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Chapter 214 - Tiger Blast

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Earlier, in the instant the Vampiric Spirit Wolf self-detonated, Guisheng was pulled under Bu Wanggui, shielding him with his body. Guisheng wasn't injured in the slightest from the explosion, but Bu Wanggui's back, on the other hand, was covered in blood.

"School Master, you..?!" Guisheng asked timidly. He truly didn't understand why the cold Bu Wanggui, who didn't value the lives of their school's disciples, actually covered him at his own expense.

"Run!" Bu Wanggui squeezed out the word from his mouth. He stuffed a jade token in Guisheng's hand and stood up unsteadily.

"Quickly bring me away!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf demanded weakly, obviously referring to Bu Wanggui.

However, Bu Wanggui started laughing out loud, a sharp deviation from his usual demeanor.

"What madness has claimed you, Bu Wanggui!? Quickly bring me away!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf demanded again.

"I didn't think your true name would be the Vampiric Spirit Wolf. You were by my side for over thirty years, and I only found out your name now!" Bu Wanggui cackled.

"Now is not the time for this! Hurry up and bring me away!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf continued its attempt to get Bu Wanggui to escape with it, but it never got the answer it wanted.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon, who had been healed by Black Tortoise's Revitalizing Jet, flew in front of Bu Wanggui and the Vampiric Spirit Wolf and asked, "Do you recognize me, Vampiric Spirit Wolf!?"

"I don't know who you are, nor do I wish to know!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf replied in a fluster. Without its eye, the monster looked to be in an extremely difficult situation.

"Do it; don't waste your time talking to it. Even without its eye, it can still sense its surroundings. Its name as a Spirit Wolf isn't for show! It's trying to drag the time out!" Black Tortoise spoke up.

Blackie nodded at hearing this, and punched down at the Vampiric Spirit Wolf. Just as the punch was about to connect, the monster's figure suddenly flickered, dodging the strike.

It flashed over in the direction of the blanked-out Guisheng, stopping behind him. Before he could react to it, the Vampiric Spirit Wolf rammed into Guisheng with its head, shoving him towards Blackie. Immediately after, it started running away as it called for Bu Wanggui.

Blackie didn't think much at seeing this at sent out another punch at Guisheng, slamming his fist onto the body of the young man.

However, Blackie's punch didn't land on Guisheng, who was used as a meat shield. Instead, his punch struck Bu Wanggui.

Blood flowed out from Bu Wanggui's mouth, dripping onto Blackie's fist, who then retracted his fist, puzzled.

Everyone was baffled after witnessing this scene. Why would Bu Wanggui sacrifice himself to save a disciple, defending him with his own body?

However, the escaping Vampiric Spirit Wolf didn't see this, and was still calling out for Bu Wanggui to run.

"School Master!" Guisheng cried out, his hands supporting Bu Wanggui's back, still holding onto the jade token. He didn't understand why Bu Wanggui would save him under such a dangerous situation, and even gave him the School Master's token.

At this moment, Bu Wanggui extended his hand out. A purple seal was formed in his palm, but no one knew when he did it.

Blackie cursed out at seeing this and quickly backed off.

"Undying Tiger! Appear!" Bu Wanggui shouted. The seal in his hand let out a purple radiance, and immediately after, a large striped tiger appeared in front of him.

"Tiger Blast!" Before everyone understood what was going on, Bu Wanggui waved his hands and a tiger-shaped seal appeared, laying it on the Undying Tiger.

Black Tortoise's expression sank and yelled out, "Blackie scoundrel, quickly run!" He then grabbed onto Xu Qi, who was spacing out, and ran in the opposite direction at great speed, picking up the unconscious Xu Xiaomei on the way.

Blackie was quick to react to Black Tortoise's call, and turned into a streak of light, grabbing Xu Pingfan's corpse and flying off.

A dazzling purple light shone from the Undying Tiger's body, and a great explosion followed. Xu Qi and the others felt a shockwave slam into them from behind as they ran, and their bodies were flung helplessly forward.

By the time Xu Qi's group stood up and looked back to where Bu Wanggui's group was, there was no longer anyone there.

Blackie slowly put Xu Pingfan's corpse down and went back to investigate, but Xu Qi grabbed onto his arm.

"Let's go together," Xu Qi said and took the lead. Black Tortoise looked at the two lying by his side and sighed helplessly.

When Xu Qi and Blackie came back to where the explosion occurred, they saw that a crater had covered everything, nothing else could be seen. Bu Wanggui and his group were all gone.

"They probably escaped," Xu Qi said softly and looked to his surroundings before returning to the others.

Blackie kicked a stone angrily before following behind Xu Qi.

Xu Qi returned to Black Tortoise's side and picked Xu Pingfan's body up with much difficulty using his good arm. With Black Tortoise's help, they laid Xu Pingfan on Xu Qi's back, and then he headed back to Rivulet City.

Blackie carried Xu Xiaomei on his own initiative and followed Xu Qi with Black Tortoise.


On a small hill about twenty-five hundred meters away from Rivulet City, Bu Wanggui and Guisheng were sitting on the ground with tattered clothings. The eyeless Vampiric Spirit Wolf was laying on the ground by the side, panting heavily.

"Come over here," Bu Wanggui beckoned the Vampiric Spirit Wolf.

The latter seemed to be very dissatisfied with Bu Wanggui. Just as it wanted to say something, a green sword identical to the one he used earlier quickly appeared in Bu Wanggui's hand, impaling the Vampiric Spirit Wolf's head.

It obviously didn't expect Bu Wanggui would do such a thing to it, as it wasn't on guard at all. Its body slowly collapsed unwillingly, and a cloud of dust arose.

Bu Wanggui spat out a mouthful of black blood violently after killing the Vampiric Spirit Wolf. His body fell along with the monster, but was caught by Guisheng.

"Are you confused as to why I killed this beast?" Bu Wanggui asked gently, looking at Guisheng with his dispirited eyes.

Guisheng nodded. It wasn't only this matter that left him confused. He didn't understand almost everything that happened today. All of it had surpassed his expectations.

"My life is near its end. The Undying School will be left to you from now on. There are some matters I have to tell you. Let's start from this beast," Bu Wanggui said.

Even so, Guisheng wanted to interrupt Bu Wanggui. He wanted to remind him that they had just escaped and weren't completely safe. What if the enemy caught up to them?

However, Bu Wanggui seemed to know what Guisheng was thinking and said deliberately, "Don't worry about that Xu Qi. He won't have the time to care about us with the things happening in his clan."

Following which, Bu Wanggui began recounting the matters between the Vampiric Spirit Wolf and himself.

Bu Wanggui rose to the position of the Undying School's School Master over thirty years ago. He was full of vigor back then, and cared greatly about the competition for the top spot against the other cultivation schools. He had always hoped for the Undying School to surpass the other six, becoming the undisputed number one cultivation school.

However, after losing consecutively to the House of Soaring Moon and the Misty Tower's respective sect masters, he immersed himself in endless cultivation.

Every successive generation of the Undying School's School Master was bestowed with a mature Undying Tiger as their familiar. Naturally, Bu Wanggui was given one as well.

The reason why the Undying Tiger was named as such wasn't because it could never die. Instead, if an Undying Tiger were to die, a new Undying Tiger would appear in the Spirit Tiger Cave within the Undying School, awaiting their new master.

The strongest move of the Undying Tiger was none other than the Tiger Blast Bu Wanggui used earlier. It was a Void realm monster, and the Tiger Blast was even stronger than the conventional self-detonation technique. It was even rumored that an Undying Tiger had once killed a Reprisal realm expert using the Tiger Blast.

However, no one knew that when it used the Tiger Blast, it would automatically avoid the area around the person who used the technique. This was how Bu Wanggui managed to use the opportunity to escape.

After Bu Wanggui obtained the familiar that was unique to the Undying School's School Master, he went searching everywhere for stronger monsters to tame as his own, increasing his strength.

Finally, he encountered the Vampiric Spirit Wolf on a deserted mountain while it was attacking other monsters.

It successfully killed a Void realm monster after several moves, and quickly proceeded to absorb its blood essence. Bu Wanggui was immensely interested after seeing this, and thought of a way to bring down the Vampiric Spirit Wolf.

However, much to his surprise, the Vampiric Spirit Wolf actually took the initiative and spoke to him. He was greatly astonished back then, and thought of running for his life.

The temptation of more strength got to Bu Wanggui. Lured by the Vampiric Spirit Wolf's flowery speech, Bu Wanggui accepted the Vampiric Spirit Wolf into his body according to the method it taught him, and it became his unique familiar.

The benefit was that the Vampiric Spirit Wolf could instantly boost his strength to the Reprisal realm. This was too much of a temptation for Bu Wanggui to resist.

However, from that moment on, Bu Wanggui had stepped onto a path of no return.

After taking in the Vampiric Spirit Wolf into his body, Bu Wanggui challenged several experts from other schools consecutively. With the help of his new familiar, he emerged victorious in all his battles, and his opponents were all turned into corpses.

Not only that, Bu Wanggui discovered that he was attracted to the blood of his fallen opponents, drawing him in further to corruption.

In the end, his fallen opponents' blood essence was all sucked away mercilessly.

It was only after the matter that Bu Wanggui found out that the familiar in him required blood essence to improve its strength.

However, Bu Wanggui realized that after taking the Vampiric Spirit Wolf into his body, he would crave the blood essence of cultivation experts, as if it was an addiction. He had to absorb the essence to quell the thirst inside him.

He was unwilling to do so in the beginning, but gradually became someone who would take the initiative to do so. Under the Vampiric Spirit Wolf's influence, Bu Wanggui thoroughly turned into a devil.

From that moment, Bu Wanggui understood that his subduing of the Vampiric Spirit Wolf, and turning it into his familiar, was, in fact, quite the opposite. From the looks of it, he had very possibly became its slave!

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