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Chapter 182 - Decapitated!

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Xu Xiaomei noticed the situation from where she stood by the door. She immediately caught Xu Qi, and he rushed back to Xu Mao’s side after regaining his balance.

During all this, the other Constellation Guards had no clue about the situation.

Xu Mao’s body kept expanding, and a mass of violent red energy was slowly leaking out from his body. His expression became twisted and he looked to be in extreme pain. However, he grit his teeth strongly, not letting out the slightest sound.

Xu Qi was at a loss for what to do at seeing this. He had no idea how to help his Fourth Brother, and he became very anxious. Xu Qi no longer dared to use his energy to forcefully suppress the wild energy.

At this moment, Xu Xiaomei came to Xu Mao’s side as well. Golden light shone on her body as she opened her mesmerizing mouth, and began inhaling the red energy leaking out from Xu Mao’s body. As she was sucking the red energy away at a speed visible to the naked eye, Xu Mao’s ballooning body quickly stopped expanding, and even gradually shrank back.

Xu Qi let out a relieved breath at witnessing this. Xu Xiaomei was obviously drawing away the wild energy from Xu Mao. Although he didn’t know what method she was using, his Fourth Brother’s life was most likely saved. Xu Qi’s hastiness in healing the Constellation Guards had almost cost Xu Mao his life, the overabundance of energy would have made his body explode.

Xu Mao’s body gradually returned to normal, and the pained expression on his face disappeared as well. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that Xu Xiaomei was inhaling the excess energy from the fruit, reducing the pressure he felt. He immediately understood that she had saved his life.

Upon sensing that the energy in Xu Mao was not as violent as before, Xu Xiaomei stopped absorbing the energy and the golden light on her gradually faded away, before she took a deep breath of air.

At the same time, Xu Mao, whose place in the world of the living was now secure, revealed a smile, nodding at the anxious Xu Qi. He slowly shut his eyes and continued operating his cultivation art, healing himself.

Xu Qi was finally able to relax a little after Xu Mao’s aura had stabilized. He swept his gaze across the rest of the Constellation Guards and pulled Xu Xiaomei to the door after confirming there were no other anomalies.

“Why were you able to absorb the energy? What was going on? Is your body all right after absorbing the energy?” Xu Qi asked in a soft whisper.

Although Xu Qi spoke in a whisper, Xu Xiaomei could tell how concerned Xu Qi was for her. She couldn’t help but smile and replied, “You’re so silly, Young Master. Go think about it yourself; you gave me that object.”

After saying that, Xu Xiaomei walked toward the similarly anxious Qian Yin’s side and whispered something in her ear. Xu Qi couldn’t hear what was being said, but Qian Yin’s complexion turned for the better after hearing Xu Xiaomei’s words, and she almost laughed out loud, shooting several glances at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi was helpless at the two’s behavior and turned back to the ten Constellation Guards. A sour feeling rose in his heart as he glanced at Xu Mao, who had almost lost his life to Xu Qi’s reckless decision. Fortunately, Xu Xiaomei was quick to react, or he would have met with a dire end.

However, doubts surfaced in Xu Qi’s mind as he recalled Xu Xiaomei absorbing the energy from Xu Mao. When did she learn to do that? And from the way she did it, it seemed to be something very easy and natural for her. What was going on?

Suddenly, Xu Qi remembered something. He had fed Xu Xiaomei the Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s inner core he got by a stroke of luck after he captured her as a Giantwood Python. The energy contained in the golden inner core was too much for her to absorb; even now, over a decade later, she had yet to fully absorb it. Could it be because of the golden inner core?

While Xu Qi was recalling this, the rainbow glow around the injured Constellation Guards grew brighter, and the energy waves leaking out of them began to spread outwards.

Upon noticing this, Xu Qi, Xu Xiaomei, and Qian Yin immediately formed an energy barrier layer in front of them to defend themselves from the ripples. At this crucial moment, the sturdy golden barrier Xu Xiaomei had placed beforehand displayed its worth, instantly nullifying the energy waves once they came into contact with it.

A smile finally rose on Xu Qi’s face as he saw the auras of the Constellation Guards getting stronger. There were too many troubles recently, and for once something worth celebrating had happened.


After a short while, the Constellation Guards slowly opened their eyes, one after another. They stood up one by one, and walked over to Xu Qi, looks of excitement on their faces.

Xu Mao was the last to stand up and come to Xu Qi’s side. A slight smile hung on his face. He didn’t seem to mind the incident from before and shook his head slightly at Xu Qi. The latter instantly understood that Xu Mao didn’t want the others to know what happened earlier, and a feeling of guilt rose uncontrollably in Xu Qi’s heart.

Xu Qi sensed the robust strength in the Constellation Guards’ auras and smiled, saying, “Not bad. We benefited from a calamity this time. But going forward, the troubles we will be facing will be even tougher. I hope you guys will be more careful in the future, no matter what tasks you’re doing. Otherwise-”

“Qi’er, open the door! Quick!” Wen Xiang’s anxious calls from outside suddenly interrupted Xu Qi’s speech.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaomei removed the energy barrier she had set up previously and opened the door.

Wen Xiang had a grave expression on her face. However, it became one of disbelief when she saw the Constellation Guards standing in the room. Even so, her attention was quickly shifted away from them as she found Xu Qi.

Xu Qi asked in bewilderment, “What’s wrong, Aunt? Did something happen?”

“Qi’er, you mustn’t get agitated when you hear this. Don’t tell Miss Cai, either. I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle the shock,” Wen Xiang said gravely.

The confusion in Xu Qi grew heavier at hearing this. What has happened that was related to Cai Xiaoxiao? Xu Qi nodded at Wen Xiang, indicating for her to continue.

“I received news from the city that the Cai Clan’s Patriarch was killed, and the entire Cai Clan was massacred,” Wen Xiang whispered.

“What!? Cai Wubo is dead!? And the Cai Clan was destroyed!?” Xu Qi exclaimed. It was as if a lightning had struck his mind. Why would something like this happen? The Cai Clan is one of the four great clans in the capital, and their foundations run deep. How could they be uprooted so easily!?

Seeing Xu Qi acting so agitated, Wen Xiang sighed and said, “It’s true. Qian Yun and Xu Chen brought some men with them and are rushing to the Cai Clan to see if there are any traces to be found.”

Xu Qi knew that Wen Xiang wouldn’t spout unnecessary nonsense. He realized that this was the truth, leaving an extremely bad taste in his mouth. Cai Xiaoxiao had just met with some misfortune, and now the Cai Clan had been wiped out. How was he supposed to tell Cai Xiaoxiao that? Also, he had promised Cai Xiaoxiao he would ask for her hand in marriage, but such a thing had happened before he could meet up with Cai Wubo!

However, upon thinking of the Cai Clan’s deep foundations, Xu Qi understood that no ordinary men could possibly have the resources to destroy the Cai Clan so quickly. Also, there must be a reason behind the sudden destruction of the Cai Clan. Could it be because of my appearance in the capital? If that is true, then I have truly let Cai Xiaoxiao down...

Xu Qi suddenly thought of something and hurriedly instructed, “Not good. If the perpetrators have yet to leave, Qian Yun and Fifth Brother will be in danger! Come, head to the Cai Clan!” After saying that, Xu Qi immediately stood up and went to the door.

The others hurriedly followed behind Xu Qi. If it was truly as Xu Qi had said, that the perpetrators had yet to leave, Qian Yun, Xu Chen, and the others would be in great danger.

However, Xu Qi suddenly stopped just as he exited the room. He quickly turned around and said to Qian Yin, “Stay put, Qian Yin. You remain here to accompany Xiaoxiao. We can’t afford to have any other incidents happening. Also, don’t tell Xiaoxiao about this matter yet. You should know what to do.”

Qian Yin understood Xu Qi’s intentions the moment she heard his instructions. Qian Yin nodded slightly and headed in the direction where Cai Xiaoxiao’s room was.

Xu Qi no longer stood around, either. He immediately flew off in the Cai Clan’s direction, leaving Qian Yin here to take care of Cai Xiaoxiao. The others quickly went after him.


While Xu Qi and the others were rushing toward the Cai Clan, Qian Yun, Xu Chen, and a few others were standing outside the Cai Clan’s main hall with ugly expressions. A headless corpse was lying on the ground, and the decapitated head was off to the side, its eyes wide open.

Within the Xu Clan, Xu Chen had stayed in the capital the longest. Naturally he recognized the the decapitated man. The man had prospered in the capital for many years. This elder who had died an unjust death was none other than the Cai Clan’s Patriarch, Cai Wubo.

Within the entire Cai Clan, this courtyard that was the closest to the main hall was the most heavily damaged area. Most of the corpses were discovered here, too. It looked like a living hell. There were corpses everywhere, and judging from their attire, the deceased were all members of the Cai Clan.

There were two white-haired corpses lying on the ground next to Cai Wubo’s body. A large hole had been driven into their chests, and their arms had been cut off. Their appearances were horrifying; there was probably some resistance on their part prior to their demise, but they lacked the strength to save themselves and were slaughtered like this.

“Fifth Brother, within the capital, are there any forces capable of doing this?” Qian Yun asked.

Xu Chen had his head lowered, looking at Cai Wubo’s corpse. Upon hearing her question, he slowly raised his head and sighed, replying, “Yes, only one person could have done this. That is, the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei!”

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