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Chapter 241 - Crushing Defeat!

In the lake, the Seasplitter Whale enveloped in a layer of white light was screaming non-stop, its body starting to shrink slowly.

Xu Qi didn't dare to hesitate after seeing this, but he was slightly worried whether Xuanwu had fully recovered.

A rainbow seal was formed, and Xuanwu's familiar figure appeared before Xu Qi. Though, his current aura caused Xu Qi to go into a slight daze.

"Seasplitter Whale!" Xuanwu exclaimed at the sight of the lake.

Xu Qi had no time to explain the situation to Xuanwu. He directly asked, "That person on top of the Seasplitter Whale; are you confident going up against him?"

"I can try," Xuanwu said and flew towards the Seasplitter Whale. His figure turned into a dazzling blur, arriving at the Seasplitter Whale's head after flashing a few times, standing next to the black-clothed man.

Seeing this, the black-clothed man extended his palm in response and sent out a seemingly casual palm strike.

Xuanwu didn't dodge, either, and retaliated with a palm strike of his own. Their palm strikes collided, but there was no destruction. Instead, the collision was soft and weak, followed by the palm strikes disappearing into thin air.

Xuanwu stepped forward. He saw that this black-clothed man had his face covered and he asked plainly, "Do we know each other?"

The latter didn't give a response, however, and continued shrinking the layer of white light enveloping the Seasplitter Whale.

"I admit that I can't best you, but can you tell me why are you taking the Seasplitter Whale away?" Xuanwu continued asking.

Still, the black-clothed man remained silent.

"Fine. I wonder if you are able to take me away?" Xuanwu said and leaped off the Seasplitter Whale's head. At the moment he dropped into the water, a burst of blue light erupted around Xuanwu.

In the blink of an eye, another creature appeared on Zhenhai Lake, this one having the head of a dragon, the tail of a snake, complete with a tortoise's shell on its back.

Xu Qi was shocked to see that Xuanwu was forced to transform into his true form so quickly, lamenting inwardly that this black-clothed man's strength must be extraordinary.

Next to him, Wang Yiliu was similarly astonished when he realized that the person Xu Qi summoned out of nowhere actually turned out to be such a huge monster. His shock was visibly seen in his eyes.

Following a loud roar, Xuanwu shot out a mass of blue energy from his mouth. The blue energy covered his gigantic body, resulting in his body emitting blue light.

The black-clothed man didn't seem to be bothered by the blue energy that Xuanwu shot out. He waved his palm casually, sending out a white palm strike which shattered Xuanwu's energy.

Xuanwu was greatly enraged. Seeing as the black-clothed man was still standing atop the Seasplitter Whale's head, unmoving, he swiftly swept his tail at the black-clothed man.

Alas, just as Xuanwu's tail was about to slam into the black-clothed man, the latter extended an arm out and easily halted the tail's momentum, bringing it to a stop.

Xu Qi couldn't help but sucked in a breath of cold air. He knew the extent of Xuanwu's physical strength, and yet this man was able to stop it with one arm! Not only that, he looked to be unfazed! Was he still human!?

Xuanwu was shocked beyond words, too. White light shone from the black-clothed man's arm that stopped Xuanwu's tail in place, conjuring a gigantic palm which grabbed onto the tail.

Something even more terrifying happened immediately after. The black-clothed man kept the Seasplitter Whale in check with one hand, while his other hand actually lifted Xuanwu up from the tail!

Before Xuanwu could react to this, he found himself being thrown away by the black-clothed man.

With Xuanwu's gigantic size, coupled with his deep cultivation, he was actually thrown by that black-clothed man just like that! Given the speed he was flung out, he would be thrown out quite a distance, too!

However, Xuanwu quickly transformed back to his human form and steadied himself with much difficulty, before rushing back.

After returning, Xuanwu shouted, "Lend me a sword!"

Xu Qi immediately understood Xuanwu's intention after hearing him and quickly tossed the steel sword in his hand to Xuanwu.

Upon catching the sword, Xuanwu charged at the black-clothed man.

The latter finally let out a cold humph and moved from his position. However, his hand was still sending white energy towards the Seasplitter Whale, causing it to continue shrinking. At present, it was only half as large as when it first emerged from the lake.

Xu Qi had never seen Xuanwu using a sword before. However, Xuanwu actually turned out to be a master at swordplay, brandishing the steel sword expertly. Xu Qi could only see the sword qi around Xuanwu, yet had no idea how or what skill was he using!

A gigantic blue energy sword formed before Xuanwu, and immediately shot towards the black-clothed man without delay.

After seeing the sword coming towards him, the black-clothed man finally retracted his arm that was controlling the Seasplitter Whale.

He pushed out both his palms, sending palm strikes at Xuanwu. Not only that, he followed closely behind the palm strikes, with a pure black sword in his hand.

"Great timing!" Xuanwu let out a harsh whisper and retaliated with the steel sword.

One move. Xu Qi only saw one exchange between Xuanwu and the black-clothed man. No further actions were taken.

Immediately after, Xuanwu's flew to Xu Qi's side.

"Let's go. We're no match for him," Xuanwu said evenly.

Upon hearing Xuanwu uttering such words, Xu Qi scanned Xuanwu from top to bottom worriedly and asked, "Uncle, are you hurt anywhere?"

Xuanwu shook his head and said, "He already went easy on me on three occasions. If we continue acting this way, I'm afraid none of us will leave here safely."

"Earlier, I only saw you exchanging one move with him..?" Xu Qi asked doubtfully. Was this black-clothed man so ridiculously strong that Xuanwu would immediately admit defeat after a single exchange?

"One move? Is your brain malfunctioning? Was that a matter of exchanging only one move with him? Think carefully by yourself. Now, it's better for us to get out of here as soon as possible," Xuanwu suggested once more.

"I don't believe this nonsense! I'll have a go at it myself!" The Five Elements Wings sprouted from Xu Qi's back before he was done speaking. Xu Qi took back his sword from Xuanwu, too, and shot towards the black-clothed man.

It wasn't that he didn't want to leave, but the reason why he came here today to massacre the Monarchy Pavilion was to avenge Qian Yin, as well as to look for his missing family.

Alas, he only found out his family wasn't here at all after almost wiping out the Monarchy Pavilion and severing Wang Yiliu's arm. Not only that, there was some trickery behind the Monarchy Pavilion's ambush on Qian Yin and the others. Xu Qi truly felt guilty towards them, and he didn't feel right just leaving Wang Lenghuo here. It was too distasteful.

You're strong? I'll have to see for myself exactly how strong you are!

Xu Qi led his offense with a Guard Break Talisman, followed by a gigantic sword conjured with rainbow energy, slashing down at the black-clothed man.

As usual, the black-clothed man defended himself against all of Xu Qi's attacks with a single palm-strike.

However, Xu Qi noticed something strange. Ever since he approached the black-clothed man, the latter actually lowered his head and didn't look at Xu Qi even once. It seemed like he was avoiding eye contact.

"Are you avoiding me?" Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

The black-clothed man remained silent, and the white energy in his hand was transmitting with even greater speed than before. The Seasplitter Whale was now only slightly bigger than an adult human.

Xu Qi grew even more curious seeing the black-clothed man acting this way. Could it be that he really knows me, and is afraid of me recognizing him?

Just as Xu Qi thought to get closer, he heard the black-clothed man speak with a coarse voice, "Your life will be forfeit if you continue meddling in my affairs!"

Xu Qi was a little lost in thoughts after hearing this, trying to recall whether he had heard this voice before.

Right at this moment, the white light under the black-clothed man's feet grew in intensity into a blinding light.

"Withdraw!" The black-clothed man commanded. The white light scattered immediately after the black-clothed man's voice rang out, and he was nowhere to be seen. Even Lian Tianwei had disappeared, and the Elite Beasts, Tan and Chi quickly scurried away.

The shocking phenomenon happening around Zhenhai Lake moments ago disappeared. It suddenly became calm again, and the gigantic Seasplitter Whale was nowhere to be found.

Looking at the dispirited Wang Lenghuo, a hint of sympathy rose up in Xu Qi's heart.

Xu Qi landed on the ground and came to Wang Lenghuo's side without saying a word.

"Ai, you have many questions for me, don't you?" Wang Lenghuo asked helplessly.

Xu Qi nodded.

"Let's go. Take a walk with me," Wang Lenghuo said. He placed his hands behind him and started walking along the lake.

Xuanwu gestured towards Xuanwu and the others, assuring them and followed behind Wang Lenghuo.

Seeing as Xu Qi came along, Wang Lenghuo started speaking.

"The Zhenhai Lake was originally named the Xin Lake. It used to be an ordinary sightseeing spot in Xin City. After the appearance of the first master of the Monarchy Pavilion, he picked this spot as the location and established the cultivation school in the middle of the lake.

"In the first master's dying moment, he revealed a shocking secret to his successor, and instructed him to continue passing it on.

"The reason why the first master of the Monarchy Pavilion decided on building the cultivation school here in the middle of the Xin Lake, and subsequently renamed it to Zhenhai Lake, was because a monster that appeared alongside him during his rise was sealed within the lake. That was, the Seasplitter Whale.

"Not only that, he also said that there must always be people stationed in the lake to strengthen the seal, preventing the Seasplitter Whale from escaping. Furthermore, he left behind a message, saying that if the Seasplitter Whale ever got out of the Zhenhai Lake, it meant that a disaster was imminent.

Xu Qi couldn't help but feel astonished when he heard to this point. Appeared alongside the first master of the Monarchy Pavilion? Doesn't that mean that he was the same as me, originating from that side?!

Even so, Xu Qi didn't interrupt Wang Lenghuo and let him carry on speaking.

"From then, as per the first master's instruction, an Inner School within the Monarchy Pavilion was established. Talented men were selected to sneak into the secret area within the lake, placing the responsibility of looking after and strengthening the seal onto them."

As for Wang Lenghuo, he was handpicked by the previous master of the Monarchy Pavilion several decades ago to join the Inner School, and to watch over the Seasplitter Whale.

It was only today that the usually calm Seasplitter Whale suddenly became incredibly restless for some unknown reason, and Wang Lenghuo, who was still strengthening the seal within the lake, received an emergency signal from Wang Yiliu and emerged from the lake.

"I noticed that the seniors who appeared alongside you had very stable auras. Was it because strengthening the seal exhausted much of your energy?" Xu Qi finally asked.

Wang Lenghuo nodded. He let out a bitter smile and said, "If it wasn't for that, do you think they wouldn't come at you with everything they have? Although they appeared with me at that time, the Seasplitter Whale that was struggling free from its seal was still what weighed the most on their minds."

After hearing this, Xu Qi asked another question that even he didn't dare to believe. "Then, Senior, please allow this brat to ask another question. I heard that there are Inner Schools within the other top schools, too. Are their duties the same as yours?"

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