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Chapter 79 - Xu Clan Under Attack

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In Rivulet City, the Chief Housekeeper of the Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan, sat in the main hall with a grave expression. Standing next to him was Chen Yong from Godsward Villa, along with three others.

Under normal circumstances, Chen Yong wasn’t supposed to be here. Upon receiving news of the happenings in Rivulet City, he brought three men with him and returned to the Xu Clan after leaving some instructions in the villa, despite Xu Pingfan’s opposition.

None of the news received during these few days was any good, and was discussed by many in secret. Two of the three prominent clans in Rivulet City were massacred; would the next one be the Xu Clan?

“Chen Yong, how long have you been around for?” Xu Pingfan suddenly asked.

“Chief Housekeeper, I’ve been working under you for almost thirty years. I was brought back by you when I was young; I would have starved to death on the streets if it wasn’t for you,” Chen Yong answered respectfully. Truth be told, he had taken Xu Pingfan as his father in his heart. That was why he had always been treated him with much respect.

“You shouldn’t have returned this time around. The villa in the suburb is where Young Master’s foundation lies. He entrusted such an important mission to you, and yet, you did this. He will be disappointed,” Xu Qi sighed and continued.

Chen Yong’s expression immediately turned for the worse at Xu Pingfan’s mentioning of their young master, and said, “Chief Housekeeper, I am indeed at fault here leaving my position. But now rumors are going all around Rivulet City; how am I supposed to not worry? If they remain purely as rumors and nothing happens, I’ll naturally ask for my punishment when Young Master returns. But if…”

“No ifs. I understand your concerns. Quickly bring the three of them back to the villa. There’s me in charge here in the city; it’ll be fine,” Xu Pingfan waved his hand and interrupted.

Chen Yong wanted to continue speaking, but kept quiet after seeing the look on Xu Pingfan’s face.

Xu Pingfan looked at Chen Yong and smiled bitterly, saying, “Chen Yong, I know what you’re trying to say. Young Master had indeed been missing for quite a long while, now, but rest assured. He definitely hasn’t met with any trouble. He told me the previous time we met that he would be in secluded training for a period of time. I think it’s about time for him to return.”

Chen Yong nodded slightly on hearing that.

However, Xu Pingfan might have said that, but only he knew there wasn’t any news of when Xu Qi would return. If only he wouldn’t return after the Xu Clan had been erased; it would truly be too late by then.

At this moment, a loud sound came from the Xu Clan’s entrance, accompanied by screamings.

Xu Pingfan’s face paled. He held on tightly to the longsword in his hand and smiled to Chen Yong, “You and your unlucky mouth; they really came. Though, who knows if we will return alive after we step out this door. Are you sure you want to come with me?”

“Haha, let’s go, Chief Housekeeper. Let me see for myself the people who massacred the Helian and Liang Clans,” Chen Yong said heroically. The three by his side too, started laughing when they heard him.

Xu Pingfan stood up and walked toward the door. Chen Yong’s group of four quickly followed behind, their expressions calm. From their expressions, it didn’t look like trouble had come, but they were going to receive a guest instead.

About a dozen black-clothed men stood outside Xu Clan’s gates. The door was smashed to pieces and five of the Xu Clan’s men were lying dead on the ground.

Xu Pingfan saw the dead men as he arrived. He pointed at the group with the longsword he held and asked, “Who are you people; why did you trespass on our Xu Clan and kill our people?!”

The moment he finished speaking, a black-clothed man stepped forward and said, his voice rough, “You must be the housekeeper of Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan. We brothers’ purpose for coming here is to borrow something from your distinguished clan. We will immediately leave if you could lend it to us.”

Xu Pingfan gave a cold harrumph and said, “We Xu Clan are but commoners now; why would we have something you need? If you would leave our doors right now, I’ll pretend nothing had happened.”

“Haha, who do you think you are, Xu Pingfan? A puny fifth stage Essence Swordsman like you dares to speak such words to us brothers? You don’t know what’s death like. Though, I can’t let you die now; I’ll first need to know where that thing is,” the leader of the group of men laughed, followed by the rest of them.

“Oh, really? I don’t care what you’re here for. I’ll only gift these three words to you: I don’t know!” Xu Pingfan roared.

The black-clothed leader gave a cold humph and signalled for his men to act, without conversing further.

Xu Pingfan kept still as the group rushed at him. He gave a nod to Xu Lei, standing next to Chen Yong, indicating for him to go deal with them.

This was because the moment Xu Pingfan arrived at the gates, he noticed the group’s strength wasn’t high; most of them were only Qi realm cultivators. Even their leader’s cultivation was only at the sixth stage of Qi realm at best.

If the Xu Clan was still at their original strength, they would meet an even worse death than Helian and Liang Clans if they encountered this group of black-clothed men. However, the latter hadn’t realized that they had underestimated Xu Clan’s current strength.

Chen Yong’s group, standing behind Xu Pingfan, were all at least fifth stage Qi realm cultivators after consuming the Green Mystique Fruit. As for Chen Yong, who was fortunate enough to ingest a Celestial Core Pill, he had advanced to the Spirit realm. He didn’t even need to take the trouble of facing against this bunch of people personally.

The black-clothed leader was astonished as he watched the man standing behind Xu Pingfan take on all his men simultaneously, yet he didn’t look to be disadvantaged. The gaze he threw at Xu Pingfan immediately changed.

In a short while, the guardsman Xu Lei easily killed four of the weaker black-clothed men while under the focused attacks of a dozen men.

The black-clothed leader was immediately flustered at seeing this. A pair of daggers appeared in his hands as he rushed at Xu Lei.

Chen Yong, who was observing the battle, gave a cold humph in disdain when he saw the black-clothed leader charging in and quickly intercepted him.

Chen Yong blocked the dagger swinging toward Xu Lei with one hand and struck out with his other hand, sending the black-clothed man flying with a palm-strike under the latter’s astonished gaze.

Then, Chen Yong joined in Xu Lei’s battle. With his reinforcement, the group of black-clothed men quickly fell to the ground. Upon closer inspection, they were all fatally wounded and were no longer breathing.

Chen Yong slowly walked to the black-clothed leader who was sent flying earlier, still emitting a murderous aura.

The invader had yet to recover from the shock of being sent flying when he witnessed the scene of Chen Yong and Xu Lei cutting down his subordinates like vegetables. His brain had short-circuited.

Chen Yong approached step by step as the black-clothed leader pressed on his chest, his other hand dragging him backward. The former arrived before him just as latter’s hand touched the stairs by the gates.

To the black-clothed man’s surprise, Chen Yong squatted down and removed the veil covering the former’s appearance, smiling coldly. “Speak; who sent you here? What do you want from our Xu Clan? Were Helian Clan and Liang Clan done in by you too?”

At this moment, the black-clothed leader no longer had the composure he showed when he first saw Xu Pingfan’s group. Earlier, he thought he could flatten the Xu Clan easily, but unexpectedly, the Xu Clan had casually sent out two people and easily killed the dozen men with him. This was too much a difference from what he had imagined, and he couldn’t accept it as truth.

“I-I-I don’t know,” the black-clothed leader answered, terrified.

“Oh? Since you don’t know, what use is there to keep you alive?” Chen Yong chuckled as he grabbed the black-clothed man’s neck. Chen Yong exerted his strength and snapped the man’s neck easily.

The black-clothed leader could never understand, even at his death. Wasn’t it said that the Xu Clan was bullied by the Helian and Liang Clans? Why would his group be the ones suffering when they came here? What was going on? However, he would never have the chance to learn the answer.

Chen Yong then kicked the black-clothed man’s corpse, sending it flying out of the Xu Clan’s doors to land in the street.

Behind him, Xu Lei copied Chen Yong’s movements and kicked the other eleven corpses out to the street. If commoners were to pass by here, they’d probably be scared to death by what they saw.

Xu Pingfan watched calmly as Chen Yong and Xu Lei cleared the trash out, then said loudly, “You’ve watched enough; stop hiding around since you’re here. Come on out.”

Chen Yong and Xu Lei slowly returned to Xu Pingfan and stood behind him, guarding cautiously from all sides. 

“Hur hur, I didn’t expect the puny Xu Clan to have such an expert overseeing them. What a surprise; you’re much stronger than that so-called strongest clan in Rivulet City, Helian Clan.” Another two silhouettes descended from the sky once they finished their words, similarly dressed in black.

“You people; why do you like wearing black so much? Is it because you’re afraid of people recognizing you while you’re committing evil deeds?” Chen Yong ridiculed when he saw the two’s get-up.

However, the two black-clothed men seemed to not have heard Chen Yong’s mocking. One of them said politely to Xu Pingfan, “Chief Housekeeper Xu, we brothers are only here for an object in Xu Clan’s possession. I believe you’ll gift it to us, right?”

“The Helian Clan was massacred by you two?” Xu Pingfan didn’t answer the black-clothed man’s question, and asked one of his own instead.

“Oh? The Helian Clan didn’t know what was good for them. That was why we brothers acted to teach them a lesson. To our surprise, they went all-out against us and we could do nothing but retaliate in self-defense. They were unexpectedly unable to take a beating and died just like that. You can’t blame us for that,” the black-clothed man chuckled. It was as if there wasn’t any difference between killing people and killing poultry in his eyes.

“The entire Helian Clan, a total of two hundred and thirteen lives; you beasts didn’t leave a single one of them alive!” Xu Pingfan rebutted in rage.

“Don’t be angry, Chief Housekeeper Xu; didn’t it boil down to us brothers helping you? I heard that your Xu Clan wasn’t on good terms with the Helian Clan all along. Isn’t it better now that they’re all dead? Hahaha!,” the black-clothed man continued chuckling.

“You’re beasts, indeed. Although we were business competitors, they were citizens of Rivulet City, after all. Not all of the Helian Clan were scum! I’ll sacrifice you two as offerings for the two hundred and thirteen lives today!” Xu Pingfan roared.

“Haha, Chief Housekeeper Xu, is your brain spoiled? You want us brothers to forfeit our lives here with just you four, a first stage Spirit realm and three fifth stage Qi realm? Aren’t you being too full of yourselves?” the black-clothed man continued ridiculing. It was as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Is that so? Aren’t you two just trashes who only advanced into second stage of the Spirit realm? And you dare to speak like that before me? With just you two? You think you’re qualified to?!” Xu Pingfan roared back.

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