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Chapter 94 - Can No Longer Win In A Fight

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Xu Qi naturally didn’t really go through with the kiss with Qian Yin. They moved to a room in the underground institution after saying a few words.

Xu Qi stopped outside the door. Qian Yin watched as her young master rubbed on his face in front of her and immediately understood the situation, giggling with her mouth covered.

Soon, Xu Qi gently pushed the door open. Qian Yin acted tactfully and didn’t follow him in. Instead, she went to meddle with some hidden mechanisms and closed the door, standing at the entrance without a word.

At this moment, her face was once again covered with the purple veil. As she said to Xu Qi, only he is allowed to removed her veil, and only he can see her appearance.

After Xu Qi entered the room, he saw a lady dressed in white sitting in meditation on her bed. He smiled and sat on the nearby chair she was facing, without saying a word.

The lady in white seemed to have heard some movements and slowly opened her eyes. What entered her vision was a disgusting person whose face was extremely ugly, complete with a pair of cross-eyes. She immediately shut her eyes.

As this played out, our Xu Clan’s young master immediately felt a little awkward.

However, he wasn’t done with his self-mockery. The white-clothed lady reopened her eyes and said, “Dressed in such elegant clothes, but this face truly brings shame to your identity. Long time no see, Young Master.”

Xu Qi immediately blanked out at hearing this. He hadn’t met this woman once in the past ten years; how did she recognize him in a glance? He even had a high-grade mask on. How strange.

Xu Qi thought for a moment, but he really couldn’t figure it out and asked, “Say, Miss Ke’er, we haven’t met for ten years, and I grown up from a little brat to such a handsome man. How did you manage to recognize me in one glance?”

This lady sitting on her bed was none other than the girl, Di Ke’er, Xu Qi saved in the forest of Mt Burning Cloud, the one who was backstabbed by her fellow disciple Shui Qingyu and almost lost her life.

“Unspeakable, unspeakable. The only thing I didn’t expect was Young Master’s appearance to become like this. What a pity,” Di Ke’er chuckled, shaking her head.

“Don’t play it up. Tell me, quickly. How did you know it was me from a glance?” Xu Qi continued asking. He was really curious about it.

“That’s not like you, Young Master. I shall tell you then. First, I’ve already seen everyone else who can safely enter this room; you’re the only one I haven’t seen. Second, Young Master Xu had a very bad habit since young. A unique one, I would say. I’m afraid there’s not a second person in this world who has such a habit,” Di Ke’er explained.

“A very bad habit? Do I?” Xu Qi looked at himself, but didn’t discover anything.

“Look at what your legs are doing,” Di Ke’er said with a smile, staring at his feet.

Hearing this, Xu Qi looked at his feet subconsciously and immediately came to a realization. His legs were still shaking non-stop.

“You’re really attentive. Did you miss this Young Master during all these years?” Xu Qi asked, his legs still shaking.

“I did, but I never expected you to turn out like this when you grow up. If whichever blind lady ever marries you in the future, she’ll definitely live a good life. In the very least, she won’t have to worry about you having an affair. There are still pros to it,” Di Ke’er teased.

Xu Qi rubbed his nose awkwardly and replied, “Alright, enough teasing. What did you find me for? Speak.”

Di Ke’er wiped her smile off her face and slowly got out of her bed, walking to Xu Qi’s side. She looked at that ugly face that couldn’t get any uglier and said gently, “When you saved my life ten years ago, I said that I would do all sorts of work for you, but you never let me do anything and fed me for ten years. Now, I don’t want to have you provide for me another ten years for naught. Instead, I choose to work for you in return for a few dozens of years. What do you think?”

“No, no, don’t. Don’t speak about doing work for me. This Young Master wouldn’t be able to control himself against pretty ladies like you. Don’t say such things, or I will commit mistakes,” Xu Qi denied, feigning panic.

“What? You dislike it because I don’t have any cultivation? Or is it because I’m ten years older than you? Afraid that I’ll become old and faded?” Di Ke’er continued.

“Miss Ke’er… No, Sister Ke’er, please spare me. You’re so pretty; who would ever be silly enough to give you the cold shoulder? There are tons of good men outside; why must you have your eyes set on an ugly man like me? If you did choose to follow me, I’m afraid that if we slept on the same bed and you wake up in the middle of the night, I would scare you to death,” Xu Qi babbled randomly.

“Ah? What are you thinking, Young Master? I’m talking about doing work for you, not becoming your woman. What thoughts are you having? How could you be like this?” Di Ke’er suddenly stared wide-eyed, looking at Xu Qi in disbelief.

“Fine, you win. You want to do work? This young master shall make your wish come true. I’ll send you to Uncle Mang tomorrow and have you do all kinds of work! See if you’ll die of exhaustion!” Xu Qi said, feigning anger.

However, Di Ke’er’s face suddenly changed into a gentle smile at hearing this. She said with a seductive voice, “Many thanks for Young Master’s support. Should this girl show her gratitude and repay with marriage?”

“Dammit! Fine, I’ll leave! Di Ke’er, you’re really something!” Di Ke’er saw the white silhouette quickly disappear before her eyes. The hidden room’s door opened and her young master was gone after saying a few words, making Di Ke’er not sure whether she should laugh or cry.

Qian Yin, who was outside the door, wasn’t surprised at Xu Qi acting like such. She slowly entered the room and said to Di Ke’er, “Congratulations to Sister Ke’er for becoming one of us.”

Qian Yin immediately turned to leave after saying this and went to look for her young master, who couldn’t take the teasings.

Di Ke’er’s body trembled, a glint of light showing in her eyes. She mumbled, “One of Xu Clan’s now, huh.”

Just as Qian Yin left Di Ke’er’s room, she saw Xu Qi standing in the main hall alone, staring blankly.

He probably heard Qian Yin approaching and started walking. Qian Yin followed behind, and returned to the rear mountain cavern in just a while.

“Qian Yin, how long has it been since we sparred?” Xu Qi turned and asked Qian Yin when they returned to the rear mountain cavern.

“Three years and ten days,” Qian Yin immediately answered.

Xu Qi wasn’t surprised at her answer. He smiled and said, “Shall we spar? This young master will give you two treasures if you win. Okay?”

“I don’t need any treasure. As long as Young Master is happy,” Qian Yin replied.

“Alright, don’t get so mushy. If we go on like this, this Young Master will not be able to control himself and will “execute you” on the spot. Come, let’s begin,” Xu Qi said, his bronze sword already in his hand.

“Pardon my offense, Young Master!” two purple-colored wooden daggers appeared in Qian Yin’s hands, enveloped in a layer of rainbow energy.

Qian Yin made her move the moment she finished her words. A blurry purple silhouette came up, attacking the unmoving Xu Qi.

Seeing this, Xu Qi, too, turned into a blur and and tangled with the purple silhouette in battle. However, it didn’t last for long.

The once unexcelled young prodigy that was Young Master Xu was overpowered by the purple blur, sending him lying on the floor with a kick.

“Are you alright, Young Master?” Qian Yin asked, her purple silhouette landing before him.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Qian Yin, you damn girl, when did you advance into Void realm, why didn’t I know about it? Also, this movement technique of yours, why do I feel that it’s different from what I taught you before?” Xu Qi crawled up, asking as he brushed the dust off him.

“Young Master, I advanced into Void realm over half a year ago, okay? It’s just that you hardly visited; of course you wouldn’t know about it. As for the movement technique, I won’t tell you. It’s my little secret,” Qian Yin complained with a slight tone of resentment. It seemed like she was blaming Xu Qi for his infrequent visits.

“That, wasn’t I held down with some issues? Look, now this young master can’t even beat you. It’s been ten years, and I was stuck in the fourth stage of Spirit realm all this time, without any slight improvement,” Xu Qi said.

“Hmph, you were spending all your time accompanying that girl from Mo Clan. It would be a wonder if your cultivation improved,” Qian Yin rebutted, the resentment in her voice more apparent.

Seeing as the situation was getting out of control, Xu Qi’s eyes darted about and hurriedly made an argument, “Alright, it’s not like you don’t know I was always forging some items for you people. Of course I wouldn’t have much time to train myself. Do you not want the treasure I prepared for you? You’re the only one to get it for now.”

Hearing this, Qian Yin extended her hands to Xu Qi and said, “Give me.”

“Heh, I’m getting sad. Who’s the Young Master between us? Why do I feel like you’re the Young Miss now? It’s not even official yet, and you’re already bullying me like this,” Xu Qi said, taking advantage of her with his words.

However, Qian Yin seemed to have grown immune to this, ignoring him. Her hands remained extended, waiting for Xu Qi’s gift.

“Look; do you need this?” asked Xu Qi. He searched his bronze ring and retrieved two black daggers, fiddling them around in his hand.

Qian Yin looked at the two daggers in Xu Qi’s hands, and saw that as Xu Qi played with them, reflections of light could be seen.

“I want,” Qian Yin quickly answered, her hands reaching for them, snatching.

However, Xu Qi didn’t put up any resistance. The two ancient daggers in his hands were taken by Qian Yin just like that.

“Young Master, are these the godly weapons you always spoke of? Touching it gives me a great sense of security,” Qian Yin said, her hands caressing the daggers.

Xu Qi only smiled, not saying anything. With a flip of his palm, a palm-sized object with two rainbow feathers appeared in his hand. He looked at Qian Yin and said, “Take it and try dripping a drop of blood on it.”

Qian Yin kept her two new daggers when she saw it, then carefully took the strange rainbow feather object. She put a finger in her mouth and lightly bit on it, squeezing a drop of blood and let it fall onto the rainbow feather.

In the instant Qian Yin’s blood fell on the rainbow feather, it melded into her hands. Qian Yin felt something was slowly travelling along her arm and came to her back, then disappeared.

“Young Master, what exactly is this?” Qian Yin asked, confused.

Xu Qi smiled and didn’t an answer, letting out a powerful aura.

Qian Yin looked at Xu Qi in disbelief. She saw a pair of rainbow wings emerge from his back.

Xu Qi smiled, as if craving attention. He operated the rainbow wings and flew around the cavern at high speed, then landed next to Qian Yin and said, “Today is your birthday. It’s my present to you; do you like it?”

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