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Chapter 210 - Blackie Versus Bu Wanggui

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Guisheng remained kneeling on the ground with his head lowered as the horrific scene unfolded to his side, as if he had no idea what was going on. However, several beads of sweat dripped on the ground next to his feet, proving that he was indeed aware of what happened.

Bu Wanggui raised his withered hand and stroked the gemstones on his chest. The gemstones seemed to be spiritually aware, and shone for a moment after his touch.

"Don't ever disappoint me again. Retreat to the side for now; we'll deal with those closing in on us first," Bu Wanggui told him, looking in the direction of Rivulet City.

Guisheng hurriedly kowtowed thrice at hearing this. He slowly stood up and moved behind Bu Wanggui. He focused himself and raised his head, looking toward Rivulet City. A glint of light flashed in his eyes, he was a different person now.

Even so, no one could understand how afraid Guisheng was right now. The days he had lived ever since he joined the Undying School and became Bu Wanggui's sole disciple weren't as glorious as his fellow disciples perceived them to be.

This Master of his was a temperamental man. To be precise, it should be that his fury was unpredictable. He had never once seen the School Master in a good mood. After being by his side for so many years, Guisheng managed to have grasp on Bu Wanggui's temper, allowing him to avoid disaster on many occasions. Otherwise, he would have died long ago.

At this moment, Bu Wanggui's voice rang out plainly, "They're here." Guisheng turned his head slightly toward Bu Wanggui on hearing this, cold sweat ran down his forehead once more. He knew that every time Bu Wanggui used such a tone, it would mean that he was about to kill.

Guisheng didn't dare to think much, or even speak out. He shifted his gaze in the direction of Rivulet City. A black spot that was emitting a powerful aura was closing in on them. Before he could discern that person's strength, a well-built man with a twisted, bruised face appeared about twenty feet before him.

The man looked at the two and asked, "Who was the one making a scene and crying out loud earlier? Identify yourself to Master Blackie-" However, Guisheng thrust a sword at him before the man could finish his sentence.

Who could this man be? One could easily guess from his bruised face that he was the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon, sent here by the Black Tortoise. Although he could only run in the face of Black Tortoise, not daring to retaliate and even had to smile at him, he was filled with rage at this moment. He had found an avenue to vent all his frustration, but before he could make a move, Guisheng, a weakling in his eyes, actually took the initiative to attack him.

Guisheng's swordplay was as fast and agile as a snake. His speed more than doubled after he closed in on Blackie, and each of his sword thrusts were aimed viciously at Blackie's vitals.

"You think of hurting me with just a pathetic wooden sword? Get lost!" Blackie yelled, receiving the slash with his bare arm. It emitted a mysterious streak of blue light as it came into contact with Guisheng's sword.

Guisheng felt as if his sword had struck an incomparably hard rock. His sword-wielding hand felt a powerful recoil, and his body flew backwards before he could even react. Guisheng felt a dull pain in his chest, and after he crashed to the ground, a sweet taste appeared in his mouth. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Bu Wanggui stood mere feet away from him, with his hands behind his back. It seemed like he had no intention of helping Guisheng. He was only observing Blackie with his black pupils, nodding from time to time.

Guisheng stole a glance at Bu Wanggui and immediately crawled back up. His right hand wielded his sword, as his left hand emitted red-hued energy, slowly enveloping the weapon. He then waved his sword gently, about to form a seal.

"Don't bother. You're not his match," Bu Wanggui said plainly. By the time Guisheng heard his voice, Bu Wanggui mysteriously appeared two feet away from Blackie.

Although Blackie wasn't standing very far from them earlier, he only managed to get a vague look at Bu Wanggui's stature and appearance. Now that they were mere feet apart, Blackie crossed his arms and began observing Bu Wanggui with a look of contempt.

He's not easy to deal with! This was the thought of both Blackie and the Undying School's School Master, Bu Wanggui. On the side of Blackie, he was trapped in the Vermilion Bird's cavern for countless years, and his cultivation had declined instead of improving, leaving him with his current level of strength. If he was at his peak, Bu Wanggui wouldn't enter the corner of his eyes. Even so, Blackie was no arrogant fool; his senses were tingling, and he was prepared for this borderline inhuman guy's sneak attack.

As for Bu Wanggui, the top executive of the Undying School, he felt that this man before him was a figure more powerful than he had encountered in many years. Not only that, he could faintly sense that this person's aura was a little unstable, a little deficient even. Despite that, the pressure Bu Wanggui felt from him was still very suffocating.

With their own doubts in mind, neither of them were willing to strike first. Each of them were staring at the other, and their minds were calculating what would happen next.

A short distance away, Guisheng, who was repelled by Blackie with a single arm, picked up his fallen sword as he pressed on his chest. He forcefully suppressed the pain he was feeling as he prepared to strike out once more.

Guisheng understood Bu Wanggui's temper very well, and was left without a choice. He knew that when Bu Wanggui was going against someone comparable in strength to him, he liked having others test the waters for him while he looked for a chance to launch a sneak attack. Although Guisheng was injured by Blackie during their exchange earlier, he knew that what lay in store for him was not just a matter of being injured if he didn't make a move now.

However, at this moment, Bu Wanggui squeezed out a few words, saying, "Back down! Don't go courting your death!"

Guisheng couldn't believe his own ears. Was that School Master's voice earlier? He has never shown concern to any of my fellow disciples before. Why would he..?

Numerous silhouettes came flying from the direction of Rivulet City. Guisheng hurriedly snapped back from his thoughts, while Blackie and Bu Wanggui had sudden swings in mood.

Blackie knew that the Black Tortoise and Xu Qi's gang were here. Now, this ugly geezer before could no longer deal with him while he was at his weakest. However, he promised Black Tortoise he'd defeat this man before he left the Xu Clan. As he thought it over, a flash of inspiration came to mind, and the corner of his mouth curved slightly upwards.

On the other hand, Bu Wanggui didn't dare to be careless in the slightest. Although his hands were still behind his back, and his facial expression calm, his figure went flying backwards. He wanted to widen the distance between him and Blackie. He knew he had to stay out of the most dangerous range before he had a grasp on the situation.

However, the heavens seemed to not be on his side. Just as he made his move, Blackie suddenly flashed forward, and moved behind Bu Wanggui. Blue energy shone on Blackie's fist, and he punched continuously at Bu Wanggui like a violent storm.

Blackie was fully focused on the offensive, with no intention of defending himself. Bu Wanggui used his palms to match the incoming punches with a composed look. He was inwardly shocked that Blackie's seemingly mindless punches had sealed his way forward and to the sides. Everytime he dodged Blackie's punches, he had to move slightly backwards toward Rivulet City.

In the beginning, Bu Wanggui thought of using the opportunity to throw in a few sneak attacks to weaken Blackie, seeing as the latter was not defending himself. However, Blackie's punch would home in on Bu Wanggui's chest every time his palm was about to land a hit. Seeing as it would be a mutually destructive exchange, and that Blackie's attacks were getting sharper, Bu Wanggui was forced to abandon his offense and kept dodging instead.

As Bu Wanggui saw that the other group from Rivulet City was drawing closer, he finally realized that this man before him was trying to force him into them. Could it be that he is trying to surround me?

After realizing this, the red energy around him shone abnormally bright, mixed with a hint of purple. His palms turned into fists, matching Blackie's punch.

Xu Qi's brow creased at seeing this, muttering, "The peak of Void realm!"

At the same time, Blackie and Bu Wanggui's figure stopped in place as their fists collided. Both of them took a step back, and Bu Wanggui made use of this moment to accelerate, speeding over to the injured Guisheng.

Blackie didn't bother to give chase to Bu Wanggui as he ran. He clapped the dust off his hand and attire relaxedly, though there wasn't any dust on him to begin with, and swaggered over to Xu Qi and Black Tortoise's side.

"Drop your act, Blackie scoundrel. That last exchange must not be very easy on you," Black Tortoise chuckled and used the Revitalizing Jet on Blackie.

Blackie didn't rebuke the Black Tortoise's words, either, and slowly shut his eyes as the Revitalizing Jet enveloped his body, healing his body. It couldn't be helped; he had been trapped in the Vermilion Bird's cavern for too long, and his cultivation had declined too much. He actually suffered an internal injury when his fist collided with Bu Wanggui's. It wasn't as effortless as he showed on the outside.

Xu Qi was no fool, either, and naturally noticed that the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon had suffered an internal injury. He furrowed his brow, sizing up Bu Wanggui and the injured Guisheng.

Unexpectedly, Bu Wanggui was the one to break the silence. He asked plainly. "Which one of you is Xu Qi?" However, his gaze was on Black Tortoise.

Xu Qi took a step forward and replied mildly, "I am Xu Qi. I wonder what this senior from the Undying School called me here for?"

Bu Wanggui's black pupils fixed onto Xu Qi. He never responded. A wave of powerful aura spread outwards as he stood with his hands behind him, looking at Xu Qi proudly, breaking free from the Xu Clan's group's attempt to lock him down with their auras.

Almost everyone from the Xu Clan was here, except for Qian Yin and Qian Yun, who were guarding the clan. Their cultivation levels weren't weak at all, and their gazes were fixed onto Bu Wanggui and Guisheng. The latter could feel numerous auras locking onto him. This was something he had never encountered before, and his back was slowly drenched in cold sweat. However, he didn't dare to take a single step back. He didn't know if he'd lose his life if he moved forward, but if he ever retreated, he would definitely be the first to die.

Seeing as this man was still at ease when so many cultivation experts had their auras locked onto him, Xu Qi cupped his fist and smiled, "I'm afraid only one person in the Undying School would have such spirit. I didn't guess wrongly, did I, Senior Bu Wanggui?"

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