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Chapter 141 - Emergency Summoning!

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That night, in Mirrorlink's capital, the Cai Clan's mansion...

At this moment, in Cai Xiaoxiao's room, she was chatting happily with a purple-clothed woman.

Perhaps even Cai Xiaoxiao had no idea that the purple-clothed woman sitting beside her was the commander of the most mysterious organization in the Spirit Domain, the Dragon Clan, Qian Yin.

Ever since Qian Yin learned that Cai Xiaoxiao was mistaken by Xu Qi and lost her arm when trying to save him, Qian Yin would frequently come visit her and chat with her without anyone knowing. As time passed, the two gradually became as close as sisters.

With Qian Yin's accompaniment, Cai Xiaoxiao, who had originally turned into an uncommunicative person, revealed her adorable smile once more.

"Say, Sister Yin, Brother Qi was such a capable man, where do you think he went to?" Cai Xiaoxiao asked.

"Xiaoxiao, although Young Master is capable, he was too nice, especially towards those he recognized as friends. He would even go beyond what was expected of him, which led to him being betrayed by Mo Ling. However, it's not my place to talk about matters concerning the two of them. In short, I still think that Young Master is somewhere, secretly training. He will appear sooner or later," Qian Yin said.

"Hmm. Brother Qi is the best. He'll return flying with those beautiful wings of his," Cai Xiaoxiao smiled, a look of anticipation in her eyes.

Qian Yin watched Cai Xiaoxiao quietly at her joyous look. Everytime they brought up Xu Qi, Cai Xiaoxiao would be very happy. However, a sour feeling rose in Qian Yin's heart when she saw that hollow sleeve of Cai Xiaoxiao's.

At this moment, Qian Yin noticed a huge rainbow seal appeared in the skies outside the window.

On the side, Cai Xiaoxiao noticed it as well, but she didn't know what it signified and asked curiously, "Sister Yin, that's so beautiful. What is that?"

On the other hand, Qian Yin's face sank at seeing the rainbow seal, because that was the Dragon Clan's emergency summoning. It wouldn't appear if there wasn't anything urgent.

"Xiaoxiao, I have to go. Take care." Before Qian Yin finished speaking, her figure had shot out of the window, heading toward the direction where the rainbow seal appeared.

Cai Xiaoxiao seemed to have gotten used to such a situation. She silently watched as the rainbow seal slowly faded and muttered, "The colors are so similar to the energy Brother Qi emitted."


Qian Yin's heart tightened when she confirmed that the emergency summoning was made at the Qi Kai Restaurant. She quickened her steps, imagining all kinds of situations.

Soon, Qian Yin arrived on the roof of Qi Kai Restaurant. However, Qian Yin looked at the surroundings and didn't discover anything strange. She considered her options for a moment, and entered the building from a window on the third story.

Inside, Qian Yin advanced cautiously. The third story was too quiet; so quiet that only a strange sound could be heard. Upon listening closely, it was the sound of someone chewing. It was from the Heaven character cabin's direction.

Two daggers appeared silently in Qian Yin's hands, and her rainbow energy erupted. She charged right into the room, but she stared with her mouth agape when she saw the situation in there, her daggers falling out of her hands onto the floor.

In the room, the restaurant's owner, Xu Chen, was chewing madly on a chicken, and its bones were all over the table. Also, there were a couple more cooked chickens untouched on the table.

Xu Chen revealed a smile at seeing Qian Yin, wanting to say something, but was immediately reprimanded by her.

"Fifth Brother, did you send out the emergency summoning for me to watch you eat?! If you don't give me a satisfactory explanation, just watch how I'm going to punish you!" The usually gentle Qian Yin immediately revealed a furious expression at seeing Xu Chen eating, picking up her fallen daggers.

On the way here, Qian Yin was imagining all sorts of ugly scenes in her mind, even thinking that there might be a tough battle arriving here. Who would've thought that nothing was happening, and Xu Chen would be sitting here, eating?

Xu Chen raised his hand and pointed at his mouth full of food, indicating for her to let him swallow first.

However, before Xu Chen could finish his food, Qian Yin asked doubtfully, "Didn't you go to Rivulet City? Why did you rush back here? Did something happen on that side?"

Xu Chen hurriedly shook his head at hearing this. Due to him trying to swallow his food too quickly, his face turned bright red.

Qian Yin was immediately angered. She went to Xu Chen's back and struck him with a palm, making Xu Chen spit out all the food in his mouth.

"Aiya, gods, Sister Yin, are you trying to kill me?" Xu Chen said, panting for breath.

"Fifth Brother, what exactly happened that you would actually use the emergency summons? Weren't you in Rivulet City? Why did you come back so soon? Where are Brother Zi and the others?" Qian Yin repeated her chain of questions.

"You don't know, Sister Yin, something huge happened on that side! Something incredibly shocking!" Xu Chen said. He had thought to directly say that Young Master has returned, but after second thought, it was not too bad to prank her a little.

Hearing this, Qian Yin's expression darkened and asked anxiously, "Tell me, quickly! What happened over there!?"

"Aiya, Sister Yin, over there, over there, aiya, it's incredible!" Xu Chen kept saying nothing of substance and stole a glance at Qian Yin, looking at her expression.

Qian Yin became even more flustered at seeing this abnormal behavior, and said gravely, "Fifth Brother, if you don't spit it out right now, I'll kick your ass rotten."

Then, Qian Yin slowly approached Xu Chen. Seeing this, Xu Chen instantly felt a little dispirited. He was truly a little scared that Qian Yin would kick him.

"Young Master has returned," Xu Chen said hurriedly.

Qian Yin's body froze on the spot at hearing this, tears welling up in her eyes. She asked in disbelief, "What did you say? Can you repeat it?"

"Sister Yin, I said, Young Master has returned! Young Master has returned! Right now he's at the Xu Clan," Xu Chen repeated himself.

An overwhelming aura suddenly erupted from the frozen Qian Yin. A pair of rainbow wings appeared on her back, and she flew out the window.

"Th-this… When did Sister Yin grow a pair of wings? Eh, where did the water on my face come from?" Xu Chen said blankly as he felt a drop of water on his face and used his hand to wipe it off.

"Who cares, Young Master is back anyway, and everyone is relieved. Anything else comes only after I fill my stomach," Xu Chen muttered to himself and sat back down, continuing his meal.

Xu Chen couldn't be blamed for acting like a hungry ghost. When he left Rivulet City that day, he rushed back here with no rest, travelling at full speed. It was all to inform Qian Yin the news of Young Master's return a little sooner. The journey usually took around four to five days, but he had returned in just two.

In the end, when he returned to Qi Kai Restaurant, he immediately sent out an emergency summon, then got his restaurant's waiter to bring him ten chickens. It couldn't be helped; his body was weak from hunger and fatigue. He started feasting, and Qian Yin bumped into his hungry ghost-like appearance.


That night, a streak of light flew across the sky above the Capital City's northern exit. This was naturally Qian Yin, who was flying straight toward Rivulet City using the Five Elements Wings.

At this moment, Qian Yin was full of smiles as she kept increasing her speed. As she was flying above the forest outside the Capital City, Qian Yin, who was usually reserved, yelled out in excitement, "Young Master, you're finally back!"

Qian Yin turned into a rainbow flash as she flew into the distance, while her voice echoed in the forest.


At the same time, on the summit of the mountain Qian Yin just flew past, a white silhouette was sitting right where Xu Qi fell off in the past.

On hearing Qian Yin's echoing voice, this white silhouette retorted, "Who the heck is yelling?! I can't even find some peace at night!"

This white silhouette was none other than Qian Yin's younger sister, Qian Yun. She had just returned from a mission in the nation of Woodsprout, and came to this mountain, without seeing the emergency summons Xu Chen let out in the capital.

"Hmm? Wait a minute, why does this voice sound so much like sister's? Wait, Young Master is finally back? What did that mean? Could it be that Young Master has finally returned!?" Qian Yun kept mumbling to herself, as if she had some mental illness.

After a while, she seemed to have calmed down. Her powerful aura burst forth and a pair of rainbow wings sprouted on her back, similar to Qian Yin's. She mumbled, "Who cares if she's dreaming, I'll return to Rivulet City to take a look! I haven't been there in a long time, anyway."

Then, she took to the skies and turned into a blur, heading in Rivulet City's direction.


That night, about a dozen black silhouettes flew out from Rivulet City's Xu Clan, toward the city's southern gate. Their movements were like a blur, speedily traversing the roofs. None of the citizens walking on the streets noticed a group of black blurs flash past.

These black silhouettes stopped at the forest outside after jumping past Rivulet City's southern gates, gathering together. Looking closely, they numbered eleven. They were none other than the Dragon Clan's Twelve Constellation Guards.

"Brother Zi, we're about to separate again, not knowing when will be our next operation together," the Third Brother, Xu Yin said.

Xu Zi smiled and patted on Xu Yin's shoulder, saying, "Third Brother, you already got it good. You were chosen by Young Master from us to stay in Rivulet City, not having to travel around. Moreover, you get to stay by Young Master's side. I wonder where you get this kind of luck from."

Xu Yin smiled in return. He didn't think Young Master would suggest he to stay in Rivulet City, either. His luck came too suddenly, and he couldn't calm himself down even now.

"Keep quiet, Brother Zi. Something seems amiss," the usually quiet Twelfth Brother, Xu Hai, suddenly warned cautiously.

Hearing this, they quickly crouched and scanned their surroundings. Listening closely, they heard some slight noises coming from the forest.

Xu Zi made a gesture for everyone to be careful as he kept his sights on the forest.

Suddenly, a huge silhouette flew out from the dark forest, coming in the direction of Xu Zi and the others.

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