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Chapter 127 - I am a Spirit Realm Spiritualist!

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The Woodblue Village's villagers all looked at Lan Jiu in shock when they felt that monstrous aura from him. Lan Shu'er, who was originally crying, stopped and stared blankly at Lan Jiu, looking at her husband in disbelief.

On the other hand, Lan Jiu turned around and nodded, smiling at Lan Shu'er. Right now, perhaps they could no longer call him Lan Jiu. When his head knocked onto that rock, all his memories from before instantly came back to him.

"Xu Qi, you recovered your memories?" Lian Qijin asked doubtfully.

"Of course, all thanks to you. Otherwise, I really don't know when I would have been able to gain back my memories," Xu Qi replied, smiling at Lian Qijin.

"Then come with me. You can't beat me. Truthfully speaking, I don't wish to hurt you," Lian Qijin said.

"Don't wish to hurt me? Three years ago, if it wasn't for Lian Tianwei allying with others to ambush me, would I be left barely alive? Lian Qijin, don't say that you don't want to fight me. Today, I will keep you here!" Xu Qi roared.

"You wish to tie me down with just your Spirit realm cultivation? Moreover, your sword treasure was snatched away; what do you have to fight against me!" Lian Qijin humph.

"Then what if you included me?" the granny suddenly stood up, staggering, and said to Lian Qijin.

Hearing this, Lian Qijin looked at the granny doubtfully. Red light gradually shone in her hands, and slowly forming into a mass of green light. She cast it on herself, and the blood on her body slowly vanished, the wounds on her face slowly recovering.

"Misty Tower's supreme technique! Pulse Reversal! You're a disciple of the Misty Tower!" Lian Qijin exclaimed at the sight of the technique the granny just executed.

The granny ignored him, and casted the same green light onto Xu Qi. To his surprise, Xu Qi felt his aching head no longer in pain. The blood on his face slowly disappeared as well.

At the village entrance, Lan Shu'er's worry was relieved when she saw the blood vanish on Lan Jiu's face. She looked on nervously at the situation on the other side, while at her side, Lan Daniu was looking at the granny reverently.

The other villagers were looking at the familiar granny in disbelief. She could instantly heal someone's injuries, as if she was a celestial being.

"I don't know who you are, but you actually recognize my techniques. Although I can't beat you, you can forget about killing me!" the granny humphed coldly.

Lian Qijin's face instantly sank. He understood what the Pulse Reversal technique the granny just executed meant. That was an advanced technique of Healers. When used on an injured person, it could instantly stop their bleeding and heal their wounds. If they really were to fight, he really wouldn't be able to kill her.

"Granny, if you used the technique you just executed earlier, your injuries would have already healed. Why were you injured to this state? Could it be that you were trying to push me forward?" Xu Qi asked, confused.

"I don't know whether to call you Lan Jiu or Xu Qi now," the granny said plainly.

"In Woodblue Village, I will always be Lan Jiu," Xu Qi smiled.

"I knew your identity wasn't simple ever since you came to Woodblue Village. Your wound was a sword wound; you must have been injured by an enemy. Not a few days later, I discovered some cultivators sneaking into Woodblue Village, seemingly looking for someone. Left without a choice, I had to take action. I lured them to the mountains and interrogated them, where I found out that the person they were looking for was called Xu Qi. I guessed that it was very likely you, because while you were unconscious, you would often speak this name. For the sake of peace, I could only kill them," the granny explained.

"But you never thought that those searching for me would never stop, and kept increasing in numbers?" Xu Qi asked.

"Yes. I didn't think there would be more men searching for you as time passed, and the cultivators who came grew increasingly stronger. This time, this geezer whose cultivation was even stronger than mine appeared, injuring me," the granny said, shaking her head.

"Granny, stand aside for now. I don't need you to help me. You have already helped me plenty over the years. Let me settle him by myself this time. This is my own trouble after all; I have to face it myself," Xu Qi came to the granny's side and said, still smiling.

The granny nodded at hearing this, then walked towards the village entrance without turning back.

Seeing the granny walking over, the villagers automatically opened a path. The granny walked up to the blank Lan Shu'er. She looked at Lan Xin in Lan Shu'er's embrace and said, "Shu'er, now you understand why I wasn't willing to let you marry him?"

Lan Shu'er smiled and said, "Granny, I have never regretted marrying him. He's very nice."

"Ai, I didn't think much of him previously, either. However, with what he's shown today, Shu'er, you made a good judgment of character. This kind of man is worth dedicating your life to," the granny said, turning to look at Xu Qi not far away.

Xu Qi raised his hand and looked at the bronze ring he'd always worn. He smiled and said, "It's been a long time. Rainlord, appear!"

Following his shout, the Rainlord sword immediately appeared in his hand. He caressed it and smiled to Lian Qijin, saying, "Truth be told, Lian Qijin, the sword you people planned to snatch from me was but the most ordinary sword in my possession. Today, I'll show you what a sword treasure truly is!"

Xu Qi grabbed onto the Rainlord's hilt and slowly drew it out.

Lian Qijin watched as Xu Qi slowly pulled the sword out of its sheath, a blue glint of light flashed, accompanied by a subtle sword cry.

Rainbow energy appeared around Xu Qi as he was done drawing his sword, and he charged at Lian Qijin, who was in a daze.

Seeing this, Lian Qijin hurriedly took out a longsword in return, red energy erupting from his body as he met Xu Qi's attack.

"Almighty Slash!" Xu Qi slashed out a gigantic rainbow sword mid-charge.

Then, he kept drawing a rainbow talisman with his other hand. The talisman quickly formed, and left his hand. It turned into a whirlwind of talisman characters, advancing toward Lian Qijin.

Xu Qi didn't stop his attacks there. With the Rainlord in hand, he followed behind the talisman character whirlwind and attacked Lian Qijin.

Just as Lian Qijin was thinking of taking on the gigantic rainbow sword, he realized that the mysterious whirlwind coming at him felt like the greater threat. However, he didn't have time to do anything else. He quickly formed several energy barriers before him to forcefully withstand the two techniques.

The gigantic rainbow sword smashed into Lian Qijin's red energy barrier at great speed, immediately followed by the talisman character whirlwind.

Boom! An explosion rang out. Lian Qijin's red silhouette flew backward. However, he didn't fly far before he managed to regain his balance. Just as he raised his head, he saw Xu Qi stabbing at him with the sword in his hand and Lian Qijin raised his own sword to block in panic.

Kacha, a crisp sound rang. The precious sword Lian Qijin had by his side for many years instantly broke in half at contact with the Rainlord in Xu Qi's hand. In the confusion, Xu Qi's Rainlord left a cut on Lian Qijin's arm.

Lian Qijin broke out in a violent rage. Red energy appeared in his palms once more. He saw that Xu Qi was now panting heavily for air. However, what made Lian Qijin feel the most freaked out was that behind Xu Qi was a mysterious half-transparent daoist, looking at him with an eerie gaze.

"Cursed Wraith Talisman!" Xu Qi shouted. The half-bodied daoist behind him waved its horsetail whisk down and gave out a strange cry.

Thousands of talisman characters with Xu Qi as their center burst outwards. Lian Qijin could only block frantically again. To his surprise, each of the talisman characters had a powerful force behind it. Even after focusing all his efforts into defense, he was still struck by several talisman characters, and fresh blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

Xu Qi then walked toward Lian Qijin with his sword in hand, panting heavily. Right as Lian Qijin wanted to move, he discovered that the talisman characters which hit him didn't disappear, and it seemed like his feet were rooted to the ground, unable to move.

"Xu Qi, what sorcery did you use!?" Lian Qijin roared. He was shocked to the extreme at the techniques Xu Qi used. It actually bound him in place. What exactly was going on?

However, Xu Qi didn't answer him, continuing to approach him with a smile.

Lian Qijin's eyes stared in Xu Qi's direction and yelled, "Xu Qi, I'll show you today what exactly a Void realm cultivator is! Seven Planetary World Mantra!"

Lian Qijin, who was supposedly locked in place, shot forward horizontally at great speed, his body spinning.

Xu Qi was caught unprepared for Lian Qijin's sudden counter-attack. Not only that, he had expended a huge amount of energy executing the previous techniques consecutively. Lian Qijin's palm hit cleanly on Xu Qi's chest and he flew backward uncontrollably.

After regaining his balance, Xu Qi felt a sweet taste in his mouth. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouth of fresh blood.

"I have to say, Xu Qi, you really amazed me. You actually had such fine techniques, but you are only at the Spirit realm, after all. It's impossible for you to beat me, who is at a higher cultivation. If these moves were your trump, then you have no choice but to leave with me!" Lian Qijin said.

Xu Qi wiped off the blood on his mouth and replied, "Lian Qijin, since you think that I'm sure to be defeated today, then I'd like to ask you a question from the past. At that time, were the Mo Clan father and daughter in collusion with Lian Chengwei to harm me?"

"No!" Lian Qijin answered firmly.

"No? Then why did I see Lian Tianwei ordering Mo Ling in the end before she took action against me? Is my sword already in your hands?" Xu Qi pressed.

"Mo Dingtian had indeed came to the Sire suggesting to cooperate, saying that there was a sword treasure not seen even once in ten thousand years in your hands, and would offer the sword to the Sire if he agreed to some requests of his. However, the Sire wasn't interested in your sword at that time, and didn't agree to it. They only agreed to a small trade in the end. Also, truth be told, that sword of yours was taken away by the Earthdream's Imperial Void Valley that day. They were the ones cooperating with Mo Dingtian," Lian Qijin said.

"The Earthdream's Imperial Void Valley? Fine, Lian Qijin, thank you for telling me this. However, for the sake of Woodblue Village's people, I can't let you go. You must die today!" Xu Qi said plainly.

Hearing this, Lian Qijin laughed out heartily, looking up at the sky. He replied, "Xu Qi, I admit that if you bring out those wings of yours, perhaps you may be able to run away. But if you're thinking to kill me, do you think that you can win against me, a second stage Void Swordsman, with the strength of a Swordsman at the fourth stage of Spirit realm? You must be dreaming."

"You're absolutely right, Lian Qijin. If I were a fourth stage Spirit Swordsman, I would definitely be unable to win against you. But, sorry to tell you, I'm not a Spirit Swordsman, but a Spirit Spiritualist!" Xu Qi smiled.

Hearing this, Lian Qijin revealed a look of astonishment. When he saw Xu Qi forming some kind of seal with his hands, his face paled even further.

 Xu Qi finished forming the seals on his hands quickly and yelled out with a smile, "Little Snakey, we haven't met for years. I wonder if you missed me. Come on out!"

As Xu Qi's voice trailed off, a bright golden light suddenly shone before him, causing everyone to shut their eyes.

As the golden light faded, Xu Qi looked ahead with a smile. However, when he saw clearly, his expression turned blank, the corner of his mouth twitched and muttered, "Oh gods, you even turned into a demon spirit!"

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