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Chapter 158 - Bolstering One’s Forces

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Wen Xiang reached out her hands and gently caressed Xu Qi’s face, asking with a subtle smile, “Do you blame Aunt for dropping you then?”

“Aunt, I was only two back then. I don’t even know anything; how could I blame you?” Xu Qi said awkwardly, touching the back of his head.

“That’s true, but I wonder how did you, who was no longer breathing, stay alive? Have you heard about this from your parents?” Wen Xiang asked.

Xu Qi shook his head, thinking inwardly, It seems like some special situation happened when this body fell on the ground as I transcended to this plane.

Seeing Xu Qi put on a look that just showed he knew nothing, Wen Xiang felt that she was a little muddle-headed. He was only two then; how could he possibly know anything? She then asked, “Qi’er, let me ask you: Who taught you to cultivate? You actually have the cultivation level of a sixth stage Spirit realm at such a young age! I remember the strongest within Xu Clan back then was the housekeeper, Xu Pingfan. However, with that bit of strength of his, obviously he wouldn’t be able to nurture you into what you are today.”

“I’m sorry, Aunt, I promised that person I wouldn’t speak about him. I can only tell you that I met with some fortuitous encounter over the years. That was why I could reach this level,” Xu Qi replied awkwardly. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk about it, but that he was afraid she would be freaked out if he did. He would just let this secret remain in his heart forever.

Wen Xiang didn’t get angry at Xu Qi for not speaking. She continued asking, “Then those people around you, those ten that I captured, each of them were so strong, too. Also, the three women by your side today, each of them were stronger than the other, especially that woman in a long golden dress. Who are they to you?”

Xu Qi began pondering. His intuition told him that although he had only met with this aunt of this for the first time today, she was absolutely trustworthy. Thus, he asked, “Aunt, have you heard of the Dragon Clan?”

“Dragon Clan? Of course I did. It’s a mysterious organization that came into prominence in the recent years. Their fame even overshadows our Luo Xiang House. Why?” Wen Xiang asked doubtfully.

“Hehe, Aunt, the ten you captured belong to the Twelve Constellation Guards of Dragon Clan,” Xu Qi said.

“The Twelve Constellation Guards! They are actually the Twelve Constellation Guards! No wonder it was so hard to deal with them! That’s not right, they’re your brothers; could you be from the Dragon Clan, too?” Wen Xiang cried out in shock.

Xu Qi sighed and thought, Why don’t I just tell everything to Aunt? She wouldn’t harm me, anyway. He continued, “Actually, everyone from this Dragon Clan are my men.”

Wen Xiang was stunned in place at the revelation. She looked at this nephew of hers, who was still crying in her arms when he was a baby, in disbelief. He was actually the boss of Dragon Clan! She didn’t dare to believe what her ears just picked up.

“Qi’er, those three women are also from the Dragon Clan?” Wen Xiang asked.

“The ones in purple and white are, but the one wearing a long golden dress can’t be considered as being from the Dragon Clan,” Xu Qi replied.

“What do you mean by can’t be considered as someone from the Dragon Clan? Then who is she to you?” Wen Xiang asked in puzzlement.

“Don’t get agitated when I tell you, aunt. She’s no human at all; she’a a familiar of mine. Due to some special reasons, she took the form of a human,” Xu Qi revealed.

“Not human? Your familiar? You’re actually a Spiritualist? Heavens, you’re not bluffing me, are you?” Wen Xiang felt a shortness of breath at hearing this. When was there ever talk of a familiar being able to turn human?

“That’s right. She had some fortuitous encounters and became like that. However, I don’t see her as a monster; I gave her a name, and she took on the surname Xu. She’s called Xu Xiaomei now, and I’m treating her as my younger sister,” Xu Qi chuckled.

“No wonder she’s so powerful. She’s actually a monster who took human form. What cultivation level does that take, Qi’er? I truly didn’t think you would have such fortuitous encounters. Such a monster! Not to mention seeing one, I haven’t even heard of one. She’s definitely unique,” Wen Xiang said.

“Hehe, Aunt, she’s actually not unique. I have another monster who can turn human, and is even stronger than her,” Xu Qi added. He didn’t intend to hide anything from her.

This time, Wen Xiang was absolutely overwhelmed by the news. Her gaze when looking at this nephew of hers was as if she was looking at a freak. He actually had another familiar capable of turning into a human, that was even stronger than Xu Xiaomei? Where did this nephew find these monsters?

Xu Qi decided to change the topic at seeing Wen Xiang staring with her mouth agape. He said awkwardly, “Aunt, do you plan on staying in this cave just like this? I see that your men’s strengths are pretty good, too. There were actually so many Void realm cultivators.”

Wen Xiang was still deep in shock. When she heard what Xu Qi said, she sighed and said, “Now that Fang Hai is dead, I don’t have the heart to manage Luo Xiang House, either.  But this was everything I’d built up over the years, after all. Truthfully speaking, I don’t wish to disband it, either. I really don’t know what to do with it.”

“Aunt, with so many experts, it’d be a waste not to make good use of them. Look, your nephew here doesn’t even have the strength to protect himself. Why don’t you..?” Xu Qi asked shamelessly. He started having thoughts on her subordinates the moment he reunited with his aunt.

Wen Xiang chuckled and lightly touched the tip of Xu Qi’s nose with her finger, saying, “Qi’er, it’s only been a short while and you’re already having thoughts on my men? And you don’t have the strength to protect yourself, you say? With your Dragon Clan, I’m afraid even the seven top schools would have second thoughts on finding trouble with you.”

“Who said they wouldn’t? Just some time ago, the Imperial Void Valley almost eliminated our Xu Clan. If it wasn’t for me returning back in the nick of time, the Xu Clan would have ceased to exist,” Xu Qi immediately argued.

Hearing this, the smile on Wen Xiang’s face immediately disappeared. She asked seriously, “Why would the Imperial Void Valley find trouble with you, and nearly destroy the Xu Clan? What happened?”

Seeing as his aunt had asked, Xu Qi told her about being backstabbed by Mo Ling three years ago, and how he fell off the cliff and lost his memories, followed by him being saved by Lan Shu’er and subsequently marrying her. He also told her about him having a girl with Lan Shu’er, and him recovering his memories by chance, then returning to the Xu Clan in the nick of time and getting rid of Mo Dingtian and those people from Imperial Void Valley.

After hearing all that Xu Qi had experienced, Wen Xiang felt that this young nephew in front of her had a tough time over these years. However, she was also happy for him upon learning that he had already gotten married and even had a kid.

After thinking for a while, Wen Xiang told Xu Qi gently, “Qi’er, you’re now the only kin I have left in this world. Originally, Aunt had felt that there wasn’t much hope in living alone, but after meeting you today and knowing about your past, Aunt has decided to stay by your side in the future to protect you from being bullied by others.”

“Aunt, you agree to giving your men to me?” Xu Qi asked in surprise.

Wen Xiang nodded and continued, “However, they have been with me for quite some time, and they also know that you killed Fang Hai. There must be some resentment in their hearts. Since Aunt would like to help you, let me join your Dragon Clan, and I’ll lead them myself. How about it?”

Xu Qi shook his head and said, “Aunt, I never intended to let them join the Dragon Clan.”

Wen Xiang then asked, confused, “Not joining the Dragon Clan? Then what are your thoughts?”

“Aunt, since you plan to continue leading them, why not just continue being the Luo Xiang House, and just move according to my plans? This way, your men wouldn’t have much of an opinion on this matter, since you’re here, after all,” Xu Qi explained.

“You cheeky boy, you actually thought of this. Let’s do it according to the way you want it then. We’ll have the Luo Xiang House acting as a separate unit. No one will think that the Luo Xiang House is yours,” Wen Xiang said, speaking as if her Luo Xiang House had already become Xu Qi’s property.

Xu Qi’s face flushed red at hearing this, thinking that his skin was truly a little too thick, acting so shamelessly.

“Qi’er, do you plan on letting the Imperial Void Valley go just like this?” Wen Xiang asked. After learning that the Imperial Void Valley and Mo Dingtian had almost killed her nephew, she too began hating the Imperial Void Valley.

“How is that possible? Since they’ve offended me, there’s no way I would let them have it easy. My bronze sword is still in their hands,” Xu Qi said angrily.

“Hmm. I’m curious about the weapons, now that you’ve mentioned it. Where did you get so many godly weapons from, to give them to your men? I’ve studied them for a few days, and I couldn’t even tell what materials they were made from. Even so, they were miraculously and abnormally sharp. They are incomparable to the weapons one could find elsewhere,” Wen Xiang asked.

Xu Qi smiled and had Wen Xiang take two steps back. With a flip of his palm, a huge pile of assorted weapons appeared out of thin air, clanking and clattering on the ground.

“Aunt, are there any weapons here that you fancy? Just pick whatever you want; take it as my gift to you,” Xu Qi said with a smile, his finger pointing at the pile of weapons.

Wen Xiang was dumbfounded seeing the pile of weapons appear before her. Upon hearing what Xu Qi said, she slowly walked up to the weapons and squatted down, choosing her weapons. Soon, she picked out two daggers from the pile.

After which, a pair of wooden daggers embedded with gemstones appeared in Wen Xiang’s free hand.

Seeing this, Xu Qi smiled, “Aunt, you can throw away those daggers that are only good for the eyes.”

Wen Xiang looked at the daggers which had accompanied her for many years, then shifted her gaze to the two daggers she had newly acquired. She sighed and stored the wooden daggers away.

Xu Qi asked, puzzled, “What happened, Aunt? You can’t bear to throw them away?”

Wen Xiang slowly stood back up and looked at her new daggers, saying, “Although those daggers weren’t as good as the ones you gave me, they were gifted to me by that man. I’ll keep them as mementos.”

“That, Aunt, I would like to ask, what is the name of that man from House of Soaring Moon who saved you?” Xu Qi thought for a moment and asked.

Hearing this, Wen Xiang sighed again and said, “His name was Yue Shengfei.”

Xu Qi was stunned and said with his mouth agape, “Are you serious?”

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