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Chapter 176 - That Matter From Back Then

Edited by RED

Xu Xiaomei turned into a golden streak of light the moment Xu Qi gave the order, flying towards the leader. The leader immediately released defensive red energy around himself upon sensing the threat.

However, the furious Xu Xiaomei had no intention of giving him any chance of surviving, and she struck out with three golden palms consecutively. The first palm instantly shattered the red energy barrier he put up, and the remaining two palms struck him cleanly. The leader flew off like a kite with its string snapped, crashing into the ground some distance away, unmoving.

The remaining two personal guards of Bu Chenglin were flustered at witnessing Xu Xiaomei’s tyrannical strength. They no longer had any care for their leader’s life, and flew off in separate directions, trying to escape.

However, Wen Xiang and Gu Bin were sharp and fast to react, even as the men moved. They immediately moved to intercept the two Undying School guards, and Xu Xiaomei took the opportunity to strike out once more, quickly killing them.

In just the blink of an eye, the four conceited personal guards of the Undying School’s Young School Master lost their lives to Xu Xiaomei.

Fan Ming was covered in sweat upon witnessing all this. He hurried said, “Young Master Xu, our Fan Clan is truly uninvolved in this matter today. It was all the fault of that Young School Master of the Undying School. I implore Young Master Xu to not blame this matter on the Fan Clan.”

It wasn’t that the Fan Clan’s Patriarch was being a spineless coward. Instead, the strength Xu Qi had displayed was too overwhelming. It was so strong that Fan Ming no longer dared to put up any resistance. He was completely helpless here.

Fan Ming truly had not expected that Xu Qi, who was supposedly dead three years ago, would suddenly appear in the capital with such a terrifyingly strong group, and his Fan Clan would become a mere pebble in Xu Qi’s path, something for him to prove his strength.

Xu Qi flew in front of Fan Ming and said plainly, “Lead the way.”

Hearing this, Fan Ming collected himself and nodded, then waved his hand to the guards beside him. The guards quickly backed off at seeing this, opening the way. Fan Ming sighed and turned to walk inside, with the ashen-faced Xu Qi following right behind him.

Xu Qi’s followers hurriedly followed him, going deeper into the Fan Clan.


At this moment, the Undying School’s Young School Master was engaging in another round of beastly acts on Cai Xiaoxiao in the Fan Clan’s secret room, and he never noticed the commotion outside at all.

This time, Cai Xiaoxiao did not put up any form of resistance against Bu Chenglin’s invasion. She didn’t let out a sound, either, only looking blankly to the side with her lifeless eyes.

Bu Chenglin seemed to be unable to reap any pleasure from this, and said to Cai Xiaoxiao with a smile, “You’d better cooperate nicely. I don’t like what I’m feeling right now.”

However, Cai Xiaoxiao still showed no signs of emotions at hearing this as Bu Chenglin pressed down on her body with his own.

Seeing this, Bu Chenglin stopped his motions and slapped Cai Xiaoxiao thrice, saying, “I had thought you were some pure woman who would die fighting for her chastity. Who would’ve thought that you weren't even pure! What are you feigning for? Isn’t it the same no matter who you’re fooling around with?”

Cai Xiaoxiao’s face swelled up after being slapped thrice. However, she still remained expressionless, not even twitching a muscle on her face. All she was thinking of in her heart was a person: her Brother Qi, Xu Qi.

Three years ago, on the first night of the Feng Wen Examinations, Cai Xiaoxiao went to find Xu Qi, looking to discuss the Feng Wen Examinations. However, she realized that Xu Qi wasn’t in his room at the time.

She thought for a short while and came to the conclusion that he must be with Mo Ling. Cai Xiaoxiao went to Mo Ling’s room and knocked on the door. Even now, she vividly remembered the flustered look on Mo Ling’s face when she opened the door.

Cai Xiaoxiao saw Xu Qi laying on the table when Mo Ling opened the door. The latter claimed that Xu Qi had drank a little too much, and she wasn’t feeling well, either, and asked Cai Xiaoxiao to send Xu Qi back to his room. At that time, Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t think much of this and supported Xu Qi up, helping him back to his room.

What Cai Xiaoxiao was unaware of, was that Mo Ling had decided to help her father kill Xu Qi, and she wanted to give her body to Xu Qi before she committed the act. Thus, she administered drugs to Xu Qi’s wine; the kind to bring out a man’s desire with great efficacy, as well as knockout drops.

Alas, Cai Xiaoxiao came just as the drugs began to take effect on Xu Qi. Mo Ling was flustered and no longer dared to continue her act. Thus, she had Cai Xiaoxiao send Xu Qi back.

When Cai Xiaoxiao brought Xu Qi back to his room, she discovered that Xu Qi’s face was flushed bright red for some unknown reasons, and he began panting heavily. Cai Xiaoxiao was concerned about him and stayed behind after helping him to his bed, to check if he was sick.

After which, the intoxicated Xu Qi took Cai Xiaoxiao’s body by force in his stupor. Cai Xiaoxiao was fond of Xu Qi to begin with, and she had accepted Xu Qi’s forceful invasion. In the entire process, Xu Qi was driven by the drugs, and neglected to take care with Cai Xiaoxiao’s body, leaving no small amounts of bruises on her.

After the deed, Cai Xiaoxiao looked at Xu Qi as he lay on the bed. There was no feeling of resentment in her. Conversely, her fondness towards this man became even greater. She gave Xu Qi a gentle peck on his cheek, and silently left his room.

Cai Xiaoxiao returned to her room and recalled everything that happened that night. After thinking things through, she finally realized that her Brother Qi was drugged. Putting that together with the flustered look on Mo Ling’s face when she opened the door, Cai Xiaoxiao guessed that it was surely Mo Ling who did it. As she was unaware of Mo Ling’s intentions for doing so, Cai Xiaoxiao began keeping her eyes on Mo Ling after that day. In the end, she was the first to discover Mo Ling trying to sneak attack Xu Qi in the Cai Clan’s courtyard, and she lost an arm as a result.

Cai Xiaoxiao was never able to put Xu Qi behind her over the last three years. Upon learning that Xu Qi was still alive, a sliver of hope rose in her despair. Who would’ve known, that not long after she met with the severely injured Xu Qi once more, she would be abducted, and violated by an evil man. Thinking of this, tears flowed out once more from her eyes.

Bu Chenglin’s expression turned savage at the sight of this, and he began moving his body once more, continuing his beastly act.

Just as Bu Chenglin was feeling his blood boiling, going for the final spurt, several girls’ screams suddenly rang out from behind him.

Bu Chenglin hurriedly stopped his movements at hearing ths shrieks and grabbed some clothing off the floor in a fluster, covering himself as he turned to look behind him.

Just as Bu Chenglin turned around, he saw a rainbow-hued figure suddenly striking out at him. As the Young School Master of the Undying School, although he was absorbed in pleasure with women, he had been working hard on cultivating himself. His cultivation level was at the second stage of Void realm.

This rainbow figure was, of course, Xu Qi, brought here to the secret room by the Fan Clan’s patriarch, Fan Ming. Due to the girls’ inexperience in the matters between men and women, they were shocked at the sight of the only spot that was illuminated in the secret room upon entering. They had screamed out loud, quickly turning around, no longer daring to see what was happening.

Xu Qi was similarly shocked, but his emotions immediately turned into rage, and he struck out at Bu Chenglin.

Bu Chenglin let out a cold smile when Xu Qi’s fist was mere inches away from his face. A red energy barrier suddenly rose up in front of him, blocking Xu Qi’s punch.

Xu Qi stopped his assault on Bu Chenglin when his punch was successfully blocked. Instead, he shifted his attention to the naked Cai Xiaoxiao on the floor.

His heart shook at the sight of her. He truly hoped that this woman in his sights wasn’t Cai Xiaoxiao.

Even so, Xu Qi spat out a mouthful of blood when he saw her, her entire body covered in wounds, and her face swollen.

(Ed. Note: The missing arm is probably a giveaway…)

Seeing this, Bu Chenglin quickly kicked Xu Qi, sending him tumbling back to the men behind him. They quickly caught Xu Qi, while Bu Chenglin’s figure disappeared on the spot, speeding towards the secret room’s exit, planning on escaping.

Among the few women who turned away from Cai Xiaoxiao earlier, Xu Xiaomei was the first to react and immediately moved to intercept Bu Chenglin. However, Xu Xiaomei pulled off the only piece of cloth covering Bu Chenglin’s body, revealing his private areas.

Xu Xiaomei hurriedly took several steps backward, not daring to look at Bu Chenglin. The latter immediately took the opportunity to escape from this secret room.

At this moment, Qian Yin and the others had reacted to this and wanted to give chase, but they were stopped by Xu Qi.

“Stop chasing!” Xu Qi instructed, his body swaying. He struggled free from his supporters and looked at Cai Xiaoxiao, slowly walking over to her as two trails of tears flowed down his cheeks.

The group exchanged glances with one another, none of them daring to say a word.

Xu Qi took off his outer coat as he came to Cai Xiaoxiao’s side, gently covering her body. He knelt on the ground and roared out to the skies. This cry of his shook the hearts of everyone present. The expression of the Fan Clan’s Patriarch, Fan Ming, turned extremely ugly.

Xu Qi looked down at the emotionless Cai Xiaoxiao. He extended his trembling hand, gently touching her face and cried, saying, “Xiaoxiao, Brother Qi has come late. Brother Qi has let you down. I’ll bring you back now, don’t be afraid.”

However, Cai Xiaoxiao seemed to not hear what Xu Qi just said. She never responded to him, but the tears in her eyes silently flowed even faster.

Xu Qi slowly carried Cai Xiaoxiao off the ground and walked toward the exit, his body still swaying unsteadily.

The group hurriedly opened a path for their Young Master at seeing this, allowing Xu Qi passage. As Xu Qi walked past them, Xu Xiaomei and the girls felt their hearts turning sour at the sight of Cai Xiaoxiao’s appearance.

As for Qian Yin, whose relationship with Cai Xiaoxiao was the closest, she felt her body turning limp as she fell to the floor weakly. She couldn’t help but tear up, feeling guilty as she thought that none of this would have happened if she hadn’t brought Cai Xiaoxiao out to see Xu Qi.

Qian Yun hurriedly helped her sister up. She wanted to speak up, yet she lacked the courage to.

As Xu Qi walked to the secret room’s exit with Cai Xiaoxiao in his arms, he stopped in place and gave an order coldly before continuing to walk out.

“There is no longer any need for the Fan Clan’s existence in the capital any longer! Leave none of them alive!”

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