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Chapter 35 - Poisoned

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“Little Brother, Father, what are you doing? Hmm, why is there blood on Uncle Yan’s veil?” a crisp, bell-like sound reached the three’s ears.

Xu Qi hurriedly turned his head when he heard the voice. He saw Mo Ling standing by the door, with her hand covering her mouth and her face puzzled. The next moment, Xu Qi’s murderous qi disappeared without a trace.

“Hehe, Ling’er, your Uncle Yan was healing Young Master Xu, curing his speech impairment. That was how he was injured. It’s fine,” Mo Dingtian’s eyes darted around for a little as he spoke to Mo Ling, smiling.

“Ah, is that true? He cured Little Brother’s muteness?” Mo Ling asked excitedly, then walked towards Xu Qi.

Mo Dingtian smilingly replied, “Ling’er, Young Master Xu is now able to speak. Ask him if you don’t believe me.”

Once Mo Ling heard that Xu Qi was able to speak, her smile brightened even more, and she pulled on Xu Qi’s hand, saying, “Little Brother, can you really talk now? How about saying ‘sister’ for me, please?”

Black lines immediately appeared on Xu Qi’s forehead1. He couldn’t bear to reject the similarly-aged Mo Ling. Since he was already exposed, he might as well.

“Si… Sister” Xu Qi spoke with his mouth closed, sounding like a mosquito.

“Ah, Little Brother. You can really talk now. You’re amazing, Uncle Yan. Little Brother can talk now. Ling’er is so happy,” Mo Ling was so happy she started spinning on the spot.

As for Xu Qi, a strange, warm feeling rose in his heart when he saw Mo Ling looking so happy.

On the other hand, Mo Dingtian saw Xu Qi’s gaze while the latter looked at his daughter. He immediately sighed in relief. From the looks of it, Xu Qi would not make a move against either himself or Mo Yan in the presence of Mo Ling. Furthermore, she, too, knew of Xu Qi being capable of speech. He couldn’t possibly silence her as well.

“Oh, Ling’er. Young Master Xu hasn’t completely healed yet. Daddy and Uncle Yan still have to continue healing him. Why don’t you go rest for now? Also, Ling’er, promise daddy you won’t tell anyone about Young Master Xu being able to talk, okay? Otherwise, people will come for his life,” Mo Dingtian warned Mo Ling seriously and specifically instructed her not to tell anybody about Xu Qi.

After which, she looked at Xu Qi, then nodded seriously, saying, “Father, I won’t let them hurt Little Brother. I will never tell anybody about it. You continue curing Little Brother, then. Ling’er will leave first.”

Then, Mo Ling walked over to Xu Qi and patted his shoulder, speaking in a manner that didn’t fit her age, “Little Brother, you have to listen to Father and Uncle Yan to cure your ailment. Don’t be afraid of pain. I’ll play with you and bring you food tomorrow. Be a good boy, okay?”

More black lines appeared on Xu Qi’s head. However, he saw Mo Ling’s serious expression and didn’t want to be a wet blanket. He just nodded in agreement.

Xu Qi watched as Mo Ling happily skipped out of the room. Then, he turned his head and looked at Mo Dingtian like he was smiling, yet not a smile2, saying, “Boss Mo, you’re eloquent indeed. In the blink of an eye, you’ve turned into my great benefactor.”

Mo Dingtian lost the nervousness from before. He chuckled, “Young Master Xu, I didn’t have a choice but to tell her. I believe you don’t wish to make things difficult for Ling’er. I’m sure a forgiving man such yourself wouldn’t mind it.”

Xu Qi rolled his eyes at Mo Dingtian, then shifted his gaze to Mo Yan and asked, “What’s your name? And what’s your relation to Boss Mo?”

Mo Yan showed no change in expression at Xu Qi’s questioning. He closed his eyes and ignored Xu Qi.

Mo Dingtian saw what had just happened and thought Xu Qi resented Mo Yan for striking him earlier. He hurriedly explained, “Young Master Xu, he is a guard sent by my Clan to protect me. His name is Mo Yan, a good brother of mine. It wasn’t his intention to hurt you earlier. Please forgive him.”

“Mo Yan? Right. We’ve met a few times and can be considered friends in spirit. Nice to meet you,” Xu Qi said with a smile.

Mo Yan opened his eyes at Xu Qi’s words and said slowly, “The first night I was in Rivulet City, I felt someone with a powerful strength near me. However, I couldn’t find anything when I approached. Was that you?”

“That’s right. It was me. I was out taking care of some matters that night and discovered you accidentally. I hid and saw you from the darkness, while you didn’t discover me. On top of that, I also saw you the day before, when you went to my Xu Clan and wandered around for some time. You thought this young master wasn’t aware of it?” Xu Qi thought for a moment and simply told him everything.

A smile showed on Mo Yan’s face as Xu Qi spoke, then he said, “Young Master Xu, to have such schemes and strength at such a young age, I, Mo Yan, am impressed! You made me your messenger. Such a wise move. I’d have to accept my fate even if I were to die by your hands today. Though, I would plead for you to let our Young Lord free.”

Young Lord? He actually addressed Mo Dingtian as ‘Young Lord?’ It seems like his identity isn’t simple, indeed, Xu Qi felt inwardly surprised when he heard Mo Yan addressing Mo Dingtian as ‘Young Lord.’

Xu Qi shook his head, then looked at Mo Yan. Suddenly, he noticed a faint black line on the forehead of Mo Yan. Thus, he said, “If I wanted to kill the both of you, would I still be engaging you two in a conversation? Let me ask you something, Mo Yan. As a Spirit realm Swordsman, how were you shocked into injury by me so easily? I’m clear of my own strength, after all. I wouldn’t have injured you so easily. What happened?”

Mo Dingtian, too, looked at Mo Yan in doubt when he heard Xu Qi’s question. He was intrigued by this problem as well.

Mo Yan looked at Mo Dingtian, then smiled bitterly and told Xu Qi, “I don’t know why, but when I operated my cultivation method tonight, I felt the qi in me was unstable. Not only that, I felt dizzy as well. That was why I was accidentally injured by you so easily.”

Mo Dingtian grew a little angry when he heard that, and said, “Brother Yan, why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well? Do you not see me as your elder brother?”

Mo Yan saw the look of anger on Mo Dingtian’s face. He shook his head, and said weakly, “It’s not what you thought it was, Young Lord.”

Xu Qi saw Mo Yan’s face getting paler by the second, and interrupted, “Boss Mo, I’m sure he wasn’t sure of the matter with his condition, either. Though, it looks like he’s poisoned, to me.”

“Poisoned?” Mo Yan’s brows furrowed at Xu Qi’s words, seemingly thinking of something.

“Young Master Xu, you’re saying my Brother Yan was poisoned? But we were together for the whole day. If he was poisoned, then why am I unaffected?” Mo Dingtian raised his doubt.

Mo Yan, who had been silent all this time, interrupted, “Young Lord, I feel like my cultivation is trickling away. I have probably been poisoned. However, this poison is very strange; I haven’t noticed anything amiss previously.” 

Xu Qi smiled, saying, “Mo Yan, since you haven’t noticed the poison in you all this time, you were probably poisoned even before your arrival to Rivulet City.”

Mo Yan nodded lightly. He smiled bitterly, “Now that you mention it, I recall an incident. It felt a little off then, and now everything makes sense. It seems like I was poisoned at that time,”

“Don’t speak anymore, Brother Yan,” Mo Dingtian hurriedly stopped him, then looked towards Xu Qi. He clasped his fists and said respectfully, “Young Master Xu, since you were able to notice the poison in Brother Yan’s body, you should have a way to save him. I ask for you to help. This surnamed Mo is willing to accept any condition Young Master Xu poses.”

Xu Qi saw the anxious look on Mo Dingtian and said nonchalantly, “Boss Mo, what has his life or death got to do with me? As for you promising to fulfill my request, do you think, even if I refuse to save him, you would have a choice not to satisfy my requests? Don’t you think your words lack sincerity?”

Mo Dingtian was momentarily stunned. He was indeed stuck on the passive side; he didn’t have anything which could move Young Master Xu. When he thought of Mo Yan, who was by his side, he suddenly found it difficult to bear, and his complexion turned for the worse.

Xu Qi had been watching the look on Mo Dingtian’s face. He confirmed the latter was truly concerned for Mo Yan as he saw the change in him. Thus, he said, “Saving him... is not impossible.”

“As long as you’re willing to save him, just name any condition. I will agree, even if you want my life,” Mo Dingtian hurriedly replied.

Seeing as his young lord spoke such words for the sake of ridding him of poison, he felt warm inside, and tears fell from his face. Mo Dingtian had cared for him, much like to a younger brother, since they were young, but he hadn’t expected the former’s sentiments to remain unchanged even after so many years apart.

Xu Qi was stunned as he watched the two, “What? What is this? Putting on an act? Fancy weeping at your old age. Wasn’t I only cracking a joke?”

On second thoughts, the two were men who placed importance on sentiments. Letting them owe him a favor wasn’t too bad. Thus, he smiled and said to Mo Dingtian, “Boss Mo, I was only joking. Sister Ling’er was kind to me; I’m not an ungrateful person.”

Black lines appeared on Mo Dingtian’s head as he heard Xu Qi, “You smart little man, if you were really a grateful person, would I need to spend some much effort talking?”

Xu Qi walked to Mo Yan’s side and said, “Mo Yan, for the sake of thoroughly cleansing the poison in your body, I will need you to tell me the truth. How were you poisoned?”

Mo Yan creased his brows for a moment. Then he glanced at Mo Dingtian, and said slowly, “If my guesses are right, I was probably poisoned the night before leaving for Rivulet City. Someone invited me for a talk that night, saying there was something to discuss. I obliged; it was probably the cup of tea I drank there.”

Mo Dingtian immediately slammed his palms on the table, causing Xu Qi to jump in scare. The latter immediately understood from his anger, which was on the brink of eruption, that Mo Dingtian had guessed who the culprit was.

Mo Dingtian looked at Mo Yan; his expression was incredibly ugly, and he asked with gritted teeth, “Please tell me the truth, Brother Yan. Who invited you that night; was it Mo Dingkong!?”

TL Note:

1: Black lines on forehead: Mentioned before, something like this.

2: A smile that isn't really a smile:

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