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Chapter 34 - Exposed

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Hearing this, Xu Qi looked at Mo Ling before him. She was looking at him, blinking her eyes. She revealed an innocent look, causing Xu Qi to feel perturbed in his heart. He had fallen into such a sorry state, yet she was still worried about him; she even brought food for him this late at night. Thinking of up till here, Xu Qi felt warm in his heart.

Without a word, Xu Qi lowered his head and grabbed the steamed bun and meat, devouring them. On the other hand, Mo Ling squatted beside him, watching as he ate with both her hands cupped on her chin.

“Brother Yan, what do you think of this child?” Mo Dingtian pointed at Xu Qi and asked Mo Yan.

Mo Yan’s eyes fixated on Xu Qi. Upon hearing his question, his eyes remained still, and he answered, “Young Lord, I don’t know if you have noticed the gaze in that child’s eyes, but when I saw it, I couldn’t feel a tinge of sorrow or anger. Don’t you think that’s strange?”

“That I didn’t realize. However, that look of him devouring the food, it feels like this child is basically done for. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Ling’er insisting on bringing food for this little chap,” Mo Dingtian shook his head, saying. He thought Xu Qi was no more than a down and out child at this point; there was no future for him anymore. That was why he didn’t want to stay any longer.

“Young Lord, something’s not right! Look carefully at his face!” Mo Yan had been staring at Xu Qi, but suddenly widened his eyes into perfectly round shapes.

Mo Dingtian heard the abnormality in Mo Yan’s voice, and hurriedly shifted his gaze to Xu Qi. However, Xu Qi had lowered his head while gorging on the food. His disheveled hair covered his face, causing Mo Dingtian be unable to get a good look.

“Young Lord, I’m going over to take a closer look. I need to confirm whether I’d seen incorrectly,” Mo Yan spoke as he made his way towards Xu Qi.

At this moment, Xu Qi was almost done with the food Mo Ling delivered. He wasn’t feigning; he was really hungry. He hadn’t eaten anything for the whole day as he was busy.

“Young Master Xu, we came here in a hurry when Ling’er asked us to and hadn’t prepared the food well. Why don’t you come with us, back to our mansion, and we’ll properly treat you? Not only that, you couldn’t possibly stay here overnight, could you?” Mo Yan walked to Xu Qi’s side and suggested.

When Xu Qi heard this unfamiliar voice, he put down the steamed bun and meat. He looked up and saw the white-clothed man through the wisps between his disheveled hair. He noticed this man was watching him curiously. Without any words or signs, Xu Qi lowered his head again.

During the short moment Xu Qi raised his head, Mo Yan confirmed the doubt in his heart. As such, he retreated to Mo Dingtian’s side and whispered something in his ear. After which, the latter looked at Mo Yan with a surprised expression.

When Mo Ling heard her father’s guard suggesting Xu Qi go back with them, but saw a lack of response in Xu Qi, she hurriedly said, “Little brother, come back with us. You can’t possibly sleep out here, can you? How scary is that?”

Xu Qi hadn’t heard what Mo Ling said. He was thinking about the white-clothed man and Mo Dingtian. He sensed that the white-clothed man didn’t simply come over to say something negligible. There must be something going on. However, he thought back about not showing any flaws today. Mo Yan shouldn’t have found a problem with him.

Mo Ling kept talking to Xu Qi, but the latter didn’t show any response. At this moment, Mo Dingtian walked over and said to Xu Qi, “Come with us, Young Master Xu. I’m afraid Ling’er will be unwilling to leave if you don’t come with us. Would Young Master Xu bear to see our Ling’er weep for you again?”

Seeing that Mo Dingtian personally came over to invite him, Xu Qi cursed in his heart, thinking this is bad. He must have discovered something. Otherwise, Mo Dingtian wouldn’t have invited this boy in dire straits. However, Xu Qi couldn’t figure out where he slipped.

Xu Qi made up his mind and nodded at Mo Ling. The latter immediately lit up with a smile on her tiny face when she saw Xu Qi nod in agreement and pulled on Xu Qi’s tiny hands.

Xu Qi followed Mo Ling helplessly, heading into the city. Behind them, Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan looked at each other with smiles, following behind.

In the inner courtyard of Mosuo Auction House, Xu Qi had cleaned himself and changed into clean clothes. He was taken to a clean room, with food and snacks on the table. Though, he had no mood for any of that. He looked on at the table of food, wondering about the purpose of Mo Dingtian bringing him back here, and his mind wandered off.

“Why aren’t you eating, Young Master Xu?” Mo Dingtian asked as he stepped into Xu Qi’s room with the white-clothed man Mo Yan tagging along.

Xu Qi pretended not to hear him and continued staring at the table, ignoring Mo Dingtian.

Mo Dingtian didn’t become angry when he saw Xu Qi acting this way. Instead, he smiled, slowly walked over, and sat opposite to Xu Qi.

After Mo Dingtian took his seat, Mo Yan chose his in between the two of them and sat down as well.

“Young Master Xu, your performance today was truly beautiful. Even I, too, almost fell for your trickery,” Mo Dingtian said, his eyes staring at Xu Qi. He hoped to discern an answer from the look in Xu Qi’s eyes. However, he was disappointed as Xu Qi showed no change in his gaze.

After which, Mo Dingtian signaled to Mo Yan with his eyes, seeing Xu Qi continue to ignore him. Mo Yan nodded and walked over to Xu Qi, pressing his hands on the latter’s shoulders.

Once Xu Qi heard Mo Dingtian’s words, he knew Mo Dingtian must have discovered a flaw in his act. Then, when he saw the white-clothed man walking towards him, he called out inwardly, thinking again, This is bad.

As Mo Yan’s palm slapped on Xu Qi’s shoulder, he felt a strong force coming from the former’s palm. However, he didn’t want to reveal himself and was at a loss, not knowing what to do.

After Mo Yan’s palm came in contact with Xu Qi’s shoulder, he injected some energy into the latter’s body. However, it was like his energy sunk to the bottom of the sea; Mo Yan couldn’t feel the link with his energy. He was momentarily puzzled, then released a greater force and was about to inject it into Xu Qi’s body.

At this moment, Mo Yan felt an even greater force burst forth from Xu Qi’s body. Before he could retract his arm, he was sent flying back and crashed into the wall behind; he then dropped to the ground.

The unexpected incident caused Mo Dingtian to stare wide-eyed. He turned his head to see Mo Yan, who was sent flying back. He saw a trace of blood on the veil covering Mo Yan’s face, and the latter was pressing on his chest, staring at Xu Qi in shock.

Mo Dingtian felt his brain grow dizzy momentarily; he understood Mo Yan’s strength very well. He was a genuine fourth stage Spirit Swordsman who couldn’t possibly be shocked into throwing up blood by one move of any commoner. Yet, he was just sent flying by a mute little young master. What was going on?

Xu Qi hadn’t expected that his retaliation with his energy would contain such force, causing Mo Yan to throw up blood. He looked at Mo Dingtian, thinking today’s matter would probably not end well. He might as well see what Mo Dingtian planned to do.

In the room, the three of them looked on at each other without a word. The atmosphere felt somewhat weird. Xu Qi looked at the two of them again and sighed. Then, he smiled and said, “Boss Mo, you didn’t seem to invite me here for a meal. It feels more like you are capturing me for interrogation. Another thing, where did I slip up today, to let you catch on?”

Mo Dingtian froze on the spot when he heard Xu Qi, thinking, Wasn’t he a mute? How can he speak, and how is he so strong? What does he want?

“Boss Mo, if all you’re going to do is stare at me, I’m afraid I will not be accompanying you,” Xu Qi said, eating a mouthful of vegetables.

“Wait a moment, Young Master Xu,” Mo Dingtian was a respectable figure, after all. He reacted immediately when he heard Xu Qi and spoke out.

Mo Dingtian then took a look at Mo Yan by the side, who was pressing on his chest. He quickly moved over and helped him take a seat, asking concernedly, “Are you alright, Brother Yan?” He was worried about Mo Yan, and his words were meant to confirm whether Xu Qi caused the latter’s injuries. This was because he couldn’t believe a six-year-old could overpower Mo Yan, after all.

“I’m fine, Young Lord. If it wasn’t for Young Master Xu showing mercy, I’m afraid I would be lying on the ground right now,” naturally, Mo Yan understood Mo Dingtian’s actual meaning when he asked whether he was fine. He, too, told him directly that the moment Xu Qi overpowered him, he felt the latter retracting a large portion of his energy. Otherwise, he would not have gotten away with only minor injuries.

On the other hand, when Mo Dingtian got his answers, he looked on in surprise at Xu Qi, who was feasting on the dishes comfortably. His heart was full of questions, but he was an experienced and knowledgeable man, after all. He quickly calmed himself.

Mo Dingtian stood, saying, “Young Master Xu, you’re truly skilled, indeed. Great methods, too. To be able to toy with all of Rivulet City in the palm of your hands. This surnamed Mo is impressed.”

“Boss Mo, you have yet to answer my question. What flaw did you discover today? I couldn’t figure it out. Please tell me, won’t you?” Xu Qi continued eating, causing Mo Dingtian to be unable to figure out what was on his mind.

Seeing as Xu Qi asked this question again, he didn’t wish to anger him. Thus, he answered, “To be honest, I haven’t found anything wrong with Young Master Xu’s actions today. It was when Ling’er delivered food to you; Brother Yan accidentally discovered your previously bruised face was fully healed. That was why we suspected there was something wrong with you. Hence, we invited you to our mansion. We hadn’t expected to offend Young Master Xu.”

“Damn! I actually forgot about this; I’m such a…” Xu Qi cursed himself immediately when he heard the reason. He considered everything when he made his way back to Rivulet City from Godsward Villa but forgot about the injuries on his face. A failure. Too much of a failure.

Xu Qi shook his head and said to Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan, “The two of you are meticulous people, indeed. This young master is impressed.”

Xu Qi swallowed the food in his mouth, then continued, “However, you two have discovered many of my secrets. If this spreads, this young master will be unhappy. Unless…” as Xu Qi spoke, murderous intent seeped out from his gaze, looking at the duo. A cold shiver shot down their spines when they saw his gaze.

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