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Chapter 207 - Mysterious Seal!

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The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon was dumbstruck at seeing this. As the observer from the sidelines, he had the best view over the battle. Moments ago, when the Vermilion Bird was about to stab Xu Qi in midair, several bolts of lightning suddenly appeared in front of him, striking the Vermilion Bird. However, Xu Qi never made a move at all! It didn’t seemed to be his handiwork. What exactly happened?

The fallen Vermilion Bird forcefully endured the pain and slowly crawled up, looking at the airborne Xu Qi, asking, “What was that earlier?”

Xu Qi only let out a smile, not replying to her. Rainbow energy shone in his hand, and he tossed it at the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon. The latter knew Xu Qi harbored no ill-intentions and allowed the rainbow energy to envelope him without resisting. He looked toward Xu Qi, puzzled, waiting for him to explain himself.

However, Xu Qi didn’t speak a word to him, either. He hovered silently in midair, as the Vermilion Bird sat in meditation, healing her injuries. Xu Qi stopped attacking, too. The cavern was silent, except for the flapping sounds of Xu Qi’s Five Elements Wings.

After some time, the Vermilion Bird finally broke the trio’s silence, asking, “Why didn’t you sneak-attack me while I was healing my injuries? That was your best chance then.”

“I don’t think the distinguished Vermilion BIrd would be so frail. That little act of yours won’t fool me,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Oh? I didn’t think you would be so thoughtful, despite your measly strength,” Vermilion Bird said as she slowly stood up. A powerful aura suddenly erupted from her, seemingly an entirely different person from the weakened aura she emitted before.

“You’re thinking of continuing this?” Xu Qi asked with a smile as he felt the aura from the Vermilion Bird.

“Hmph, your strength isn’t much to speak of at all. Even though I have no idea what tricks you pulled, I will definitely get rid of you today!” the Vermilion Bird humphed coldly and her figure instantly zipped over to the fallen Scarlet Firmament Sword, picking it up. After which, her figure took flight and shot towards Xu Qi once more.

“It seems like you truly have no idea what pain is,” Xu Qi shook his head helplessly, raising a palm.

When she was about to stab him again, rainbow energy instantly poured outwards.

The Vermilion Bird immediately stopped in place on seeing Xu Qi’s movements, her Scarlet Firmament Sword merely a few feet away from him.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Are you coming with me or not?” Xu Qi offered in an irresistibly stern tone.

“Hmph, are you taking me for a child? Trying to intimidate me with only a few words? Fat hope!” the Vermilion Bird retorted. However, right as she said that, her expression turned grave after seeing Xu Qi’s actions.

What she saw at this moment was Xu Qi’s palm emitting rainbow energy. Directly in front of his palm, a faint ripple spread in the originally empty air. Rainbow energy was constantly flowing toward the ripple, and a rainbow energy wall identical to the one at the entrance appeared before him, with his palm as the center. The mysterious talismanic character on it shone, slowly shrouding the sky above the cavern.

“What is this?!” the Vermilion Bird and the hidden Ice-Armored Horned Dragon cried out simultaneously at the sight of this. The both of them had been in this cavern for uncountable years, and yet none of them had discovered the existence of such a rainbow energy wall in the skies of the cavern. From the looks of the talismanic character, the seal was the same type as the one by the entrance.

At this moment, Xu QI suddenly yelled out, “Restrain!” His rainbow-wrapped palm slowly clenched… and the rainbow energy wall in the cavern’s sky began pressing down and started shrinking, with Xu Qi as the center!

The Vermilion Bird did not give up hope after witnessing this. She didn’t believe that this was something Xu Qi had control over, and raised her Scarlet Firmament Sword, slashing at the rainbow energy wall. However, the moment her attacks came into contact with the energy wall, several bolts of lightning as thick as bowls immediately struck out from the seal, lashing at her. This time, she seemed well-prepared and her figure flashed several times, dodging them. The bolts of lightning fell on the ground, leaving craters in the ground.

A look of fear appeared on the Vermilion Bird’s face on seeing the charred craters. The lightning bolts this time were obviously much stronger than before. Could this be because Xu Qi was controlling them?

However, Xu Qi didn’t give her any chance to think things through. He continued manipulating the gigantic seal, shrinking it further, surrounding the Vermilion Bird. The seal closed in on her from all directions, leaving her no chance to escape.

At this moment, the hidden Ice-Armored Horned Dragon realized the rainbow energy wall was closing in on him, too, and was prepared to resist it when he heard Xu Qi’s voice.

“Don’t resist it if you wish to live. Your body is enveloped in my energy; what are you afraid of?!”

Hearing this, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon immediately dropped all thoughts of putting up resistance. He watched apprehensively as the rainbow energy seal slowly came into contact with his body.

Contrary to his imagination, no lightning bolts struck out at him. The rainbow energy enveloping his body shone brightly as the rainbow seal came into contact with him. When the light faded, the rainbow seal had already passed through him as it continued closing in on the Vermilion Bird.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon couldn’t help but let out a sigh in relief at seeing this. He cupped his fists toward Xu Qi, expressing his gratitude and shifted his gaze toward the unmoving Vermilion Bird.

“Thinking of subduing me? Not so easy!” the Vermilion Bird screamed as scarlet flames appeared around her once more. Immediately after, her figure shapeshifted back into her gigantic bird form. She was fully enveloped in scarlet flames as she flew straight toward Xu Qi.

Even so, when her body slammed against the contracting rainbow energy wall, talismanic characters shone on it, and countless bolts of lightning appeared from all directions, striking at her.

As the thick bolts of lightning struck the Vermilion Bird, the scarlet flames on her slowly faded away, while the rainbow seal continued shrinking. Her huge frame was about to be fully restricted.

“Since you won’t give up, I’ll add some fire to it!” Xu Qi muttered to the stubbornly resisting Vermilion Bird, looking at her. The All-Tempering Flame’s golden flames immediately burned around him, and he infused them into the rainbow seal.

Following this, the lightning bolts striking at her were enveloped in golden flames. Her body obviously shook when the first All-Tempering Flame-infused lightning bolt struck her.

Then, the second bolt, the third bolt of lightning struck… The scarlet flames on Vermilion Bird finally vanished after the fifth lightning bolt infused with golden flames struck her, and she fell from the air.

Seeing this, Xu Qi clenched his fist, and the rainbow seal enveloped the Vermilion Bird’s body, turning into a huge rainbow sphere hovering in midair. This saved her from the ill fortune of crashing to the ground, but silver electricity danced around in the energy sphere she was trapped in. The Vermilion Bird finally let out a pained cry, and her body slowly shrank, transforming back to human form.

Xu Qi flapped his Five Elements Wings and flew in front of the rainbow sphere.

At this moment, not a trace of her charming looks from the beginning could be seen on the trapped Vermilion Bird. Her hair was messy, her gaze fearful, and her clothes in tatters. Several wounds could be seen on her tired face, and blood was trailing from the corner of her mouth, adding on to her pitiful look.

Xu Qi didn’t feel any pleasure at seeing the Vermilion Bird tortured to such a state. Instead, he felt a little terrible and asked, “Why are you acting this way?”

The Vermilion Bird glared at Xu Qi in resentment. Just as she was about to speak, several bolts of lightning struck out again, striking her body, and the pain immediately showed on her face.

Xu Qi sighed helplessly and injected rainbow energy into the rainbow sphere. This time, the unceasing lightning slowly stopped.

“You don’t have to look at me like this, or ask me anything. I can tell you that this rainbow seal wasn’t made by me. Truth be told, this seal was formed in this cavern long ago. I’m afraid if it wasn’t for your battle with the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon earlier, no one would have discovered its existence,” Xu Qi sighed and explained deliberately.

“You’re saying that this seal was set in place long ago?” the Vermilion Bird asked doubtfully, looking at the roof above the cavern.

“Yes, and I sensed that because of it the cultivation of the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon and you has been declining over the years, slowly becoming what they are now. I’m not of the opinion that the distinguished Divine Beast Vermilion Bird would be so weak. I’m also not so arrogant as to think I can subdue you,” Xu Qi informed her.

Hearing this, her arms fell weakly as she muttered, “Venerable Ziyan, after all is said and done, I still can’t escape from your schemes!”

“Say, I’ve been here for quite some time. I have to get going. You have fun staying here. Let’s go, Blackie, I’ll help you recover your strength to its peak when we’re back, and we will then return to fight her,” Xu Qi said, and beckoned the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon to leave.

“Wait a minute!” the Vermilion Bird called out anxiously to stop Xu Qi.

“What, you can’t accept your defeat? You still want to go at it?” Xu Qi chuckled.

The Vermilion Bird glanced at the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon and said quickly, almost stuttering, “I’ll follow you if you’re truly able to help me restore my strength to its peak!”

“I’m sorry, I’m not bringing you with me, even if you want to come with me now.”

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