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Chapter 178 - Heartache

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In the entire duration of the mysterious red figure’s appearance, even the strongest person on the scene, Xu Xiaomei, could only warn Xu Qi, and was unable to move in time to stop them from taking Fan Yilun away. That person was too fast.

Xu Xiaomei flew in front of Xu Qi with a grave expression and asked softly, “Young Master, should I give chase?”

Xu Qi shook his head and looked at Fan Ming, whose corpse was already burned black by the All-Tempering Flame. He mumbled to himself doubtfully, “This person was obviously here to save Fan Yilun only, with no intention or care about the Fan Clan’s Patriarch. Such strength; who could it be?”

The Black Tortoise’s poison had yet to be neutralized and he had not made a move during all this. He slowly walked up to Xu Qi and brought his lips to the latter’s ear, whispering, “Damn brat, if my guess is right, that person earlier came from the same place as you. I realized that from his aura; it couldn’t be wrong.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi looked at Black Tortoise in disbelief and asked blankly, “Uncle, you’re not joking with me, are you?”

Black Tortoise smiled and replied, “I’ve lost count of the years I spent on that side. Do you think I would sense wrongly? Also, that person’s strength was most probably above mine. If he were to make a move against us earlier, everyone here, including me, would be done for.”

Xu Qi’s heart trembled. His strength was above the Black Tortoise’s? What kind of strength was that?

Black Tortoise chuckled at the sight of Xu Qi’s expression and said, “Don’t worry. Since I was able to detect that he was from that side, I believe he too, was able to sense the aura on you. He probably had no intention of fighting.”

Xu Qi nodded, but he was greatly shocked, and his thoughts in a mess.

He slowly calmed himself down, and turned around to look at the courtyard. It looked like a living Hell. Although he never liked killing others, he gave no mercy in this matter.

The Fan Clan had thoroughly crossed his bottom line. It was as Xu Qi said earlier, there was no need for the Fan Clan to exist in this world any longer. The Fan Clan, one of the four prominent clans of the capital, was wiped out.

Just as Xu Qi was about to leave, he suddenly discovered someone twitching about in a corner. Upon taking a closer look, it was the Undying School Elder who came with Bu Chenglin from before. He was gravely injured by Xu Xiaomei, and his aura was extremely weak.

Xu Qi slowly came in front of this Elder and held the Rainlord sword at his neck. Fear was all that could be seen in the Elder’s eyes, and his throat rolled uncontrollably.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” the Undying School Elder asked nervously.

Xu Qi smiled coldly and said, “Answer my questions if you wish to live. You know the consequences otherwise. How many high level Spiritualists are there in the Undying School, and why are there only Swordsmen among you from what I saw today?”

“Th-th-that is our School’s secret. No one is… ah!” the Elder refused to answer Xu Qi’s questions and the Rainlord sword decapitated him. Xu Qi truly had no patience to waste any time on him right now. Since he had already declared war on the Undying School, it didn’t matter as much if he didn’t know their strength.

After killing this Undying School Elder, Xu Qi left the Fan Clan with the others. As they retreated, Xu Qi gave the order to burn down the Fan Clan. He wanted everything related to the Fan Clan to disappear for good.

On the way back, Xu Qi kept thinking about the mysterious man who took Fan Yilun away. He wasn’t of the opinion that the mysterious man’s sudden appearance was a random act to intervene in an injustice he witnessed.


Xu Qi returned to the institution he recuperated in, and came to the courtyard of Cai Xiaoxiao’s room. He overheard the weeping sounds of the two girls inside, feeling as if his heart was bleeding.

Xu Qi gently pushed the door open, and saw that Cai Xiaoxiao was curled up in a corner of the bed, her body shaking as she cried. Similarly, the weeping Qian Yin was kneeling on the floor.

Xu Qi understood that Qian Yin was blaming herself for bringing Cai Xiaoxiao to see him, leading to this incident. He felt terrible in his heart and hurriedly stepped forward to help Qian Yin up, bringing her into his embrace. He consoled gently, “This matter isn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself; all of this is my fault. Don’t be like this, alright?”

Qian Yin didn’t stop crying. Instead, her cries became even more severe, leaving Xu Qi at a loss for what to do. After all, he wasn’t one who was good at consoling others.

As Xu Qi hugged Qian Yin, his gaze shifted over to the curled-up Cai Xiaoxiao. Her gaze was still lifeless, but the tears in her eyes never stopped, looking at him.

Xu Qi’s heart quivered seeing Cai Xiaoxiao in this state. She’d lost an arm because of Xu Qi, and her running into such an unfortunate incident was also because of her visiting out of concern for him.

Qian Yin slowly recovered after crying for some time in Xu Qi’s embrace. She knew that she shouldn’t stay there and gently struggled out of Xu Qi’s arms, leaving the room with a depressed expression.

Xu Qi didn’t stop Qian Yin from leaving. His gaze was on Cai Xiaoxiao. He had always felt some guilt towards her. Thinking back on the Fengwen Examinations, there was a good chance Cai Xiaoxiao was the one he took forcefully while he was drugged. However, she never complained once about it, and even lost her arm because of him. This was the main reason why Xu Qi was so furious before.

Xu Qi ambled over to the bedside and sat down. He gently brought the weeping Cai Xiaoxiao into his embrace. Looking at her lifeless eyes felt really terrible for Xu Qi in his heart.

“Xiaoxiao, it was all Brother Qi’s fault. Brother Qi was late to help you. I won’t let you leave my side anymore. Everything will turn for the better. Trust me, okay?” Xu Qi consoled gently as his arms wrapped around her shoulders.

Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t respond to Xu Qi, but her suppressed silent weeping broke loose, and bawled her eyes out. Cai Xiaoxiao buried her head in Xu Qi’s arms, shaking her head. Anyone who heard her crying would feel their hearts turning sour.

Xu Qi didn’t know what to say, either. He held her tightly in his arms, listening to the sounds of her crying as two trails of tears silently appeared on his face.

After Cai Xiaoxiao was violated by Bu Chenglin in the Fan Clan, she became emotionless and her mental state unclear, seemingly still living in that terrible experience. Even so, now that she was in Xu Qi’s arms and felt the warmth coming from his body, her state of mind began to slowly clear up.

Cai Xiaoxiao continued crying for an indefinite amount of time, venting all the pent-up emotions inside her and finally recovered a little. A hint of spirit returned to her lifeless eyes, and she raised her head, looking at this man in front of her who had appeared in her dreams countless times, shaking her head. Tears rolled down once more and she tried to struggle free from Xu Qi’s arms, saying, “No, I can’t, I can’t stay by your side. I’m not worthy to be by Brother Qi’s side. Xiaoxiao is tainted… dirty… I’m going to kill that beast! I’ll kill him!”

Cai Xiaoxiao suddenly lost her composure as she spoke, pushing Xu Qi away. Her eyes reddened, heading towards the door.

Xu Qi’s heart trembled even more at seeing this. He forcefully pulled Cai Xiaoxiao back into his arms and yelled out, “Xiaoxiao!”

She seemed to be jolted awake by Xu Qi’s call. A look of confusion flashed across her face and tears rolled down her cheeks once more. She no longer moved around, weeping silently in his arms.

“Don’t worry, Xiaoxiao. Brother Qi will kill him for sure, but not now. I won’t let him die so easily. I already made the Fan Clan pay the price, and next will be the Undying School. Brother Qi will definitely avenge you,” Xu Qi consoled, looking at the scars on Cai Xiaoxiao’s body and her swollen face. He manipulated his energy, injecting them into Cai Xiaoxiao’s body to remove the scars.

Cai Xiaoxiao gradually recovered her state of mind in Xu Qi’s embrace. Xu Qi focused his mind and continued consoling her, “Xiaoxiao, don’t speak those silly words. No matter what you’ve become, I will be your Brother Qi. You will forever be that unchanging Xiaoxiao in my heart.”

As Xu Qi spoke, Cai Xiaoxiao kept shaking her head, at a loss for words. The nightmarish scenes in the Fan Clan’s secret room kept replaying in her mind.

The pent-up frustration in Xu Qi’s heart slowly built up as he watched Cai Xiaoxiao bearing such agony. Suddenly, he roared out to the skies, like the thundering sounds of the heavens, spreading to the entire capital with this room as the center.


In the royal mansion situation right in the middle of the capital city, Lian Chengwei was standing there with a worried expression, looking at the burning Fan Clan in melancholy.

He turned around and wanted to greet his Royal Uncle, but he realized that the man standing in front of him wasn’t Lian Qijin, who had been by his side for years. Instead, it was a young man.

At this moment, a heart-wrenching cry reached Lian Chengwei’s ears. His heart trembled violently for a moment, sensing the fury contained in this voice, the intent to kill everyone.

“Go find out where this voice came from!” Lian Chengwei ordered plainly.

Hearing this, the young man answered “Yes!” respectfully and slowly made his exit.

Lian Chengwei looked in the direction the voice came from and sighed, muttering to himself, “Xu Qi, I didn’t expect you to actually return here, and you even brought such experts with you. This time, how should I deal with you?”

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