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Chapter 231 - It's That Miserable One Again!

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Rays of purple light shot down from the summit of Mt Fengwen, targeting the eight blue figures.

However, those eight were too fast and easily dodged them all. In the blink of an eye, they were already in front of Xu Qi.

There was no resistance put up by Xu Qi. He felt several blows to his body. Sounds of bone cracking rang out and he was sent flying.

Xu Qi stole a quick glance at the summit while he was blown away. He saw three figures sprinting their way, while shooting rays of purple light in his direction.

Who were these people? This was the only question Xu Qi had in mind as he crashed heavily to the ground.

He could no longer endure the pain coming from his chest and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Although his rainbow energy could rapidly heal his injuries, those eight inhuman figures would never stop their assault.

Perhaps the only time they would stop was after his death.

It started to drizzle. Droplets of rain fell on Xu Qi's face.

Before he could experience the sensation, several sonic booms rang out.

It was time for his final effort, and his final struggle. He couldn't forfeit his life so easily.

Xu Qi opened his eyes wide. He ignored the pain coming from his legs as his rainbow wings spread from his back once more, soaring straight towards the clouds.

However, right when he thought he'd succeeded, a silvery light appeared out of nowhere like the previous time and struck him.

Xu Qi felt his body going numb and lost control of his body. His brain, on the other hand, was incomparably clear, thinking, Are the Heavens willing for my death? Alas, he was not in control of his body and plummeted to the ground again.

As he fell closer to the ground, the eight blue figures leapt up towards Xu Qi.

They quickly formed a straight line and transformed into a gigantic sword, shooting towards Xu Qi.

He could only watch helplessly as the sword approached him, unable to dodge it.

Just as Xu Qi was about to be penetrated, a streak of purple light shot his way. He felt pain in his left arm and his body was pushed away by the momentum of the purple ray.

The gigantic sword narrowly missed Xu Qi, leaving him alive for now.

Xu Qi then fell onto the ground heavily, unable to stand back up, with an arrow now lodged in his left arm, still radiating purple energy.

Xu Qi knew that it was this arrow that had saved him in the crucial moment. Though, this method of saving him was truly a little sadistic, injuring him in order to save his life.

After narrowly missing Xu Qi, the eight-figures-transformed-sword turned sharply towards the ground and aimed at him once more.

Unexpectedly, Xu Qi started laughing out loud as he watched the gigantic sword coming towards him. He truly understood how it felt to be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Suddenly, he sensed another three auras around him.

They turned out to be three bow-wielding young women with purple auras around them.

They were wearing similar green clothes and wielding identical bows, watching the gigantic sword with cold, grave expressions.

They suddenly raised their bows at the same time, and shot out streaks of purple light at the falling sword.

Xu Qi was filled with doubts as he watched the three women shooting arrows. Reprisal realm Rangers? At such a young age? What's more, why can't I see where they are drawing their arrows from?!

Several dozen rays of purple light shot at the falling gigantic sword.

When they were about to collide, the gigantic sword suddenly burst open, and the eight figures spread out the moment they reappeared, dodging the purple arrows.

Even so, the eight figures weren't invincible. Their speed might be ridiculously high, but their movements were extremely limited while airborne.

The eight inhuman figures were struck by the arrows, and a couple of them even took multiple arrows to their bodies.

However, these eight figures were akin to suicidal warriors and continued their assault on Xu Qi. They seemed not to mind the arrows on their bodies in the least.

A blurry figure flashed before Xu Qi's eyes, and he felt his waist tighten, as if someone was picking him up.

Sounds of wind howling rang out in his ears, and before he realized it, he was already on the top of the mountain.

Xu Qi was indeed carried by one of the women with one arm.

He didn't dare to take a good look at the woman's appearance, and instead focused his gaze to the mountain. After all, he was escaping with his dear life.

The eight fallen figures were back on Xu Qi's tail, rushing up the mountain. They didn't even bother to pull out the arrows lodged in their bodies.

What exactly are these things? How deep is their resentment against me?!, Xu Qi kept thinking in his mind. He didn't seem to recall bullying any one after coming here.

At this moment, the rainfall grew increasingly stronger. The eight blue figures had now rushed up to the mountain top.

The three young women put their backs against one another, forming a triangle with the injured Xu Qi between them.

They quickly put their bows away, and brought out long staffs instead. That's right, they were now wielding long rods that couldn't seem any more ordinary.

Whenever any of the blue figures came up to the three women, they were struck and sent rolling down the mountain by the long staffs in their hands.

However, those eight inhuman warriors would just come running back up the mountain with astonishing speed after being sent down.

Their target was still obviously Xu Qi, who was currently under the three's protection.

Their battle continued on like this for a long time, and the three women didn't seem to move from their positions at all.

During all this, Xu Qi took this opportunity to recover. He discovered that energy had returned to his body, and he could even offer a helping hand in the fight.

However, before he could feel happy about this, he felt an impending danger coming his way.

He raised his head and saw the elite beasts, Tan and Chi, who had disappeared for quite some time, descending from the skies.

Chi had an especially savage look on its face, seemingly wishing to squash Xu Qi into meat paste with its huge hammers.

Even though Xu Qi was now under the protection of these three mysterious women for some unknown reasons, he didn't dare to be careless in the slightest.

As he was capable of fighting again, he absolutely couldn't afford to be hiding things. Rainbow energy shone from his body, and he instantly drew two Guard Break Talismans and used them on the elite beasts.

As Xu Qi looked at the bear-headed Chi, he was suddenly reminded of another bear he'd seen recently.

He quickly formed a summoning seal in his hand and threw it in the elite beasts' direction.

Just as the seal was about to collide into Tan and Chi, a blinding rainbow light shone.

Immediately after, a huge white mass crashed into them.

A wave of beasts' cry rang out. It was unknown who or what was responsible for the noise.

Tan and Chi was knocked flying after colliding with the white mass.

Naturally, the white mass wasn't faring any better. It fell and knocked against a pile of rocks.

Looking at the squirming white mass, Xu Qi couldn't help but laugh out loud. He had almost forgotten about this thing.

The white mass slowly stood up. Upon taking a closer look, it was actually Bu Linghai's familiar, the Icebright Bear!

Back then, the Icebright Bear was kicked off of Mt Wu Nian by both Zhuque and Xuanwu, but it didn't sustain much injury thanks to its thick hide and tough body.

Before descending the mountain, Zhuque "invited" Bu Linghai to come along with them and brought him to the Icebright Bear.

After experiencing the events of that day, the disheartened Bu Linghai retrieved his summoning talisman from his Icebright Bear under the combined pressure from Xuanwu and Zhuque, returning its freedom.

Unbeknownst to him, Xu Qi subdued the Icebright Bear not long after Bu Linghai left, turning it into his familiar. Xu Qi then tasked Zhuque to send it back to Rivulet City and made the Icebright Bear guard his house.

Back in present, Xu Qi thought of the Icebright Bear and quickly summoned it, suddenly turning the carefree guard into a meatshield.

The Icebright Bear stood back up unsteadily. Just as it was about to reveal a fierce look, it saw Xu Qi between the three young women smiling at it and instead pouted its lips like a human.

Then again, the Icebright Bear was no common monster, either. It immediately let out a roar and went on the offensive after realizing the eight blue figures were assaulting the three women protecting Xu Qi.

It didn't have a choice, either. It had just gotten a new master and couldn't afford to let him die. Not to mention it'd be in trouble if Xu Qi were to fall, it would also lose the carefree days it had just gotten to experience.

On the other hand, the three young women protecting Xu Qi had no reaction toward the Icebright Bear's sudden attack, as they had seen Xu Qi who summon it.

Right after reaching Xu Qi's side, the Icebright Bear suddenly grew larger, and turned into the gigantic form it had on Mt Wu Nian in the blink of an eye.

It swatted one of the blue figures flying forward with its paw. After which, it stood above the three women and Xu Qi, guarding them between its feet and warding off the blue figures with its huge paws, sending the blue figures flying a fair distance away.

In this short frame of time, the pressure on the three women was gradually reduced. They put their long staffs away and armed themselves with their bows once more, supporting the Icebright Bear with their archery.

However, the eight blue figures didn't seem to feel fatigue. They would constantly return to fight after being hurled away. As time passed, the Icebright Bear's movements grew sluggish and became much slower. Fortunately, the three women were there to cover its openings, neutralizing any threats.

On the other hand, Tan and Chi were hiding in the distance after their collision with the Icebright Bear, contemplating whether they should launch an attack personally.

Finally, the rain stopped, and the clouds were slowly scattering.

"Tch, we failed this time," tiger-headed Tan said to Chi, and quickly fled down the mountain. Chi hurriedly followed behind, and the two soon disappeared from sight.

Rays of sunlight penetrated through the grey clouds and shone onto the lands. The eight untiring figures finally stopped their attacks and returned to the cave at the mountain slope.

However, the sunlight reached the last of them before it managed to return to the cave, and its movements suddenly stopped, freezing in place as if paralyzed.

Xu Qi was curious about this and watched closely.

The figure gradually released black mist from its body before a naked body appeared in its place. Before anyone could take a closer look at its appearance, the body turned into black mist and dissipated as well.

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