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Chapter 177 - Declaration of War!

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Fan Ming felt his strength was slipping away after hearing what Xu Qi had just said. His body went limp and he fell to the floor weakly. He was completely disheartened, thinking that the Fan Clan he spent all his efforts building would be done for in the very near future. As such, he began thinking of ways to bring these people down with him.

Alas, just as he started having such thoughts, Wen Xiang seemed to have read his mind and stepped behind him silently. She quickly formed a strange seal in her hand and slapped it onto Fan Ming, making him lose all his strength and ability to manipulate his energy.

On the other hand, Xu Qi no longer stayed around after leaving the secret room. He left the Fan Clan, holding Cai Xiaoxiao tightly in his arms, while Qian Yin followed behind him silently, tears covering her face.


Soon, Xu Qi brought Cai Xiaoxiao back to the institution where he had healed his injuries. During the entire journey, none of them spoke a word. Cai Xiaoxiao stared at Xu Qi's face with her lifeless gaze, up until he placed her down on the bed. Tears fell on her face once more when Xu Qi turned around to leave.

Qian Yin had been standing outside the room. She entered after Xu Qi made his exit, coming to Cai Xiaoxiao's side. She saw the look on Cai Xiaoxiao's face and knelt on the floor, crying out loud.

Xu Qi returned to his room. He grabbed Fan Yilun, whose mobility was sealed, and pulled him up, leaving the institution. They returned to the Fan Clan once more. Xu Qi's fists were clenched so tightly, he hadn't even realized his nails had pierced into his flesh, and he was bleeding.


At this moment, the Fan Clan was experiencing a rain of blood. Due to the humiliation Cai Xiaoxiao had suffered, Xu Qi had ordered the destruction of the Fan Clan. Xu Xiaomei, Qian Yun, and the others began cleaning up the Fan Clan. Among the corpses lying on the ground in the courtyard, there were even a few who wore the attire of the Undying School.

The most surprising thing was, the Young School Master of the Undying School, Bu Chenglin, had been subdued, and was kneeling weakly in front of Wen Xiang, with a longsword held at his neck.

The reason why Bu Chenglin was in this state was because Wen Xiang had planted a mysterious seal on him. At this moment, he was no different from a cripple, without any fluctuations of energy in him.

Xu Qi turned to look at the situation on Xu Xiaomei's side, and discovered that she was currently fighting with a middle-aged man dressed in the Undying School's attire. He was the backup that Bu Chenglin had called for, but he had never expected to be going up against an expert like Xu Xiaomei, and was on the brink of being defeated.

Xu Qi looked at his captive, Fan Yilun, and threw him aside casually. The Patriarch of the Fan Clan, Fan Ming, came to his senses at seeing this and rushed over, taking his son into his arms, showing a deathly worry on his face.

Meanwhile, Xu Qi slowly walked up to Wen Xiang and smiled at the immobile Bu Chenglin.

Bu Chenglin shuddered uncontrollably as Xu Qi smiled at him. He, who had never feared anything in this world, was actually feeling that unfamiliar emotion at this moment, obviously realizing that the situation was not going well for him.

"W-what are you doing… L-let me tell you this… I already sent my men to look for our First Elder. If you dare lay a finger of me, then you'll…"

Just as Bu Chenglin was putting up a strong front, threatening Xu Qi, he was interrupted by the latter with a punch enveloped in rainbow energy to his face.

Xu Qi didn't hold back at all. His punch deformed Bu Chenglin's face, breaking his cheekbones. Bu Chenglin rolled on the ground, holding his head as he cried out in pain.

Xu Qi flipped his palm, and the Rainlord sword appeared once more in his hand. Xu Qi stared coldly at Bu Chenglin, who was showing a twisted expression from his pain and fear, and held the Rainlord sword at Bu Chenglin's neck. Bu Chenglin didn't dare to move a muscle, fearing that Xu Qi's sword would twitch closer to him and claim his life.

At this moment, Bu Chenglin was unable to speak a word, with blood flowing out unceasingly from his mouth. When he was interrupted by Xu Qi's punch earlier, he had accidentally bitten off his own tongue.

"I had yet to go looking for you, and here you are, coming back of your own volition. You saved me the trouble of finding you at the Undying School," Xu Qi said with a cold smile.

Bu Chenglin felt immense regret at hearing this. He had successfully escaped from the secret room earlier, and went to look for his Undying School's men in a tavern somewhere in the capital. One of them was an Elder of the Undying School, and thus he felt confident enough to come back to the Fan Clan for revenge.

Alas, just as he arrived at the Fan Clan, he saw a group of people wiping out them out. Not only that, he realized that the group's cultivation levels weren't weak at all.

As such, he tried to leave this place as soon as possible, but was discovered by the sharp-eyed Wen Xiang. She teamed up with Xu Xiaomei and intercepted him.

Although the Undying School's Elder was there to defend him, he didn't expect Xu Xiaomei to be so overwhelmingly strong. She was able to hold back the Elder by herself, while Wen Xiang grasped the opening and struck out at Bu Chenglin. Originally, Bu Chenglin should have been able to escape with his second Void realm strength, but Wen Xiang used a seal on him and easily captured him. Now that Xu Qi was here, there was no chance of him escaping.

At this moment, the Undying School Elder fighting bitterly with Xu Xiaomei was sent flying by her palm strike. His body slammed against the wall and fell to the ground. It was unknown whether he still lived, and Bu Chenglin was chilled to the core as he watched this scene unfold before him.

Xu Qi seemed to have thought of something after speaking. His gaze turned cold and his sword slowly moved down to between Bu Chenglin's thighs. Bu Chenglin looked at the cold, shiny metal sword as cold sweat poured out from his forehead.

Xu Qi didn't wish to kill Bu Chenglin just like that. Instead, he wanted to cut off Bu Chenglin's manhood. Not only that, Xu Qi had injected a sliver of the All-Tempering Flame, enveloped in rainbow energy, into Bu Chenglin's body when he punched Bu Chenglin earlier, planting an energy seed in him that would run wild at any moment. This sliver of rainbow energy would go crazy upon being suppressed by any external source of energy. Once it ran rampant to a certain extent, Bu Chenglin would suffer pain worse than death itself. All Xu Qi was doing now was having Bu Chenglin live on miserably.

Just as Xu Qi was about to cut that thing off, an aged and furious voice suddenly rang out in the courtyard, making everyone stop what they were doing.

"Brat, you dare?!"

Xu Qi didn't bother to take a glance at the origins of the voice. His sword chopped down between Bu Chenglin's thighs, severing his manhood. Although Bu Chenglin had the cultivation of an expert at the second stage of the Void realm, Wen Xiang had sealed him. As such, he couldn't withstand either the shock or pain of his loss, and immediately fainted.

Xu Qi slowly turned back to look at the arriving elder, who had been intercepted by Xu Xiaomei. He noticed the uniform of the furious elder and spoke out in an abnormally cold voice, "In this entire world, what is there that I, Xu Qi, do not dare to do? Not to mention the Undying School's Young School Master, even if it's the entire Undying School itself, what do I have to fear!?"

The elder dressed in the Undying School's attire retreated backwards and temporarily ceased attacking. He looked at Xu Xiaomei standing before him with a grave expression, and chided Xu Qi, "What an arrogant youngster. Do you think you can contend against our Undying School with just these few people of yours?"

Xu Qi looked at the elder indifferently. This was the first time he had ever felt so furious. Even Mo Ling's betrayal against him three years ago only made him feel a bitter ache in his heart. He had never felt such a strong urge to kill before.

"One always has to pay the price for committing an act. The Undying School, eh? You don't scare me in the least! Bring your Young School Master and scram out of the capital! From today on, the Rivulet City's Xu Clan and I, Xu Qi, officially declare war on the Undying School!"

Xu Qi's voice echoed coldly as he picked up the unconscious Bu Chenglin with one hand, throwing him at the elder. Seeing this, the elder flew up nervously and caught hold of Bu Chenglin. His anger reached its limits as he saw the blood flowing out from between Bu Chenglin's legs.

Xu Qi let out a cold smile at the elder, then swept his gaze across the deadly silent Fan Clan courtyard. He creased his brow slightly and yelled at his men, "Did I tell you to stop? Continue killing; leave no one alive!"

Qian Yun, Xu Chen, and the men from the Luo Xiang House blanked out for a moment, then resumed their slaughter of the remaining Fan Clan members, leaving only the Patriarch and his son, Fan Yilun, alive. They knew that the fate of those two would be decided by Xu Qi himself.

That Undying School's elder was so angry after hearing what Xu Qi said that the veins on his forehead popped out, but he still managed to keep himself under control, not making a move. He understood very well that he was no match for the golden-dressed woman who was blocking him. He lowered his head and checked on Bu Chenglin's injuries. The elder then let out a cold humph with a pale expression, flying out of the Fan Clan, and leaving a threat resounding in the courtyard.

"The Xu Clan's Xu Qi, huh? I'll remember you! Prepare to suffer the wrath of the Undying School!"

Xu Qi didn't pay any attention to the elder's threats. Instead, he turned and walked over in front of Fan Ming and Fan Yilun.

Right now, Fan Ming was still embracing the paralyzed Fan Yilun in his arms. His eyes were lifeless. Not a hint of his former imposing air as the Fan Clan's Patriarch could be seen, and he didn't take a single glance at the tragic scene in his Fan Clan courtyard.

Xu Qi let out a cold smile as he saw Fan Yilun staring at him angrily.

"Xu Qi, I never hurt Cai Xiaoxiao! Why did you vent your anger on our Fan Clan?! Even if I turn into a ghost, I will never let today's grievances go unsettled!" Fan Yilun roared.

"Thinking of turning into a ghost? Then I won't even let you turn into one!" Xu Qi humphed coldly as the golden All-Tempering Flames suddenly flared up in his hands, threatening to burn them to ash.

However, in the moment Xu Qi was about to toss the flames at them, Xu Xiaomei suddenly cried out anxiously from behind him, "Young Master! Watch out!"

Xu Qi suddenly felt a powerful aura rapidly closing in on him after Xu Xiaomei's warning. Greatly alarmed, he hurriedly dodged to the side as he threw the All-Tempering Flame in his hand at Fan Yilun.

Just as the All-Tempering Flame was about to land on Fan Yilun, Fan Ming, his cultivation still sealed by Wen Xiang, stood up abruptly and, shielding Fan Yilun, intercepted the fire. All the flames landed on Fan Ming's body, and he immediately caught fire, burning alive.

At the same time, a shining figure in red zipped to Fan Yilun's side and stopped for a moment, before momentarily disappearing, along with Fan Yilun. Following this, the figure reappeared in the distance and sped away from the Fan Clan, leaving Fan Ming behind as he burned.

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