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Chapter 105 - Drugged?

Edited by RED

After Xu Qi learned of the location where the Fengwen Examination was being held from Qin Mu, he left the Qin Clan by himself. He wanted to make a return trip to the Cai Clan first, to pick up Mo Ling and go register together. As for whether Cai Xiaoxiao would come with them, that he had no idea.

When he reached the Cai Clan, Xu Qi first went to Mo Ling’s room. However, he discovered that she wasn’t in her room. Thus, he turned around and headed to the main hall.

Xu Qi found Cai Xiaoxiao and the still injured Mo Ling sitting there waiting for him. Naturally, the Cai Clan’s patriarch, Cai Wubo, was there as well. It seemed like they already knew the matter regarding the ruler of Mirrorlink announcing the details of Fengwen Examination.

Xu Qi came to Mo Ling’s side and asked her about her injuries. After she confirmed that she was fine and was able to enter the examinations, Xu Qi summarized what had happened during his trip to Qin Clan last night to Cai Wubo and Cai Xiaoxiao. Of course, he didn’t mention anything about the All-Tempering Flame, Green Mystique Fruit, or Qin Fengshu advancing to Spirit realm.

“Qin Fengshu is really fine now?” Cai Wubo asked Xu Qi, feeling uncertain.

“Hmm. He’s fine now. I estimate he should be on his way to register for the Fengwen Examination. Though, Patriarch Qin is probably personally accompanying him,” Xu Qi smiled.

Cai Wubo nodded slightly and turned to Cai Xiaoxiao.

She noticed the gaze her father was sending her and immediately understood. He wanted to imitate the Qin Clan and accompany her to register for the examination, and Cai Xiaoxiao could only nod helplessly.

“Patriarch Cai, should we make a bet before going? That Fan Yilun from the Fan Clan would definitely go register. Do you believe it?” Xu Qi chuckled.

Patriarch Cai shook his head and said, “I’m not betting against you; I’m not confident at all.”

Xu Qi smiled and helped Mo Ling up. He sighed lightly and looked at Cai Xiaoxiao, saying, “Then shall we go together?”

Cai Xiaoxiao jumped to Xu Qi’s side with a smile and raised both her arms in agreement.

Seeing his daughter’s joyful look, Cai Wubo shook his head helplessly.

Xu Qi, Mo Ling, Cai Xiaoxiao, and Cai Wubo soon left the Cai Clan mansion, with a bunch of cultivators following behind them. Among the followers were three white-haired elders. Xu Qi glanced at them and discovered the three were all Spirit realm experts. It seemed like Cai Wubo was afraid of his daughter meeting with the same troubles as Qin Fengshu.


The place where the registration and actual examinations were held for the Fengwen Examination was a large plaza right in front of the Imperial City.

When Xu Qi and group arrived, this place was already packed full of people.

“Woah, exactly how many people are registering? Eh? Why are there many scholars who aren’t cultivators here to register, too?” Xu Qi asked in doubt when he saw a few people without any hint of cultivation at the registration area.

Cai Wubo smiled and said, “Didn’t I tell you? The examinations in Mirrorlink are sure to be related to the field of academia. I guess these ordinary scholars are here to try their luck. Mt Fengwen is too tempting, after all.”

Xu Qi nodded and pulled on Mo Ling, who hadn’t said anything along the way, to one of the registration areas, and Cai Xiaoxiao followed along, as if she were Xu Qi’s tail.

Cai Wubo, however, brought two men aside to ask around for the details regarding the Fengwen Examination.

“I’m here to register.”

“What’s your name?”

“Xu Qi.”

“Your age?”



When Xu Qi was done, it was Mo Ling’s turn to register, while Cai Xiaoxiao looked at Xu Qi with a mischievous grin.

“Miss Cai, what are you looking at? Usually those who stare at me for a long time will easily fall for me,” Xu Qi said.

“Hmmmm, so Brother Qi’s name was Xu Qi. Did you want me to address you as Brother Qi in the beginning, but was mistakenly called ‘Brother Qi?’” Cai Xiaoxiao smiled.1

Seeing as Mo Ling was done registering herself, Xu Qi said to Cai Xiaoxiao with an irritated tone, “Quickly go register yourself!”

At this moment, Cai Wubo had returned to their side. He said to Xu Qi secretively, “You were right. Earlier I saw that brat from Fan Clan leaving immediately after registering. Luckily I didn’t bet with you.”

Xu Qi rolled his eyes. Why is this father-daughter duo acting exactly the same?

“I’ll ask you another question. Can you guess the topic for the Fengwen Examination?” Cai Wubo added.

“Didn’t you say it’s related to literature? Could it be that there are changes?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled. He didn’t think Cai Wubo would tease him for no reason.

“The first round is indeed related to literature, but the same couldn’t be said for the second round. The current ruler of Mirrorlink seemed to have altered the examination system this time. They seem to be going to test the examinees’ cultivation,” Cai Wubo continued mysteriously.

“What, if they are going to test for cultivation, then what did these ordinary scholars register for!?” Xu Qi exclaimed.

“Not so loud. Now they have only announced the topic for the first round. The second is still not known to others. This information was leaked to me only; they have yet to announce it,” Cai Wubo explained anxiously.

“Ah? Insider information, I see. It seems like you can cheat even in this Fengwen Examination. So what is the topic for the first round?” Xu Qi said blankly.

“The first round of examination seems to be very simple. It is to match all three rhyming couplets on that stone tablet, and you will be able to enter the second round,” Cai Wubo smiled, pointing at the three huge stone tablets in the middle of the plaza.

“That simple? Eh? Why aren’t there any words?” Xu Qi asked when he saw the three stone tablets, but there weren’t any words engraved on them.

“Hehe, those are the three absolute couplets left by the top three examinees from the previous Fengwen Examination. A special seal was placed on it. I’m afraid this seemingly simple first round would eliminate over seventy percent of the examinees with just these three stone tablets,” Cai Wubo explained.

Xu Qi simply replied with a “Oh.” His eyes stared at the three stone tablets, but he couldn’t detect any fluctuation of energy on them.

“Why, could it be that you can’t match the couplets?” Cai Wubo teased, smiling.

“I’m an all-rounder, alright? I’m only curious about who left these three stone tablets behind,” Xu Qi said casually.

This time, Cai Wubo no longer added to the conversation. He only smiled and went to Cai Xiaoxiao’s side, who was still registering herself.

“Little Brother, do you believe everything this Patriarch Cai said?” Mo Ling suddenly asked.

Xu Qi looked at her and smiled, saying, “He didn’t have the need to bluff me. However, I am really very curious about the three stone tablets, feeling a little uncomfortable about them. But I can’t tell what the problem is.”

Hearing this, Mo Ling kept quiet, looking at Xu Qi’s face and gently bit her lower lips.

When Cai Xiaoxiao was done registering, she thought to look for Qin Fengshu, but didn’t discover him even after looking around. She thought of heading straight to the Qin Clan, but was stopped by Cai Wubo.

Cai Wubo brought Cai Xiaoxiao, who was showing a look of bitterness, to Xu Qi and said, “Let’s go. The first round of examination will begin tomorrow. Let’s head back early to prepare yourselves.”

Xu Qi nodded and pulled Mo Ling, following Cai Wubo back to the Cai Clan.

On the way back, Xu Qi suddenly noticed a familiar silhouette in a corner through his peripheral vision and stopped in place. 

“Patriarch Cai, you bring Little Sister and them back first. I’m going to deal with some matters,” Xu Qi said suddenly.

Cai Wubo nodded and didn’t say anything. He knew that this youngster had his own matters to deal with and didn’t wish to probe about it.

Originally, Mo Ling insisted on following Xu Qi, but was dissuaded into returning.

Xu Qi watched as Cai Wubo and group left, then slowly went to the corner. The silhouette in the corner quickly left and sped off to the distance. Xu Qi smiled and used his movement technique, following behind.

Xu Qi followed that silhouette to a quiet courtyard. Just as Xu Qi landed, that person knelt before him and greeted him respectfully, “Young Master.”

“Get up, Fifth Brother. What did you find me for?” Xu Qi asked, smiling. This person was none other than the boss of Qi Kai Restaurant, the Fifth Brother Xu Chen.

“Young Master, I investigated about you and Miss Mo being ambushed the other day. The black-clothed men who escaped that day all showed up outside the city, but they were all dead,” Xu Chen reported with a grave expression.

“It’s only a case of them being killed for not completing their missions,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“Also, Young Master, Sister Yin sent news from Rivulet City, saying that Mo Dingtian has come to the capital as well, but his date of arrival is unknown,” Xu Chen added.

Hearing this, Xu Qi didn’t think much to it. Mo Dingtian worrying about Mo Ling and coming to the Capital City was normal.

“Young Master, according to news gathered from outside, all top schools from the seven nations have sent people to the capital, but none of them have shown themselves. I can’t find their tracks either. It is like they disappeared after arriving in the capital,” Xu Qi continued.

“Hmm? We need to pay more attention to this matter. Fifth Brother, notify Rivulet City’s side and tell Qian Yin to inform our brothers to keep to themselves. Don’t send anyone to get in contact with the Xu Clan, either. Keep themselves hidden until the Fengwen Examination is over,” Xu Qi said prudently after thinking for a while.

“Yes, Young Master. But, Young Master, I keep feeling there’s something wrong with the Fengwen Examination. You must pay more attention,” Xu Chen hesitated for a moment and reminded him.

“Hmm, it’ll be fine. Don’t you understand me? I believe there are people who I can’t beat, but if it comes to escaping, nobody would claim to be number one in the world if I claim that I’m number two. Stay in the capital and try not to look for me. I will come to you if needed. Be very careful yourself, if there’s anything you don’t understand, get into contact with Qian Yin. Do you understand?” Xu Qi instructed.

The two continued their talks for a little longer, then Xu Qi left.

Xu Chen stood on the spot, not leaving after Xu Qi had left. Soon, a white silhouette landed in this courtyard.


Back in the Cai Clan, Cai Wubo hosted a feast as an encouragement for Cai Xiaoxiao, Xu Qi, and Mo Ling for tomorrow’s examination, but Mo Ling returned to her room alone, citing that she was feeling unwell.

Xu Qi noticed something was wrong and could only leave as well, looking for Mo Ling. Cai Wubo smiled and didn’t say anything. Cai Xiaoxiao however, was fuming mad. She pouted her lips and mumbled to herself.

When Xu Qi arrived at Mo Ling’s room, he discovered that there were also food and drinks prepared in her room.

Xu Qi didn’t say anything and sat down, drinking with each other.

However, after drinking a few cups, Xu Qi suddenly felt his body burning up, and his head a little giddy. Mo Ling too, was swaying.

“Little Sister, did you lace my drink?” Xu Qi said slowly and laid down on the table, unconscious.

TL Note:

1: Mentioned before, Cai Xiaoxiao had always referred to Xu Qi as Brother Seven instead of the Qi character in Xu Qi.

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