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Chapter 213 - The Domineering Black Tortoise!

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The purple monster was stupefied as it blocked the Dao Induced Flame. It hurriedly glanced in the direction of that awesome voice, and its blood-red eye was glued onto the huge figure after seeing it.

"You, you're, you're Deity Xuanwu!" the purple monster exclaimed, not daring to believe what it was seeing.

The Black Tortoise had returned to his original form. He was thoroughly angered by Xu Pingfan's death and Xu Xiaomei's injury. Even so, the biggest reason he transformed was because of Xu Qi's suicidal assault.

Black Tortoise recognized the purple monster that had come out from the gemstones on Bu Wanggui's chest. It was the Vampiric Spirit Wolf, and had some infamy during the ancient era. Although its strength wasn't as renowned as the ten Ominous Beasts, it was considered rather extraordinary, with its unique vampiric eye and cunning methods.

But Black Tortoise could vividly recall that there was only a single Vampiric Spirit Wolf during the ancient era. He had heard tales that it had been killed. Why would it appear here today, in such a fashion?

On the other hand, Bu Wanggui actually revealed a subtle smile on his expressionless face after seeing the Black Tortoise's true form, and repelled Xu Qi's attack with a palm strike.

Bu Wanggui stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, a drop of saliva falling silently. His gaze toward the Black Tortoise had turned into one of greed. It seemed like he had seen an appetizing delicacy.

"Bu Wanggui! Quickly retreat! Don't even think about it; he's not something you can have designs on! Run!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf cried out anxiously at Bu Wanggui. Its body turned into a streak of light, and shot towards Bu Wanggui's chest.

However, just as the Vampiric Spirit Wolf began moving, a blue energy globe several times its size appeared around it, encasing it completely. The Vampiric Spirit Wolf was trapped in the bubble, and started struggling wildly.

Alas, no matter whether it used its claws, or shot the blood-hued energy sphere from its mouth, its attacks were unable to free it from the globe of blue energy.

"Deity Xuanwu, please have mercy on me and let me go! I didn't know it was you before and offended you! I can offer compensation, no matter what it is that you ask of me! In this world, there is no object I can't get my hands on!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf pleaded.

Bu Wanggui seemed to be disdainful of the Vampiric Spirit Wolf's actions. He waved his palm and sent out a purple palm-strike at Black Tortoise.

"Bu Wanggui! Don't drag me down if you wish to freaking die! Stop it!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf shouted immediately when it saw the silent Bu Wanggui attacking Black Tortoise.

However, Bu Wanggui seemed to not hear it. A green sword appeared in his hand as he burst into motion, flying straight at Black Tortoise's dragon head. From the looks of it, he wanted to cleave the Black Tortoise's head open.

The Black Tortoise seemed to have no intention of attacking. His gigantic frame emitted a layer of faint blue energy, yet he showed no signs of taking action against the imminent palm strike.

From Xu Qi's perspective, the mighty palm strike landed on the Black Tortoise in two breaths' time. However, it struck the Black Tortoise's shell. He couldn't tell when Black Tortoise had turned sideways.

Barely a ripple formed on the layer of blue energy above the Black Tortoise's shell. At the same time, Bu Wanggui's green sword slashed down on Black Tortoise's head with an overwhelming might.

Xu Qi felt even more hatred for Bu Wanggui as he watched the latter's majestic appearance from the ground. Earlier, the Black Tortoise had secretly told Xu Qi not to do anything, and he complied, only watching from the side.

Bu Wanggui's expression turned savage as his green sword drew closer to Black Tortoise's head, anticipating the scene of the Black Tortoise's head being split in half.

However, when the slash he was so proud of chopped down on Black Tortoise's head, he discovered that he instead looked a little silly.

It didn't go as Bu Wanggui had imagined. The Black Tortoise's head wasn't split open, nor did he suffer any injury from the slash. Not even the surface of his skin was wounded in any way. On the other hand, Bu Wanggui's green sword shattered into pieces that scattered uselessly all over the ground.

"You fool! Come back quickly!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf yelled out, still trapped inside the blue energy sphere. During the ancient era, there was no human or monster who didn't know about the Black Tortoise's absurd defense. And now, Bu Wanggui had actually tried to injure the Black Tortoise in his true form. How crazy of him!

However, Bu Wanggui continued ignoring the Vampiric Spirit Wolf. He looked at the large pair of eyes in front of him and spoke out, "What monster are you?"

Pa! Before the Black Tortoise answered him, Bu Wanggui felt his body being whipped by something and was smashed downwards.

Bu Wanggui barely managed to regain his balance and avoid crashing into the ground. He wiped the blood from his mouth, and noticed that his clothes were torn at the chest. Some of the gemstones had fallen to the ground.

On the other hand, the trapped Vampiric Spirit Wolf seemed to have suffered a backlash from Bu Wanggui's injury. Its aura immediately weakened, it fell weakly to the ground, and the blood red hue in its eye grew fainter. The gaze it locked on Bu Wanggui was full of resentment.

Bu Wanggui glanced at the Vampiric Spirit Wolf and said to Black Tortoise, "It seems like I can't escape today. I truly haven't misjudged you; how powerful!"

As usual, the Black Tortoise showed no signs of paying heed to Bu Wanggui. Its large mouth spat out a wide area of blue mist at Bu Wanggui and the Vampiric Spirit Wolf.

Bu Wanggui quickly retreated on seeing this, but for some unknown reason, after the Vampiric Spirit Wolf was imprisoned he could no longer employ the speed he had shown earlier. Not only that, he couldn't use the purple phantom technique, either.

The blue mist quickly gathered into a blue square cage, trapping the Vampiric Spirit Wolf, Bu Wanggui, and the seemingly dreaming Guisheng inside it.

The cage slowly shrank to the size of two adults, trapping the two humans and one monster tightly together.

Next, Black Tortoise sprayed some blue droplets on Xu Qi, Blackie, and Xu Xiaomei, who was slightly further away. Xu Qi recognized them; it was the Black Tortoise's Revitalizing Jet, an extraordinary healing technique. The Black Tortoise even sprayed some of them at the dead Xu Pingfan, hoping for a miracle.

After doing all this, the Black Tortoise's stature started shrinking, returning to human form.

However, Xu Qi realized that in the instant Black Tortoise transformed back into human, he seemed to lose his balance and swayed for a moment.

His complexion was normal, but Xu Qi perceived that his aura was in slight disarray. Returning to his true form to battle had obviously taken a toll on him.

The Black Tortoise slowly walked to Xu Qi's side and took Xu Qi's spear, throwing it aside. He then grabbed Xu Qi's twisted right arm and inspected it.

Although Xu Qi felt pain coming from his right arm, he didn't show any change in his expression.

"Endure," Black Tortoise stated. It only served as a notification, however, there was no intention of discussion. Then, he grabbed on Xu Qi's right shoulder and slowly slid his other hand down.

Sounds of bones cracking rang out, and the twisted area returned to normal. However, Xu Qi knew that he would be unable to use his arm in the near future. He had to let it recuperate.

They didn't exchange any more words. Xu Qi only nodded at Black Tortoise and proceeded to pick up his spear off the ground, walking over to the square cage.

After failing to break out from the cage, Bu Wanggui looked to be tired and sat on the ground in meditation.

"You don't have to do this. I'll do it myself," the Black Tortoise said behind Xu Qi, sounding rather fatigued.

"Deity Xuanwu, please spare my life. I promise to never appear in front of you again, and I will never come find trouble with this Young Master Xu," the Vampiric Spirit Wolf pleaded weakly.

Xu Qi creased his brow slightly and said, "Vampiric Spirit Wolf, answer a few questions of mine. If you're truthful about it, I will consider letting you go. After all, you have an extraordinary origin; I don't wish for you to die in foreign lands. Did you use some unique methods to combine into a single entity with Bu Wanggui?"

The Vampiric Spirit Wolf seemed to have found a life-saving straw and hurriedly grabbed at it, answering, "Yes, we've indeed fused into a single entity. He is able to utilize my cultivation as his own." Not a hint of its haughtiness from earlier could be seen.

"Good. Next question: was it you, or him, who hurt that woman and that man over there?" Xu Qi asked, pointing his finger at Xu Xiaomei and Xu Pingfan.

"This, I guess it was the both of us, but-"

"Shut up!" Xu Qi stopped the Vampiric Spirit Wolf from continuing on. He put his spear away and said to Black Tortoise, "Uncle, kill that Bu Wanggui."

The Vampiric Spirit Wolf drew strength out of nowhere and yelled out, "You're killing us!? Didn't you say you were unwilling to let me die in foreign lands?! You're going back on your words!"

"Listen carefully. The one I'm killing is Bu Wanggui. I didn't say anything about killing you," Xu Qi said plainly.

"You bastard! I'll die too, if you kill Bu Wanggui!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf continued shouting.

However, Xu Qi no longer paid any attention to it and walked towards Xu Pingfan's body.

"Xu Qi, don't you wish to know who the ones attacking your Xu Clan right now are?" Bu Wanggui suddenly spoke out.

"Not interested. They'll die regardless," Xu Qi replied evenly, but a hint of doubt flashed across his mind. Could it be that those people attacking the Xu Clan right now are not from the Undying School?

"Oh," Bu Wanggui uttered at hearing this, and slowly closed his eyes.

Black Tortoise walked over to the square cage. Blue energy shone in his hand as he prepared to kill the Vampiric Spirit Wolf, Bu Wanggui, and Guisheng.

"Xuanwu! Are you really killing me!? We were spirits born from the same plane! If it's like this, then I won't let you have it easy, either!" the Vampiric Spirit Wolf suddenly yelled out maniacally, and its single eye flew out of its socket.

Xu Qi had yet to understand what was going on. Just as he was about to turn around to take a look, the Black Tortoise swept Xu Qi off his feet, withdrawing to a safe distance.

A loud explosion rang out in their ears. The energy cage Black Tortoise had conjured in his true form had disappeared, and his figure staggered, almost falling, but was caught by Xu Qi with his good arm.

The Vampiric Spirit Wolf was now covered in blood, attempting to stand back up. At this moment, its eye was missing, and it was bleeding from the empty eye socket.

Bu Wanggui was lying on the ground, Guisheng pressed underneath him.

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