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Chapter 139 - Snatch!

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On this day, Xu Qi holed himself up in his room, and no one went to bother him either. Xu Pingfan wiped down Chen Yong’s corpse and changed his outfit, then got men to place him in a coffin. Xu Pingfan came out and arranged for the other guards’ burials, intending to bury them together with Chen Yong.

Although Xu Pingfan was injured and was exhausted, compared to his Young Master, he knew that what he felt wasn’t much.

That night, Xu Xiaomei, who was always fond of a lively atmosphere and loved chatting, stood outside Xu Qi’s room for the entire night, unintentionally overhearing Xu Qi mumbling to himself for the whole night.


The next morning, the door to Xu Qi’s room opened. Xu Xiaomei quickly looked in and saw that Xu Qi had a calm expression.

“Are you alright, Young Master?” Xu Xiaomei asked gently.

Xu Qi smiled at her and replied, “What problems could I possibly have? Though, it’s been hard on you, standing guard for the entire night.”

Seeing Xu Qi smile, Xu Xiaomei reciprocated.

“Let’s go, there is still a mountain of matters to deal with,” Xu Qi said plainly and headed toward the front hall, with Xu Xiaomei following closely behind him.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the front hall. The Black Tortoise and Xu Pingfan were there, drinking tea.

“Uncle Mang, are your injuries alright?” Xu Qi asked.

Xu Pingfan shook his head and replied, “It’s fine, thanks to this Mister here. He helped to heal my external wounds, and my internal injuries weren’t much of an issue anymore. I’ll be fine after recuperating for some time.”

“Hmm. It’s good that you’re okay. What about the others?” Xu Qi asked.

Naturally, Xu Pingfan knew who Xu Qi was referring to. He replied, “They are still outside, kneeling. They are unwilling to get up before you gave the word.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi shook his head helplessly. He only reprimanded them for a little while he was oblivious to the situation. Was that necessary?

Thus, Xu Qi immediately left the main hall and headed toward the courtyard where the battle occurred yesterday. Xu Xiaomei wanted to follow along as well, but was stopped by the Black Tortoise with a stare.

At arriving there, the eleven black-clothed men kneeling down noticed Xu Qi and greeted respectfully, “Young Master.”

Xu Qi nodded and sat down on the steps before them, saying, “Get up, all of you. There’re no outsiders here. I understand the situation now; I blamed you guys wrongly. Come over here and have a talk with me.”

The eleven black-clothed men smiled and quickly got up on their feets at hearing this. They came up to Xu Qi, surrounding him and sat down.

At this moment, the eleven black-clothed men’s appearances were not concealed. All of them were looking at Xu Qi with smiles on their faces.

“Tell me about it; what happened over the past three years?” Xu Qi asked, looking at them with a smile.

“Young Master, I’ll explain?” the first man to arrive yesterday said.

Xu Qi looked at him and smiled. This person was the child entrusted with great responsibilities by Xu Qi thirteen years ago, Lin Hu. He was the eldest among the orphans, and was very familiar with the now-deceased Chen Yong. Therefore, Chen Yong addressed him as Little Tiger before his death. Although he had changed his name, Chen Yong kept addressing him with his childhood nickname.

Right now, his name was Xu Zi. The group of orphans would call him Brother Zi affectionately. Even Qian Yin, who was Xu Qi’s spokesperson, would call him Brother Zi.

Speaking of Lin Hu’s name, he was renamed by Xu Qi as Xu Zi. Among the other eleven black-clothed men, the Qi Kai Restaurant’s owner, Xu Chen, was renamed by Xu Qi as well. The remaining ten were also surnamed Xu.

These twelve black-clothed men’s name, according to their seniority, were: Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai. They were named after the twelve constellations from Xu Qi’s original world.

When Xu Qi gave them their current names, he also gave them a collective title, known as the Twelve Constellation Guards. Others wouldn’t understand what the twelve constellations meant, and Xu Qi only told them that their names represented an animal each, not explaining further.

The original Lin Hu, who is now Xu Zi, naturally became the leader of the Twelve Constellation Guards. In the past three years, they were all sent out to the various nations by Qian Yin. If there wasn’t any huge operation, she wouldn’t have them act together. This time, the prudent Qian Yin knew that the Xu Clan was in trouble and arranged for all members of the Twelve Constellation Guards, who were famed across the world, to return. However, she didn’t know that the Young Master she missed the most would appear as well.

“Sure, you tell me,” Xu Qi smiled at Xu Zi.

“Young Master, not long after you went missing, Qian Yin gathered all of us and said that we’re leaving the villa to make our way in the world, forming the current Dragon Clan. We didn’t dare to believe what she said then, but she really burned down the villa, and led us away, wandering around. Though, that girl was truly ruthless. Take the time when she was in the capital, for example. When she knew that the Huang Clan of the four prominent households had plotted against you in the past, she got us to wipe out the entire Huang Clan,” Xu Zi said deliberately.

“Oh? You guys wiped out the Huang Clan?” Xu Qi was a little shocked hearing about this. He didn’t think that gentle Qian Yin would be even more vicious than him when she was angered.

“Yeah, that girl Qian Yin was with us on that day, too. You didn’t see the look on her face; it scared us silly. The Huang Clan’s Patriarch, Huang Sihu was cut down by her, his flesh and blood mangled beyond recognition. I think even his mother would be able to recognize him,” Xu Zi said, his body shivering at the thought of that scene.

“Hmm. Qian Yin has grown up,” Xu Qi praised, nodding.

“She’s more than just grown up; you didn’t see that girl’s fierce side when she got angry and reprimanded us. Though, she cared for us, very much so. After all, our relationship was that of brothers and sisters. Furthermore, Young Master had personally given the order that she was to be the one in command of the villa. No one had any complaints,” Xu Zi smiled.

“Looking at your cultivations, you guys were doing pretty good. It seems like every one of you has surpassed this Young Master?” Xu Qi asked.

“How could we, Young Master? Your talents are comparable to a celestial being’s. It’s just that you were lazy to cultivate. Otherwise, I’m afraid you would have become a Saint realm expert or something,” Xu Zi chuckled.

“Stop your boot-licking. Tell me, what are your levels at now?” Xu Qi asked, deliberately putting on a stern face.

Indeed, Xu Zi became serious at seeing Xu Qi’s expression and said, “I’m about to advance into the second stage of Void realm. The others have just recently advanced into the first stage of Void realm. Though, the weakest would be our Twelfth Brother, Xu Hai. He truly lived up to his position. He is still at the sixth stage of Spirit realm.”

Xu Qi was elated at hearing this. He turned to look for the Twelfth Brother Xu Hai. When Xu Qi saw him, the latter had his head lowered, not daring to look at Xu Qi.

The twelfth brother, Xu Hai. Xu Qi called upon him last in the past, and explained the meaning of the “Hai” character in his name before others, which was the designation of the Pig in the twelve constellations. This brought out laughter from his siblings, and they would call him Piggy in private. However, every time he heard this, Xu Hai would smile happily, without any hint of anger.

As for his figure, it wasn’t that of a lazy, obese man with huge ears as implied by his name. Instead, he was the skinniest among the twelve. Everyone knew that he put in the most effort in his training.

Xu Qi flipped over his palm, and about a dozen Green Mystique Fruits appeared before him. Xu Qi said to them, “This is your last chance to opportunity to consume these fruits. You have to fully absorb the energy in them. Take it.”

Xu Qi turned and looked at the Twelfth Brother. He picked up a Green Mystique Fruit and handed it over to him.

“Twelfth Brother, what happened? Are you stuck at a bottleneck? Why did you fall behind the others? Come, eat this fruit and you’ll be a Void realm expert as well. You’ll have to work harder and strive to surpass them all,” Xu Qi said, patting Xu Hai’s head.

Xu Hai’s spirits were lifted at hearing this. He quickly received the fruit from Xu Qi’s hand and kept it away carefully, smiling at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi’s mood brightened a lot at seeing Twelfth Brother’s expression. With a flip of his palm, two daggers appeared in his hand and he offered them to Twelfth Brother.

“Take this; you’re trained as a Nightlord. If any of the eleven of them dares to bully you, beat them down. See if they won’t submit to you!” Xu Qi chuckled.

Twelfth Brother was pleasantly surprised at seeing the daggers Xu Qi offered to him. At this moment, he didn’t dare to accept them, fearing that he might be dreaming. Although he had always wished for those godly weapons, he didn’t think that he would be the first one to receive them.

“Twelfth Brother, you don’t want it? If you don’t, I’ll give it to others,” Xu Qi smiled.

Hearing this, Twelfth Brother quickly snatched the daggers away from Xu Qi’s hand and hid them behind his back. He turned around and touched them with a bright smile on his face.

“Young Master, that, erm, I see that you have quite a lot of those godly weapons and have already gifted Seventh and Twelfth Brother. Could you give us one each as well?” Xu Zi asked, stuttering on his words.

“You guys are acting like this and yet you want the godly weapons? Back off!” Xu Qi put up a stern face and said.

Hearing this, Xu Zi and the others sighed inwardly. It looks like they won’t get to have their shares this time. They quickly stood up and took two steps back.

Who would’ve expected that Xu Qi stood up as well and looked at them. Rainbow energy flashed in his hand and a mountain of weapons appeared before him, followed by clanking sounds.

Xu Qi smiled and said, “You guys did well over these years. You haven’t disappointed me. Naturally, you’re fit to have such a weapon. If you don’t step back, how am I supposed to bring these out? Look for yourselves; pick as you wish. However, only one weapon per person.”

Xu Zi and the others beamed up instantly at Xu Qi’s words, rubbing their hands as they looked at the assortment of weapons laid before them.

Xu Qi watched as their eyes went green from desire, but none of them dared to go forward to choose their weapon. All of them were only looking at each other.

“None of you want them? Then I’ll be keeping them?” Xu Qi said as he extended his hands.

“I want!”

“I want!”

“Only fools will reject them!”...

Xu Zi and the others hurriedly called out and went up to pick out their weapon, turning into an overeager, messy swarm.

Two of them set their eyes on a saber, but none of them were willing to concede. They exchanged a look and discovered that another person had taken it.

“Eighth Brother! You scum, that’s mine! Put it down!”

“On what basis!? This is mine!”

“On the basis that I’m your Third Brother!”

“Not giving!”

“Oh, you’re rebelling now, are you? Not giving me, right? You’re dead meat!”

“Fourth Brother, what is a Healer like you snatching a pair of daggers for!?”

“I want it!”

“You’re itching to get beaten!”...

The Constellation Guards abruptly started brawling. Someone would be beaten up and thrown out from the pile of weapons they were scrabbling over, but would then immediately jump back into the fight.

Xu Qi didn’t bother with them, only watching with a smile as they fought, feeling gratified.

Soon, they stood in a row, smiling foolishly as they held the weapons they had picked out from the pile. Xu Qi immediately burst into laughter on seeing this.

Other than the Seventh and Twelfth Brother, who were given their weapons beforehand, the remaining nine were all bruised on their faces. However, none of them seemed to mind. All of them were looking at the weapons in their hands, smiling foolishly.

The brotherly bond between them could never be damaged in such a fight. In their scuffle earlier, obviously none of them had used a shred of their cultivation. They were all fighting with their physical strength only. They weren’t truly fighting, but having fun together as brothers, building their bonds.

Happy Lunar New Year people!

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