suave and deep and said, “A prodigy from the heavens like me doesn’t need to read any book. Just wait and watch my brilliant performance.”

TL Note:

1: Ruler of the Nation of Mirrorlink.

2: Inner pocket. There are no pockets on the outer side of their garments in olden Chinese settings.

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