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Chapter 240 - Seasplitter Whale!

After Wang Lenghuo jumped into the lake, a huge whirlpool appeared in the center of Zhenhai Lake, with lightning and cries of thunder in the skies above the vortex.

The Icebright Bear, standing behind Xu Qi, suddenly let out a terrifying roar at the lake!

"A supernatural phenomenon! Even the Icebright Bear sensed it! Wang Yiliu, what exactly is within this lake?!" Xu Qi asked.

By now, Wang Yiliu had seen the phenomenon happening on Zhenhai Lake and he was dazed. All he did in response was to shake his head gently.

Xu Qi suddenly remembered the words Wang Lenghuo said before he jumped into the lake, telling them to back off. He quickly grabbed Wang Yiliu, who he was trying to kill not long ago, and flew away.

Following the Icebright Bear's roar, it started acting restless, puzzling Xu Qi when he saw this.

"Could there be some monster within this lake?" Xu Qi mumbled to himself after seeing how the Icebright Bear was acting. Moments later, a rainbow seal was form in his hand, and he unsummoned the Icebright Bear.

"You guys, retreat as far as you can! Hurry!" Xu Qi yelled at the Constellation Guards and four Shadows. After hearing this, they obediently backed off with haste.

To be able to make even Wang Yiliu's master to act so cautiously... Our men must never be swept into this mess if there was really something in the lake!

It was as if a thunderclap boomed on the surface of Zhenhai Lake. Following which, several human figures flew out of the lake and fell back into it.

By the shore, the six old men who emerged with Wang Lenghuo previously looked at each other and dove into the lake.

"Wang Yiliu, it seems like there's a powerful monster in this lake," Xu Qi remarked as he shot a glance at Wang Yiliu.

On the other hand, Wang Yiliu was still staring at the lake blankly, shaking his head.

After seeing this, Xu Qi confirmed inwardly that Wang Yiliu truly had no idea what was going on in Zhenhai Lake.

The entire surface of the Zhenhai Lake turned into something only seen by the sea. The waves were raging, and the vortex in the lake grew increasingly bigger. Above it, lightning flashed with increasing frequency from the singular dark cloud.

Luo Tianming came to Xu Qi's side at this moment wielding the unsheathed Rainlord sword, looking at the lake's surface with a grave expression.

"Say, don't tell me you came to the Monarchy Pavilion for the thing in this lake?" Xu Qi remarked casually.

To his surprise, the stern-looking Luo Tianming actually nodded!

"Screw you! Are you serious? Then why don't you tell me what's in the lake?" Xu Qi asked, staring at him.

Right now, not a hint of the frivolousness from Xu Qi's impression of Luo Tianming could be seen on him as he answered plainly, "The Seasplitter Whale!"

Xu Qi was immediately dumbfounded. From the looks of it, Luo Tianming wasn't kidding at all. That melancholic look of his as he looked at the Zhenhai Lake, talking about the Seasplitter Whale or whatever in the lake… Could it be real?

Seeing as Xu Qi was about to open his mouth, Luo Tianming directly explained, "I know you wish to ask what is this Seasplitter Whale. To tell you the truth, it's a monster in the same league as your Ice-armored Horned Dragon, and is even stronger than it!"

Xu Qi sucked in a breath of cold air after hearing this. Even stronger than Blackie? He's one of the four Ominous Beasts!

Wait, that's not right! Luo Tianming came from the same plane as I did, and he said that the Seasplitter Whale belongs to the same league as the Ice-armored Horned Dragon… Perhaps..?

A wave of screams rang out. Xu Qi turned sideways, and he saw several silhouettes flying out from the surface of the water. Some of them fell back into the lake, while the others crashed heavily on land.

"Wang Yiliu, why are there so many people in this lake of yours? Are they all men from your Monarchy Pavilion? Or that bastard in that lake's?!" Xu Qi asked curiously. However, Wang Yiliu ignored him this time.

At this moment, a saber-wielding man slowly emerged from the huge whirlpool, with something underneath his feet.

A concentrated layer of purple energy was enveloping that saber-wielding man, stabbing the thing underneath him.



Xu Qi and Wang Yiliu recognized that man. It was none other than Wang Lenghuo, who jumped into the water earlier.

As they rose higher, the thing under Wang Lenghuo finally revealed itself.

As this thing emerged, eight metal chains as thick as a human's waist appeared from the Zhenhai Lake in all directions, with golden talismanic runes shining on them!

Metal chains?! Xu Qi was astonished at seeing them! I should be the only one in this world who possessed these things. They shouldn't appear here?!

There was no time for Xu Qi to let his imagination run wild. The thing that emerged from the lake finally showed its appearance. It was, as expected, a monster!

This monster Luo Tianming referred to as the Seasplitter Whale was entirely black in color. Its limbs were thick and strong, albeit slightly short. and it had big black scales on its back. Upon taking a closer look, its entire body was covered in huge scales, and it had a tail that was as thick as its body slowly emerging from the lake.

Also, it had a pair of dark blue eyes that leaves one's hairs standing on ends after seeing them.

Fortunately, its neck, limbs, tail, and its core were all tied to the thick metal chains, with those strange talismanic runes shining, leaving this monster unable to move.

"Sii, Luo Tianming, this thing looks so terrifying," Xu Qi sucked in a breath of cold air and muttered.

"It's one of the ten Ominous Beasts1, whose ranking is even higher than the Ice-armored Horned Dragon. How can it be not terrifying?" Luo Tianming replied plainly.

Xu Qi was thoroughly dumbfounded. One of the ten Ominous Beasts? And even stronger than the Ice-armored Horned Dragon? Wait a minute… Why would it be under the Monarchy Pavilion's lake!? How did it get here!?

Metal chains, and the ten Ominous Beasts. These are not supposed to be in this world! Why did they show up here?!

"Luo Tianming, how many secrets are you hiding from me?" Xu Qi asked, sounding slightly annoyed.

"I'll tell you some other time. Now, it's better to think of a way to subdue it. It'd get really troublesome otherwise!" After saying this, Luo Tianming took flight with the Rainlord sword in hand, flying towards the Seasplitter Whale.

While he was in mid air, a pair of black wings suddenly sprouted from his back, and he hovered over Zhenhai Lake.

At the same time, he waved the Rainlord in his hand, seemingly chanting something. Following which, a dazzling red talismanic rune as big as him slowly formed.

"Go," Luo Tianming commanded softly, and the talismanic rune as tall as himself flew straight towards the Seasplitter Whale.

The huge red talismanic rune struck the Seasplitter Whale's body, causing it to let out a cry resembling a normal whale's.

It rolled around and submerged half of its body back into the lake.

Seeing this, Luo Tianming went into motion once more with the Rainlord sword in hand. At the same time, he swung his sword with traces of red energy flowing out from it, forming three huge talismanic runes in an instant.

Xu Qi saw the talismanic runes from a distance away. He noticed that all three of them looked different.

As for Luo Tianming, his aura suddenly grew weaker, panting heavily for air.

"Go!" Luo Tianming commanded once more. The three red talismanic runes all flew toward the Seasplitter Whale's exposed head. Meanwhile, Wang Lenghuo, who had been fighting on its head, noticed the three talismanic runes with a glint in his eyes and hurriedly withdrew.

Alas, just as the three talismanic runes were about to hit the Seasplitter Whale's head, three gigantic palm strikes suddenly appeared from the side, shattering Luo Tianming's runes.

"Who is it!?" Luo Tianming suddenly shouted.

A silhouette appeared on the Seasplitter Whale's back without any signs, with a fan in his hand that was very inappropriate to the situation.

"Lian Tianwei!" Xu Qi recognized this person at a glance.

After Wang Lenghuo landed by the shore, he suddenly roared, "Outrageous!". Then, his figure shot out abruptly.

Xu Qi turned his head sideways to look. Bear-headed Chi had appeared near one of the eight chains out of nowhere, lifting its hammers and swinging them down at the chain.

Before Wang Lenghuo reached his target, however, someone suddenly intercepted him. Xu Qi recognized this figure, too. It was the cunning tiger-headed Tan.

Tiger-headed Tan was waving its dagger around, and was actually evenly matched with Wang Lenghuo, who terrorized Xu Qi in a single move!

Back at bear-headed Chi's end, it kept pummeling at the metal chain with its huge hammers.

Huala! The thick chain that was shackling the Seasplitter Whale's neck broke!

Meanwhile, Luo Tianming was now battling Lian Tianwei. From the way Luo Tianming was fighting so recklessly, it seemed like there was some irreconcilable feud between them.

With its head freed, the Seasplitter Whale let out another roar, raising its head to the skies. Its blue eyes turned a deeper shade. A similar deep blue light was emitting from its mouth with increasing brightness.

Immediately after, a mass of deep blue energy shot to the skies like a water column.

Then, the Seasplitter Whale began to slowly rise into the air along the deep blue energy column!

It seemed as if it was flying into the skies with the blue energy.

At this moment, there was a sudden change in the situation. A ghostly figure flashed past the Zhenhai Lake like a streak of light, followed with sounds of chains snapping wherever the figure went.

In the blink of an eye, the remaining metal chains restricting the Seasplitter Whale were all broken.

After doing all these, the black-clothed man flew to the rising Seasplitter Whale and landed on its head.

The black-clothed man extended his palm and directly cut off the blue pillar in the middle. Following which, a mass of white energy large enough to cover the entire area burst forth from his body, enveloping the Seasplitter Whale's humongous body.

While Luo Tianming was stuck battling Lian Tianwei, an anxious cry from him suddenly rang, "Stop him, Xu Qi! He wants to take the Seasplitter Whale away!"

Xu Qi was stupefied after hearing this. Although there was a lack of seriousness in how Luo Tianming acted usually, his tone here was evidently not.

However, judging from the opposing party's aura, it seemed like he was no match for him.

Suddenly, he recalled what Zhuque said when she was summoned tonight.

"Xuanwu has awakened!"

TL Note:

1: When the term "Ominous Beasts" first appeared it was said to be only four of them. In recent chapters it was changed to ten, however. Not sure what's going on.

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