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Chapter 211 - Skirmish

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Bu Wanggui showed no signs of surprise when Xu Qi accurately deduced his identity. After all, it was extremely difficult to perceive any expression on his bony face.

Xu Qi’s feud with the number one cultivation school of Mirrorlink, the Undying School, was rather deep-rooted. Over a decade ago, the Undying School sent their men to the Xu Clan for the Stellar Splitter sword, but they were all killed by him. Following that, the incident in the capital happened.

He killed their Second Elder, Bu Wangli, to exact revenge for Qian Yin and Qian Yun. Next Xu Qi crippled the Undying School’s Young School Master, Bu Chenglin. Finally, it was the recent conflict with the Undying School’s hidden experts, Bu Duanhun, Bu Duanfei, Bu Duanpo, and Bu Duansan, right here in front of the city gates. Xu Qi killed all four of them, scattering their souls and spirit, much like their names suggested.1

What was done could never be undone. Since Bu Wanggui had come to them, he was definitely no fool, either. It was impossible for them to have a seat and talk things through over a cup of tea.

Even so, Xu Qi didn’t fear Bu Wanggui. The Black Tortoise and Xu Xiaomei were by his side, not to mention the Twelve Constellation Guards and the experts of Luo Xiang House. Even if Bu Wanggui sent the entire Undying School to attack his Xu Clan, he might not have an easy time bringing them down.

The only issue Xu Qi was helpless about was their Inner School. He had no clue as to their strength.

Bu Wanggui’s cold voice rang out once more, asking, “Were you the one who hurt my child?”

“You’re referring to Bu Chenglin, aren’t you? I was the one who hurt him. I’ll just tell you everything now to save your breath. Over a decade ago, the men you sent to my Xu Clan were killed by me, and your Second Elder died at my hands in the capital, too. The four you sent here to Rivulet City to capture me some days prior also died not far away, under the city walls,” Xu Qi said indifferently, and even smiled helplessly at Bu Wanggui.

“Good, good, good!” Bu Wanggui repeated on hearing this. His tone grew heavier every time he said the word “good”, causing Guisheng to be scared witless. Guisheng’s grasp on Bu Wanggui’s temper was rather good, and he had never seen Bu Wanggui so furious before.

On the other hand, the Xu Clan’s gang didn’t seem to put Bu Wanggui’s tone to mind. After all, the Xu Clan’s current strength was sufficient to go against any of the seven top schools. That was, of course, not including the Inner Schools behind them.

“Be careful, this geezer’s aura seems a little amiss,” Black Tortoise whispered. He took a small step, and half-shielded Xu Qi behind him. He had one hand hidden behind him, conjuring a energy sphere silently.

Unsurprisingly, Bu Wanggui’s body was slowly being enveloped by a layer of dazzling red energy. A hue of purple was mixed in it, and grew increasingly obvious. Shortly after, a streak of blinding light shone from the gemstones on Bu Wanggui’s chest, causing Xu Qi and the others to narrow their eyes.

After the radiance faded, what Xu Qi and the others saw was the red energy shrouding Bu Wanggui was completely replaced by a layer of purple energy. Not only that, there seemed to be a body of black fog roiling around behind Bu Wanggui, mysteriously fading in and out of visibility.

“A Reprisal realm expert!” Wen Xiang exclaimed behind Xu Qi. The astonishment she felt was apparent in her tone.

In this world, the cultivators were separated into the six realms of Essence, Qi, Spirit, Void, Reprisal, and Saint realm. Almost all of the current Xu Clan’s members were among the ranks of Void realm experts, but they had never encountered someone from the Reprisal realm or above. Now that Bu Wanggui, who turned out to be a Reprisal realm expert, was actually in front of them, it couldn’t be helped that they would be afraid of him. After all, it was a realm that was only heard of in legends.

At this moment, the focus of the everyone, Bu Wanggui, quickly gathered a purple energy sphere in his hand and threw it to the sky.

Number nine of the Twelve Constellation Guards, Xu Shen, was the first to react to Bu Wanggui’s actions, and took to the skies. He wound up his arms and struck out two palm-strikes in an attempt to destroy the purple energy sphere.

“Not good! Come back, Houzi!”2 Xu Qi cried out at seeing this. At the same time, the Black Tortoise burst into motion and shot towards Xu Shen.

A horrifying wave of energy spread out in the instant Xu Shen’s palm-strikes struck the purple energy sphere. Immediately after, cracks formed on it and the energy sphere burst. Xu Shen was so surprised by the wave of energy that he actually neglected to run from it. Even so, a figure reached Xu Shen in the nick of time and grabbed him by his waist to escape. Not only that, the person struck out several palms behind them while they were running, defending them against the energy shockwave.

It was only after they landed on the ground that Xu Shen realized he was saved. He hurriedly clasped his fists at his savior, who turned out to be the Black Tortoise, thanking him. However, the latter seemed to not hear Xu Shen’s thanks, his gaze focused on the purple fireworks in the sky.

At the same time, Xu Qi was looking at the resplendent purple fireworks, too, feeling as if he forgotten about something.

A horrifying thought suddenly flashed in Xu Qi’s mind. He hurriedly cried out, “Aunt! Quickly return to the clan with the others! I’m afraid this was Bu Wanggui sending a signal!

Before Wen Xiang could even comprehend the situation, she was pushed away by Xu Qi. Not only that, the rest of the Luo Xiang House gang and the Twelve Constellation Guards were ordered to return.

As such, only Xu Qi, Black Tortoise, Blackie, and Xu Xiaomei remained here. Xu Qi didn’t realize that Xu Pingfan had remained, too, standing quietly a short distance behind him.


Just as the gang entered the city gates, a loud explosion rang out in the direction of the Xu Clan. Their expressions immediately stiffened, and their speed exploded, quickly returning to the clan.

At this moment, the twin sisters, Qian Yin and Qian Yun, were stuck in a bitter fight in the Xu Clan. A pair of shiny daggers were wielded in their hands, as they parried the attacks of the twenty-odd masked men clad in black who had appeared out of nowhere. Qian Yin and Qian Yun were fervently stopping anyone who tried to forcefully enter the Xu Clan’s main hall.

The strengths of this group of people were all unordinary, and their bodies emitted a pungent smell similar to those of rotting corpses. Not only that, not a bit of energy fluctuations could be felt off of them.

The twin sisters managed to land attacks on their bodies with their daggers consecutively, but they realized that these people didn’t seem to mind the attacks at all. They kept up their assault on the twins, exhausting the sisters as time went on.

Soon, Qian Yin and Qian Yun could only watch helplessly as the group of black-clothed men breached into the main hall, entering the inner court of the Xu Clan.


Outside Rivulet City, Bu Wanggui’s feet slowly separated from the ground, clad in a layer of purple energy. He stopped rising when he was about ten feet above ground, hovering in the air mysteriously.

Bu Wanggui’s gaze had never left Xu Qi since the latter listed the numerous feuds between them. Xu Qi could gradually sense the hostility in Bu Wanggui’s gaze, too, and seemed to have heard his inner thoughts: Bu Wanggui wanted Xu Qi to experience a fate worse than death.

Waves upon waves of powerful shockwaves spread out from Rivulet City. Even Xu Qi’s group, who were outside the city, could feel them.

“Senior, you are a distinguished figure, after all, not to mention being the School Master of the number one cultivation school in our nation of Mirrorlink. You actually sneak-attacked my clan while it was empty? Isn’t that a little beneath your status?” Xu Qi said plainly, but he was incredibly flustered in his heart.

When he told Qian Yin and Qian Yun to remain in the clan, he made up a lie and said that someone would launch a sneak attack on the clan. He didn’t want them to come risk their lives. However, his remark had unexpectedly turned into reality this time around!

“Those people aren’t from my Undying School. Xu Qi, are you crippling your cultivation and coming with me, or do I have to do it myself? If it is the latter, every one of you will have to die!” Bu Wanggui said.

“Hmph, I’m afraid someone with the capability to force me into crippling my cultivation has yet to be born! As a distinguished master of a cultivation school, you actually used such despicable methods against my Xu Clan and don’t have the guts to admit it! Bu Wanggui, if any one of my men are injured today because of you, I’ll definitely slaughter every single one of you from the Undying School in the future!” Xu Qi let out a cold humph in reply.

Guisheng had been standing by the side, keeping to himself all this while. He was astonished upon hearing the two’s conversation. According to Xu Qi, the dazzling purple explosion from earlier was in fact used to send out a signal for others to attack the Xu Clan. However, he hadn’t heard of anything related to this, nor were they accompanied by others when they travelled here. This was obviously premeditated, but why did I know nothing about this?

Xu Xiaomei finally couldn’t contain herself anymore. She, who had always been obedient, directly shot towards Bu Wanggui without a word, attacking Bu Wanggui!

“Get back here, Xiaomei!” Xu Qi and Black Tortoise cried out at the same time. However, Xu Xiaomei’s figure didn’t stop in the slightest. Instead, her speed increased, and a steel sword that was gifted to her by Xu Qi appeared in her hand out of nowhere!

Bu Wanggui seemed incomparably composed toward Xu Xiaomei’s assault. He didn’t panic in the least, and lifted his right hand slightly, casually pushing out his palms, sending out several purple palm-strikes.

After these energy palms separated from Bu Wanggui, they slowed for a moment and then shot towards Xu Xiaomei’s vitals at the same time.

Xu Xiaomei could immediately sense the force contained in these palms and dropped any notions of taking them head-on. She suddenly took to the skies, avoiding the direction these palms were coming from.

Seeing this, Xu Qi and Black Tortoise couldn’t help but sigh in relief. However, Bu Wanggui gently swiped his palm once more, and the palm-strikes, which were originally flying straight, suddenly changed their directions and flew toward Xu Xiaomei.

Xu Xiaomei realized this and brought her sword to her back. She let out several shouts as she struck out golden palm-strikes of her own, parrying Bu Wanggui’s attacks.

However, her palm-strikes, which usually overwhelmed others easily, instantly shattered upon collision against Bu Wanggui’s. Not only that, her attacks didn’t seem to decrease the momentum of Bu Wanggui’s palm-strikes, either.

Xu Qi and Black Tortoise moved at the same time, rushing towards Xu Xiaomei. However, they immediately realized that Bu Wanggui had sent out similar palm-strikes at them as well, stopping their advance!

Translator’s Note:

1: Bu Duan Hun/Fei/Po/San (魂/飞/魄/散) - When the different characters in their names are combined, it has the meaning of souls flying and spirits scattered.

2: Houzi - The animal he represented, monkey.

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