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Chapter 125 - Deeply Worried

Edited by RED

Lan Jiu and the others went out of the village and dashed straight into the deep mountains. After a while, Lan Daniu, who was leading the way, stopped in place.

“Brother Daniu, what’s wrong?” Lan Jiu asked as he walked up to Lan Daniu.

When Lan Jiu came to Lan Daniu’s side, he saw that the latter was staring blankly ahead, and he quickly shifted his gaze forward.

What entered his sight was that some huge trees had fallen and there were many corpses on the ground.

This time, the corpses weren’t dressed in golden clothes, but black.

“A huge battle seemed to have taken place here, but this scene seems a little outrageous?” Lan Jiu looked at the surrounding fallen trees and said.

Lan Daniu slowly collected himself and went up to the corpses, frisking their bodies. After searching several people, Lan Daniu found a piece of paper on the corpse he was standing next to.

Lan Daniu slowly unfolded it and saw that it was a portrait of someone, but the paper was covered in blood. As such, he couldn’t see the appearance of the person drawn on it and casually threw it aside.

Seeing this, Lan Jiu picked up the drawing and took a look. It was indeed covered in blood and unable to make out the details of the drawing, and he threw it away as well.

“Stop frisking them, Brother Daniu. Let’s hurry up and bury them. We still have to go hunting,” Lan Jiu urged.

“Soon, I’ll be done soon,” Lan Daniu said.

After a while, Lan Daniu finished with his “cleaning up”. He dug a large hole with Lan Jiu and the others and buried the black-clothed corpses.

“Brother Daniu, how many corpses have we buried now?” Lan Jiu suddenly asked.

“I don’t remember. At least a hundred..?” Lan Daniu replied uncertainly.

Lan Daniu looked at Lan Jiu and said, “Oh, you, don’t worry so much. It’s unrelated to us anyway, we even did good by burying them. We have a clear conscience and did whatever we could.”

Lan Jiu nodded and led Lan Daniu and the others toward the deep mountains to hunt.

A gust of wind gently swept that blood-stained drawing up, floating away.


That night, in the Capital City of Mirrorlink, a purple-clothed woman with a purple veil covering her appearance walked into the bustling Qi Kai Restaurant.

 The waiter sized this woman up and went up to her, asking with a smile, “Miss, are you eating here?”

The purple-clothed woman said softly, “Heaven character room. Bring the way.”

Hearing this, the waiter’s face changed. He quickly ran to the busy manager and whispered something into his ear. The manager then hurried over and politely led this purple-clothed lady up to the Heaven character private cabin.

Once she entered the room, the purple-clothed woman spoke up before the manager could say anything. “Call Xu Chen over,” she said.

The manager had been around the Qi Kai Restaurant most of the time. With people coming in and out all the time, he had much experience with dealing with others. Hearing what she said, he quickly left the room.

Soon, the owner of Qi Kai Restaurant, Xu Chen, came to this room.

He was shocked at seeing this purple-clothed lady. He quickly closed the doors and came up to her, saying, “Sister Yin, what brought you here? Is there something urgent?”

The purple-clothed woman turned around and said to Xu Chen, “Fifth Brother, let me ask you. Have there been any updates after I got you to investigate what happened to Young Master?”

Xu Chen’s expression turned ugly at hearing this. He said dejectedly, “Sister Yin, Fifth Brother is useless. After investigating for so long, I only found out that Young Master seemed to have experienced a great battle at the Cai Clan, Cai Wubo’s place, before leaving the capital, and severed the daughter, Cai Xiaoxiao’s, arm. After that, he brought a white-clothed woman to the mountain to the north of the city, and any information on him was cut off there.”

“Fifth Brother, others have already told me what you just said. Now all I want to clarify is what happened to Young Master after he went up the mountain! My younger sister told me that she went there before, but she only discovered a pool of blood,” the purple-clothed woman continued.

“Sister Yin, could Young Master possibly be..?” Xu Chen asked, hesitating. He didn’t dare to finish his sentence, wishing he could slap himself for saying that.

“It can’t be. With Young Master’s abilities and the treasures he own, he will definitely be fine. You just handle the matters here carefully. You don’t have to participate in the matters regarding the Constellation Guards. No matter what, you must find out information on Young Master,” the purple-clothed woman said with a hint of anger in her voice.

Cold sweat poured from Xu Chen’s forehead when he heard the tone in her voice. She had never lost her temper like this before. It seems that Young Master going missing had really enraged her. Though, among all of them, who wouldn’t be anxious?”

Xu Chen lowered his head and pondered for a moment. Just as he wanted to speak up, he saw the purple-clothed woman disappear right before his eyes. A look of astonishment showed on his face. He didn’t think that her cultivation had reached such a level.


In a quiet room of the Cai Clan, Cai Xiaoxiao, dressed in white, was looking blankly at her empty sleeve.

Suddenly, the window in her room opened. She stood up and went to close the windows. Just as she turned back around, she discovered a purple-clothed woman with her face concealed was standing before her.

“Who are you?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked, confused.

“Why did you strike Xu Qi on that day?” the purple-clothed woman ignored her question and asked.

“Hmm? What has it got to do with you? Who exactly are you?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked. Her body trembled at hearing Xu Qi’s name.

The purple-clothed woman’s silhouette flashed and came right in front of her, holding a dagger that flashed a cold glint to her neck and said, “I asked, why did you strike Xu Qi that day?!”

“I - don’t - know,” Cai Xiaoxiao stared at the purple-clothed woman and said stubbornly, saying each word deliberately.

“Then I can only kill you to avenge him!” the purple-clothed woman said viciously.

“What? Avenge him? What happened to Brother Qi? Tell me, quick, what happened to Brother Qi?” Cai Xiaoxiao suddenly tensed up at hearing this and asked anxiously.

“Brother Qi? Who are you calling Brother Qi?” the purple-clothed woman asked doubtfully.

“Xu Qi. I’ve always addressed him as Brother Qi. Quick, tell me, what happened to Brother Qi? What about avenging him?” Tears rolled from her eyes as she asked.

The purple-clothed woman slowly put her dagger away at seeing this. She said, “He went missing after leaving your Cai Clan that day. His last appearance was sighted at a mountain to the north of the city. However, someone went there on that day itself, but didn’t find him. And on that summit, there were many blood stains. Although I always didn’t believe it, I’m afraid he was ambushed by someone.”

Cai Xiaoxiao staggered backward at hearing this, her complexion paled and tears fell continuously.

“You look like you care for him a lot. Then why did you strike him that day?” the purple-clothed woman asked again.

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao raised her arm to wipe off her tears. She came up to the purple-clothed woman and said, “This Sister, if someone really harmed him, it could only be this one person.”

“Who?” the purple-clothed woman raised her arms and grabbed Cai Xiaoxiao’s shoulders, asking anxiously.

“Mo Ling,” Cai Xiaoxiao said, enduring the pain.

“Mo Ling? Why do you think it’s her?” the purple-clothed woman asked doubtfully.

“I would like to ask this Sister, what exactly is your relationship with Brother Qi?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked.

“He’s my Young Master, the one who gave me a new life,” the purple-clothed woman answered.

“Fine, I’ll tell you why I had my arm severed by Brother Qi,” Cai Xiaoxiao looked at her hollow sleeve and said.

The purple-clothed woman didn’t say anything, only looking at her, waiting for her to continue.

“That day, I was standing in the midst of the crowd, observing the situation on Brother Qi’s side. I suddenly discovered that Mo Ling, standing behind Brother Qi, pulled out her sword secretly. When I saw that, I panicked and raised my sword, charging at her. However, Brother Qi, standing in front of her, mistook me as intending to kill him. Mo Ling saw that her plan was exposed and immediately jumped in front of Brother Qi. My arm was then severed by Brother Qi and I was struck by his palm, losing consciousness. When I woke up, it was already days after,” Cai Xiaoxiao said. When she mentioned Xu Qi, tears rolled down her cheeks once again.

“So it was like this! Mo Ling! She actually wanted to harm Young Master! So much for Young Master doting on her for over ten years!” the purple-clothed woman was immediately enraged at hearing what Cai Xiaoxiao said and slammed her palm on the table, smashing it to bits.

“This Sister, did something really happen to Brother Qi?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked again, checking.

“I don’t know. He went missing after that day. I searched every nation, but I still couldn’t find any information on him,” the purple-clothed woman said dejectedly.

“If you were to find out that it was really Mo Ling who harmed Brother Qi, could you bring me along to find her for revenge?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked, sobbing.

“Hmm? He severed your arm; don’t you hate him? You still want to avenge him?” the purple-clothed woman asked, puzzled.

Cai Xiaoxiao immediately shook her head and said, “Brother Qi had treated me well. He only struck me because he didn’t know about the situation. I don’t hate him. In fact, I worry for him everyday.”

The purple-clothed woman glanced at Cai Xiaoxiao’s empty sleeve, an unpleasant feeling rose in her heart. She walked up to Cai Xiaoxiao and wiped off Cai Xiaoxiao’s tears, saying, “Sister, it’s not certain that something happened to him. Perhaps he went to deal with his own matter? We must believe in him; he will definitely show up again one day. If Mo Ling really did harm him, we can’t do anything to her either. We can only wait for him to return and let him do it himself. If he doesn’t… No, he will definitely return.”

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao nodded and said softly, “Brother Qi will surely appear. Surely!”

“Can’t your arm be reattached?” the purple-clothed woman asked gently.

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “I was heavily injured then, and my father sealed my severed arm in ice. However, I only awoken after a long time. Too much time had passed and my arm can no longer be reattached. I can only keep the arm frozen and treat it as a memento.”

The purple-clothed woman felt her heart ache. Tears fell uncontrollably and she hugged Cai Xiaoxiao, saying gently, “Don’t worry. When he comes back, he will definitely find a way to reattach your arm.”

That night, the two women cried in the tiny room, deeply worrying for the same man. However, that man himself was living somewhere freely.

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