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Chapter 179 - Getting Over It1

Edited by RED

On a mountain summit just outside Mirrorlink’s capital…

A young man stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the scenery below the cliff as his white clothes flapped in the wind. Two clear trails of tears slowly rolled down his handsome face uncontrollably.

Behind this young man was a woman dressed in a similar white skirt, facing sideways. This woman’s exquisite body matched her purple top, showing off her curves. Her face was also pretty and delicate, but her eyes were swollen red, obviously caused by sorrow. What made one feel pity for her was that one of her sleeves was empty; her arm was missing.

“Brother Qi, why did you bring me here?” the purple-clothed woman asked, her voice slightly shaky. From her point of view, she wasn’t able to see the trails of tears on the young man’s face.

The young man didn’t turn back, either. He continued looking down the cliff, answering with a hoarse voice, “Three years ago, Mo Ling stabbed me in the back at this exact spot, and I fell off the cliff.”

This young man was none other than the Xu Clan’s master, Xu Qi. As for the woman next to him, it was naturally Cai Xiaoxiao, whose state of mind had turned slightly for the better not long ago. However, the nightmarish scenes still surfaced in her mind. At this moment, she was contemplating on whether to jump off this cliff.

Xu Qi suddenly turned back. The tears on his face disappeared, and he held onto Cai Xiaoxiao’s hand. He said, without blinking or breaking eye-contact, “Xiaoxiao, back when I was stabbed by her and learned of the truth, do you know how terrible I felt?”

Cai Xiaoxiao looked at Xu Qi blankly, seemingly not hearing what he had just said.

Seeing her acting like this, Xu Qi spoke out again, “Because of Mo Ling’s act, I made the mistake of severing your arm. When I returned, I cut off one of her arms, too. I know this won’t make up for what I owe you, but there is nothing that can’t be overcome. Give me a chance to make it up to you, okay?”

Cai Xiaoxiao’s body trembled violently at hearing this. A hint of life returned to her eyes, and she raised her head, looking at this man who appeared in her dreams countless times in the last three years. She struggled free from his hand and shook her head, saying, “Brother Qi, I have never blamed you, so what is there that you owe me?”

Xu Qi fell silent. After a short pause, he spoke out once more, “Xiaoxiao, let me ask you a question; you must answer me truthfully.”

Cai XIaoxiao’s heart tightened at hearing this, but nodded slightly at the sight of the seriousness in Xu Qi.

“Three years ago, on the night before the Fengwen Examinations began, were you the one… who entered my room?” Xu Qi asked. He was too embarrassed to state his question too explicitly and phrased it in a slightly roundabout way.

Cai Xiaoxiao avoided Xu Qi’s gaze at hearing this. However, when she established eye-contact again, for some unknown reasons, she nodded again, and tears flowed from her eyes once more.

Xu Qi was no fool. He naturally understood what Cai Xiaoxiao meant, and he suddenly pulled on Cai Xiaoxiao strongly, bringing her into his arms once more. He said with a resolute tone, “Since you don’t blame me, I don’t care what happens either. From now on, you are the Young Mistress of my Xu Clan, and my, Xu Qi’s, woman!”

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao attempted to struggle free from Xu Qi. Her crying sounds stopped as she slowly raised her head, looking blankly at Xu Qi’s extraordinarily handsome face.

“Brother Qi, I…” Cai Xiaoxiao seemed to have something to say, but her eyes suddenly opened wide.

Xu Qi had forcefully pressed his lips onto hers, kissing her passionately.

Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t resist or try to struggle free. Instead, she reciprocated with passion. At this moment, she truly put everything behind her, focusing her eyes and mind onto this young man in front of her.

After a long time passed, their lips part. Xu Qi looked at Cai Xiaoxiao’s eyes and said deliberately, “Be my woman and stay by my side. Although there will be many troubles and dangers ahead, walk down this path together with me, okay?”

Light seemed to have shone in Cai Xiaoxiao’s heart, lifting the trauma troubling her after sharing a passionate kiss with the man she loved. However, she shook her head at Xu Qi’s words. She felt that she wasn’t worthy of being his woman. She felt that her body was tainted and dirty.

Xu Qi seemed to have seen through her thoughts and said gently, “Xiaoxiao, I know what you’re thinking, but I’ll tell you this. You are my first woman; I won’t let you leave me. I will think of a way to reattach your severed arm, and as for that Bu Chenglin, I’ll let you witness his tragic end for yourself.”

Cai Xiaoxiao seemed to be agitated and struggled madly, screaming, “I don’t want to hear this, I don’t want to hear this! I’m not worthy of becoming Brother Qi’s woman!”

Seeing this, Xu Qi was reminded that she became a little calmer after kissing her, and immediately pressed his lips onto her slightly-purple lips again forcefully.

As expected, Cai Xiaoxiao calmed down after they shared another kiss. Not only that, a faint blush could be seen on her face this time.

After some time, the two separated their lips unwillingly. Xu Qi looked at Cai Xiaoxiao’s spirited eyes and said, “Xiaoxiao, no matter what happens, I will always be your Brother Qi. Let’s return; I’m going to propose marriage to your father.”

Cai Xiaoxiao no longer tried to argue. In fact, her state of mind was fully recovered since earlier, but she couldn’t accept that trauma she had experienced. Facing Xu Qi’s intense feelings and guilt, her frozen heart slowly melted and burned hot. Her originally pale face was now a faint pink.

“Brother Qi, I’m fine with being an attendant by your side. I don’t dare to have the extravagant hope of becoming your woman,” Cai Xiaoxiao said softly as her eyes dimmed once more.

Xu Qi looked at her and smiled. He extended his hand, touching her nose lightly and said, “I don’t want you to be my attendant. I only want you as my woman. Be my Xu Clan’s Mistress; I’ll have you give birth to a whole group of my children in the future.”

Cai Xiaoxiao’s face flushed red at hearing this. She said in an extremely soft voice, “As long as Brother Qi doesn’t ignore me, allowing me to stay by your…” her voice became inaudible and Xu Qi was unable to make out what she just said.

Seeing as Cai Xiaoxiao had finally gotten over her trauma, Xu Qi felt a sense of relief in his heart. They didn’t stay here any longer, and made their way back. When they returned to the institution, Cai Xiaoxiao’s lifeless eyes had returned to their former spirit, beaming with happiness.

Xu Qi accompanied Cai Xiaoxiao back to her room and chatted for some time, talking about his experiences over the recent years. As he recounted, he discovered that she had fallen asleep in his embrace.

Xu Qi sighed slightly as he watched Cai Xiaoxiao sleep, then gently picked her up and laid her on the bed, putting a blanket over her before turning to leave.

“Qian Yin, I know you were always around. Come on out,” Xu Qi said plainly after stepping out of the room, staring at a corner.

A graceful purple silhouette walked out from the place Xu Qi was looking at and slowly came up to him. Her brow furrowed, asking, “Young Master, have you told her about Lan Shu’er and your daughter?”

The one who appeared was, of course, the elder twin, Qian Yin. Xu Qi shook his head and smiled bitterly, saying, “No, I owe Xiaoxiao too much. I’m afraid she will have thoughts of ending her life after experiencing such misery. That’s why I wanted to stabilize her condition first. It’s not too late to tell her about them after she’s woken up from this peaceful sleep.”

Qian Yin sighed and continued asking, “Then how are you planning on explaining to Lan Shu’er? Are you going to keep hiding this from her?”

Xu Qi shook his head. His gaze was resolute as he said, “No, I won’t hide anyone from them. I trust Shu’er. With her temperament, she will never disagree to this matter. Xiaoxiao is a pitiful girl. I admit that my guilt toward her outweighs my feelings towards her; that’s why I have to account for her.”

Xu Qi no longer wished to dabble in this topic after saying this. He looked at the wan Qian Yin and changed the topic, saying, “Qian Yin, this matter is over. I hope you won’t blame yourself over this. This was not your fault.”

Qian Yin looked intently at her Young Master and forced out a smile, saying, “I’m fine, Young Master.”

Xu Qi nodded and turned his head around, looking at the closed door before walking out the courtyard. As he left, he spoke out, “I’m going to Fifth Brother’s place for a bit. Look after her for me. Also, get the Constellation Guards to quickly heal themselves. We’ll head to Firesoul in a couple of days to help the Nightwatch.”

Seeing as Xu Qi was about to leave, Qian Yin called out to him, “Just a moment, Young Master,” and quickly walked up to Xu Qi.

Hearing this, Xu Qi stopped in place and asked with his brow furrowed, “What is it? There’s something else?”

Qian Yin looked at her surroundings vigilantly. After confirming that no one is around, she tiptoed and brought her lips to Xu Qi’s ear, whispering, “Young Master, I suspect the matter at Firesoul is most likely a trap laid by the Monarchy Pavilion and Shadow Wind Sect, aiming to take down our entire Xu Clan in one fell swoop.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi raised his head abrupted and looked at Qian Yin in disbelief, asking softly, “Oh? Why do you say this, Qian Yin? What are you basing your suspicions on?”

Qian Yin hesitated for a while and said, “Young Master, I’m only making a guess; please don’t blame me if I’m wrong.”

“Speak; I won’t blame you, nor will I tell anybody else,” Xu Qi smiled.

Qian Yin looked vigilantly to her surroundings once more and whispered, “Young Master, I suspect there’s something wrong with Di Ke’er!”

Translator’s Note:

1: The chapter’s title in Chinese was literally ‘undoing the heart’s knot’. It refers to the incident Cai Xiaoxiao went through becoming a trouble/trauma to her, tying her up in her heart.

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