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Chapter 78 - Breaking Black Tortoise’s Seal

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Mo Dingtian put on a calm facade and kept pouring wine for the Second Elder as they exchanged words, but his heart was thinking about how to prevent the Mo Clan from acting against the Xu.

Perhaps other people wouldn’t give a hoot about the useless young master of Xu Clan, but he knew well that the latter was a monstrous child. The lineup Second Elder brought with him here might look to be incredibly strong, but against Xu Qi, Mo Dingtian felt that it wouldn’t be enough.


At the same time, the Xu Clan’s young master still had no idea about the ongoings on the outside world and was tirelessly trying to complete the Unsealing Black Tortoise pattern.

“Little brat, take a rest if you can’t do it. I’ve been in here for such a long time anyway, it doesn’t matter if I have to wait a little longer,” Black Tortoise said, showing compassion to Xu Qi as it saw his fatigued look.

Xu Qi smiled at Black Tortoise after hearing its words. Rainbow energy continued streaming from his hand as he made another attempt.

Black Tortoise watched this stubborn little brat, a good impression of him forming in its heart. After all, he was working hard for the sake of breaking its seal, even if there was some self-interest in it.

This time around, the rainbow energy in Xu Qi’s hands was very thick. He had failed countless times previously, but he gained some insight into the technique.

Xu Qi looked at the complicated talisman pattern he had to complete in one go on the torn cloth. He took a deep breath, slowly raised his hand and controlled the energy in his hand as he started drawing the pattern.

He didn’t pause for a moment on this attempt, unlike his previous failures. He relied on his memory and the experience of his past attempts to draw it in one go.

In the end, this time a strange, complicated rainbow talisman pattern hovered in the air before Xu Qi, under the surprised gazes of Black Tortoise and the Giantwood Python.

“I’ve finally succeeded,” Xu Qi smiled weakly, his body swaying. He had spent all the energy in him to draw this talisman, without holding anything back. As a result, he was struggling to keep himself standing.

Black Tortoise was still staring at the talisman pattern in surprise and didn’t notice Xu Qi’s condition. The Giantwood Python on the side, however, had noticed the anomaly.

“Big Brother, what happened? Are you feeling unwell?” the python yelled anxiously.

The Black Tortoise, immersed in its happiness, was pulled back to its senses by the Giantwood Python’s voice.

Upon noticing Xu Qi’s tiny swaying figure, Black Tortoise immediately shot out a water mist at Xu Qi, the color a darker shade of blue than before, instantly enveloping him in it.

Xu Qi gave a helpless smile as he felt his strength and energy recovering.

This was because only he himself knew that from the numerous attempts and failures, although Black Tortoise kept using the Revitalizing Jet to recover Xu Qi’s energy, his mental fatigue couldn’t be relieved. The ache of exhaustion was still there.

“Uncle Tortoise, next we’ll have to find the true location of the seal,” Xu Qi said.

“Ah? Isn’t the seal right here?” Black Tortoise was bewildered at hearing his words.

“That Ziyan geezer isn’t silly; there’s no way he would set the seal here. After thinking it through earlier, I’m afraid the seal is there,” Xu Qi said with a smile, pointing his finger above.

Black Tortoise raised its head and asked Xu Qi in shock, “The seal is placed above the lake?”

“Probably. Give it a try and we’ll know; let’s go up,” Xu Qi said as he leaped onto Black Tortoise’s shell with the Unsealing Black Tortoise talisman in hand.

Although Black Tortoise had its doubts, it took this little brat as its only hope. Its gigantic body began ascending to the lake surface without any delay.

As it ascended, the two walls of water gradually collapsed and returned to normal.

Soon, they reached the surface level of the water. Xu Qi directly jumped up to Black Tortoise’s dragon head without asking for its permission.

Black Tortoise naturally understood what this little brat’s purpose for jumping to its head was and wasn’t angry over it. It even stretched out its long neck in an attempt to let its head reach as high as possible.

When Black Tortoise’s dragon head was stretched to its limit, Xu Qi said to it, smiling, “Uncle Tortoise, can you try attacking up there?”

Hearing this, Black Tortoise was startled for a moment, but it still shot out a huge, blue-colored energy sphere, aiming at the ceiling.

The sphere of blue energy only flew to about a man’s height above Xu Qi’s head before a huge golden net appeared in the originally empty space above.

The golden net was filled with mysterious talisman patterns. Xu Qi and Black Tortoise sucked in breaths of cold air on seeing this, in awe over Venerable Ziyan’s great efforts in setting up the seal.

As expected, the blue energy sphere shot out by Black Tortoise was immediately scattered upon contact with the golden net.

During its appearance, Xu Qi saw the center of the golden net, and the huge talisman character there. He immediately came to the conclusion that the heart of the seal must be right there.

Xu Qi stood on Black Tortoise’s head and looked at the rainbow talisman in his hand. He sighed deeply and threw the talisman at the faint golden net, aiming at its center.

A blinding light flashed as the rainbow talisman came into contact with the huge talisman pattern at the golden net’s center, causing the two beasts and one boy to shut their eyes reflexively.

As this happened, Black Tortoise suddenly felt the invisible shackles chained to its claws vanishing.

After a short time, the golden blinding light gradually faded. Xu Qi and Black Tortoise hurriedly looked up. The golden-weaved net had started to break apart.

“Haha, we did it. I felt the invisible chains disappearing, too. You’re pretty good, little brat!” Black Tortoise yelled excitedly.

Xu Qi jumped off Black Tortoise’s head and landed on its shell, next to the Giantwood Python as he giggled without saying anything, looking at Black Tortoise.

“Big Brother, something’s not right. Look at that disgusting fellow; it seems like it’s ramming against the seal at the entrance and is about to succeed,” the python suddenly told Xu Qi.

Xu Qi hurriedly looked to the neglected ominous beast Primal Chaos at the cave entrance. It was moving its enormous body, ramming it against the flashing “forbidden” character. Under its continuous rammings, the character seemed to be dimming in color.

“Little brat, did you notice? While you were removing the seal restricting me, the seal at the entrance became weaker; they seemed to be connected. However, there’s no way that disgusting thing will succeed in escaping; it’s time for me to clear our debts from before!” Black Tortoise said to Xu Qi after noticing the situation on the other side.

Xu Qi nodded at Black Tortoise. After all, he didn’t wish to go for another round with his life on the line with that disgusting thing. With this divine beast making its move, it should be more than enough to deal with Primal Chaos. At the same time, he would like to witness the strength of Black Tortoise.

Black Tortoise carefully shifted forward. Seeing as it wasn’t affected by any seals, it moved a few more times. After confirming the seals restricting it were broken, its enormous body left the water and jumped to the opposite shore.

This made Xu Qi, who was standing on its shell, almost fall over. He immediately cursed at Black Tortoise and even spat a mouth of saliva on its shell.

Rumble…! As Black Tortoise’s huge body landed on the shore, the land immediately began shaking intensely. Primal Chaos, on the other hand, stopped its ramming and slowly turned around.

However, Xu Qi couldn’t see its eyes and couldn’t determine the gaze it showed.

“Disgusting fellow; it’s been so many years! Your daddy is going to settle our debts from that time! Let’s see where you run to!” Black Tortoise roared as Xu Qi and the Giantwood Python hurriedly jumped off its shell.

They didn’t wish to get involved in the battle between the divine and ominous beasts. Observing safely from the side was very much the best choice.

Black Tortoise went up to Primal Chaos and pounced on it, dragging it into battle. Dust clouds were immediately swept up at the cave entrance, and Xu Qi was unable to have a clear view of the two battling.

However, a familiar kong kong was soon heard from over there. It seemed Primal Chaos had suffered a loss.

Xu Qi and the Giantwood Python, who were trying their hardest to observe the battle, suddenly saw an enormous object flying toward them. Astonished, they quickly dodged it.

There was a loud plop as the large object splashed onto the lake’s surface. Xu Qi and the python, who had just moved to dodge the flying object, were both drenched as a result of the spray.

“Haha, awesome! I finally got to give this disgusting thing a good beating,” Black Tortoise’s laughter rang out. It went into a momentary daze before laughing even harder when it saw Xu Qi and the python all soaked, looking back at it with burning gazes.

The huge object thrown into the water was, of course, Primal Chaos. It was slowly swimming away, toward the opposite shore. The water about it was dyed red, the injuries it suffered obviously not light.

“Say, Big Tortoise, are you doing this on purpose?” Xu Qi asked resentfully as he watched Primal Chaos escaping.

Black Tortoise didn’t get angry at hearing that. It continued swaying its dragon head, laughing.

“What did you do to Primal Chaos? It looks to have suffered heavy injuries,” Xu Qi asked.

“Nothing much; they are just some superficial wounds. With its abilities, it should easily recover after several years,” Black Tortoise smiled.

Xu Qi and the Giantwood Python’s faces twitched uncontrollably on hearing Black Tortoise’s words. Recover after several years? Superficial wounds? It truly was a beast, not a human.

However, Xu Qi followed up, “What? From the looks of it, you don’t intend to finish it off; aren’t you afraid of breeding future troubles?”

Black Tortoise wiped the smile off its face and said seriously to Xu Qi, “Little brat, although it is an ominous beast, it was born alongside us from the ancient era. There are reasons to why existences like us are around, not to mention that woman, Lady Nuxi, urged us not to kill one another years ago, and told us that we are a family.”

Xu Qi didn’t say a word; he tried to seriously consider what Black Tortoise just said.

“Big Brother, let’s quickly think of a way to leave,” the Giantwood Python by his side spoke up. It really didn’t wish to remain here any longer.

Xu Qi turned to look at the python and said with an ugly expression, “Little Snakey, I don’t know why, but I’m feeling restless inside. I keep feeling something is about to happen.”

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