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Chapter 140 - Mo Ling Still Alive?

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Xu Qi walked up to them and put the weapons away, then smiled at them and said, “You guys stay here for a couple more days. I’ll impart some cultivation arts to you before you leave.”

Xu Zi and the others were overjoyed at hearing that their Young Master was going to teach them.

“I have a question to ask you guys,” Xu Qi said, suddenly turning serious.

Xu Zi and the others hurriedly stopped acting goofy and listened to Xu Qi seriously.

“With our current strength, where do you think we stand within the Spirit Domain?” Xu Qi asked seriously.

“Young Master, it’s not that I’m bragging about our strength, but within the seven nations of the Spirit Domain, everyone is saying that our Dragon Clan is comparable to the seven top schools,” Xu Zi said confidently.

“Comparable with the seven top schools? Does every one of you think this way?” Xu Qi swept his gaze over them and asked.

The others were nodding as well, agreeing with their leader, Xu Zi’s words. Only the Twelfth Brother was keeping quiet.

Seeing his abnormality, Xu Qi asked, “Xu Hai, what do you think?”

Xu Hai was stunned for a moment. He didn’t think Xu Qi would ask for his opinion. He slowly said, “Young Master, you mustn’t get angry if I say it, okay?”

“I won’t. Say it,” Xu Qi promised.

“I don’t think that we are on par with the seven top schools with our Dragon Clan’s current strength. I think Big Brother was a little overconfident of our strength,” Xu Hai said deliberately.

Hearing this, Xu Zi was a little shocked. He didn’t expect his Twelfth Brother, who didn’t speak much usually, would actually argue against his opinion and have a lower opinion of their own strength.

“Hmm, continue,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Truth be told, Young Master, while I was on an assassination mission in the nation of Metaloch a year ago, I unintentionally came across two people fighting in the mountains. The auras they were emitting made me, who was a good distance away, feel afraid,” Xu Hai said.

“The nation of Metaloch?” Xu Qi said, puzzled, as he continued looking at Twelfth Brother.

“From the energy they emitted every time they made their moves, I felt that they were capable of killing me. Thus, I slowly backed away. In the end, I saw another group of people entering that mountain. Luckily, the cultivation art Young Master taught us was unique and I didn’t get found out. I tried scouting their cultivation levels, but frankly speaking, I couldn’t discern any of theirs. That could only mean that their strengths were above mine, and it wasn’t only by a small margin. I noticed that the clothes they were wearing were those of the Metaloch’s House of Soaring Moon,” Xu Hai added.

“They’re men of the House of Soaring Moon? Are you certain?” Xu Qi asked.

“I’m sure of it. I had dealings with their disciples before. Naturally I would recognize their attire,” Xu Hai confirmed.

Hearing this, Xu Qi was certain. To make Xu Hai feel threatened, and with such numbers as well, they could only be disciples of the Inner School of the House of Soaring Moon.

“Twelfth Brother, with just this incident, you’re sure that we can’t compare with the seven top schools?” Xu Zi couldn’t contain himself and asked.

“Not only that. After this incident, I have given some thought to it. We have learned about some of the feuds among the seven top schools over these years. The House of Soaring Moon has some grudges with the other top schools as well. Since they are so powerful, why don’t they seek revenge? There could only be one explanation, and that is the other six schools weren’t weaker than them,” Xu Hai continued.

“Twelfth Brother, all this is only your imagination. How could you put us down like that?” Xu Zi asked.

“Enough, Xu Zi. What Twelfth Brother said was very reasonable. What I was going to tell you guys was exactly this. Our Dragon Clan isn’t as strong as you imagine, that we’re able to go toe to toe with the seven top schools. You have to be careful when out on missions in the future, especially when you encounter those of the seven schools,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Hearing this, Xu Zi and the others lowered their heads, not daring to refute.

Seeing them act like this, Xu Qi continued, “The seven top schools aren’t as simple as what you saw thus far. What you’ve seen were only the strength of their Outer Schools. Their true strength lies in their Inner School.”

“Outer School? Inner School?” everyone asked, confused at Xu Qi’s words.

Xu Qi smiled and spoke about the seven top schools’ secrets the granny told him back in Woodblue Village.

Xu Zi and the others fell silent at learning this, pondering over something.

“After you guys leave, you have to put more effort in your cultivation. I’ll send someone to get in contact with you if anything happens. Try not to stir any troubles outside,” Xu Qi instructed plainly.

Hearing this, Xu Zi and the others quickly answered, “Yes.”

“Also, we have to make changes to our original strategy. The two Healers among you twelve will mainly be practicing Healer techniques from today on. I’ll try to think of ways to obtain some good cultivation art for Healers. Sixth Brother, I see that you seem to have given up on training in the ways of the Ranger. This won’t do. The Ranger is your main profession, and among you guys, we can’t afford to lose our only Ranger. Do you understand?” Xu Qi asked.

The eleven of them hurriedly nodded. Their Young Master’s words today have instantly shattered the confidence they had originally.

“Young Master, if the seven schools truly have an Inner School like you said, then aren’t we in grave danger?” Xu Zi asked prudently.

“Xu Zi, you don’t have to be so cautious. Their Inner School disciples won’t show themselves usually. We just have to do our part,” Xu Qi replied.

“Then, Young Master, what are your plans going forward?” Xu Zi continued asking.

Xu Qi chuckled. He knew what Xu Zi meant by asking this, and replied, “Rebuild the villa. We can’t lose our base of operations. Other than that, I’m going to find trouble with the seven top schools!”

“Ah? Rebuild the villa? And finding trouble with the seven top schools? Young Master, didn’t you just tell us to keep to ourselves? Then why are we going to find trouble with them? Xu Zi asked, puzzled.

“I’m only asking you guys to keep to yourselves; that doesn’t include me. There are still many matters from three years ago that I have yet to settle, and many doubts, too. I have to do these myself. You guys only have to raise your own strengths, or I’ll surpass you in the blink of an eye,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Xu Zi nodded, feeling that he seemed to understand a little. Though, he wouldn’t ask too much about his Young Master’s matters. This was a rule in place since they were children.

“Who let Xu Chen leave?” Xu Qi suddenly asked.

Xu Zi turned a little nervous and hurriedly said, “Young Master, I got him to return to the capital. Qian Yin that girl is still there, always worried about you. Thus, I got him to inform Qian Yin when the issue here was resolved, and let him stay there, back in his position.”

“Hmm, Qian Yin, huh. I’m really missing her a little. What about Qian Yun? How is she doing? Is she still as disobedient?” Xu Qi asked.

Xu Zi broke out into a cold sweat at hearing this. Qian Yun had tormented them over the past few years. However, he still replied, “ Qian Yun? She’s fine, she’s fine.”

“Xu Zi, I notice that you’ve become a much smoother and evasive man. Did you suffer under her?” Xu Qi asked, looking at him with a smile.

“No-no-no, Young Master,” Xu Zi hurriedly replied. He did suffer, but how could he say it out loud? Wasn’t that embarrassing?

Xu Qi chuckled at seeing his expression and didn’t dig any deeper. Instead, he continued asking, “How about Xiaowu’s group of four? How are they, and where are they now?”

“Don’t talk about Xiaowu anymore, Young Master. He’s a monster now, leading the three others and accepting assassination commissions everywhere. Killing has become his hobby; how cruel. Please talk some sense into him when you see him. I wanted to talk to him about it, but I can’t beat him in a fight. I didn’t dare to speak about it, fearing that he would beat me up,” Xu Zi said.

Xu Qi broke out into a laughter at hearing this and replied, “Alright. You guys can disperse now.”

Xu Qi sat alone on the steps, pondering over some matters. However, seeing as Xu Zi hadn’t left, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is there still something?”

Xu Zi hesitated for a moment and asked softly, “Young Master, the Mo Clan in Earthdream, should we..?” As he spoke, he made a gesture with his hand on the neck.

Xu Qi immediately understood what Xu Zi meant and said, “Just do as you see fit. Uproot the troubles, but do it cleanly. Don’t let the Imperial Void Valley notice anything. Now that Mo Dingtian and Mo Ling are dead, there is no need for the Mo Clan to continue existing.”

Xu Zi nodded and turned to leave.

“Oh, right. If you see that Mo Yan, let him go,” Xu Qi said with his head lowered.

Xu Zi quickly acknowledged the order and left.

Sitting on the steps, Xu Qi looked at the courtyard which had experienced a battle yesterday. His mood turned complicated and muttered to himself, “If I had stayed put in the Xu Clan all this time, perhaps it wouldn’t have turned out like this.”


That night, Xu Qi gathered Xu Zi and the others in the secret room. He imparted the Guard Break Talisman and Cursed Wraith Talisman to them, urging them to quickly master both. Also, he told them that he would gift them a treasure each the next time they met. This made Xu Zi and the others, who were already elated, feel even more overjoyed in their hearts.

After some time, Xu Qi sent Xu Zi and the others off and returned to his room. He sat down by the bedside and looked at Mo Ling, whose body was enveloped in rainbow energy, his gaze complicated.

Mo Ling was lying on the bed peacefully, seemingly asleep.

Just like that, Xu Qi kept watching Mo Ling. After a while, he sighed and muttered to himself, “Little Sister, I don’t know if you will hate me when you wake up for doing things like this.”

I know how some of you are going to react to this, but just be patient for a little bit and watch how this situation plays out. 

Wouldn't take long.

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