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Chapter 181 - Accident!

Edited by RED

“Watch out!” Wen Xiang suddenly cried out after Xu Qi finished speaking. Immediately after, she struck out a palm at the man captured by Xu Chen moments earlier, sending him flying out from the room.

Before Xu Qi and the others could react, the body of the man sent flying outside shone with a blue light before he fell to the ground, ballooning in size. His body exploded, and an energy shockwave spread outwards, blowing up a crater in the courtyard.

Fifth Brother Xu Chen stared wide-eyed, his hand still frozen in place from tossing the man into the room. A chill shot down Xu Chen’s spine at the sight of the mess outside. He was only concerned with reporting to his Young Master, and didn’t realize the trash in his hand was actually a suicide warrior capable of self-explosion. If it wasn’t for Wen Xiang realizing it in time, everyone in the room would have been swept up in that explosion. Thinking of this, cold sweat drenched his back uncontrollably.

Xu Qi couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the unexpected situation. However, his laughter was one that made everyone around him feel chilled.

Wen Xiang had been thinking about how to console Xu Qi over Cai Xiaoxiao’s matter, and now such an incident had happened. That unnatural laugh of his made her feel an ache in her heart. After hesitating for a moment, Wen Xiang asked, “Qi’er, a-are you alright?”

“How could I not be fine, Aunt? I’m only thinking that my stay in the capital this time is becoming interesting,” Xu Qi smiled.

Seeing the slightly-knit brow on Xu Qi, Wen Xiang showed a worried look on her face and sighed helplessly. She felt very unpleasant in her heart. This nephew of hers was so young, yet he had to face so many difficulties. Not only that, it seemed like more troubles were coming his way.

Xu Qi noticed the change in Wen Xiang, too. He swept his gaze across the room and changed the topic, saying, “Aunt, I’m in need of men right now. I’m afraid I’ll have to heal their injuries as soon as possible.”

“Oh? Qi’er, could it be that you have thought of a way?” Wen Xiang asked doubtfully.

Xu Qi smiled at looked at the injured Constellation Guards. He cleared his throat and yelled out, “I took a huge risk to recover from my severe injuries so quickly. The cultivation art and energy in us are the same. So, I would like to ask you: I have a way to quickly heal you up. Are you willing to give it a try? Your lives will be at risk. Consider it carefully before you answer me.”

“Young Master, since you have a way to heal us quickly, just tell us. Why wouldn’t we dare to give it a try if you dared to? Am I right, brothers?!” the leader of the Constellation Guards, Xu Zi, immediately replied without a hint of hesitation.

The other Constellation Guards spoke out one after another, every one of them willing to.

Xu Qi nodded in satisfaction at witnessing this scene. Ten Green Mystique Fruits appeared in his hands with a flip of his palms. Xu Qi looked at them at said, “You know what these are. Not only are they able to boost your cultivation, they can also heal internal injuries. Your current situations are similar to how I was when I was injured. If you succeed, your cultivation will increase, too.”

The attention of the Constellation Guards was all focused onto the Green Mystique Fruits the moment Xu Qi brought them out. Every one of them nodded urgently at hearing what Xu Qi said, especially their leader, Xu Zi. He looked like a clown as saliva flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Wen Xiang revealed a puzzled look and asked, “Qi’er, what fruit is that? Did you recover from your injuries after consuming that?”

“Aunt, this is no ordinary fruit. Don’t you see the looks on their faces? They are familiar with it; each of them has consumed three of these in the past. Don’t look down on these fruits; each fruit they consumed increased their cultivation by a hundred years!” Xu Qi explained with a smile.

Wen Xiang was astonished at hearing this. A fruit that can increase a person’s cultivation by a hundred years? Why haven’t I heard of this? It is no wonder Xu Qi and the Constellation Guards have such high cultivations at such young ages. So it was because of this fruit. If each of them were to consume a dozen of these fruits, wouldn’t their strength become heaven-defying?

Xu Qi seemed to know what Wen Xiang was thinking at this moment. He smiled and explained, “Aunt, there are limitations to consuming this fruit. Previously, each of us consumed three of these fruits. The energy contained in them is too much, and a person can only consume three of these at most in their lifetimes. If one ate more than that, they would only suffer negative consequences. However, the injuries I sustained led me to the decision of taking a risk. Unexpectedly, it indeed healed my internal injuries. Though, if they were to successfully heal their injuries, too, I’m afraid this will be our last time consuming this fruit.”

Wen Xiang immediately understood at hearing this. So there were limitations to consuming this heaven-defying fruit.

“Aunt, arrange for men to stand guard outside. I’ll watch the Constellation Guards in here. I’ll give some of these fruits to you when they are done, and you can share them with the men from Luo Xiang House, eating one of these each,” Xu Qi said.

Wen Xiang shook her head at Xu Qi’s offer, saying, “No, no, Qi’er. Such fruits must be extremely rare. Keep them for yourself.”

“Aunt, I don’t consider this fruit as some rare, valuable object. I have many more of these; you don’t have to worry. Moreover, you know about my current situation. Your people becoming stronger is a great bonus for me, too. Let’s do as I said, alright?” Xu Qi cajoled her.

Wen Xiang was a straightforward woman, too. Seeing as Xu Qi was being so insistent, she no longer spoke otherwise and nodded. Then, Wen Xiang waved her hand to the Luo Xiang House’s men, who proceeded to exit the room, leaving only Xu Qi and the others in the room with the Constellation Guards.

Soon, each of the injured Constellation Guards were holding a Green Mystique Fruit in their hand. Originally, they had pained expressions on their faces due to their severe injuries, but now, they were looking at the Green Mystique Fruits in their hands, their throats rolling in anticipation. The temptation of the Green Mystique Fruit was truly too much for them.

From the looks on their faces, not a hint of worry about the risk they were going to take could be seen. Xu Qi reminded gravely, “This is being used to heal your internal injuries; not to boost your cultivation. Be mindful not to be greedy for advancing in your cultivation after consuming it. Only three of these fruits can be safely consumed in one’s lifetime. We are taking a risk here; be serious about it!”

The Constellation Guards nodded prudently at Xu Qi’s reminder. They understood very well that their Young Master was being very serious whenever he spoke in such a manner.

Xu Qi turned his head and looked to Xu Xiaomei, giving her a nod. She quickly backed off to the doors at seeing this, and golden energy shone in her hand. Soon, a barrier of golden energy was formed in the room.

The reason for this was because Xu Qi was worried that the Constellation Guards would create a huge commotion consuming the fruits simultaneously, attracting unnecessary troubles. Although Wen Xiang and the men from Luo Xiang House were standing guard outside and they didn’t have to worry, it would be disastrous if the Constellation Guards’ recovery were hindered from the distraction.

“Alright, start eat…” Just as Xu Qi was about instruct the Constellation Guards, he realized that they had already consumed the Green Mystique Fruits without waiting for his instructions.

Xu Qi shook his head helplessly. He didn’t dare to be careless in the least. He was using the Constellation Guards’ lives as an experiment. If any one of them were unable to withstand the energy from their fourth Green Mystique Fruit, resulting in an unwanted accident, he would die from regret.

The Constellation Guards finished their Green Mystique Fruits soon, and sat on the floor one after the other, closing their eyes. They began operating their cultivation art, manipulating the energy from the Green Mystique Fruits appearing in their body.

Xu Qi’s heart tightened as he watched the ten rainbow-shrouded figures in the room. At this moment, he was feeling slight regretful, using such a risky method to heal the Constellation Guards’ injuries. What will I do if any one of them was unable to withstand their fourth fruit?

While Xu Qi was feeling uneasy in his heart, the Fourth Brother, Xu Mao, whose injuries were relatively light among the Constellation Guards, spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked to be in great pain.

Xu Qi hurried over to Xu Mao’s side. The former wanted to say something, but Xu Mao waved his hand, stopping Xu Qi from doing so. He gently closed his eyes, and continued sitting on the floor in meditation. Although there wasn’t a noticeable change in his expression, cold sweat kept pouring out from his forehead. This proved that he was suffering the backlash within his body. The reason why Xu Mao kept silent was most likely due to his unwillingness to disturb the rest of the Constellation Guards.

Seeing Xu Mao acting like this, Xu Qi hurriedly looked at the others. He realized that there weren’t any anomalies in their expressions. Conversely, Xu Qi noticed that Xu Zi, whose injuries were the most severe, was regaining a hint of healthy pink in his complexion. It seemed that the Green Mystique Fruit was truly effective in healing severe injuries.

At this moment, blood flowed out from Xu Mao’s mouth. His body was swaying unsteadily, and his aura was in disarray.

Xu Qi hurriedly extended his hand, enveloped in rainbow energy, placing it gently on Xu Mao’s body. The moment his hand came into contact with Xu Mao, he immediately felt a chaotic mass of energy running rampant in Xu Mao’s body.

Xu Qi hurriedly injected his energy into Xu Mao, attempting to use his energy to suppress the wild mass of energy.

Alas, an accident occurred as his energy entered Xu Mao’s body. A stronger mass of energy suddenly appeared in Xu Mao’s body, forcing back Xu Qi’s energy. Xu Qi was caught unprepared and was instantly sent flying backwards by that new mass of energy.

At the same time, Xu Mao’s slim body started ballooning.

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