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Chapter 232 - The Three Mysterious Women

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Seeing that Xu Qi was no longer in danger, the three young women surrounding him kept their bows and walked away from him, keeping a three-meter distance between them.

Xu Qi took this opportunity to get a good look at them. He couldn't help but freeze in place after seeing their appearances.

They actually turned out to be identical triplets! Their appearance, facial features, expressions, heights, and even their minute movements were uniform, as if they were one and the same.

What's more, these three women were beauties among beauties!

They looked to be in their late teens, about eighteen or nineteen years old, and had oval-shaped faces. Their pupils were dark, their cheeks a healthy pink with little dimples on them. They exuded a cold aloofness. Their complexions were clear and white, their slightly bashful expressions looking delicate and beautiful. Their height was accentuated by knee-length green dresses that revealed a little of their white bosoms, complete with same-colored sashes on their waists that, hugged them tightly and accentuated their chests.

"Many thanks for saving my life earlier. May I ask why you saved me?" Xu Qi asked. Although he was shocked by their beautiful appearances, it was only for a fleeting moment. He was never charmed by them.

However, the triplets kept their silence. They were looking curiously at the Icebright Bear behind Xu Qi.

Xu Qi glared at the Icebright Bear, who tactfully returned to the size of an adult human, standing next to its master with its head down.

"Could you gift this bear to me?" an angelic voice that didn't seem to be corrupted by the mortal world rang out.

Xu Qi turned to look, and realized that it was the young woman in the middle of the three who made the request, pointing her finger at the Icebright Bear shyly.

The Icebright Bear was one who understood humanity well. Upon seeing that the woman had designs on it, it instantly laid down on the floor and hugged Xu Qi's leg tightly, unwilling to let go.

The Icebright Bear did not notice the wound left behind by tiger-headed Tan on Xu Qi's leg, and so caused him to grimace in pain.

Xu Qi shook his head helplessly and smiled, "Xu Qi couldn't thank you enough for saving me despite the danger, but as you can see, this bear is my familiar, and is attached to me. It is unwilling to go with you even if I wished to gift it to you."

"Oh," the young woman in the middle responded. A hint of disappointment flashed in her eyes for a moment and disappeared. She retracted her hand and turned around simultaneously with the two other women. From the looks of it, they were leaving.

Xu Qi hurriedly called out, "Please wait a moment. You have yet to tell me who you are, and your reason for saving me."

The woman in the middle slowly turned around after hearing this.

Suddenly, an unreal sight happened in front of Xu Qi.

After the woman in the middle turned around, the other two women slowly turned around too.

Following which, the other two women's body slowly turned ethereal and shifted towards the woman in the middle, gradually fusing their bodies together.

Was that magic? Three bodies fusing into one?! Just like that, the three identical woman standing before Xu Qi just moments before was fused into one being. Wasn't this a little too ridiculous?

"T-th-this… Miss, this…" Xu Qi stammered, pointing his finger at her.

"Don't be surprised. They were my phantoms, and my name is Xiaoqi1. As for why I saved you… there is no harm in telling you that. I was entrusted by someone to keep you safe. Also, there is a seal placed in the skies above Mt Fengwen that restricts flying. You will be struck down if you try to take flight. I'm leaving, take care," the young woman said and leapt off the other side of Mt Fengwen without waiting for Xu Qi's reply.

Xu Qi rushed over animatedly and looked down the mountain. However, he didn't see a trace of her.

"Xiaoqi? Entrusted by someone? Who could it be? Besides, it was no wonder I was struck by lightning. It turned out that there was a flight-sealing talisman in place above Mt Fengwen!" Xu Qi mumbled.

He went to sit down on a large rock. Xu Qi let out a soft sigh and formed a rainbow seal in his hands. Xuanwu and Zhuque's figures gradually appeared before him.

Zhuque was wielding her Scarlet Firmament Sword, while the exhausted Xuanwu was exuding a faint layer of blue energy around him. They seemed ready for battle.

Xuanwu and Zhuque scanned their surroundings after being summoned. They realized that there was no danger, and that Xu Qi was sitting on a rock leisurely, looking at them.

Meanwhile, the Icebright Bear was standing to the side with its head drooped down. From the looks of it, it wasn't in a great mood.

A slap rang out before Xu Qi could speak a word, and he felt his cheek burning.

He turned around to look at saw that Zhuque was looking at him furiously.

"You think you're so great, don't you! You actually sent us back into the Four Divinities Cavern at such a crucial moment! Do you think you're a hero or something? Do you!?" Zhuque screamed. Her emotions seemed to be fully out of control.

Earlier, the bear-headed Chi had swung its huge hammer at them when they plummeted from the sky. At that time, Xuanwu was exhausted while Zhuque had received backlash from catching him.

Xu Qi didn't think of anything else at that moment and returned them to the cavern without warning to protect them from danger.

He never expected Zhuque, who would usually speak to him rudely, to actually slap him, and even scream at him with such ferocity. Wasn't she obviously showing concern for me? She wouldn't be slapping me to take some petty revenge against me, would she? It doesn't seem like it!

On the other hand, the attentive Xuanwu took a good look at Xu Qi and noticed the blood stains on his legs and shoulder.

"Damn brat, it's not easy being a hero, isn't it? Come, I'll have a look at your injuries," Xuanwu said as he came over to Xu Qi's side.

"I'm fine, Uncle. It's only superficial wounds. Instead, earlier you were..?" Xu Qi asked, looking at the blue energy in Xuanwu's hands.

Xuanwu explained his situation to Xu Qi.

It turned out that the technique Xuanwu used in the cave which enveloped their bodies in blue energy was his unique ability, the Black Tortoise Secret Arts.

After using that technique, his strength and defense would temporarily increase to a frightening degree.

However, Xuanwu forcefully activated the Black Tortoise Secret Arts with his current cultivation level that wasn't even half of what it used to be, which resulted in him being completely exhausted.

Fortunately, Xuanwu began recovering his strength immediately after he was returned to the Four Divinities Cavern by Xu Qi, and used several Revitalizing Jets on himself once he could manipulate his energy. As such, Xuanwu was now in decent shape.

Xu Qi nodded after hearing this. He was truly worried that Xuanwu and Zhuque would turn into their true forms and fight to the death. It was no laughing matter if it turned out that way.

Xuanwu then casted a Revitalizing Jet on Xu Qi. While the latter was recovering, he told Xuanwu about what happened while they were gone.

Xuanwu and Zhuque clicked their tongues in wonder after hearing Xu Qi tell them that it was a young woman who could separate her bodies into three who saved him.

However, what the two deity beasts were thinking was beyond the superficial level. Entrusted by someone to save him? Appearing at the most crucial moment? Wasn't that too much of a coincidence?

"Say, should we be chatting here? What if those inhuman warriors come out again?" Zhuque reminded, looking around at their surroundings cautiously.

After being treated by Xuanwu, Xu Qi's injuries were no longer a cause for concern. He stood up and loosened his body, saying, "How could we leave just like that after suffering a loss from them? We were originally here to search for the burial grounds of a Saint realm expert, and we almost lost our lives before we discovered anything. I'm not willing to."

"What? You still intend to return to that cave?" Xuanwu asked doubtfully.

"Return? Of course I do! But I'm not that silly," Xu Qi chuckled and beckoned for the Icebright Bear to head towards the cave.

Confusion could be seen in both Xuanwu and Zhuque's gazes, but they quickly followed behind them nonetheless.

After arriving at the cave's vicinity, Xu Qi looked at the dark cave and took out a Green Mystique Fruit, dangling it before the Icebright Bear and said, "Here, I'll assign you a laborious task. I'll let you have this fruit if you did your job well!"

Monsters were naturally able to identify spiritual objects. The moment the Green Mystique Fruit appeared, the Icebright Bear realized that the fruit in Xu Qi's hand was nothing ordinary and hurriedly nodded.

"Turn big, just like before. Smash everything from this entrance onwards and destroy the whole cave!" Xu Qi instructed. He actually decided to have the Icebright Bear wreck the cave!

However, this project was no trivial matter. Although the cave wasn't huge, the distance the entire tunnel covered was no short length. Xu Qi was truly optimistic in his thinking to have the Icebright Bear destroy the cave.

Despite that, under the allure of the Green Mystique Fruit, the Icebright Bear slapped its chest confidently and nodded.

Monsters were straightforward creatures, indeed. After agreeing, it immediately transformed into a ten-meter gigantic bear and clenched its paws, smashing the cave.

The ground beneath their feet shook. The Icebright Bear collapsed the cave entrance with a single punch and began throwing the crumbled rocks to the side.

After seeing this, black lines appeared on Xuanwu and Zhuque's foreheads. They were truly speechless at the sight.

Xu Qi had always been like this. No matter what he did, his methods were always a little unorthodox.

Even so, no one was able to stop Xu Qi from acting this way. Those eight figures had caused some trauma to Xu Qi earlier. If it wasn't for the sudden appearance of the young woman named Xiaoqi, he would have been toyed to death by those eight.

After witnessing one of the figures dissipating into black mist upon exposure to the sun, the idea of destroying this cave to kill them all using the sun sprung up in his mind.

However, the most worrying issue was their speed. That bunch of inhuman warriors would emerge once more if they were too slow and were unable to finish the task before sunset.

While the Icebright Bear was completing its mission eagerly, there was a sudden violent trembling of the ground. Xu Qi realized there were signs of the ground beneath him crumbling. He cursed inwardly and summoned his Five Elements Wings.

Zhuque wasn't slow to react, either. She grabbed Xuanwu and jumped away, leaving the area in danger

The Icebright Bear, however, could only fall along with the cave-in.

Moments later, a big black hole appeared on the mountainside right before their eyes.

Translator's Note:

1: Xiaoqi literally means Little Seven.

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