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Chapter 36 - Internal Strife in Mo Clan

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Mo Yan smiled bitterly and said, “Young Lord, you guessed it after all. That’s right; it was Mo Dingkong who invited me that night. However, I didn’t think he would poison the tea.”

“Say, both of you, you can reminisce about the past later. If we delay any longer, I’m afraid nobody will be able to save him,” Xu Qi interrupted. This was because he saw the black line on Mo Yan becoming more obvious.

Mo Dingtian had wanted to continue, but upon Xu Qi’s reminder, he hurriedly said, “Young Master Xu, please get started on ridding the poison from Brother Yan. Please.”

Xu Qi nodded, then turned to Mo Yan and said, “Mo Yan, sit cross-legged on the ground. I hope you can endure the pain, no matter how tough it gets. Also, remove the veil on your face.”

Mo Yan hesitated for a moment but took off his veil, sitting on the ground. When Xu Qi saw the scar on his face, he involuntarily balked for a second.

Then, Xu Qi moved behind Mo Yan. He placed his tiny hands gently on the latter’s back. He had previously learned, during cultivation practice, that the energy in his body contained some detoxifying effects. Thus, he was confident in his abilities.

Xu Qi operated his cultivation, and his body gradually emitted rainbow-colored rays. After which, he injected the energy into Mo Yan, circulating along his meridians. Beads of sweat slowly decorated Xu Qi’s little face, while Mo Yan started feeling waves of pain in his body. It was becoming more painful as time went by, yet the latter endured it without a sound. In the end, Xu Qi slapped on Mo Yan’s back forcefully, causing the latter to spit a mouthful of black-colored blood on the floor.

Xu Qi slowly took in deep breaths and said, “All right, you’re fine now.”

Earlier, Mo Yan’s face was ghastly pale. Following his spitting of black blood, a tinge of red gradually returned to his pale face. He turned around and expressed his gratitude to Xu Qi, saying, “Thank you.”

Mo Dingtian watched on from the side and felt moved when he saw the exhausted look on Xu Qi. He lightly said, “Young Master Xu, words alone can’t express the gratitude I have for you. This surnamed Mo takes the matters today to his heart.”

Xu Qi ignored Mo Dingtian’s thanks. Instead, he looked at the scar on Mo Yan’s face, saying, “Since I’m being the good samaritan today, I might as well be thorough. Such a handsome face, the scar is getting in the way.”

Once he was done speaking, Xu Qi released the rainbow energy once more and enveloped the scar on Mo Yan’s face. Very soon, he retracted it back into his body.

The latter, who personally experienced what just happened, was pleasantly surprised to realize his face was starting to itch like new flesh was growing over the scarred area.

On the other hand, although Mo Dingtian felt the possibility of Xu Qi successfully healing the scar on Mo Yan’s face wasn’t great, the former looked at Xu Qi in a better light, all the same, seeing as he made an effort to try, anyway.

“I took a great loss today. I haven’t gained anything and have put myself in such weakened state. Boss Mo, you’ll have to compensate me properly,” Xu Qi seemingly joked, but he truly felt somewhat exhausted.

Mo Dingtian chuckled, replying, “Young Master Xu, you’ve given me too many surprises today. This surnamed Mo has yet to recover from what I’ve witnessed.”

“Surprise? More like frightened, I’d say,” Xu Qi rolled his eyes petulantly. If it weren’t for them forcefully bringing him here, he wouldn’t have exposed his strength.

This time, Mo Dingtian didn’t reply. He watched Mo Yan silently, as the latter had yet to utter a word all this while. However, he slowly witnessed an even spookier sight. The scar on Mo Yan’s face gradually peeled off and completely fell off in the end. The scarred area actually grew new skin, and not a trace of the scar could be found. One could see the luster of Mo Yan’s new skin.

“How miraculous, Young Master Xu. You’re like a celestial being who has descended to the mortal realm,” Mo Dingtian gasped as he witnessed the scene.

“Alright, stop praising me. It’s better if you casually gift me ten thousands of high-grade gemstones. It’s more practical that way,” Xu Qi continued his insolent tone. Of course, Mo Dingtian didn’t actually think Xu Qi would want things like high-grade gemstones and didn’t take it to heart.

At this moment, Mo Yan, who had been sitting on the ground snapped his eyes open. His eyes shone radiantly, and his complexion had returned to normal. He stood up, clasping his hands and said to Xu Qi, “Young Master Xu, I, Mo Yan will engrave your favor of saving my life in my heart. Just say the word if you ever need my help in the future. I will happily oblige, no matter the danger.”

Xu Qi gave a sideways glance at the two, and said, “Forget it, you’re probably in a predicament yourselves, now. Don’t think about helping me. Am I right, Boss Mo?”

Seeing as Xu Qi put them down in such a way, the duo looked at each other bitterly.

“Alright, you two must have issues to discuss. I, the outsider, should go take a spin outside,” Xu Qi knew the two had things to discuss and didn’t want to stand in their way. As for the matter of exposing himself tonight, he didn’t take it to heart, either. He didn’t believe the two would be stupid enough to tell others.

“Please hold your steps, Young Master Xu. I would like to implore you for another favor,” Mo Dingtian hesitated for a moment and called out.

“Aren’t you going too far now, Boss Mo,” Xu Qi answered, displeased.

“Please don’t misunderstand, Young Master Xu. I would like you to stay and listen to my matters. You can decide whether you’ll help after hearing me out, okay?” Mo Dingtian asked in a pleading tone.

Hearing this, Xu Qi looked at Mo Yan, then held out his hands and said, “Alright, then. I’m interested in your status as a young lord, anyway. I’ll stay to hear what you have to say. As for whether I’ll help, I’ll decide that later.”

Mo Dingtian let out a breath of relief and started speaking slowly, “Actually, I’m not a citizen of Mirrorlink, but of Earthdream. I belong to the greatest clan of the nation, Mo Clan. The current Patriarch of Mo Clan, Mo Budi, is my father.”

Xu Qi asked in doubt after hearing what Mo Dingtian said, “Boss Mo, I recall the greatest cultivation school in Earthdream is Imperial Void Valley, right. When did it become your Mo Clan?”

Mo Dingtian revealed a look of surprise at Xu Qi’s mentioning the Imperial Void Valley. He didn’t think the latter would know about the Imperial Void Valley. He continued, “That’s right. The Imperial Void Valley is our Earthdream nation’s greatest cultivation school. No one can threaten their position. Our Mo Clan is only the greatest clan around.”

Xu Qi nodded. After which, Mo Dingtian explained, “Twenty years ago, my biological younger brother, Mo Dingkong, was worried that I would fight for the position of patriarch and planned to set me up. In the end, our father sent me to Rivulet City of Mirrorlink to manage this auction house, in fear of our infighting.”

God, another internal strife of a clan. Always fighting against one another, aren’t they sick of it? Xu Qi thought inwardly. He despised such internal strifes.

“After I was driven out of Mo Clan, Mo Dingkong used all kinds of vicious methods to get rid of those who were close to me. All these years, those who have supported me were either killed or driven away. I can’t believe he wouldn’t even let Mo Yan go in the end,” as Mo Dingtian spoke, he glanced over at Mo Yan. He felt incredibly unpleasant in his heart.

Mo Yan felt the gaze from Mo Dingtian. He said, “Young Lord, after you left that year, Mo Dingkong tried many vicious methods on me, too, and nearly got me killed. I was fortunate enough to survive but was left with this scar on my face. There are still many who support you in the clan, but they are afraid to express themselves.”

“Hehe, Mo Dingkong. My precious little brother indeed. For the position of patriarch, he would even fall to such depths. Perhaps he doesn’t know that I have no desire for the position of patriarch in the least,” Mo Dingtian said with a bitter smile.

Mo Yan hesitated for a while and said with a difficult expression, “Young Lord, there is still something I have to inform you of with my trip here, to Rivulet City.”

Mo Dingtian’s brows furrowed even more upon hearing this. He asked, “Brother Yan, could it be he is about to make his move on me?”

Mo Yan nodded lightly, confirming silently while Mo Dingtian fell into deep thought as he got his answer.

Cough, cough. “Say, Boss Mo, it seems like you’re really in a predicament, yourself,” Xu Qi mocked as he heard the two’s conversation.

At Xu Qi’s interjection, it was as if the perplexed Mo Dingtian suddenly grasped onto a straw of hope. He knelt on the ground, pleading, “Young Master Xu, it’s fine if this surnamed Mo dies. I only wish for Young Master Xu to take my daughter away before trouble strikes. These matters, no matter what, are unrelated to my daughter; she’s innocent. I hope for Young Master Xu to act. So long as you agree, this surnamed Mo is willing to give you my entire fortune.”

“Ehh, don’t, Boss Mo. Don’t act like this. Why do you want me to interfere in your clan’s internal strife? I’m only a six-year-old child. You know about my situation, too; I’m in a predicament myself. It’s too much responsibility for my little shoulders,” Xu Qi said nonchalantly.

Mo Yan, who was by the side, walked over to Mo Dingtian and helped him up. He said, “My trip here was to advance or retreat alongside you, Young Lord. Don’t worry; even if I have to risk my life, I will protect you and Ling’er.”

Mo Dingtian patted on Mo Yan’s shoulders agitatedly and lowered his head with his face showing a troubled expression.

“Argh, I can’t take this anymore. How much trouble could it be; I’ll just help a little when the time comes, depending on the situation. However, I’m not guaranteeing to be of much help,” Xu Qi couldn’t bear it when he saw the tear-filled face of Mo Dingtian. After all, his daughter was kind to him.

Mo Dingtian inwardly felt a little happy upon hearing Xu Qi words. Although he didn’t give his word outright, his words meant he would move to help Ling’er in the crucial moments. That was great news.

The more Xu Qi thought of what happened tonight, the more depressed he became. He had come here carelessly and exposed himself. Then, he saved Mo Yan out of nowhere, and now, he had to get involved in other’s clan matters. What the hell?

Xu Qi shook his head, unwilling to trouble himself any longer, and said to Mo Dingtian, “Boss Mo, I don’t wish to speak about today’s matters anymore. I only wanted to flee from Rivulet City and live my carefree days, but you unexpectedly saw through my disguise. However, I understand Boss Mo is a clever man. You would know what to say and what not to say. I hope you will not disrupt my plans of living my days without worries. Many thanks.”

Mo Dingtian was a clever man; he would, of course, understand what Xu Qi meant. Also, he couldn’t afford to offend this young master and hurriedly said, “Many thanks to Young Master Xu. This surnamed Mo understands what he should do.”

“Fine; I can’t stay here any longer. I’ll have to trouble you to let your daughter know I have to make my leave first. I’ll see you again,” Xu Qi felt extremely depressed, unwilling to stay here for a moment longer.

“Please hold your steps, Young Master Xu. Can I take the liberty of asking you one more question?” Mo Yan suddenly called out.

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