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Chapter 208 - Feeling The Munchies And Devoured A Couple Of Humans

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“You, you, you!” the Vermilion Bird said in agitation at hearing what Xu Qi just said, unable to form a coherent sentence. She truly didn’t expect Xu Qi would reject her offer to follow him before she even said it, and was unable to react to it.

“What are you saying? Vermilion Bird, it’s true that I, Xu Qi, require your help. But the same applies to you, too, to free you from your current predicament. I can tell that you’re not truly willing to follow me even if you agreed to the terms now. I’ll be content with you not adding to my troubles, not to mention alleviating them. Therefore, it’s better for you to remain here for now. I hope I will see the real Vermilion Bird the next time I visit, and not a wretched woman with her heart full of resentment!” Xu Qi said and flew in front of the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon.

Xu Qi shrouded the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon in rainbow energy once more, and they passed through the rainbow seal by the cavern entrance easily, without any accidents. As they left, Xu Qi never looked back to the Vermilion Bird once, while the latter’s eyes turned lifeless after hearing what he said. She lowered her proud head, falling into deep thoughts, seemingly searching for her true self, where she was once the Vermilion Bird revered by all, soaring through the nine heavens.

Xu Qi and the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon returned to the Four Divinities Cavern plaza, and watched as the gigantic stone door slowly closes itself, both of them letting out a sigh at the same time.

The duo exchanged a smile, seemingly understanding what the other was lamenting about, yet not bringing it up.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon noticed the Green Mystique Trees by the side unintentionally and asked, “Is that the Green Mystique Fruit?”

Xu Qi nodded affirmative, and the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon flew over to the trees excitedly. He extended his hand to grab a fruit, but unexpectedly, a streak of gold light flared up before he touched it, repelling him.

Xu Qi was filled with curiosity at witnessing this scene. He had taken so many Green Mystique Fruits in the past, and yet such a phenomenon had never occurred before.

He flew over to the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon and took a closer look at him. Seeing as the latter was uninjured, Xu Qi’s worries subsided and slowly walked to the Green Mystique Trees. He extended his hand to pick the fruit the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon attempted to, but he was unobstructed during the whole process, not to mention any golden light.

“You want to eat this? Take it,” Xu Qi said and offered it to the spaced-out Ice-Armored Horned Dragon, who then immediately accepted it.

However, another streak of golden light shot out from the fruit the moment his hand came into contact with it, forcing him to take another few steps back.

“Wh-what exactly is happening?” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon muttered blankly.

“Eh? This is truly strange,” Xu Qi mumbled as he retracted his hand and threw the Green Mystique Fruit into his bronze ring. It seems like he could only ask Black Tortoise after he got out to check if he knew anything about this.

“Blackie, isn’t it about time we have a talk?” Xu Qi said, looking at the blank Ice-Armored Horned Dragon.

Hearing this, the dragon came to a sudden realization and hurriedly replied, “You don’t have to ask me; I’ll tell you about my general situation. During the ancient era, all kinds of cultivation experts and monsters existed in great numbers, and were separated into different factions for some reason. As for me, I was one of the ten Ominous Beasts. However, I was unlucky, and the so-called supreme experts all wished to obtain my inner core, or capture me to become their mount. In the end, I killed them all due to their insufficient strength. My infamy as an Ominous Beast gradually solidified, and the experts who came for me grew increasingly stronger. Finally, I was captured by someone and sealed under Mt Demon.”

“Oh? So you’re saying that you weren’t someone who willfully slaughtered the innocent? And it was those people in the wrong?” Xu Qi asked in disbelief, rubbing his chin.

“Cough cough, not exactly. I loved eating human meat, and would occasionally eat a few of them when the craving grew. Let me tell you, human meat is really fragrant, especially their brains!” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon told him, smacking his lips.

“Stop! Don’t tell me about such disgusting matters. After all is said and done, the ancient cultivators weren’t wrong in hunting you! And what was that about eating a few humans when you craved their flesh? You spoke like it was pork! Stop telling me about such useless matters; tell me about something more substantial,” Xu Qi interrupted in annoyance.

“Cough cough, each day felt as long as a year while I was sealed under Mt Demon, and an indeterminate amount of time passed just like that. One day, someone finally came to me and freed me without saying a word. I was brought here before I could react to any of it, directly thrown into the Vermilion Bird’s cavern. That was when I met her,” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon said, pointing at the stone door they had just come out from.

“And that person was Venerable Ziyan?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“Truth be told, I didn’t manage to see that person’s appearance. His face was covered, and he didn’t speak a word, either. According to that gaudy bird’s analysis, it seemed to be that Venerable Ziyan,” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon answered uncertainly. He truly wasn’t able to confirm whether that person was Venerable Ziyan.

Xu Qi’s doubts grew stronger on hearing this. If that person was Venerable Ziyan, how high was his cultivation level, that he could unseal the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon so easily and throw him into the Four Divinities Cavern? Not only that, could such an expert actually die?

Xu Qi was unable to understand and could only shake his head helplessly. He truly didn’t know much about Venerable Ziyan’s past and origin.

“Erm, are we going to take a walk first?” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon asked carefully, looking at Xu Qi, afraid that he would be left here.

“Of course, but I have to remind you; the Black Tortoise is guarding my home outside. Are there any grudges between you both? I don’t wish to see you two going at each other’s throats, or I’ll lose so much,” Xu Qi chuckled.

“The Black Tortoise? We aren’t acquainted with each other, and haven’t even met before, not to mention grudges,” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon said, but Xu Qi failed to notice that he sounded a little unconfident.

“Oh, that’s good then. Right, why does Vermilion Bird address you as Blackie? From what I see, you don’t look too tanned,” Xu Qi asked, seemingly casually.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s human form was far from dark, complexion-wise. Although he couldn’t be considered as fair-skinned, he didn’t look dark in any way. His skin had a faintly discernible hint of blue to it, and in Xu Qi’s opinion, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon looked rather handsome.

“Hehe, I don’t know why, either, but this nickname of mine slowly spread among the monsters back then,” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon said, touching the back of his head in embarrassment.

“Oh, really?” Xu Qi asked, staring at him. He saw a bitter look flash past the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s eyes when he replied.

“Wait here for now. I’m going out first, and will summon you in just a moment. But I have to remind you that I’m someone with some level of prestige in the outside world. Don’t do anything that would put me in an awkward spot,” Xu Qi reminded him.

“Rest assured. Since I’ve become your familiar, as you humans say, erm, what was it again? Oh, right, we’re in the same boat. I won’t have it easy if you’re unhappy!” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon replied astutely.

“Alright, wait here. Don’t touch anything in here, especially that grave. Don’t you dare rob it,” Xu Qi warned him, and left the plaza.


At this moment, the Xu Clan main hall was in a tense situation. Yi Qingqing, who was affected by the Samsara Seal, and Xu Xiaomei were glaring at each other. It was unknown how long they have been acting like this. Meanwhile, the Black Tortoise was sitting down, his eyes closed, ignoring the two women.

Suddenly, the Black Tortoise snapped his eyes open. A glint of light flashed in his eyes as he revealed a smile. Immediately after, a human figure slowly appeared in the hall. It was Xu Qi.


“Young Master.”

Yi Qingqing and Xu Xiaomei greeted at realizing the appearance of this figure, but their greetings sounded a little strange.

Thoughts of running away sprang up in Xu Qi’s mind when he saw who had actually addressed him as “Dear”, but the Black Tortoise immediately moved, preventing Xu Qi from doing so.

“Say, damn brat, it’s about time you take this matter into your hands. These two Misses have been glaring at one another for days. If you leave them alone any longer, I’m afraid someone will get hurt,” Black Tortoise said, but Xu Qi could tell that he wasn’t going to involve himself in this, only observing from the sidelines.

“We’ll talk about them later. Let’s discuss some proper matters first,” Xu Qi said sternly, glancing at Xu Xiaomei and Yi Qingqing, who were about to approach him, with a serious expression.

Seeing this, Xu Xiaomei immediately pulled Yi Qingqing back, not allowing her to get closer. Yi Qingqing, too, was tactful about this and kept quiet.

“Judging from your foul expression, it seems you failed?” Black Tortoise asked.

“Hmm, I failed,” Xu Qi answered plainly.

Black Tortoise sighed and patted Xu Qi’s shoulder, saying, “This was within my expectations. The Vermilion Bird’s temper was the most fiery, and her personality was the hardest to get a grasp on among the four of us. Don’t be disheartened. Tell me what happened; I’ll give you some ideas.”

“Uncle, this trip couldn’t be considered a total failure, either. I had some great gains, too. I failed to subdue the Vermilion Bird, but I managed to subdue an Ice-Armored Horned Dragon,” Xu Qi said deliberately, looking at Black Tortoise. He wanted to see Black Tortoise’s reaction on hearing this.

As expected, the Black Tortoise was greatly shocked by Xu Qi’s revelation, seemingly unable to accept it. He cried out, “What did you say?! You subdued the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon? Wasn’t he sealed under Mt Demon years ago?! Don’t joke around!”

Xu Qi smiled and formed a seal in his hand. The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s robust figure slowly appeared before them.

“Blackie scoundrel! Your daddy here will kill you!” Black Tortoise suddenly yelled on getting a clear look at the figure’s appearance.

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