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Chapter 95 - Strange Beggar

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“Thank you, Young Master,” Qian Yin said to Xu Qi, her voice slightly trembling. Her vision was fogged by tears, but she managed to keep them from falling. She knew her Young Master didn’t like others to cry.

“The thing I just gave you, it is named the Five Elements Wings. Do you know how to use it?” Xu Qi asked.

“I’m not that stupid, Young Master. You don’t have to teach me,” Qian Yin replied gently.

“Hmm, alright. Then slowly figure it out on your own,” Xu Qi said.

He looked at Qian Yin, who no longer kept their conversation going, and continued, “How is the investigation on your family matter this few years going?”

Hearing this, a cold glint flashed in Qian Yin’s gentle eyes. She said plainly, “It was probably our Qian family’s arch-enemy from before, the Huang Clan, who instigated it. And the one who did the dirty work, the black-clothed man from Undying School, is probably their Second Elder, Bu Wangqi. He was close with the Huang Clan in the recent years.”

“Bu Wangqi? Hmm. Send a notice to Qian Yun; get her to come back. I’ll settle the matter on that side. I need you both to take charge here in Rivulet City,” Xu Qi suddenly changed the topic, no longer discussing that matter. He was afraid of bringing up her sad memories.

“Also, pass these two daggers to Qian Yun. Otherwise, she would be peeved when she sees the daggers you own. Her short temper is not something I can endure if she snaps,” Xu Qi chuckled as another two daggers appeared in his hand, passing them to Qian Yin.

“Young Master, can you not go to the capital?” Qian Yin  asked gently as she took the daggers, looking at him.

“Oh? Why?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled.

“I don’t know why, but I feel that something’s not quite right at the capital. There are too many things that don’t match. I’m afraid…” Qian Yin said hesitantly.

“Alright, it’s fine. It’s not like you don’t understand this Young Master. Those who can kill me are not born into this world yet,” Xu Qi said confidently.

“Though, Qian Yin, speaking of this, I have to remind you. No matter what you hear in the future, as long as you don’t see my corpse, remember that your young master is still alive. You must watch over these guys, and protect our Xu Clan. Understand? Xu Qi instructed.

“Young Master, why are you saying such inauspicious words,” Qian Yin pouted when she heard this.

“Haha, just wait. Watch this young master shine on this trip to the capital. Your Young Master, I, is someone proficient in both the pen and the sword. When the time comes, I’ll bring another eight or ten naive girls back; that’ll be the best,” Xu Qi returned to his roguelike ways.

Qian Yin only smiled, without saying anything. She sat quietly by Xu Qi’s side, watching him.


That night, Xu Qi made a trip back to Xu Clan and had a secret meeting with the Chief Housekeeper, Xu Pingfan, instructing him on some matters. As for what was being discussed between the two, only heaven knew.

When Xu Qi returned to Mo Dingtian’s place, the latter had a feast prepared, awaiting Xu Qi’s return. Xu Qi gave him a smile and sat down, accompanying Mo Dingtian for drinks.

On this night, Mo Dingtian got himself very drunk. It was always him talking, and Xu Qi listening. The two were in a unique relationship, and drank to their heart's’ content. In the end, Mo Dingtian laid down and mumbled incoherently, “Young Master Xu, I let you down.”

Xu Qi didn’t say anything in response. He only smiled, thinking this was Mo Dingtian’s drunken words.

Outside the door, there was a white silhouette standing there all the time. The two men drank for the whole night while she just stood there for the duration. In the end, the sound of water dripping could be heard.

The next day, before dawn, Xu Qi quietly left the place, and left Rivulet City. He sped off in the direction south of the city.

The capital was located in the center of Mirrorlink, while the tiny Rivulet City was in the northmost area. The distance between the two cities weren’t very far apart. If Xu Qi were to rush in his journey, he would need about five days’ time to reach.


A few days later, in a forest not far away from the capital, a beggar in tattered clothing, his hair very messy, was approaching the city from the direction of Rivulet City holding a stick and a broken bowl.

Suddenly, a wooden arrow enveloped in yellow energy came flying from behind. When the arrow was about to penetrate the beggar, he turned sideway, seemingly unintentionally. As such, the arrow that was supposed to land on his back hit his arm instead.

“Ah, ahhh,” the beggar fell to the ground, rolling about after he was shot in the arm, his face expressing extreme pain.

At this moment, sonic booms were heard. A group of four wielding bows landed by the beggar's side.

“Hey, Brother Qin, your shot is a little overboard. He's not wild game. Though, it wouldn't be half bad to call him one,” a young man in yellow clothes ridiculed, watching the beggar writhe in pain, rolling about.

“Huang Xiao! Watch your tone! It's true that I shot him by accident, but beggars are human too. Don't go around criticizing with your great young masterly ways!” a man in plain green clothes next to him said furiously.

“Shut up!” the purple-clothed girl among them shouted angrily.

She quickly went to the beggar, who was still rolling in pain. She extended her hands and gently patted him, saying “Uncle, are you okay? Let me heal your injuries.”

When the beggar heard her voice, he stopped rolling around and yelling in pain. He slowly turned around.

“Ah! Ghost!” the girl shrieked uncontrollably when she saw the beggar’s appearance.

“Haha, Sister Cai, where do you find ghosts in broad daylight? This guy is only ugly; do you still intend on saving him?” the yellow-clothed man saw the beggar’s appearance and mocked.

The purple-clothed girl’s beautiful face instantly flushed red and rolled her eyes at the yellow-clothed youth. She mustered her courage and looked at the beggar again.

The beggar was dirty, and had many moles on his face. There was one especially eye-catching mole just below his mouth, with hairs growing on it. The most terrifying feature of him was his pair of cross-eyes. This face was definitely worthy of being called a work of the devil.

The purple-clothed girl forcefully endured the churning in her stomach and said timidly, “Uncle, I’ll pull out the arrow for you and apply a bandage, okay?”

The beggar slowly sat up, his hand pressing onto his other arm shot by arrow. He showed a pained expression and said with a hoarse voice, “Then, thank you, Miss.”

“Hey, Sister Cai, are you really planning on healing this rotten beggar? Aren’t you afraid of insulting your identity? It wouldn’t matter if a beggar like him died. Why waste your time here?” the yellow-clothed man ridiculed her.

“Huang Xiao! Are you done!? Do you think everyone is like you?! Why do you care if I’m willing to heal him!” the purple-clothed girl stood up furiously, pointing at the yellow-clothed man.

“Alright, Sister Cai, don’t get angry. This arrow was shot by me accidentally, after all. Let me help you,” the man in plain green clothes said. He kept his bow and walked toward her.

On the side, the black-clothed man who was silent all this time kept staring at the beggar and mumbled, “Why do I feel uneasy with this beggar? Exactly what is wrong with him?”

“Uncle, please endure it. I’ll be pulling the arrow out now,” the plain green-clothed man said.

“Qin Fengshu, don’t add to the mess. I’ll do it myself. You’ll only trouble me more,” the purple-clothed girl said.

Hearing this, the plain green-clothed man scratched his head in embarrassment, retracting his extended arm that was about to pull out the arrow.

The purple-clothed girl looked at the ugly beggar, emitting yellow energy from her hand. She controlled the energy and laid it on the arrow wound, enveloping the wooden arrow.

The wooden arrow enveloped in yellow energy by the purple-clothed girl swayed gently, slowly pulling itself out of the beggar’s arm. After it was removed, the yellow energy was applied to the wound. During the whole process, not a drop of blood flowed out, nor did the beggar cry out in pain.

The ugly beggar touched the closed wound on his arm. He looked at the purple-clothed girl and asked with his hoarse voice, “Are you a deity?”

The purple-clothed girl was wiping away the sweat on her forehead. She gave a smile when she heard the beggar’s agitated question, lamenting in her heart. Perhaps in the eyes of commoners, cultivators were really existences comparable to the deities.

“Thank you, Sister Cai. You helped resolve the trouble I caused,” the man in plain green clothes smiled.

The purple-clothed girl nodded at him, without saying anything. Instead, she squatted and looked at the beggar, who was still sitting on the ground. She sighed lightly and took out several pieces of mid-grade gemstones, handing it to him.

The beggar’s eyes shone when he saw the mid-grade gemstones she was handing him. He extended his trembling hands, slowly receiving them.

“Wuwu,” tears rolled down the beggar’s cheeks as he looked at the gemstones in his hand, crying from excitement.

Witnessing this scene, the purple-clothed girl felt some grief in her heart. She looked to the man in plain green clothes and said, “Let’s go, we should be returning now. Otherwise, people will worry.”

The green-clothed man nodded and casually handed a few mid-grade gemstones to the beggar and left.

“Miss, please hold your steps. Can you tell me your name?” the beggar suddenly asked.

The purple-clothed girl stopped in her track and turned around. She said, smiling, “My name is Cai Xiaoxiao.”

She sped off immediately after, and the green-clothed man quickly followed behind.

The remaining black-clothed man said to the yellow-clothed man, “Huang Xiao, this Cai Xiaoxiao and Qin Fengshu are very close recently. You should be careful.”

The two exchanged a look and smiled. Then, the two sped off as well. Before going off, the black-clothed man took another look at the crying beggar, whose attention was on the mid-grade gemstones in his hands.

After the four have all left, the beggar suddenly stopped crying. He looked at the mid-grade gemstones and slowly clenched his fists. When he spread his palm, the gemstones were already turned into powder.

The beggar swept off the gemstone powder in his hands and slowly stood up. He faced the capital city’s direction and continued on.

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