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Chapter 149 - Conversation

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“Qian Yin, I have something else to tell you. It is known to no one else except me,” Xu Qi said.

Hearing this, Qian Yin looked at Xu Qi doubtfully, asking with a stutter,” Could it be that you have other women outside?”

“Pei, what are you thinking? Do you take this Young Master for a Casanova? I’m talking about serious business. Perhaps it might sound like fantasy, but I feel it’s necessary to tell you about it,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Qian Yin laughed along at Xu Qi’s words.

“Actually Xiaomei she… is no human,” Xu Qi said, looking at Qian Yin.

Qian Yin was stunned in place and asked blankly, “She’s not human? Then what is she?”

“She’s a monster; a Giantwood Python,” Xu Qi revealed.

“Monster? Giantwood Python? Then she’s a snake spirit! No wonder she looks so seductive,” Qian Yin muttered.

“What seductive! What are you thinking?” Xu Qi chuckled, flicking his finger on Qian Yin’s forehead.

“Was I wrong? Then why is she able to transform into a human? I have never heard of a monster capable of taking human form,” Qian Yin asked.

“About this, it could be said that it’s my fault, but you can’t blame me either. It was because of me that she benefited from a disaster. In the past, I unintentionally had her swallow a golden core, allowing her to slowly gain the ability to become human,” Xu Qi explained.

“That’s it?” Qian Yin asked, tilting her head as she looked at Xu Qi.

Qian Yin’s reaction was totally out of Xu Qi’s expectations. He didn’t think she would be so mentally strong. As such, he continued, “She is not this Young Master’s only monster capable of taking human form. There’s one more whose strength is even higher than hers, and he too is able to turn into a human.”

The truth was, Qian Yin was appalled to learn that Xu Xiaomei was originally a monster. She was only pretending to be calm on the surface. Now that Xu Qi even said that there was another monster that was stronger than Xu Xiaomei who could take human form, Qian Yin felt that her brain was overwhelmed. She stood there stunned, her mouth agape.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Xu Qi asked when he saw Qian Yin’s exaggerated expression.

Qian Yin shook her head mechanically without saying a word, slowly digesting what Xu Qi just said.

While Qian Yin was collecting herself, Xu Qi thought of the poisoned Black Tortoise. He decided to quickly visit him. A divine beast like the Black Tortoise wouldn’t be harmed by any ordinary poison, after all, and Xu Qi was deeply worried about him.

“Also, Qian Yin, I’m afraid there are numerous monsters capable of speaking in this world. There are even some experts that aren’t known to the world. I hope that you will keep the others in check in the future. I don’t wish to see anything untoward happen to them. Do you understand?” Xu Qi instructed.

Qian Yin nodded her head mechanically at Xu Qi’s words.

Seeing the look on Qian Yin, Xu Qi thought to himself, It seems like it will take Qian Yin quite a while to accept what I told her tonight.

“Alright, Qian Yin, go busy yourself with whatever you needed to do. I’m going to cultivate,” Xu Qi said gently.

Qian Yin nodded and slowly left the hidden room. When she made her exit, she almost walked into the wall. She was obviously distracted, bringing a wave of laughter from Xu Qi behind her.


After Qian Yin left, Xu Qi entered the Four Divinities Cavern. This was the first time he had entered the cavern since his last visit three years ago. He looked at the words engraved on top of the entrance and walked in.

After entering, Xu Qi’s expression turned ugly when he saw the Black Tortoise.

The Black Tortoise had returned to his original form, but his size wasn’t gigantic. He was lying in the middle of the plaza, his body emitting blue light.

Xu Qi first went to the mound where the ancient cultivators were buried and bowed thrice as usual, then slowly walked to Black Tortoise’s side. Xu Qi didn’t speak a word, only quietly watching him.

“Brat, why is your expression like this? Are you afraid that no one will become your fighter if I die?” Black Tortoise asked as he slowly opened his eyes.

Hearing this, Xu Qi’s expression lightened up slightly. At the very least, the Black Tortoise was still joking around. It looks like he wouldn’t be in too much trouble.

“Stop fooling around, Uncle. How are you feeling? Have you thought of a way to purge the poison?” Xu Qi asked seriously.

“Ai, I haven’t. This poison is too mysterious. It is totally suppressing the energy in my body. Even the energies in me that are resisting the poison are those that appear automatically to protect their host. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the strength to talk to you now,” Black Tortoise said with a sigh.

“Is there really no solution to this?” Xu Qi asked.

“At the very least, I haven’t thought of it. Although my body couldn’t be said to be immune to poison, it is difficult to poison me. Brat, earlier I was thinking about what happened that night. I keep feeling that the poison wasn’t administered by Mie Luan,” Black Tortoise said.

“Hmm? Why do you say so?” Xu Qi continued asking.

“Do you remember? When we asked Mie Luan why that pile of objects was so smelly, it said that that was the place where it rested. If that pile of black substance was poisoned, there was no way Mie Luan wouldn’t be poisoned if it rested there long-term, especially if even I am in this state. After thinking through this carefully, Mie Luan was probably not the one who poisoned me. It should be someone else who prepared this poison for Mie Luan,” Black Tortoise said.

“Poisoning Mie Luan? How is it possible? No one went to its cave; how is it possible for someone to poison the place where it rested?” Xu Qi said certainly.

“Brat, have you forgotten how the Godsfeather Bow was lost?” Black Tortoise asked.

“The Godsfeather Bow? You’re saying..? Could it be that the person who stole the Godsfeather Bow laced poison upon where it rested? And you came into contact with it and were coincidentally poisoned instead when we went there?” Xu Qi asked, following the hints to the conclusion.

“Hmm, not bad. You finally understood this,” Black Tortoise said.

“But, why did Luan go missing?” Xu Qi asked.

That, I don’t know,” Black Tortoise replied.

Then, Xu Qi slowly recalled what happened after they came into contact with Luan that night. Before Luan returned to its cave, it indeed didn’t know that it would encounter the Black Tortoise. Even moreso, Luan wouldn’t expect that it would bring others back to its cave. Thus, it was impossible for it to lay the poison beforehand. It seems like it is indeed connected to the person who stole the Godsfeather Bow. But why did Luan go missing? It looks like we have to return to its cave to confirm it.

“Uncle, something strange happened in Xu Clan the night we encountered Luan, too. Xiaomei said that someone who knew the invisibility art came to Xu Clan and followed her around. They escaped when Xiaomei discovered them. She pursued them out of the city and even forcefully dispelled the invisibility art with a strike, but that person escaped with some earth-traversing art,” Xu Qi said.

“Oh? Such a thing happened? The invisibility art isn’t of much concern, but that earth-traversing art you spoke of surprised me a little,” Black Tortoise said, puzzled.

“Yeah, I felt that it was a little unthinkable, too, but you know Xiaomei. She wouldn’t make up a story,” Xu Qi replied.

“Little Snake’s credibility is higher than yours. Of course I would believe her. However, I feel that there shouldn’t be anyone in the Spirit Domain who knows such an art. Perhaps it’s a different art to conceal themselves,” Black Tortoise speculated.

Xu Qi confirmed to himself that the Black Tortoise’s life wasn’t in danger when he heard the Black Tortoise digging at him. He could even joke around.

“Ai, too many strange things happened recently. It’s making me restless,” Xu Qi said, shaking his head.

“Brat, you finally realized your strength is insufficient? You must remember, that no matter when or where, you will only feel safer with greater power. You haven’t been focusing on your cultivation all these years, and have fallen off too much,” Black Tortoise criticized.

Xu Qi nodded, thinking inwardly that it was as Black Tortoise said. Since he was hit by Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Da’s suicidal technique thirteen years ago, he had spent ten years by Mo Ling’s side and would only occasionally refine the Five Elements Wings or something else, not spending any efforts on his cultivation. Following which, he spent the next three years in amnesia, not cultivating. He was in the Spirit realm thirteen years ago, and now he was still at the exact same strength. Even Qian Yin and the Constellation Guards had left him in the dust.

“Alright then, Uncle. I’ll come here to cultivate everyday from now on, accompanying you. Tell me if you think of a way to get rid of the poison in you,” Xu Qi said seriously.

“There isn’t a lack of good stuff from the things that geezer Ziyan left you. Don’t waste them. Also, I have to remind you: The person who brought Luan and its siblings here to Spirit Domain is definitely no kind samaritan. You have to be careful,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi nodded at his words.

“Also, when are you planning to open the three doors behind me? You’re not planning on leaving them alone, are you? Their offensive strengths are all better than mine. With the three of them assisting you, I believe that you wouldn’t be disadvantaged against that person even if you were to go against them,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi shifted his gaze over to the three huge stone doors in the distance. He was reminded that there were still three other divine beasts behind those doors, and felt a little excited. However, he knew very well that when he subdued the Black Tortoise, if it wasn’t for the latter letting Xu Qi plant the summoning talisman in him willingly, he hadn’t posed any threats to Black Tortoise with his cultivation at the time. If Xu Qi were to attempt to subdue the other divine beasts, he was of the opinion that he wouldn’t be so lucky again.

“Uncle, if I were to try subduing the other three, which one of them should I attempt first, according to you? That geezer Ziyan told me to follow the sequence to subdue you first, followed by Vermillion Bird, then White Tiger, and lastly the Azure Dragon. Is there any mysterious principles behind it?” Xu Qi asked.

“I don’t know. That geezer Ziyan telling you to subdue me first was perhaps because my offensive powers are the weakest among us four, and that I have the best temper, and am thus the easiest to subdue. I’m afraid it will prove to be difficult for you to subdue the other three. Even so, I agree with what geezer Ziyan said. It’s best for you to try subduing that Azure Dragon last. Given his temperament, no ordinary man will be able to tame him. He was the most prideful of us, and the one with the strongest offensive powers among us,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi nodded at hearing this, as he began to imagine what the other three divine beasts would look like. However, once he thought of his cultivation level, a feeling of helplessness rose in him.

He chatted with Black Tortoise for a while after that and left the Four Divinities Cavern, thinking of returning to his room to check on Mo Ling. However, his body froze when he opened the doors to his room and saw the situation in there.

What entered his sights was that Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei were all standing by his bedside, holding daggers in their hands. The daggers were all stabbed in Mo Ling’s body, and blood flowed down the bedside, dripping on the floor.

You happy now, people?

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