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Chapter 212 - Tragic

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Xu Qi was dismayed at seeing this. He didn’t dare to waste time thinking and struck out several rainbow palms without stopping, continuing his flight towards Xu Xiaomei.

Xu Qi’s rainbow palms smashed against the overbearing purple palms, but were instantly obliterated the moment they came into contact. On the other hand, the Black Tortoise halted in place, and kept sending out his blue energy from his hand.

A blue-colored phantom of the Black Tortoise’s true form appeared almost instantly in front of him. Following which, the phantom extended its huge claws and took on the purple palms.

A strange situation occurred then. Although the Black Tortoise’s phantom managed to stop the palm strikes after they clashed, he soon realized that the might contained in the palms was incredibly powerful. The two forces were locked in a stalemate.

Just as Xu Qi was about to reach Xu Xiaomei, a purple phantom materialized behind Xu Xiaomei and landed a palm strike on her back. Xu Qi felt a sharp pain in his heart as he saw Xu Xiaomei spit out mouthfuls of blood as she was flung away.

“Xiaomei!” Xu Qi cried. His Five Elements Wings spread out from behind his back, and Xu Qi turned into a streak of light, flying toward Xu Xiaomei.

However, the purple phantom intercepted him just as he moved. Its speed was too fast, and Xu Qi couldn’t react in time. All he could do was to raise his right arm subconsciously to block. A snapping sound rang out, followed by excruciating pain from his arm.

The purple phantom didn’t stop, however, and shot out another palm at Xu Qi. Just as the palm was about to hit the falling Xu Qi, an arm suddenly appeared from behind him and matched the palm strike.

The purple phantom was repelled back some distance, and immediately turned into a purple streak, flying toward Xu Xiaomei, who had yet to crash to the ground.

“Uncle, quick, save Xiaomei!” Xu Qi shouted without seeing who had just saved him.

The person beside him didn’t move, however, nor did he say a word. Xu Qi hurriedly look behind him, and saw that the Black Tortoise was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. The Black Tortoise, who had a tanned complexion, was actually looking pale right now.

Xu Qi didn’t dare to speak a word about it at seeing this. The Black Tortoise was obviously injured, and Xu Qi beat his Five Elements Wings, rushing after Xu Xiaomei at maximum speed.

Even so, with the Five Elements Wings out, Xu Qi was unable to surpass the purple phantom’s speed. The phantom caught up to the fallen Xu Xiaomei and materialized into an actual body, who naturally turned out to be Bu Wanggui. He smirked at Xu Qi and raised his foot, stomping down on the fainted Xu Xiaomei’s head.

“No!” Xu Qi screamed at the top of his lungs. His voice was as loud as the thunder, echoing in the distance. Those who heard his voice couldn’t help but feel their hearts tighten at his sorrow.

Just as Bu Wanggui’s foot was about to land on Xu Xiaomei, a figure suddenly appeared by her side and used his own body to withstand Bu Wanggui’s kick.

Kacha! Sounds of bones cracking rang out.

“Uncle Mang!” Xu Qi cried out. He was still a short distance away from Xu Xiaomei, and saw that the one who shielded her was in fact Xu Pingfan, who had gone unnoticed all this time.

Xu Pingfan hugged Bu Wanggui’s leg tightly as blood bubbled in his mouth. He watched reluctantly as Xu Qi drew closer, tears welling up in his eyes.

Bu Wanggui was obviously angered by Xu Pingfan’s sudden appearance. He lifted his other foot and stomped on Xu Pingfan’s chest.

Even so, Xu Pingfan managed to muster some strength out of nowhere and held onto Bu Wanggui’s leg tightly, ignoring the pain from his body.

Alas, the difference in their strengths was too wide, and Xu Pingfan was kicked aside by Bu Wanggui.

Xu Qi had finally reached them, and immediately used the Cursed Wraith Talisman anxiously at close proximity. The translucent daoist appeared, and whipped his horsetail whisk at Bu Wanggui.

At the same time, rainbow energy shone on Xu Qi, and he slashed down at Bu Wanggui with a sword in his hand.

Bu Wanggui’s body turned into a phantom once more as he tried to escape the effective range of the Cursed Wraith Talisman. However, countless rainbow talismanic characters struck him just as he tried to escape, and he realized that he could no longer move.

“What technique is this?”, Bu Wanggui wondered out loud to himself. However, he didn’t dare to hesitate for a single moment and struck out a palm at Xu Qi.

At this moment, Xu Qi was filled with rage, and all he had in his sights was Bu Wanggui, and a single thought in his mind: kill Bu Wanggui!

His sword slashed down as Bu Wanggui’s palm strike struck Xu Qi cleanly on his chest. He was sent flying away, his gaze full of unwillingness.

Xu Qi grip on his sword loosened as he was repelled, the sword tip caught in Bu Wanggui’s hand with two fingers. His desperate attack had actually failed to hurt Bu Wanggui in the slightest.

Just as Xu Qi was about to crash into the ground, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon forcefully endured his injuries and caught Xu Qi.

However, doing so had aggravated his injuries. Blackie’s body swayed and stumbled on the ground, landing on his butt.

In just the span of the time it took for about a dozen breaths, Xu Xiaomei was sent flying and Xu Pingfan was kicked away, their statuses unknown. Even the Black Tortoise was injured from receiving the palm strike head-on. Xu Qi had his right arm broken in a weird angle. The situation was looking grim.

After revealing his Reprisal realm strength, Bu Wanggui managed to beat down the powerful lineup that Xu Qi was so proud of in such a short time.

All it took was a single move for each of them. He didn’t use any fancy techniques, either. All he used were simple palm strikes and kicks, and yet they were beaten into such a sorry state.

Bu Wanggui’s figure flickered and returned to his original position next to Guisheng, who was looking at them all with his mouth agape.

In his many years under Bu Wanggui’s wings, Guisheng had witnessed Bu Wanggui’s strength for himself. However, the strength he witnessed before, and the rumors floating within the school, was that Bu Wanggui’s cultivation was, at best, at the peak of Void realm. Bu Wanggui was supposedly rumored to have extremely slim chances to advance into the Reprisal realm within his lifespan. Why would he suddenly turn out to be a Reprisal realm expert?

Guisheng didn’t dare to think about it, ask about it, or even look at Bu Wanggui. He lowered his head and stood by the side respectfully.

As he lowered his head, Guisheng unintentionally noticed that Bu Wanggui’s legs seemed to be trembling slightly.

On the other side, Xu Qi’s twisted hand drooped weakly by his side, his facial muscles trembling. He continued manipulating his Five Elements Wings and came to Xu Xiaomei’s side.

He placed his hand on her neck, and found that she still had a pulse. Xu Qi couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Immediately after, he shifted his gaze over to Xu Pingfan, who was lying on the ground a short distance away.

Xu Qi walked over blankly to Xu Pingfan. The latter’s chest was caved in, his face covered in blood. No signs of life could be found on him, obviously dead. Xu Qi felt as if his strength was emptied out and knelt weakly on the ground.

He shook his head bitterly, having no idea how to express his sorrow as tears kept rolling off the corner of his eyes.

Someone who was still alive and well just moments ago, was now separated by life and death, just like that.

Xu Pingfan didn’t even say a word before he died. He only looked at Xu Qi with a gaze that showed his unwillingness to part. Over the years, Xu Pingfan had been helping Xu Qi behind his back silently. One could even argue that Xu Pingfan had provided Xu Qi with much more than his parents did.

He understood this young master of his well, and knew that Xu Xiaomei was someone very important to him. Therefore, he didn’t wish to see Xu Qi feeling hurt, and used his own life to trade for hers.

At this moment, Xu Pingfan’s smile was all that was in Xu Qi’s mind. Tears had blurred his vision, snot was running down from his nose, and his mouth was wide open. He looked as if he was a crying baby who had just lost his most precious object.

Although the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon had only acquainted himself with Xu Qi for a short period of time and didn’t know Xu Pingfan well, seeing Xu Qi, who was so strong-willed even in the face of Vermilion Bird, acting so sorrowful made him feel a little sad inside, too.

Right now, the calmest person was the Black Tortoise. Xu Pingfan might be dead, but now was not the time to be sad. Their formidable foe was still looking at them, and could possibly claim their lives at any moment. Even so, why did Bu Wanggui stop attacking them?

Suddenly, Bu Wanggui spoke out, looking at Black Tortoise, “Your true form is a monster, right? That girl and this black guy, too. All of you are monsters who are able to take human form. I actually encountered three of you at one go. How strange.”

Black Tortoise was dumbstruck at hearing this. Not even ancient cultivators could tell that they were actually monsters, and yet Bu Wanggui could do so. Could it be that he was a monster-turned-human too!?

“Who exactly are you? Could you tell us your real identity?” Black Tortoise asked plainly.

“I am me. Since such monsters like you exist, why don’t you come with me? I’m sure you’d live a life better than following this young fellow. No matter what you need, we can negotiate,” Bu Wanggui said, obviously becoming more talkative now.

However, while Bu Wanggui was speaking, Black Tortoise noticed something strange on Bu Wanggui. The gemstones on his chest actually formed the picture of a monster.

Coupled with the fact that the Undying School was famed for their Spiritualists, yet he had never summoned his familiar, then the gemstone picture on his chest must not be so simple. Perhaps, could it be...

“You want to bring us away? Show your familiar and let it talk to me. I’m truly curious. What kind of a familiar would the esteemed School Master of the Undying School own, that it was actually capable of perceiving my true identity?” Black Tortoise said plainly.

“You’ve seen through it?” Bu Wanggui smiled subtly.

Suddenly, the gemstones on his chest all lit up and shone at the ground, forming the picture of a monster baring its fangs and claws.

The light receded, and the picture on the ground turned into a phantom, then materialized into an actual body of a purple wolf-like monster, about the size of an actual wolf.

It had one eye, one horn, and its entire body was covered in purple fur. Its eye, on the other hand, was blood-red in color.

“What is that thing?” Blackie couldn’t help but wonder out loud at the sudden appearance of the monster.

Black Tortoise waved his hand at Blackie, indicating he should keep quiet, and asked the horned purple monster, “You were the one who saw through my true form?”

Hearing this, the purple wolf-monster wagged its tail and walked around the Black Tortoise before replying, “I don’t have the ability to perceive your true form, but I could tell from your scent. Although you took human form, the monster scent on you will never change!” It could obviously speak, as well!

“You must be the reason why that geezer’s cultivation suddenly soared earlier, right?” Black Tortoise asked.

“Aiya, don’t talk about it. I wouldn’t have helped him if it wasn’t for the fact I can’t be away from him for too long,” the purple monster complained.

“It seems you’re the real School Master of the Undying School. Speak; how are we going to resolve this matter today?” Black Tortoise asked.

“Everything is negotiable if you guys come with me,” the purple monster said, its tone suddenly becoming haughty.

“Hmph, a mere Vampiric Spirit Wolf from the ancient era dares to speak so arrogantly to me?! Who gave you the gall!?” Black Tortoise humphed coldly.

“H-how did you know my name?! Impossible; no human or monsters on this side know my name! Could it, could it be that you’re..!” the purple monster exclaimed, and suddenly turned into a purple streak of light, vanishing into the gemstones on Bu Wanggui’s chest.

Guisheng was absolutely dumbstruck at hearing their conversation. These people are all monsters!?

Suddenly, Xu Qi roared furiously, “Bu Wanggui, I’m going to kill you!” A mass of golden flames flew over the Black Tortoise’s head, aiming directly at Bu Wanggui.

Bu Wanggui quickly formed a purple energy wall in front of him in defense. Surprisingly, the All-Tempering Flame, which was able to burn through all objects, was actually unable to destroy it.

Immediately after, Xu Qi found his way in front of Bu Wanggui with a spear in his hand. The spearhead was only a foot away from Bu Wanggui’s chest when his attack was blocked. The All-Tempering Flame quickly turned into a sphere, trapping the two inside.

At this moment, Xu Qi’s spear vanished mysteriously, and a sword appeared in its place. Before Bu Wanggui could understand what was going on, Xu Qi’s sword shot out a golden flaming sword into the sky and quickly fell right down, aiming at Bu Wanggui.

The move Xu Qi was using now was none other than the Dao Induced Flame. It used the sword as a medium, forming a flaming sword with the help of actual flames to attack the enemy. If struck by it, the All-Tempering Flame would burrow into the target’s body, burning them from within, gifting them a pain worse than death.

Bu Wanggui seemed to be quite afraid of the Dao Induced Flame. The gemstones on his chest shone once more, and the purple monster from before shot out from them. It bared its fangs, shooting out a blood-red ball of energy at the Dao Induced Flame. Upon colliding, the Dao Induced Flame was knocked to the ground.

“Vampiric Spirit Wolf! Since you’re out, you no longer have to return! Do you think I, the Black Tortoise, am a pushover!?” A gigantic figure slowly rose behind Xu Qi.

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