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Chapter 157 - The Past Was Like A Smoke

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Xu Qi was flustered at seeing this kin suddenly appearing before him, so flustered that he didn’t know what to do. His thoughts were in a whirl, losing all sense of direction. This woman standing before him was his mother’s blood sister. The word “kin” had become something he could only wish for, but never obtain after the death of his parents. Unexpectedly, he still had one last relative remaining in this world, and now she had suddenly appeared before him. He truly was at a loss for what to do.

“Qi’er, have you been well all this years?” Wen Xiang asked gently, looking at Xu Qi.

“A-aunt, I’m fine,” Xu Qi replied, his thoughts still in a mess. He didn’t dare to believe the truth before him.

“Are those people your subordinates?” Wen Xiang asked.

“Not my subordinates, but my brothers,” Xu Qi replied. Referring the Constellation Guards as his brothers wasn’t wrong in the least. Xu Qi grew up with them. Although they were his subordinates on the surface, he took them as his brothers in his heart.

The two spoke for a few sentences before turning silent, only standing there. Both of them were recalling their pasts.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Xu Qi looked at his Aunt and asked with a smile, “Aunt, can you tell me about why you said that I was dead when I was two? And why have you never returned to visit my mother?”

Wen Xiang’s tears fell once more at hearing this and answered, “Qi’er, you’re my only kin in this world. I’ll tell you about that matter from back then, but I was too young and hurt your mother’s heart. I hope you won’t blame me.”

Xu Qi nodded.

Wen Xiang let out a sigh, then took a deep breath as images from seventeen years ago surfaced in her mind.

Back then, after Xu Qi’s mother, Wen Luo, gave birth to him, Wen Xiang stayed in the Xu Clan to accompany her sister, while taking care of Xu Qi. The two’s relationship was incredibly close.

When Xu Qi was two, the young and naughty Wen Xiang left a bite mark on her favorite nephew’s thigh behind his mother’s back. Xu Qi’s mother found out about this matter later on, and reprimanded her about this. However, Wen Xiang argued that she wanted to let Qi’er know that his Aunt had watch him grow up. This left Wen Luo feeling helpless about it.

On a day during the same year, the Wen Clan sent someone to the Xu Clan to bring Wen Xiang back, saying that she would be married off to the distant Wei Clan from Earthdream.

The young and impetuous Wen Xiang refused to comply upon learning about it, and told Xu Qi’s mother that she wanted to flee from the arranged marriage.

Xu Qi’s mother didn’t make a stand then, only telling Wen Xiang about the deep background between the Wei and Wen Clans, and also told her about the interests at stake. If she were to avoid the marriage, she would only bring troubles to their Wen Clan.

However, Wen Xiang didn’t listen to her sister’s dissuasion, and chose to secretly flee from Rivulet City in the end.

However, on the night that she was about escape, the thought of bringing her nephew along suddenly sprang up in her mind at the sight of the cute Xu Qi. In the end, she carried Xu Qi out and was discovered by Wen Luo.

An altercation soon erupted between the sisters, and Xu Qi’s mother tried to snatch Xu Qi back from the arms of Wen Xiang. The latter wouldn’t let go no matter what, and as a result of the two’s tugging and struggling, Xu Qi was dropped heavily on the ground.

The sisters were scared silly then, not knowing what to do. Xu Yingzhou heard the commotion and came here, frantically picking up Xu Qi from the ground. However, he realized that his son was no longer breathing.

Xu Qi’s mother was frozen in place at hearing this, and she fainted right after. Wen Xiang was devastated too, and felt too ashamed to face her sister anymore. She secretly ran away from Rivulet City and came to the Mount Burning Cloud in the east, wanting to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff.

Just as she was about to make the jump, someone suddenly appeared and saved her life. Although she was saved, with the thought that her nephew was dead, Wen Xiang was left feeling dead inside. She followed that person and left Rivulet City. They left Mirrorlink and came to this cave in Earthdream.

After which, the person who saved her treated her very well. He even taught her the way of cultivation. The two gradually fell in love, but the good times didn’t last long. A group of people appeared not long after, wanting to bring the man who had saved Wen Xiang away. He resisted, and a bitter fight broke out. During their escape, Wen Xiang found out that the man who saved her was actually a disciple of the seven top schools, belonging to the House of Soaring Moon.

In the process of their escape, for some unknown reasons, they kept being surrounded by the other top schools, their target seemingly that man.

In the end, the two were trapped in a little mountain village in the nation of Ghosteem, and the Shadow Wind Sect joined the matter.

However, that man protected Wen Xiang with all his might, and successfully helped her escape, while he was ultimately brought back to the House of Soaring Moon.

After escaping, Wen Xiang was determined to go to the House of Soaring Moon to rescue that man. However, she was helpless as her cultivation was abysmal. Even so, some time later, she accidentally went into a hidden expert’s home. Due to her experiences, the hidden expert decided to impart to her some advanced cultivation arts, among which was included the invisibility art.

During her cultivation, the hidden expert told her about the seven top schools’ true strength. It was only then that she realized she wouldn’t be able to save him with her strength.

After that, with the help of the hidden expert, she formed a hidden organization in Ghosteem, called the Luo Xiang House, with her taking on the position of the Master. They accepted many assassination requests in Ghosteem, and took in many powerful rogue cultivators on the run. As time passed, their reputation gradually grew within Ghosteem.

When she felt that the forces she controlled was strong enough, she brought her men to Metaloch. However, when she was about to storm up to the House of Soaring Moon, demanding for that man, she found out that her lover had already taken a wife, had a child, and even became an elite disciple of the House of Soaring Moon.

Discouraged, she quietly led her men back to Earthdream, and came to this mountain cave outside Shen City which it once belonged to the two of them, settling down.

After returning here, she handed her position as Master of the Luo Xiang House to a capable subordinate of hers, named Fang Hai, and let them bring everyone back to Ghosteem. Unexpectedly, Fang Hai didn’t listen to her. Instead, Fang Hai got everyone to set up camp on this mountain, and it became their new base. Although Wen Xiang had ceded her position as Master, everyone, including Fang Hai, would still address her as “Master.” Wen Xiang would only occasionally ask about the matters pertaining to the Luo Xiang House, not doing much with the rest of her time.

Wen Xiang gradually matured, and her thoughts towards her family and Rivulet City grew stronger. Thus, some time ago, she decided to quietly make a trip back to Rivulet City alone.

When she returned to Rivulet City, she first sneaked over to the Wen Clan, but things had changed. The Wen Clan was longer there.

After which, she learned that her sister, Wen Luo, and her husband Xu Yingzhou had passed away thirteen years ago. She also found out from others that the little young master from Xu Clan had disappeared thirteen years ago.

Xu Qi disappeared thirteen years ago; this meant that he lived to be six. However, in order to confirm that this piece of news was accurate, she used the invisibility art to sneak into the Xu Clan.

Wen Xiang bumped into Xu Xiaomei after trespassing at the Xu Clan. At that time, she didn’t think that Xu Xiaomei’s cultivation was so high, and decided to follow behind her silently, to see if she could get on some useful information. Alas, she was discovered by Xu Xiaomei.

Wen Xiang was greatly alarmed at discovering Xu Xiaomei’s impressive cultivation level, and chose to escape from the Xu Clan. Who knew, that Xu Xiaomei had no intention of letting her go. She used her powerful spiritual sense to lock onto Wen Xiang, chasing after her.

In the end, Xu Xiaomei struck her with a palm-strike, forcefully dispelling her invisibility. Wen Xiang knew that she wasn’t a match for Xu Xiaomei, and used the advanced skill taught her by the hidden expert, the Earthen Flash, to escape.

However, she stayed within the vicinity of Rivulet City, planning on infiltrating the Xu Clan once more to investigate. After a few days, she bumped into a group of black-clothed men whose cultivations were pretty good. She was curious and secretly followed them. That group of black-clothed men were none other than Xu Zi and the Constellation Guards.

As she tailed them, she unintentionally discovered that the weapons in their hands were all godly tier. For the sake of her men from Luo Xiang House, she started having ideas about the Constellation Guards. She used her invisibility art to continue tailing them.

After she overheard that they were going to Earthdream’s Mo Clan, she quickly returned to this mountain, and arranged for men to set up an ambush in Mo Clan. To make things safer, she even arranged another two group of men to lay in ambush on the route they took to get here, successfully capturing them in the end. Alas, even with such a meticulous plan, one of them escaped.

What followed after that was already known to Xu Qi.

Xu Qi took a deep breath after listening to Wen Xiang talking about all this. He didn’t think that such an event occured while he was two, and his mother had never mentioned anything about this aunt of his.

“I’m sorry, Aunt. I didn’t know Fang Hai was your subordinate,” Xu Qi apologized. Fang Hai was already killed by him. What else could he say?

Wen Xiang sighed and said, “Perhaps this is fate. I can’t kill you to avenge him, right? Moreover, I hurt your men, too. Although I was a little bitter about Fang Hai’s death, what could I possibly do to you?”

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