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Chapter 123 - Dragon Clan

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“Tian Xiaosi, I didn’t agree to marry you, why did you send the betrothal gifts over!?” Lan Shu’er demanded of the young man standing in the courtyard.

Lan Jiu looked at the young man called Tian Xiaosi. From his posture alone, you could tell that he wasn’t a nice guy.

Speaking of his name, it was weird, too. His dad was named Tian Laosi, and he actually named his son as Tian Xiaosi. Was that a joke for the people?1

“Sister Shu’er, our Tian family is one of the more well-known families in the area, after all. If it wasn’t for me taking a fancy to you, why would I still be unmarried until now? It was all because I was waiting for you to agree. Please don’t let my feelings be in vain,” Tian Xiaosi replied, smiling.

“I said, I’m not marrying! Quickly bring your things away, or I’ll start driving people off,” Lan Shu’er warned furiously and picked up a wooden stick by the side.

Lan Xiaosi wasn’t angry at hearing this. Instead, he smiled and slowly walked closer to Lan Shu’er and said, “I’ll come nearer to you, let’s see if you bear to hit me.”

Lan Shu’er expression turned even uglier. She raised her stick, winding up to hit Tian Xiaosi, but she realized that she couldn’t swing it down no matter how much strength she used. She looked up and saw that it was actually Tian Xiaosi had stretched his hand to grab onto the wooden stick, and his hand was emitting green light.

“Sister Shu’er, my dad hired a fifth stage Essence Swordsman to be my master. Given my bright talents, I am already a second stage Essence Swordsman. You see the energy in my hand? As long as you become my woman, I guarantee that no one will dare bully you in the future,” Tian Xiaosi continued.

“I don’t care about any of that, quickly let go of your hand and get out,” Lan Shu’er rebuked him angrily.

Tian Xiaosi seemed to have lost his patience at hearing this. He wiped off the smile on his face and said savagely, “Sister Shu’er, you better know what’s good for you; I already gave you plenty of face.”

Tian Xiaosi then loosened his hand, causing the unexpected Lan Shu’er to take a few steps back and fall onto the ground.

Seeing this, Lan Jiu hurriedly ran over to Lan Shu’er and helped her up.

“Hey, Beggar Boy, what are you doing!? You dare touch my wife?” Tian Xiaosi roared out at Lan Jiu.

Lan Shu’er immediately broke out into tears when she saw the person who helped her up was actually Lan Jiu.

When Lan Jiu saw that tears fell on Lan Shu’er’s face, the rage in him suddenly erupted and he said to Tian Xiaosi, “Stay away from her; she doesn’t want to marry you.”

Tian Xiaosi was already angered from what happened before. Seeing this ordinary poor guy talking to him in that way, he punched out at Lan Jiu.

When Lan Jiu saw that, he retaliated with a punch of his own.

Tian Xiaosi immediately let out a cold smile at seeing this poor guy retaliating, the green light in his hand shone even brighter.

The surrounding villagers in the courtyard all shut their eyes on realizing this, unable to bear to watch what was going to happen to Lan Jiu.

Kacha, the sound of bones breaking immediately rang out as the two fists collided, followed by a heart-wrenching scream.

The villagers opened their eyes, mentally prepared to see an injured Lan Jiu. However, they discovered that Lan Jiu was standing upright next to Lan Shu’er. The one screaming in pain on the ground was, in fact, Tian Xiaosi.

“Ah! My hand broke! It hurts!” Tian Xiaosi screamed. His flunkies quickly helped up him and left the courtyard hurriedly.

“It’s fine now; I’m leaving,” Lan Jiu said plainly to Lan Shu’er.

“Wait,” Lan Shu’er called out.

Lan Jiu didn’t slow down in the least at hearing this, continuing forward.

“Lan Jiu, marry me, will you?!” Lan Shu’er yelled.

Lan Jiu was immediately stunned in place. The villagers nearby all set their gazes on him, waiting for his reply.

Lan Jiu turned around and said to the crying Lan Shu’er with a smile, “From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I already wanted to have you as my wife.”

Hearing this, Lan Shu’er squatted down and cried even harder. Lan Jiu hurriedly went over and helped her up.

After getting up, Lan Shu’er jumped into Lan Jiu’s embrace, her tears not stopping.

Lan Jiu didn’t say anything more, only letting her vent the frustrations in her heart.

“Woah, is this real? Damn you, Lan Jiu, you only came for a short while and have already abducted Shu’er! Just you wait; I’ll go prepare your wedding now! I’ll drown you with alcohol when the time comes!” Lan Daniu proclaimed, his hands still full of today’s harvests, and turned to leave.

Just as Lan Daniu finished speaking, the other villagers around started laughing out loud.

Lan Jiu looked at Lan Shu’er in his arms and said, “Alright, if you continue crying, I’ll have to dry my clothes with fire. It’s getting too wet.”

Lan Shu’er turned her tears into laughter at hearing this and wiped away her tears. She looked at Lan Jiu and asked slowly, “If you marry me now, what if you remember your past one day? Will you not like me anymore?”

Lan Jiu smiled and said, “Never.”

The two embraced once more, and the villagers tactfully went away, leaving them alone as they went to prepare for the two’s wedding.

When Lan Shu’er told this news to the granny happily, she didn’t express any feelings of happiness, however. She said plainly, “Shu’er, I’m afraid Lan Jiu’s origins aren’t that simple. Previously, he had obviously suffered a sword wound. It should be due to his enemies. Aren’t you afraid of troubles in the future?”

Lan Shu’er blanked for a moment and said, “Granny, I don’t know why, but from the first time I saw him by the river, I had a special feeling. As long as he was by my side, I would feel very safe. That’s why, I’ll be with him no matter what happens in the future.”

Seeing Lan Shu’er acting so insistent, the granny sighed helplessly and said, “Ai, an ill-fated relationship.”


With the help of Lan Daniu and the villagers, Lan Jiu and Lan Shu’er wedding happened as anticipated. In the beginning, people were worried that Tian Xiaosi would come cause trouble, but he never showed up even after the banquet ended, relieving them of their worries.

The house Lan Shu’er lived in alone previous became the two newlywed’s bridal chamber. On this day, both of them drank a huge amount of wine, especially Lan Jiu. Lan Daniu kept forcing drinks on him.

Lan Shu’er supported Lan Jiu and laid him gently on the bed, taking off his shoes. She sat by the bedside quietly, looking at this man who will accompany her for life, showing a look of happiness in her eyes.

Lan Jiu opened his eyes, feeling dizzy. He called out “Shu’er” when he saw her sitting in front of him.

“Hmm, I’m here,” Lan Shu’er answered gently.

Lan Jiu slowly sat up and pulled on Lan Shu’er’s hand, saying, “Shu’er, do you feel wronged to marry someone like me, who doesn’t even remember his own name?”

Lan Shu’er shook her head and lay her head on his chest, quietly feeling the heat of his body.

“I will treat you well, regardless of whether I will recover my memories in the future. Thank you for marrying me,” Lan Jiu said.

Hearing this, Lan Shu’er raised her head and looked at Lan Jiu. With her body slightly trembling, she brought her lips onto his. With her in his embrace, Lan Jiu followed the momentum and gently pushed her down onto the bed.


The moon outside the windows was very gentle. Its light fell onto the mountains and the village. Under the endless moonshine, the mountain village seemed to be enveloped by a silken veil.

In the room, a space which belonged only to the two of them, Lan Shu’er’s snow-white skin, slender legs and well-proportioned body seemed invisible under the candlelight. A light hue shone on the surface of her body. Her hair was untidy, and her beautiful cheeks gradually turned bright red. Tonight was a mesmerizing night.

The moonlight was gentle as water. In the bird nests outside the windows, a pair of swallows fell asleep with their necks interlocked. The pair of newlyweds in the house also drifted off to the land of dreams in each other’s embrace on this quiet night.

In the eyes of this little mountain village’s villagers, this pair of lovers tying the knot together could be said as a happy event, and they would continue to live their peaceful lives. However, changes in the outside world were quietly occuring.

First, a mysterious organization named the Dragon Clan suddenly emerged in all seven nations. They declared that they could scout for any information, and were accepting commissions for any assassination which targeted anyone at the third stage of Void realm or below. This piece of news immediately shocked all seven nations when it spread, and they naturally had some doubts toward this organization.

However, as this mysterious organization completed one assassination mission after another, people discovered, to their surprise, that this mysterious organization actually managed to walk the walk. All assassinations whose targets were at the third stage of Void realm and below were completed.

In the Capital City of Mirrorlink especially, someone placed a large bounty to eliminate the Huang Clan, one of the four prominent clans. After this mysterious organization accepted the commission, they directly sent someone to notify the Huang Clan, causing the Huang Clan patriarch, Huang Sihu, to erupt in anger and taunted them, telling them to just bring it if they had the capability.

In the end, on the morning of the next day, someone who went past the Huang Clan mansion discovered the arrogant Huang Sihu’s head was hanging outside the gates. The person looked into the mansion and saw that it was filled with corpses.

From then on, the fame of the mysterious Dragon Clan organization shot to the skies. Of course, there were some people who overestimated their own capabilities and gave fake missions to the organization, setting up an ambush for them. However, they all ended up dead with their corpses abandoned in the wild. After that, no one dared to have any ideas about the Dragon Clan.

At the same time, the mysterious organization’s structure was slowly exposed. They were split into three levels. On the third level there were twelve individuals, named the Twelve Constellation Guards. It was said that their strengths were all at the fifth stage of Spirit realm or higher. On the second level, there were four people, named the Four Shadows. These four people all held strength belonging in the Void realm, and were all trained in the most mysterious profession as Void Nightlords, striking fear in those who heard about them.

As for the highest and the most mysterious level, there were two of them, dubbed the Twin Sovereigns. No one knew what kind of strength they had, and no one had even seen them. It was rumored the Twin Sovereigns were, in fact, two extremely beautiful women. However, no one believed such a rumor.

TL Note:

1: Tian Laosi = Tian Old Four, Tian Xiaosi = Tian Little Four.

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