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Chapter 122 - Mysterious Granny

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“Oh, Lan Jiu, Shu’er is a great woman. She lost her parents since young and was brought up by the villagers. When she grew up, she treated everyone in the village especially well. Earlier, I could tell that she wanted to invite you to her house to live with her, but she’s a woman after all. There’s no one else in her house and it would be inappropriate. Thus, we could only have you live with this single man,” Lan Daniu said.

Hearing this, Lan Jiu put down his bowl of wine back on the table. He looked at Lan Daniu and asked, “How did her parents die?”

“Ai, I’m not too sure about the details too. From what I heard, her parents went out to sell fruits and had, for some unknown reasons, offended the Virtuous Clan and was beaten to death,” Lan Daniu sighed and said, then downed a bowl of wine.

“Virtuous Clan?” Lan Jiu rubbed his temples, which were slightly hurting, and asked.

“Oh, Brother, the Virtuous Clan is the biggest cultivation school in the nation of Woodsprout. To us commoners, they are out of our reach. Although Shu’er had never said anything about it, everyone knows that she wanted revenge. Ai, there’s nothing we can do about it,” Lan Daniu explained.

Lan Jiu went quiet at hearing this, only continuing to drink wine. He felt that he was extremely familiar with the words “Virtuous Clan”, but he couldn’t remember anything.

After that, the two continued drinking wine by the bowl. In the end, the two lay on the table drunk, and snores droned through the room.

On this night, Lan Jiu dreamt of many unfamiliar faces, all of them seemingly addressing him as “Young Master.”

This young man named by Lan Shu’er as Lan Jiu, was none other than the man who was pierced through the heart by Mo Ling on the mountain north of Mirrorlink’s Capital City and fell off the cliff, Xu Qi. He had very fortunately fallen into the river below the cliff.

Also, the rainbow energy contained in the Celestial Core Pill had its own will to protect its host, enveloping Xu Qi as he was washed along the river. However, as time passed, the rainbow energy gradually weakened. In the end, he washed ashore where Lan Shu’er discovered and saved him.

If it were anyone else, they would have died from that stab from Mo Ling to the heart. Due to him possessing the rainbow energy from the Celestial Core Pill, the moment her sword pierced his heart, the energy had already started to protect his heart atrium, preventing his heart from suffering heavy damage and repairing it, allowing him to stay alive.

However, Xu Qi still had to thank these people for saving his life. He wouldn’t have recovered so quickly otherwise.


The next day, Lan Shu’er ran to Lan Daniu’s house in a panic just as dawn broke. She saw that the door was still wide open and quickly ran in.

“Brother Daniu, Lan Jiu, the granny is missing! Get up, quickly!” Lan Shu’er yelled at the two dead drunk men sprawled on the table.

“Ah… Ah? What?” Lan Daniu asked absent-mindedly and sat up. He rubbed his eyes and saw Lan Shu’er.

Lan Jiu also woke up, and stood up to stretch out.

“You two, I told you not to drink so much and you still got drunk in the end! Get up quickly, granny is missing, go find her, hurry!” Lan Shu’er said anxiously.

“What? Granny is missing?” Lan Daniu asked in shock.

“Yeah, I sent food to granny’s place as usual in the morning, but I saw that her door was opened, yet no one was in the house. I looked around the village and couldn’t find her. You know it, Brother Daniu, granny has never left the village before,” Lan Shu’er said.

Hearing this, Lan Daniu and Lan Jiu’s hearts immediately tightened, and they ran out with Lan Shu’er.

The three of them split up and searched around the village once more, but they still couldn’t find the granny. Just as they were preparing to search outside the village, they saw a familiar figure walking in the village entrance.

“Granny, where did you go?” Lan Shu’er called out anxiously, quickly running over upon seeing her.

“Oh, Shu’er, granny is fine. I only went out to take a walk,” the granny said plainly.

However, Lan Jiu noticed that there seemed to be blood stains on the granny’s shoes, and his brow furrowed.

On the other hand, Lan Daniu thought it was only a false alarm and didn’t say anything, pulling Lan Jiu back home.

“Brother Daniu, is the granny someone from the village?” Lan Jiu asked after getting back home.

“Why are you asking that for?” Lan Daniu returned with a question of his own, puzzled.

“I’m a little curious about granny and thought to ask. I feel like she doesn’t seem to be someone from the village. Is she like me, someone who came from outside?” Lan Jiu asked.

“You really got this right. Granny was indeed someone who came from outside the village. As for when exactly she arrived here, I don’t know. Anyway, she has been here as long as I can remember,” Lan Daniu answered.

Hearing this, Lan Jiu nodded and no longer said anything.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the mountains to widen your horizons. We’ll go hunting,” Lan Daniu said.

Lan Jiu gave a soft “Oh,” and followed Lan Daniu out. However, his mind was still thinking about that granny. Why was there blood on her shoes?

Just as they left the house, they saw Lan Shu’er walking toward them.

“Brother Daniu, Lan Jiu, where are you going?” Lan Shu’er asked.

“Oh nothing, I thought to bring Lan Jiu into the mountains to hunt,” Lan Daniu said leisurely.

“Then I’m coming too, I don’t have anything else to do anyway,” Lan Shu’er said.

Lan Daniu didn’t say a word at hearing this and nodded. The three exited the village together.


After entering the mountain, the three of them started to walk carefully. Lan Daniu would often come to this mountain to hunt. There weren’t any ferocious monsters here, only wild chickens, rabbits, or whatever. Occasionally, snakes would be spotted.

“Ah!” Lan Shu’er suddenly screamed.

Lan Jiu and Lan Daniu quickly came to her side.

Lan Shu’er was pointing at a huge tree with her trembling hand. The other two looked in the direction she was pointing, and saw two men dressed in golden clothes lying under the tree, with blood at the corner of their mouths.

Seeing this, Lan Daniu’s expression changed as well. However, he mustered his courage and beckoned Lan Jiu to walk up together.

Suddenly, a huge blue python slid down from the tree, flicking its tongue at the two.

Lan Shu’er screamed once more on seeing it. Lan Daniu cursed inwardly and pulled Lan Jiu, who was in a daze, trying to run away. However, he realized that he couldn’t move Lan Jiu.

“Quickly run, Lan Jiu, what are you doing!?” Lan Daniu asked anxiously.

At this moment, the blue python opened its mouth wide, lunging at Lan Jiu.

Lan Jiu lightly pushed Lan Daniu away and speedily dodged to one side, then punched at the python’s head. The blue python was instantly sent flying, its body slammed onto the ground beneath the huge tree, no longer moving a muscle.

Behind him, Lan Daniu and Lan Shu’er were freaked out by the unexpected scene that unfolded before them. They looked at Lan Jiu, who seemingly hadn’t moved, with their mouths agape. He finished off a huge python with a single punch; what kind of strength did that take?!

“Lan Jiu, how are you so powerful!?” Lan Daniu stood up and exclaimed.

Lan Jiu smiled and said, “I don’t know. I only feel that I’m not afraid of it. It was like my body just moved on its own and punched it. I didn’t think I would actually send it flying.”

Lan Shu’er watched Lan Jiu by the side, her eyes sparkling.

“This python won’t get up and attack us again, will it?” Lan Daniu said, looking at the huge python on the ground.

“What’s there to be afraid of? If it gets up, I’ll just punch it again,” Lan Jiu chuckled.

Then, he slowly walked toward the two men lying beneath the tree, with Lan Daniu following closely behind.

“Brother Daniu, they aren’t from the village, are they?” Lan Jiu saw that they were both dead and asked.

“No, their clothes are very luxurious. Not like a commoner’s at all,” Lan Daniu confirmed.

Lan Jiu squatted down and carefully looked at these two corpses. There weren’t any obvious wounds on their bodies, but their chests were caved in.

“Let’s go, Lan Jiu. There’s nothing interesting about corpses,” Lan Daniu said as he glanced at the unmoving python.

Lan Jiu slowly stood back up without a word and walked to the python. He kicked the python once, and it remained unmoving.

“I’ve been to this mountain for so many times, but I’ve never seen this type of python before? How strange,” Lan Daniu said.

“Let’s go,” Lan Jiu called out to Lan Shu’er, who was still in a daze. Hearing this, she came back to herself and went over to them.

As for Lan Daniu, he saw the gemstone rings on the corpses’ fingers before they left, and quietly took them, keeping them in his inner pocket, and quickly caught up to Lan Jiu and Lan Shu’er.

After that, the three quickly caught some wild chickens and rabbits. However, these were all caught by Lan Jiu with his bare hands. His speed was beyond quick when he ran, instantly capturing the wild game.

On the way back, Lan Daniu asked Lan Jiu several questions out of curiosity, but the latter only smiled in response. Lan Jiu didn’t know why he was so fast, or why he had such powerful strength. Lan Shu’er, on the other hand, only kept quiet all this time.

“Miss Shu’er, are you troubled in your heart?” Lan Jiu asked gently.

Lan Shu’er looked at Lan Jiu at hearing this and shook her head, but she couldn’t hide the dispirited gaze in her eyes.

Lan Daniu, however, started laughing at the sight of the two and asked, “Shu’er, I heard that the son of Tian Laosi from the neighboring village keeps proposing marriage to you. What is the situation now?”

Lan Shu’er stared at Lan Daniu and said, “I don’t plan on marrying him. Don’t ever bring it up again, humph!”

Lan Daniu blanked out for a moment and started laughing again. Lan Jiu shooked his head helplessly as he watched the two’s exchange.


After this occasion, Lan Daniu and Lan Jiu kept going hunting together in the mountains, and would return with great harvests every time. Whenever the villagers asked about it, Lan Daniu would brag that it was all thanks to him.

Lan Shu’er, however, never went hunting with them again. After they returned from their first hunting trip, she had obviously put some distance between her and Lan Jiu, causing Lan Jiu to feel depressed.

One day, Lan Jiu and Lan Daniu had once again returned from hunting. Just as they came back, they heard someone saying that Tian Laosi’s son came to propose marriage to Lan Shu’er again.

Lan Jiu immediately stuffed his harvests onto Lan Daniu on hearing this and sped toward Lan Shu’er’s house. He heard a commotion inside just as he reached it, and hurriedly entered.

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