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Chapter 175 - The Enraged Xu Qi

Edited by RED

Fan Yilun was frozen in disbelief on seeing Xu Qi standing before him. Three years ago, his Fan Clan and the Sire, Lian Chengwei, allied themselves, and he had learned from Lian Tianwei that Xu Qi was killed by Mo Ling. Why would he be alive, standing here?

Xu Qi had no intention of taking Fan Yilun’s thoughts into consideration, and directly threw a Rainbow Seal on him. Then, Xu Qi came up to him and grabbed his clothes, lifting him up. He demanded gravely, “Fan Yilun, if you don’t wish for the destruction of your Fan Clan, then tell me quickly: is Cai Xiaoxiao at your place?!”

Fan Yilun had no fear in him as he looked back at Xu Qi, whose rage had been thoroughly stoked. Fan Yilun tried to struggle free, but he realized that he couldn’t move a muscle. He smiled and said, “Xu Qi, I truly didn’t think you would still be alive. It looks like all this is the Heaven’s will.”

“Fan Yilun, your daddy here is asking you! Where is Cai Xiaoxiao?! What did you do to her?!” Xu Qi roared.

“She’s in the secret room of the Fan Clan. Perhaps you will witness that beast’s savage act if you rush there immediately, haha!” Fan Yilun chuckled.

Xu Qi was frozen in place at hearing this, then he punched Fan Yilun furiously and walked out the door.

“Young Master! You are still injured; you can’t head to the Fan Clan alone!” Qian Yun hurriedly yelled out.

Xu Qi didn’t seem to have heard what Qian Yun said as he kept moving forward.

Qian Yun shook her head helplessly and quickly went after him.

Black Tortoise sighed as he watched them leave. He then looked at Fan Yilun and said, “You truly have no idea what’s good for you, to actually offend that damn brat of all people. It’ll be fine if that Miss is all right, but if something has happened to her, he will most likely massacre your entire Fan Clan.”

Fan Yilun laughed out loud at hearing this, saying, “I’m afraid he doesn’t have the ability to!”

Black Tortoise shook his head and exited the room, no longer paying any attention to Fan Yilun. In any case, the latter’s mobility was restricted by Xu Qi with that seal he had used earlier. There was no worry of him escaping.


Xu Qi arrived at the Fan Clan soon after leaving the institution he had recuperated in. The Rainlord sword appeared in his hand once more, and he cut down anyone who stood in his way without warning.

As more guards of the Fan Clan showed up, Xu Qi formed a Rainbow Summoning Seal in his hand, and summoned Xu Xiaomei, who was still investigating at Lian Chengwei’s side.

Xu Xiaomei was wild with joy at realizing Xu Qi’s aura was mostly recovered, but was confused when she saw the corpses lying on the ground, as well as the ugly expression on Xu Qi.

“Xiaomei, Miss Cai is in the Fan Clan. From now on, show no mercy to anyone who blocks our way. Kill them all!” Xu Qi instructed and continued forward.

Xu Xiaomei nodded and followed behind Xu Qi, walking in.

On the other hand, Qian Yun had been following behind Xu Qi, and just arrived at the Fan Clan. She quickly sent out the emergency summons signal unique to the Xu Clan to the skies, and rushed after Xu Qi.


Qian Yin and Wen Xiang were searching for Cai Xiaoxiao’s whereabouts in the capital. Suddenly, Qian Yin saw the Xu Clan’s emergency summons in the sky.

“Aunt Wen, that is the Xu Clan’s emergency summons. It looks like something happened in that direction. Let’s hurry over,” Qian Yin said, and sped in that direction, with Wen Xiang following closely behind her.


Similarly, Xu Chen also saw the emergency summons while leading the men from the Luo Xiang House in the city. He gathered the men and hurried in the signal’s direction.


The murderous Xu Qi, along with Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yun, killed his way into the Fan Clan. Corpses of the Fan Clan’s men lay on the ground everywhere they passed.

Fan Ming heard the commotion and rushed over. He too, showed a look of disbelief when he saw that the intruder was actually Xu Qi.

“Young Master Xu, my Fan Clan has no grievances with you. Why did you intrude on my Fan Clan, and kill my Fan Clan’s men!?” Fan Ming roared.

Hearing this, Xu Qi pointed at Fan Ming with the Rainlord and said, “Don’t speak such nonsense to me! I can forget about you allying with Lian Chengwei and ganging up on me in the Cai Clan three years ago, but now, let me ask you; where is Cai Xiaoxiao?!”

Originally, Fan Ming had some guilt on his conscience at the sudden appearance of Xu Qi, but he was at a loss for what to do upon hearing that he was here for the sake of Cai Xiaoxiao. He hurriedly said, “I think Young Master Xu must have made a mistake. Why would Miss Cai be here?”

“Old Bastard! Your son Fan Yilun is in my hands! Don’t spout nonsense with me! If you wish for him to stay alive, quickly bring me to see Cai Xiaoxiao!” Xu Qi roared. Right now, all he wanted was to see Cai Xiaoxiao as soon as possible, praying nothing had happened to her.

Fan Ming was stunned. His son had fallen into their hands; it meant that Xu Qi knew the truth. What should I do?

“Young Master Xu, there might be some misunderstanding. Why don’t you let go of my unworthy son first?” Fan Ming asked, after thinking for a moment.

Xu Qi no longer paid any heed to Fan Ming at hearing this, and directly gave the order to kill. He charged at Fan Ming, while Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yun went at the Fan Clan’s guards.

“Outrageous! How dare a fledgling like you act so arrogant!” a voice suddenly rang out, immediately followed by the appearance of four figures standing before Fan Ming.

Xu Qi hurriedly stopped in place, looking at the four who suddenly appeared. His expression turned ugly at seeing the attire they were wearing.

“The Undying School’s men?” Xu Qi asked plainly after a look at them.

“Since you know we’re from the Undying School, you better know your place and act as you should!” one of the four sneered scornfully.

The four who suddenly appeared were indeed from the Undying School. Not only that, they were the personal guards of their Young School Master, Bu Chenglin. Three of them were Swordsmen at the first stage of Void realm, while the remaining one was a Swordsman at the second stage of Void realm. They were even stronger than some Elders of the Undying School, and were well-respected. Naturally, they didn’t think much of Xu Qi.

Fan Ming hurriedly stepped forward and greeted them respectfully upon seeing them.

Xu Qi pointed the Rainlord sword at them and said, “What do the Undying School’s men count for? Quickly move aside! Your daddy here will give no face and kill you all the same if you continue hindering me!”

Originally, the four had thought that Xu Qi would definitely know his place upon learning their identities. It was only when they heard what he said that they learned Xu Qi held them in no regard at all, and the rage built up in them.

“You dare speak so arrogantly with your cultivation level at the measly sixth stage of Spirit realm!? Second Brother, go teach him a lesson! Let him know that a loose tongue like his will lead to much trouble!” the leader of the four said to the man standing next to him.

Upon hearing the order, that man immediately moved to attack Xu Qi. Seeing as Xu Qi was standing on the spot, unmoving, he thought that Xu Qi was scared silly by his strength.

However, just as this first stage Void Swordsman, who was viewed as an incomparably noble existence to commoners, reached Xu Qi, Xu Xiaomei suddenly let out a cold humph from next to Xu Qi and struck out a palm at the man. Due to their close proximity, as well as Xu Xiaomei’s terrifying strength, this palm struck heavily onto his body, sending him flying backwards.

Seeing this, the leader of the four who spoke earlier hurriedly moved to catch his Second Brother. However, upon catching his brother’s fall and landing on the ground, he was pushed back by a tyrannical force, forcing him to take two more steps back.

He looked at his Second Brother in his arms, greatly shocked, and discovered that the latter had lost consciousness, with blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth. The leader left his Second Brother in the Cai Clan’s guards’ care and turned to look at the girl who had struck him, standing at Xu Qi’s side.

“What are you looking at? Don’t bother asking anything; just scram aside! Your group is not even worth my time to kill you! Quickly scram aside!” the anxious Xu Qi berated them.

The leader of the Undying School’s group wanted to ask who Xu Xiaomei was, but was scolded by Xu Qi before he could even do so. His face flushed red in anger and he pointed his finger at Xu Qi, saying, “You actually dare humiliate our Undying School’s disciples like this?! I swear I’ll kill you today!”

Just as the leader made his declaration, about a dozen figures suddenly descended from the skies, all of them standing behind Xu Qi silently.

The newly arrived people were none other than Qian Yin, Wen Xiang, Xu Chen, and the men from the Luo Xiang House.

The Undying School leader was utterly shocked at the sudden appearance of these dozen or so men. He could sense that each and every one of their strengths were comparable to his own. Among them, there were two auras that were even stronger than his! Where did this group of people pop out from? Seeing as they were all standing behind Xu Qi silently, they were obviously his men!

Xu Qi was feeling extremely irritable right now, and couldn’t be bothered with what the leader was thinking. He yelled out, “Fan Ming, I’ll give you two choices: One, I’ll destroy your Fan Clan and search for Cai Xiaoxiao myself, or two, you bring her out now!”

Hearing this, Fan Ming looked at the group standing behind Xu Qi in fear, then shifted his gaze to the leader of the Undying School’s group, who was already scared speechless. Fan Ming immediately understood that he couldn’t count on the Undying School for this matter. He wouldn’t be able to injure any one of these figures if he were to take them head on.

“Young Master Xu, I can bring you to Cai Xiaoxiao, but I must inform you of something beforehand. Cai Xiaoxiao was invited to our Cai Clan, but I never hurt her in any way. It was the Undying School’s Young School Master who took a fancy to her, and…” Fan Ming said, pointing at the leader. He wanted to shift all the blame onto the Undying School.

“Shut your mouth, Fan Ming! You actually dare to betray our Young School Master! I see that you’re tired of living!” the leader immediately shouted, the threat stopping Fan Ming from speaking any further.

Seeing this, Xu Qi said to Xu Xiaomei, “Kill him first!”

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