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Chapter 126 - Lan Jiu? Xu Qi?

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Three years later, in the Woodblue Village, Lan Jiu was playing with his daughter, Lan Xin, in the courtyard. Lan Shu’er was sitting by the side, looking at the father-daughter duo having fun with a blissful look on her face.

Lan Daniu suddenly ran in from the entrance panicking and yelled at Lan Jiu, “Quick, come with me! The granny returned. She’s at the village entrance, covered in blood!”

Hearing this, Lan Jiu quickly said to the nearby Lan Shu’er, “Shu’er, look after our daughter. I’ll go take a look.”

Then, Lan Jiu and Lan Daniu left the courtyard and ran toward the village entrance.

Lan Shu’er quickly picked up Lan Xin and also hurried to the village entrance after hearing that something happened to the granny.

When Lan Jiu and Lan Daniu arrived at the village entrance, the place was already filled with people, all looking outside the village. The granny was slowly walking their way, her body covered in blood. The villagers were all so scared that they didn’t dare go up to her.

Lan Jiu, however, quickly ran up to her at seeing this. He extended his hand to support the granny and asked, concerned, “Granny, what happened to you?”

The granny raised her head and looked at Lan Jiu, saying, “Lan Jiu, quickly bring Shu’er and your daughter away from here. You can still make it.”

“Ah? Why? What happened?” Lan Jiu asked, confused.

“Don’t care about me. Quickly leave, or you won’t make it in time, cough cough,” the granny said as she coughed violently, fresh blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

Lan Jiu’s heart tightened at seeing this. Although the granny had a strange temper, she had saved his life before after all. Not to mention that she treated Lan Shu’er and his daughter Lan Xin very well.

“Old Hag, where are you running off to? You killed so many of my people, and you’re thinking of leaving?!” a loud roar suddenly rang out.

Lan Jiu turned to look and saw a white-haired elder dressed in golden clothes standing at the village entrance, his body emitting red light.

The white-haired elder was immediately dumbstruck at seeing the man standing before the granny. He pointed his trembling finger at Lan Jiu and said, “I knew it; you’re still alive!”

Seeing as this white-haired elder pointing at him, Lan Jiu asked doubtfully at hearing what he said, “Old Mister, you know me?”

The white-haired elder blanked out for a moment and asked doubtfully in return, “You don’t know me?”

“I’m sorry, Old Mister, I really don’t know you. Were you the one who injured granny? What did she do to you?” Lan Jiu said plainly as he took a step forward, shielding the granny behind him.

“You don’t know me? I’m Lian Qijin,” the white-haired elder said.

This elder dressed in golden clothes was none other than the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei’s, Second Uncle Lian Qijin. Years ago, he had chased after Xu Qi, intending to kill him.

“Lian Qijin? I’m sorry, I have no recollection of that name. Perhaps Old Mister mistook me for someone else. You still haven’t answered; were you the one who injured granny? Why did you hit her?” Lan Jiu continued plainly.

“This granny? How about you ask this old hag how many people of mine she has killed. If it wasn’t for me personally coming to the nation of Woodsprout this time, I’m afraid all these men would have died under her hands. Though, now that I found you, these people don’t matter. They were here searching for you, after all,” Lian Qijin said.

“Looking for me?” Lan Jiu was stupefied at hearing this. He turned around to look at the granny.

Seeing as Lan Jiu was looking at her, the granny stepped forward and said to Lian Qijin, “You got the wrong person. He’s not the one you’re looking for. Over these years, those who wore clothes similar to yours were all killed by me. Come to me if you want revenge; it’s none of his problem.”

“Move aside, Old Hag, I’ll settle our debts later. You think I’m stupid? He is the one I’m looking for. Xu Qi, stop pretending. Are you going to come with me, or do I have to use force?” Lian Qijin said.

“Xu Qi? Why does this sound so familiar? Old Mister, are you saying you know me from before?” Lan Jiu continued asking.

“Stop playing dumb. I won’t fall for your tricks,” Lian Qijin said. Red energy shone in his hand as he charged toward Lan Jiu.

An extremely powerful aura burst forth from the injured granny’s body. Red energy was emitting from her body as she struck out a palm, taking on Lian Qijin’s attack.

The sudden development shocked the surrounding villagers, their eyes wide and their mouths agape. They couldn’t believe that this amiable granny, whose temper was slightly weird, was actually a cultivator, and from the looks of it, she seemed to be very powerful.

As the two red silhouettes clashed, a shockwave immediately erupted from them. Lan Jiu could feel the earth under his feet trembling. At the village entrance, Lan Shu’er was watching from the side frantically at the sound of the rumbling.

The two red silhouettes clashed for some time, and suddenly one of them flew over, crashing onto the ground in front of Lan Jiu.

At the sight of this person, Lan Jiu hurriedly went up to help her up and asked, concerned, “Granny, why is he hitting you? He seems to know me?”

The granny didn’t say a thing. Instead, Lian Qijin spoke up, “Of course I know you. You’re Xu Qi, the Young Master of Xu Clan from Mirrorlink’s Rivulet City. As for this old hag, just ask her yourself how many men of mine she has killed!”

Lan Jiu was astonished at hearing this. He thought for a moment and asked doubtfully, “Granny, those corpses on the mountains these past few years, were all killed by you?”

The granny nodded at his question.

Lan Jiu was shocked once more. He didn’t think that such an amiable granny would actually kill so many people. However, he still shielded her behind him and said to Lian Qijin, “Old Mister, although I can’t remember you, this granny saved my life. I can’t just stand by and watch as you hit her.”

“Xu Qi, you really can’t remember me? You don’t know you’re called Xu Qi?” Lian Qijin asked. He had thought that Lan Jiu claiming not to know him was because he was afraid of Lian Qijin from the beginning, but now it seems like he really didn’t recognize him.

“Yes, I really don’t know you, and I’m not called Xu Qi or whatever. I’m Lan Jiu; all the villagers here know me. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them,” Lan Jiu replied.

Hearing this, Lian Qijin was stupefied. He was now considering the possibility of him encountering someone who looked exactly the same as Xu Qi and sized him up.

When he saw the green ring on Lan Jiu’s hand, Lian Qijin laughed out loud and said, “You’re still claiming you’re not Xu Qi! I recognize that ring on your finger! Drop your act!”

“Stop yelling, old geezer. He’s not putting up an act. He is indeed called Lan Jiu now; he lost his memories and couldn’t remember anything from three years ago. Your shouting is futile,” the granny suddenly interjected.

“Lost his memories?” Lian Qijin muttered in disbelief.

“That’s right. He has indeed lost his memories. Over these three years, those wearing similar clothes as you are here looking for him, right? But they were all killed by me. Come find me if you want revenge. He can no longer remember anything, so don’t bother him anymore. This granny here will shoulder everything,” the granny said.

“Old Hag, you finally confessed that my men sent here over these three years to look for him were all killed by you! Fine, I’ll settle my debt with you first, then bring him away. I don’t care whether his amnesia is real, he must leave with me today!” Lian Qijin roared. His figure vanished on the spot and shot in this direction.

The granny raised her hand and pushed Lan Jiu aside. He was instantly sent flying to the village entrance, landing sprawling on the ground. Lan Jiu quickly stood up and looked at the two clashing red silhouettes.

Lan Shu’er hurriedly ran to Lan Jiu’s side at seeing this. She looked at him in concern, her face worried.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. I’m right here, don’t be scared. Be good, Xin’er, go with your mommy, okay?” Lan Jiu said gently as he looked at his wife and daughter.

“Dear, why don’t we quickly make a run for it? This man seems to really know you and is your enemy,” Lan Shu’er said nervously.

“Shu’er, granny saved my life before. If this person really is my enemy and I let granny bail me out, I won’t be able to face the Woodblue Village’s villagers even if I manage to get away with this. Your husband isn’t a coward,” Lan Jiu said.

To the side, Lan Daniu was overwhelmed by the two red silhouettes’ battle just outside the village. He came to Lan Jiu’s side and said blankly, “Granny’s cultivation level seems to be really high. From the conversation earlier, the corpses in the mountains these few years were all killed by her? Then why did she kill them?”

“Brother Daniu, if my guess is right, those dead men were here to look for me and granny was afraid that they would disrupt our village, thus killing them off without anyone knowing. Do you remember the portrait you found on that corpse’s body from that time? I should be the one drawn on the paper,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Hearing this, Lan Daniu was shocked once more, showing a look of disbelief.

At this moment, the granny’s figure was struck flying, crashing onto the ground at the village entrance, no longer standing up.

Lan Jiu nodded at Lan Shu’er and ran toward the granny. He came to her side and brought her into his arms.

“Granny, thank you for saving my life then, and thank you for silently providing me a peaceful life for these years. Today, now that it’s come to this, I can’t let you stand in front of me to shield me anymore. I will have to face this sooner or later anyway, just leave everything to me,” Lan Jiu said plainly.

Hearing this, the granny nodded lightly and told him to be careful.

“Come with me, Xu Qi. I don’t wish to use force on you. You look to have not a shred of cultivation in you right now; could it be that you really lost your memories?” Lian Qijin’s voice rang out.

Xu Qi gently put the granny down. He stood up and said to Lian Qijin, “I don’t care whether you truly know me, or whether I have offended you in the past. However, you hurt granny today; I’ll fight you to the death!”

“Good, you have a backbone. Then show me what your cultivation has advanced to after all these years,” Lian Qijin said and charged at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi clenched his fists tight and rushed at the red blur.

Just as Xu Qi came into contact with the red energy from Lian Qijin’s body, he was instantly sent flying and sprawled on the ground.

Seeing this, Lan Shu’er’s heart tightened, looking at Lan Jiu with a face full of tears.

Lian Qijin balanced himself, stopping in place and looked doubtfully at Lan Jiu who was easily sent flying by him with a palm. He said doubtfully, “You truly don’t have a shred of cultivation in you?”

Lan Jiu slowly stood back up, He wiped off the blood on his mouth and said to Lian Qijin, “Come on!”

Then, Lan Jiu’s figure sped toward Lian Qijin. At this moment, that speed which was extremely fast in Lan Daniu and the others’ eyes was only like that of a three-year old in Lian Qijin’s eyes.

Xu Qi was struck by Lian Qijin with a palm once again just as he reached him. Xu Qi’s body crashed right next to a rock by the roadside, and his head knocked into that hard rock.

“Dear!” Lan Shu’er screamed. She wanted to run to her husband, but was quickly stopped by the deft Lan Daniu.

Just as the villagers were worried about Lan Jiu in their hearts, he slowly stood up, his head covered in blood. A powerful aura suddenly burst forth from his body. Lian Qijin, who was smiling, was shocked in place.

“Lian Qijin! Be it new grudges or old hatreds, I, Xu Qi, shall clear it all today!”

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