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Chapter 97 - Ambushed

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A graceful purple silhouette landed next to Xu Qi. Yellow energy emitted from her palm, and she struck the people beating up Xu Qi, sending them flying away.

“Cai Xiaoxiao, don’t overstep your boundaries!” Huang Xiao shouted furiously when he saw who it was.

The identity of the purple silhouette was, of course, the person who applied first aid to Xu Qi in the forest previously, Cai Xiaoxiao. She ignored Huang Xiao’s warning and extended her fair arms, gently helping Xu Qi up, who wrapped his hands around his head, lying on the ground.

Xu Qi slowly stood up showing a pained look and thanked Cai Xiaoxiao with a hoarse voice, “Many thanks.”

She nodded slightly, then turned to look at Huang Xiao, her eyes seemingly abaze and said, “Huang Xiao, can’t you do something else other than spending your days bullying the old and weak!?”

“Cai Xiaoxiao, me seeking fun to pass the time is none of your business. You healed him in the forest previously, and now you’re offending me for his sake. Could it be that you’re in love with this damn beggar and want him to marry into your Cai family? Haha!” Huang Xiao ridiculed.

Cai Xiaoxiao’s face turned bright red immediately at hearing this, and she looked at Huang Xiao. She was so angry that she couldn’t say anything in rebuke, stammering her words. She turned to look at the beggar, whose hair was all messy and said gently, “Uncle, it’s better for you to leave the capital. Huang Xiao is a despicable and narrow-minded man. He will definitely remember this dispute.”

Xu Qi smiled coldly in his heart. Looking for trouble with me? This daddy couldn’t be any happier! However, he still nodded timidly on the outside.

Seeing Cai Xiaoxiao remained by the beggar’s side and was not willing to leave, Huang Xiao confirmed to himself that she was not going to give him face for the sake of this beggar. As such, he tactfully brought his bunch of lackeys and left, swaggering.

Cai Xiaoxiao sighed in relief upon seeing that Huang Xiao had turned to leave. She said to Xu Qi, “Uncle, quickly leave this place. I may be able to help you now, but who knows if you’ll be safe the next time.”

Xu Qi cupped his fists toward Cai Xiaoxiao and turned to leave as well.

On the third story of Qi Kai Restaurant, a window was opened. Their boss Xu Chen had been watching the spectacle on the street, his fists clenched tight, emitting blue light. He mumbled to himself, “Huang Xiao, if it wasn’t for Young Master prohibiting me from taking actions, I would have made sure you wouldn’t live past tonight!”

Cai Xiaoxiao watched as the beggar left, her feelings jittery in her heart, and left in the same direction as Xu Qi.

In the corner, a black-clothed youth watched Cai Xiaoxiao made her exit, showing a cold smile and said to someone behind, “Make sure nothing goes wrong in tonight’s matter.”

The other person answered “Yes!” respectfully, then quickly left.

This black-clothed youth was none other than the one Xu Qi had a brief encounter with in the forest outside the Capital City. His name was Fan Yilun, from one of the four top clans of the city and was the son of the Fan Clan’s patriarch.


In the Capital City, the streets bustled with people even at night. Cai Xiaoxiao and a youth in plain green clothes were walking along the streets.

“Sister Cai, why do I feel you’re a little restless today?” the plain green-clothed youth asked.

“Qin Fengshu, I saw that beggar uncle again today,” Cai Xiaoxiao immediately answered.

This youth in plain green clothes was the one who accidentally shot Xu Qi with an arrow in the forest. His name was Qin Fengshu. The Qin Clan and the Cai Clan were great friends, thus Cai Xiaoxiao and Qin Fengshu were very close as well.

“Oh? Where did you see him?” Qin Fengshu asked, surprised.

“When I was on the way to your place earlier, I witnessed him being bullied by Huang Xiao. I couldn’t take it, and took actions to save him. That Huang Xiao is really a scoundrel; it was so infuriating,” Cai Xiaoxiao pouted.

“Ai, Sister Cai, it’s not that I want to reprimand you; that beggar uncle may be pitiful, but offending that bastard Huang Xiao for his sake is really not worth it. Everyone knows Huang Xiao is narrow-minded and will take revenge for any matter. You have to be careful whenever you leave your house in the future,” Qin Fengshu warned cautiously.

“Hmph, I’m not afraid of him. I don’t believe he dares to do anything to me in Capital City,” Cai Xiaoxiao said in a huff.

“Oh, you. Everything else about you is nice, but you always do as you like, not listening to others. You’ll suffer sooner or later. Anyway, just be more careful,” Qin Fengshu said helplessly.

Qin Fengshu only felt family love toward this Sister Cai he grew up with and nothing else. When Cai Xiaoxiao showed her temper, she wouldn’t show face even to him. As such, he didn’t dare to say too much.

“Have you had enough fun? If you did, I’ll send you home now, it’s getting late. I don’t want Uncle Cai and others to worry,” Qin Fengshu said as he looked up at the night sky.

“No, I haven’t. I still want to stroll the streets. You can go first if you’re busy,” Cai Xiaoxiao replied.

“Okay then. That bastard Huang Xiao invited me for drinks, saying that he had something to discuss. I won’t be accompanying you then, I estimate he’s been waiting for a while. I should be able to make it in time if I cut through the small roads. You be careful,” Qin Fengshu said, smiling, then entered an alley with the two attendants with him.

Upon hearing Qin Fengshu was actually going to drink with Huang Xiao, Cai Xiaoxiao stamped her feet angrily on the ground a few times.

“Who is it! Ah, ah!,” Cai Xiaoxiao suddenly heard Qin Fengshu’s voice coming from the alley as she was about to leave. Her face immediately sank, and she rushed over.

In the dark alley, Cai Xiaoxiao saw a green-clothed person on the ground and hurriedly went over and shook the body, saying, “Qin Fengshu, what happened? What happened to you?”

Suddenly, Cai Xiaoxiao felt something pressing on her back, and the green-clothed person on the ground struck her, grabbing her neck. The person’s hand was emitting yellow energy.

“You’re not Qin Fengshu!” Cai Xiaoxiao immediately shouted when she saw that person’s appearance.

“Miss Cai, I hope you can do as we say, or I won’t be able to guarantee what I’ll do!” the green-clothed person threatened coldly, exerting more force in his hand that was grabbing her neck.

Cai Xiaoxiao was still hoping for her two attendants with to save her, but she couldn’t see that they were already lying on the ground behind her.

“Say it; what are you going to do?” Cai Xiaoxiao said plainly.

“Miss Cai, you’re asking a little too much,” the one holding a longsword against her back said.

Then, he straightened his other arm into a sword and chopped down on the back of Cai Xiaoxiao’s head, knocking her out instantly.

“Let’s go, quickly bring her out of the city. There might be unknown variables if we delay,” the black-clothed man with a longsword in his hand said to the green-clothed man.

Hearing this, he immediately nodded and extended his arm to carry the unconscious Cai Xiaoxiao.

“It truly is the best time to commit evil on a dark night like this, but you picked the wrong place,” a hoarse voice suddenly rang out in this dark alley.

“Who is it!?” the black-clothed man and the green-clothed man about to pick up Cai Xiaoxiao roared simultaneously.

“Your murderer!” the voice in the corner rang once more, and blue energy immediately appeared.

“Spirit realm expert! It’s too much for us; retreat!” the black-clothed man with longsword immediately shouted at the sight of the blue energy.

Yellow light immediately shone from the green-clothed man’s body upon hearing this, and he flew off, but the silhouette emitting blue energy was fast enough to block off his escape.

As for the black-clothed man holding a longsword, he didn’t attempt to make an escape. He looked at Cai Xiaoxiao, who lay on the ground, and a cold smile formed on his lips as he raised his longsword and thrust down.

Puu, a penetrating sound was heard before the black-clad man’s longsword could reach its target.

He looked at his chest in shock, surprised to find a strange green sword stabbed through his heart.

Behind him, the man in green emitting yellow energy fell from the skies, crashing onto the ground.

The longsword the black-clothed man was holding slipped from his grip, falling to the ground. He looked at the silhouette walking toward him, his heart unwilling to acknowledge his death. He forcefully endured the pain and asked with difficulty, “Who exactly are you?!”

The silhouette slowly came directly before the black-clad man, reaching for the sword stabbed into the latter’s chest and pulling it out. Then, the silhouette picked up Cai Xiaoxiao off the ground and disappeared into the night.

The black-clad man stared wide-eyed as blood kept flowing out of his mouth, mumbling, “It was actually him!” and dropped to the ground, dead.

Despite Cai Xiaoxiao being not fully conscious, she felt that she was being carried by someone, speeding ahead. In her blurry vision she saw a head before her, his appearance half covered by his messy hair and lost consciousness.

In Capital City, Cai Clan’s mansion, a blurry silhouette landed in their courtyard, gently laid a purple-clothed girl on the ground and quickly disappeared. During the whole process, no one in the well-guarded Cai mansion noticed that someone had trespassed their land.


The next day, the Cai Clan Patriarch Cai Wubo sat by the bed in a strictly guarded room. His face showed a grave expression as he watched his precious daughter laying unconscious on the bed. The three men to the side stood with their heads lowered, their bodies trembling.

“Humph! You three useless trash, I got you to protect the Young Miss in secret, and what did you do?! The two by the Young Miss’ side died mysteriously, and the Young Miss is in a coma! How do you explain this!?” Cai Wubo yelled furiously at the three, his face red with anger.

“Patriarch, when the Young Miss was returning from the Qin mansion, she instructed us not to follow her, saying that she was going to walk around with the Qin Clan’s Young Master. You know of the Young Miss’ temper. We could only wait for her at the intersection ahead. Who would’ve thought…” one of them explained fearfully.

“Alright, enough! You three go receive your punishments. If there’s a repeat of such things happening, you can forget about coming back!” Cai Wubo roared.

The three felt as if they were granted an amnesty, and quickly turned to leave.

“Wait. Let me ask you; who did Miss came into contact with yesterday?” Cai Wubo suddenly asked.

“Came into contact with? Right, Patriarch, the Young Miss stepped forth to save a beggar when she saw him being bullied by Huang Xiao on the streets yesterday,” one of them hurriedly answered.

“Alright. I got it. Go on,” Cai Wubo waved his hand.

Murderous intent seeped out from Cai Wubo’s eyes when the three had left, mumbling, “Huang Xiao? Huang Sihu, don’t blame me if you’re really that eager to lay your hands on our Cai Clan.”

“Ah, my head hurts!” a gentle voice was suddenly heard.

“Oh, Xiaoxiao, you’re awake! How are you feeling? Are you okay?” Cai Wubo’s voice immediately turned warm once he saw his precious daughter had awoken.

“Father, why am I in my room? How did I come back?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked in confusion when she realized that she was in her own room, her father sitting by her side.

Ai, it’s all this father’s fault for not being thorough enough in his considerations. The guards found you lying on the ground last night. Can you tell this father exactly what happened last night?” Cai Wubo asked.

When Cai Xiaoxiao heard that she appeared in the courtyard out of the blue, her brow furrowed, recalling the blurry silhouette carrying her .

“Father, the situation last night was like this…” Cai Xiaoxiao looked at Cai Wubo and slowly recounted the events that had happened last night.

Cai Wubo looked at Cai Xiaoxiao and said, “From your description, we can most likely deduce that it was a mysterious expert who took action to save you, then left you in our mansion and left quietly.”

“But who could it be?” Cai Wubo said, puzzled.

“Daddy, I think I know who it was,” Cai Xiaoxiao suddenly said.

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